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Is Uphold Safe and Legit

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Uphold is a platform where they claim you can trade "anything to anything." But is Uphold safe and legit? Read on to find out.

Uphold offers a fast, low-cost way to trade almost any asset for another.

But is Uphold safe and legit?

In this detailed guide to the popular finance app, we'll give you a definitive answer. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about Uphold.

Is Uphold Secure?

Uphold goes to great lengths to protect users, as well as provide guidance for security best practices that they can employ.

Let's take a look at all that Uphold does to keep your account, your money, and your information safe.[1]

  • Identity Verification: Confirming who you are, along with complying with KYC (know your customer) regulations, allows Uphold to make sure they know who's accessing your account.

  • Encryption: Robust encryption helps to prevent cyberattacks and limit the scope of damage when they occur.

  • Security Audits: Security audits and tests conducted by industry professionals help to ensure the quality and readiness of cyberdefenses.

  • Internal Security: Members of the Uphold team are given background checks and regular security training to maintain internal security.

  • Partners: When Uphold partners with third parties, they are thoroughly inspected for security and compliance.

  • Bug Bounty: In order to incentivize the best and the brightest in the tech space to work for Uphold rather than against it, they work with a public bug bounty program called Integriti.

  • Active Security: Uphold operates the Uphold Security Operations Centre to track and monitor its systems 24/7, year-round, to identify threats and respond to them in real-time.

And here's a look at the tools that Uphold provides users to improve their own security.[1]

  • Two-Factor Authentication: Uphold recommends users activate two-factor authentication to prevent unwanted login in the case of a compromised password.

  • Strong Password Requirements: To lower the chance of passwords being compromised, Uphold maintains high standards for user passwords, and sends email verification when they suspect unusual activity in your account.

  • Scam and Phishing Guidance: Scams and phishing are some of the biggest threats to account security. Uphold provides guidance on how to avoid them, and you can always get in touch with them if you're not sure whether the communication you've received is legitimate.

  • Best Practices: Uphold recommends that you avoid public Wi-Fi when accessing your account, and never leave your device unattended when you're logged in.

  • Connection Security: Uphold reminds users to look for the lock symbol in the URL bar of their web browser, and to make sure that web addresses contain the https prefix.

  • Anti-virus and Anti-spy software: Uphold users are recommended to take advantage of antivirus and anti-spy software to protect their devices from unwanted access.

  • Transparency
    Uphold believes that when it comes to trust, full transparency is the best way to earn it. Their transparency page makes it easy for anyone to track their reserves, obligations, transaction volume, and more.

How Does Uphold Work?

Uphold, based in the UK and operating since 2015, calls itself a "multi-asset digital money platform."

Their goal is to offer easy, global access to a wide range of currencies and other assets, including crypto, precious metals, and more.

Their services are commission-free, though they do charge a variable spread on transactions.

The services they offer to individuals and businesses include:

  • Trading accounts
  • A rewards debit card designed to let users spend their assets in the real world
  • An automated trading system called AutoPilot
  • A worldwide remittance service that can also be used by businesses to pay their employees

Uphold operates in over 184 countries around the world, though its services vary by country due to national regulations. Their fees also differ depending on region.

Uphold Features

Uphold offers a range of useful features to users, all tied to digital finance and trading.

Uphold users can trade seamlessly between different asset classes, like from USD to Bitcoin, or from Bitcoin to gold or other precious metals.

With Uphold, it doesn't matter what you have or what you're looking for. As long as both assets are on the platform, you can trade between them.

And since you don't have to trade into fiat currencies first, you can cut out costs charged by other platforms.

You can make deposits to Uphold directly from your bank, card, or crypto wallet, and start trading once you're verified.

This exchange works for several fiat currencies as well. While other currency exchanges might cost as much as 13%, at Uphold, the spread between major fiat currencies like EUR, USD, and GBP is typically 0.2%.

Users can trade crypto, precious metals, and even environmental assets.

Send Money
It's easy to send money to others with Uphold. They offer an international remittance service that allows users to send money to anyone with an email address.

If the recipient already has an Uphold account, the funds will be transferred directly to their account. If they aren't currently a member, Uphold will send them an email informing them that their funds are waiting.

Debit Card
Uphold partnered with Mastercard with plans to offer real-time payment services using all of the assets they support, be it crypto, precious metals, or foreign currencies. There's no foreign transaction fees.

The Uphold card is accepted wherever Mastercard is, and you can use it in stores and at ATMs all over the world, as well as online.

It works with over 250 cryptocurrencies, 37 national currencies, and precious metals including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

Automated Trading
Uphold's AutoPilot system takes the emotions out of investing.

Whether the market is up or down, dollar cost averaging is a proven strategy to help keep you on track. And since it's nearly impossible to beat the market, it's an excellent practice for the savvy investor.

Schedule purchases of your chosen assets at regular intervals to make the best of your investments.

What Does Uphold Charge?

Uphold offers a commission-free exchange and charges a variable spread on transactions. [2]

They don't charge:

  • Bank Deposit Fees
  • Withdrawal Fees
  • Trading Commissions

The spread varies depending on which asset you're trading, location, as well as market conditions. Here's a look.


  • Normally 0.9% to 1.2% on major cryptocurrencies in the U.S. and Europe; 1.8% in other countries
  • Higher spreads may be charged for lower-liquidity coins like XRP, ZIL, OXT, UPT, and DOGE

Precious Metals
Normally 2% over spot

Fiat Currencies
Normally 0.2% for major currencies

Uphold also charges a 2.49% fee per debit card deposit and a 3.99% fee per credit card deposit in the U.S.

They charge separate fees for their business accounts. Find them in detail here.

Bottom Line

Uphold is a versatile tool for anyone interested in trading between a range of different assets and asset classes, as well as those looking to send money across borders.

With a robust set of security features and protocols and adherence to national regulations, you can be sure that Uphold is safe and legit.

Whether you're trading cryptocurrency or sending money to family overseas, Uphold has a lot to offer in the world of digital finance.


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