July 30, 2018

Best Customer Service Blogs: Top Experts

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You worked hard to land your customers. Don't lose them. Get up to speed with the latest smart advice on keeping customers happy with this list of the Best Customer Service Blogs.

Best Customer Service Blog
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Top Resources about Customer Service

Finding customers is half the battle. Keeping them satisfied is a full-time job. Knowing all about the latest technologies, best practices, and industry trends in customer service can help you with this effort — and make sure the service you're providing is top notch.

At CreditDonkey, we help small businesses with their financial matters by alerting them to great products and services. As you might imagine, the internet is crowded with blogs about customer service. We've narrowed down this list to only the best ones you'll want to follow. And in typical CreditDonkey fashion, we've presented them this way for easy comparison — pick a few that catch your eye and seem the most pertinent to your small business.

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  • Genesys Blog

    Genesys is dedicated to empowering business to deliver effortless, omnichannel customer experiences, and their blog focuses on the latest, biggest customer service news, best practices, and more. Genesys CEO Paul Segre has led the company to revenues of over $1 billion since taking over in 2007, and previously held a variety of executive management roles at Alcatel-Lucent.

    Why Genesys Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: They're also looking toward the digital future of customer service, with content about how AI, chatbots, and mobile will change the way we do business going forward. Readers can also check out content about how real-world businesses are becoming more customer-centric, improving their customer experience, and boosting their bottom lines.

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  • ForeSee

    ForeSee provides analytics that allow businesses to measure customer experience and link improvements to the business outcomes they provide. CEO Pete Daffern is a longtime enterprise software executive who was previously President of EMEA and vertical markets at NetSuite.

    Why ForeSee is a Top Customer Service Resource: Their blog focuses in on customer experience improvements for retail stores and banks, looking at trends and providing tips for leveraging them. Readers will also find real-world examples of how customer experience improvements like ForeSee's can have a big impact on a business' success.

    Read: ForeSee Announces Record Growth and Profit in Q2 2017
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  • Sprinklr

    Sprinklr offers social media management and customer experience consulting services, and their blog focuses on these two major methods of customer engagement. Sprinklr's Founder and CEO Ragy Thomas was previously the president of Epsilon's Interactive Services and, before that, CTO of Bigfoot Interactive.

    Why Sprinklr is a Top Customer Service Resource: You can learn how celebrities, brands, and others win at social media, and how the customer experience landscape is evolving as businesses change. If you've been looking for a one-stop resource for great social media engagement tips for your company, this blog is definitely one to check out.

    Read: Spotting the Next Market Transition
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  • The Customer Experience Blog

    The NICE Customer Experience Blog is all about one thing: crafting the perfect experience for your customers.

    Why The Customer Experience Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: It features insights and advice from both NICE experts and other professionals, all tailored to help you create a consistent, personalized customer experience. They also tackle the latest in customer service technology, from chat platforms to AI automation, to help you create a better, more efficient customer service ecosystem.

    Read: CXone CX Cloud Done Right
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  • Service Quality Institute
    Service Quality Institute is a leader in customer service strategy, with a blog that focuses on creating a great culture of service that stands out from the crowd.

    Why Service Quality Institute is a Top Customer Service Resource: You'll find tons of best practices here, real-world examples of great and terrible service, and tips for becoming a service leader yourself. This is a straightforward blog that anyone in customer service can use, focusing on practices and culture over technology.

    Read: The Power of Speed, Price and Convenience

  • Aspect

    Aspect is a leading enterprise cloud contact center and workforce optimization solution, working to help healthcare providers bring better service to their clientele.

    Why Aspect is a Top Customer Service Resource: Their blog is all about creating great experiences for customers, with content geared toward a number of industries including finance, hospitality, and retail. It also looks at new and emerging customer service and experience technologies, how to more efficiently engage customers, and more.

    Read: Is my company killing me?
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  • What's Next Blog
    Nuance's What's Next blog is focused on the future of customer experience technology.

    Why What's Next Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: Biometrics, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies are changing the way companies interact with their customers, and this blog looks at how those changes will affect business/customer relationships going forward. Of course, you'll also find plenty of actionable advice you can use to improve your customer experience today.

    Read: Satish Maripuri

  • RingCentral Blog

    RingCentral Blog is a customer service blog with a focus on implementing new customer service technologies into your business.

    Why RingCentral Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: From cloud computing to digital collaboration and beyond, you'll learn how new software advancements can change the way your customer service team works for the better. Along the way, you'll learn how to improve your customer experience, whether it's over the phone, through apps, or on your CRM.

    Read: In Avaya Bankruptcy the End of One Era and the Dawn of Another
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  • Shep Hyken's Customer Service Blog

    Shep Hyken's Customer Service Blog offers up expert customer service tips from Shep, guest bloggers, and radio and podcast spots. Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert and a thought leader, as well as a bestselling author and international keynote speaker.

    Why Shep Hyken's Customer Service Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: It's all about helping readers create a smart, strong customer service culture at their company, impress customers the first time out, and more. Updated frequently with bite-sized blog posts, feature-length articles, interviews, and more, this is an ongoing resource for those looking for a continuing education in customer service.

    Read: Simple Words and Phrases Can Enhance the Customer's Experience
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  • PeopleMetrics CX Blog

    PeopleMetrics CX Blog is a customer experience blog that covers real-world companies and their practices, technology, everyday best practices, and more.

    Why PeopleMetrics CX Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: Readers can learn how to craft a truly impressive customer journey, get more customer feedback, and better engage with them at every step. This blog is great for companies who are looking for more and better ways to listen and respond to customers' concerns, complaints, and compliments.

    Read: Caught in the Act of Creating a Phenomenal Experience
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  • The Chip Bell Blog

    Chip Bell is a customer service keynote speaker whose blog offers up unique ways to keep customers coming back for more. Chip Bell is an internationally-recognized customer service expert who has advised Fortune 500 companies and authored 9 bestselling books.

    Why The Chip Bell Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: It reveals the best practices from the companies and organizations at the top of the customer service game, providing insight that customer service managers can use to improve their teams. You will not only find plenty of great articles here, but you can also watch video from Chip's speeches to learn even more.

    Read: Service Like a Candle
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  • Jay Baer

    Jay Baer is a customer service and experience thought leader whose blog covers content and social media marketing, customer service best practices, and a wealth of other topics. Jay Baer is a Certified Speaking Professional and bestselling author of five books who also founded Convince and Convert, a strategy consulting firm that helps businesses land more customers.

    Why Jay Baer is a Top Customer Service Resource: This blog is built to help your business get and retain more customers, and to turn those customers into even more customers; what's not to like? Jay also offers up a podcast, so you can get his expert advice and that of his guests on the go.

    Read: Don't Say These Things
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  • Customer Bliss

    Customer Bliss is the work of Jeanne Bliss, and her blog focuses on customer-centric leadership. Jeanne Bliss is a customer experience expert who also pioneered the Chief Customer Officer role, being the first to hold it at companies including Land's End, Microsoft, and Coldwell Banker.

    Why Customer Bliss is a Top Customer Service Resource: That means this blog is all about how to lead your business with customer experience at the forefront of strategy, building a vision around impressing and retaining customers. You'll find actionable tips, expert insights, and more articles here, as well as a podcast so you can learn on the go.

    Read: Yes, good CX is tied to revenue gains
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  • Less Annoying CRM

    Less Annoying CRM's CRM Resources blog offers up tricks and advice to help companies get the most out of their customer relationship management software. Co-founder and CEO Tyler King has a background in product design and software development, while co-founder Bracken King specializes in software infrastructure and security.

    Why Less Annoying CRM is a Top Customer Service Resource: You can find tutorials, tips from customers, and even a glossary of CRM-related buzzwords on this blog. CRM can be integral to establishing and perpetuating meaningful customer relationships, and this blog will show you how to make that happen.

    Less Annoying CRM serves over 8,500 small business owners worldwide looking to deepen their existing customer relationships and improve their conversion rates. Typically dealing with small companies (1-20 employees), Less Annoying CRM focuses on how to create the best possible customer experience for its users who are often wearing many "hats" within their organizations.

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  • Five9

    Five9 makes cloud contact center software, and their blog is all about how contact centers can improve the overall customer experience. Executive Chairman Mike Burkland joined Five9 as its CEO in 2008 and transformed it into an 800-person public company and one of the largest providers of cloud contact center software.

    Why Five9 is a Top Customer Service Resource: Those looking for information on how to best leverage the power of contact centers like Five9 in the modern business environment can learn a great deal here. You'll find articles, webinars, and news about how Five9 is pushing contact center technology and innovation forward.

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  • Mindtouch

    Mindtouch's blog focuses on creating a compelling content experience for customers and other engagement strategies. Co-founder and CEO Aaron Fulkerson is an innovator in open-source and SaaS software with experience at Microsoft prior to his work with Mindtouch, while co-founder and CTO Steve Bjorg is a software engineer and agile development specialist who also worked at Microsoft.

    Why Mindtouch is a Top Customer Service Resource: If you're looking for new and innovative ways to use content to engage potential customers, this is the blog for you. You'll also find plenty of other engagement tips, including self-service advice, ways to engage at trade shows and other events, and more.

    Read: Announcing 2017's TOP25 Content Experience Influencers and TOP200 Strategists
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  • Olark Live Chat Blog
    The Olark Live Chat Blog is all about how to increase sales and conversions and make your customers happier than ever before using the power of live chat.

    Why Olark Live Chat Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: Visitors to this blog can expect to learn how to make live chat customer support a more human experience, how to solve customer complaints, and more. A series of features here also focuses on emerging customer service trends from all over the world, and how they could be implemented at your business.

    Read: The history of CRM software

  • Sparkcentral

    Sparkcentral's blog is all about providing online customers with the best possible customer service and experience.

    Why Sparkcentral is a Top Customer Service Resource: From instant messaging to automation, this blog will help you understand the technology and the best ways to use it to drive customer engagement and positive experiences. Get the latest on trends, new technologies, changes to existing platforms, and more from this highly informative blog.

    Read: How the Next Phase of Digitization Will Change Customer Expectations
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  • SurveyGizmo

    SurveyGizmo is a platform that makes it simple to survey customers for satisfaction, and their blog shows the variety of ways such surveys can be helpful.

    Why SurveyGizmo is a Top Customer Service Resource: Readers can learn how to get more meaningful customer satisfaction data from relevant surveys, how to collect more feedback, and more. This blog also frequently features helpful customer service and feedback e-books you can download and take on the go.

    Read: Menangkan Tiket Balikpapan Masters
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  • ServiceNow

    ServiceNow's blog offers up insights, perspectives, and successes from within their service management ecosystem.

    Why ServiceNow is a Top Customer Service Resource: It focuses on how ServiceNow can transform your customer service workflow, making it faster and easier. You'll also find plenty of articles about up-and-coming service trends, technologies, and more that will change the way you work.

    Read: Five Must Have Skills for IT Professionals in the Cloud First Era
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  • Jeff Mowatt Customer Service Blog

    The Jeff Mowatt Customer Service Blog is packed with tips for impressing customers, avoiding harm to your brand, and turning your team into customer service all-stars. Jeff Mowatt is a bestselling author and keynote speaker who has worked with hundreds of organizations across the country to improve their service.

    Why Jeff Mowatt Customer Service Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: Jeff Mowatt understands the power of language in customer service, and this blog is packed with words and phrases that will engender trust and good rapport with your customers. This blog also offers up tips for avoiding common service pitfalls, capitalizing on the latest trends, and much more.

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  • The Center For Client Retention

    The Center For Client Retention is a firm that helps train customer service teams and boost customer retention for businesses. Founder and President Richard R. Shapiro is an authority on the topics of customer experience and retention, and has spearheaded research on both for over 30 years.

    Why The Center For Client Retention is a Top Customer Service Resource: Their blog focuses on the latest trends and best practices in customer service, with an eye toward keeping customers coming back time and again. You'll find forward-looking content on the hottest up and coming trends, free e-books packed with great customer service and experience tips, and more.

    Read: 2017 Customer Experience Trends
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  • iAdvize

    iAdvize's blog focuses on trends, tips, and best practices for digital customer service.

    Why iAdvize is a Top Customer Service Resource: If you want to learn how to apply a personal and human touch to your digital marketing, strengthen your online brand, and engage more users, this blog can show you how. This is also a great resource for learning about new and up-and-coming technologies for digital customer service and support.

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  • Userlike

    Userlike is free live chat software for web and mobile support. On their blog, the Userlike team shares tips for improving your customer support as well as communication and sales best practices.

    Why Userlike is a Top Customer Service Resource: It can teach you what you need to know about customer communication and how to create the ideal customer service setup. In addition, it provides some tips for team training, more productivity, and other organizational culture improvements.

    Read: Forget Customer Empathy Do This Instead
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  • Inside Intercom

    Inside Intercom is a design, customer success, and startup blog that offers up invaluable information, tips, and trends for those building their own business.

    Why Inside Intercom is a Top Customer Service Resource: If you want to learn how to get your first customers, how to create a culture of trust between employees and customers, or how to build a great team, this is the blog for you. Inside Intercom also often features interviews with successful entrepreneurs and executives so you can learn what makes them tick and what strategies they use to stay on top of their industries.

    Read: People leave managers, not companies. Don't let that manager be you
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  • HappyFox

    HappyFox offers help desk and customer support software with a robust support ticket system built to help you get organized.

    Why HappyFox is a Top Customer Service Resource: Their blog is packed with tips for getting the most out of HappyFox, as well as overall advice for using help desk software to improve customer support. Software like HappyFox's can be a versatile tool for streamlining workflows and keeping customers satisfied, and this blog will help you learn all the ins and outs you need.

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  • UP! Your Service Blog

    UP. Your Service provides customer service leadership training, and their blog covers a wide range of customer service topics. UP. Your Service Founder Ron Kaufman is a sought-after educator, consultant and thought leader in the customer service world and has written 15 books, including a New York Times bestseller.

    Why UP! Your Service Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: They offer customer service training tips, ways to engage your customers and turn them into brand evangelists, and more. More than anything, though, this blog is about how to create a service-focused culture at your company so the customer is always at the forefront of decision-making.

    Read: The Service Culture Indicator (SCI) UP Your Service
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  • LiveAgent

    LiveAgent's blog focuses on digital marketing and great customer service practices, with tips for making your brand and business stand out in B2B customers' minds.

    Why LiveAgent is a Top Customer Service Resource: Readers will find advice for running their business' digital strategy too, with social media engagement, customer communication, and email retention campaign advice, among other topics. They often cover ways in which improved customer service and smarter use of technology can drive sales; a key topic for growing businesses.

    Read: What to do When Your Company Stops Growing?
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  • Net Promoter System Loyalty Blog

    The Net Promoter System Loyalty blog offers up podcasts from experts, business leaders, and entrepreneurs on how to better engage and retain customers.

    Why Net Promoter System Loyalty Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: These podcasts cover just about everything you need to know about the customer experience, from engagement to follow-up to retention. There are a few written articles, but this blog is an excellent backlog of useful podcasts for those who want to download information on their commute to work.

    Read: Podcast: Tapping into Customers' Deepest Needs
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  • Customer Service Life

    Customer Service Life covers all things customer service, from the first impression to making the sale and beyond. Blog creators Jenny Dempsey and Jeremy Watkin are both longtime customer service professionals, having gained their expertise from working in retail, call centers, and more.

    Why Customer Service Life is a Top Customer Service Resource: Learn about the latest trends in customer service and tried-and-true best practices, and read fun, informative real-life stories of customer service successes and failures on this blog. They also offer a regular video series called ""Breaking the Ice,"" in which their customer service experts chat about the latest trends, interview other experts and game-changers, and more.

    Read: Forty, Freezing, Fear, and Failure
    Follow @commbetterblog / Jeremy Watkin: @jtwatkin / Jenny Dempsey: @jennysuedempsey

  • Loop by Benbria

    Benbria offers mobile engagement solutions for the hospitality and restaurant industries, and their blog is all about helping businesses raise their customer service game.

    Why Loop by Benbria is a Top Customer Service Resource: Readers will discover tips for boosting customer engagement, providing more personalized service, employee engagement, and more. If your business uses Loop, Benbria's mobile customer engagement solution, you'll also discover plenty of advice for making the most of it.

    Read: LGBTQ Travel
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  • SightCall

    SightCall's blog brings its readers news and trends from the world of digital customer service, as well as tips for how to leverage new technologies.

    Why SightCall is a Top Customer Service Resource: You can read up on how IoT is changing the customer service landscape, how to use visual communication tools to better engage customers, and more. This is a particularly helpful blog for those considering implementing video customer service as part of their digital strategy, with best practices tips and news on new tech.

    Read: Augmented Reality in Field Service
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  • Blue Ocean Contact Centers

    Blue Ocean Contact Centers' blog is all about providing the knowledge you need to offer the best quality call center customer service you can. President and COO Andrew O'Brien has been with Blue Ocean for over 15 years, and has been instrumental in creating unique strategic solutions for its clients in his time there.

    Why Blue Ocean Contact Centers is a Top Customer Service Resource: They offer outsourcing tips, training advice, and more for maintaining a high quality level of call center service no matter how your business operates. Their tips can help you source a contact center, build a trusting relationship with one, and improve your customer service with their help.

    Read: The Truth About Attrition in the Contact Center
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  • CX Journey

    Consulting firm CX Journey's blog is dedicated to helping employees better understand their customers in order to improve their overall experience.

    Why CX Journey is a Top Customer Service Resource: They believe that customer understanding is vital to developing a strategy that allows both customers and businesses to be satisfied, and this blog reflects that belief. Their tips can help your team become more productive, your brand become more memorable, and your customers more enthusiastic and likely to return.

    Read: The 10 Commandments of Customer Experience
    Follow @annettefranz

  • CEB Blog

    CEB's (now Gartner) Sales & Service blog looks at key customer service and sales trends across a variety of industries.

    Why CEB Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: If you're looking for more clarity on the difference between customer service and customer experience, B2B sales tips, or omnichannel best practices, you'll find all of it here. Sales and customer service go hand in hand; one can't succeed without the other, and this blog blends both into one helpful cocktail.

    Read: The New IT Operating Model for Digital
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  • TeamSupport

    TeamSupport's blog is all about putting the focus of service back on the customer, and offers plenty of great advice for modern businesses with an emphasis on B2B (business to business) customer success.

    Why TeamSupport is a Top Customer Service Resource: Whether you want to know the best way to implement help desk software or simply how to avoid some common customer service mistakes, this blog can help. Its combination of technical know-how and tried-and-true expertise means there's something for everyone in the customer service business here.

    Read: Customer Support Software Development Work Together
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  • Bill Quiseng

    Bill Quiseng is a customer service expert whose blog offers up practical tips, insights, and inspiration for those looking to improve their customer service and experience. Bill Quiseng is a renowned speaker and writer on the topics of front-line customer service and customer service leadership for managers, with over 30 years of experience in luxury resort and club management.

    Why Bill Quiseng is a Top Customer Service Resource: In addition to Bill's expertise, the blog also features frequent guest posts from other top thought leaders who provide their own insights into customer service improvements and best practices. Whether you're looking for social media tips, advice for developing more personal customer relationships, or anything in between, you'll find some great content here.

    Read: Q & A with Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan
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  • ClearAction

    ClearAction Continuum's blog is packed with customer experience management tips, ranging from expert-level advice to introductions to key terms for beginners. ClearAction Continuum Chief Customer Officer Lynn Hunsaker began her career in the customer experience field in 1991 with Sonoco Products, and has gone on to become a thought leader, educator, and author on the topic.

    Why ClearAction Continuum is a Top Customer Service Resource: With this blog, you can learn how to improve the customer experience whether you're a B2B or B2C business, and how to design your business around creating great experiences. It's all about putting the customer first, and this blog's content will show you how to make everything at your company revolve around the customer, from decision-making to employee engagement.

    Read: Customer Experience Professionals' Essential Toolkit
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  • Steve DiGioia

    Steve DiGioia is a customer service trainer, coach, speaker, and author who's dedicated to helping hospitality businesses keep their customers happy and enthusiastic. Steve DiGioia has spent over 20 years in the hotel and restaurant industry and has become the ""go-to guy"" when it comes to customer service best practices.

    Why Steve DiGioia is a Top Customer Service Resource: His blog is a treasure trove of knowledge, with tips for customer service team leaders, best practices, and much more. Whether you want to build the perfect customer service team, change the way your current team operates, or improve your own leaderships skills, DiGioia's blog has what you need.

    Read: This is Why Your Success Habits Will Make You Better Than The Rest
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  • The Michelli Experience

    The Michelli Experience is an organization that's all about powering customer engagement, loyalty, and brand advocacy. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., is an author, speaker, and consultant who has written multiple bestselling books, making him a sought-after thought leader on the subject of customer experience.

    Why The Michelli Experience is a Top Customer Service Resource: The archive on this site is loaded with hundreds of posts going back to 2009, all providing invaluable insights into how to gain and keep more customers. It's a blog that can teach you how to avoid falling into common customer experience traps, how to break your team's bad habits, and more.

    Read: Lead People Not Technology: Interacting to Succeed
    Follow @josephmichelli

  • Inside Customer Service Blog

    Toister Performance Solutions' Inside Customer Service blog offers up analysis, tips, and the latest trends in customer service. Jeff Toister of Toister Performance Solutions is an author and internationally-recognized employee training expert whose videos have been seen by over 140,000 people on six continents.

    Why Inside Customer Service Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: Their tips can help you better train your customer service team to unlock their hidden potential. Not only that, but this blog also often focuses on creating a better, healthier, stronger working environment, which will contribute to overall employee happiness and boost performance.

    Read: An Inside Look at Amazon's Fulfillment Center Operations
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  • The DMG Blog

    DMG Consulting, LLC has a blog that's focused on call centers and how they can become more effective tools for customer service. DMG Consulting LLC President Donna Fluss has been helping companies both new and established improve their customer experiences for over 20 years.

    Why The DMG Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: You can learn about the benefits of call centers over online chat programs, how automation is changing and improving business, and more. This is also a great resource for learning about the latest trends and technologies in call centers, how to implement them, and how they're improving customer relations and more.

    Read: Great Customer Service Isn't an Accident
    Follow @DMGConsultLLC

  • Who's Your Gladys?

    Who's Your Gladys? is a blog packed with expert customer service tips and advice.

    Why Who's Your Gladys? is a Top Customer Service Resource: Gladys is that customer who always seems impossible to please, and this blog is all about how to win her over and make her a loyal return visitor. This blog offers up tips and advice for best customer service practices; it also looks at how customer service is changing in the modern age, with elements like IoT and big data changing the way things are done.

    Read: How is the Internet of Things Affecting Customer Service?
    Follow @lorijovest

  • Nanorep's Customer Service Experience Blog

    Nanorep's Customer Service Experience Blog focuses on creating great customer service experiences in all regards while shining a light on their niche: customer service AI. CEO Eli Campo helped build two different Israeli startups into $1 billion companies, while co-founder and CTO Amit Ben brings ten years of leadership and development experience in technology to the company.

    Why Nanorep's Customer Service Experience Blog is a Top Customer Service Resource: This blog can help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of customer service AI like chatbots, so you know what to look for and what to expect. It also covers multiple industries, from retail to travel and beyond, offering tips for crafting a top-notch customer experience along the way.

    Read: Support Chat Bots 6 Months after the Facebook Announcement
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