January 6, 2017

Best Relationship Blogs: Top Expert Advice

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Strengthen and kick start the important relationships in your life. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Relationship Blogs can help with a steady stream of advice.

Top Relationship Blogs and Resources

Relationships take work. It's not easy to develop and maintain a tight bond with someone else. CreditDonkey, which helps couples spend wisely, set out to narrow the list of relationship blogs to the ones that matter.

Everyone thinks they're an advice columnist these days, with so many bloggers out there covering the relationship space. But only a select few really understand what it takes to keep a relationship on solid ground. We found the very best relationship blogs to follow. These top bloggers will help you get through the rough times and enjoy the great times.

Take a look at the list below for the best relationship blogs.

  • Dr Jane Greer

    Dr. Jane Greer is a New York-based marriage and sex therapist and author of What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship.

    Why Dr Jane Greer is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who are feeling a bit anxious or ill-at-ease in their current relationship may find the answers they're looking for on her SHRINK WRAP blog.

    Read: Women's Health: What to Do if Your Friend's Husband Hits on You
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  • Patti Knows

    Patti Knows is the blog of Patti Stanger, where she imparts her advice.

    Why Patti Knows is a Top Relationship Blog: Men and women who need a little advice and encouragement when it comes to reeling in their perfect significant other will find great advice for dating online and off on this blog.

    Read: Your Sexy Holiday Survival Kit
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  • Dr Karen Ruskin

    Marriage therapist Karen Ruskin's blog features problem-solving advice for married couples and families as well as her ruminations on the issues facing couples at large in America today.

    Why Dr Karen Ruskin is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is a great read for married couples who want to stay on the right track, with plenty of conflict-resolution and long-term relationship advice.

    Read: Ezra Schwartz - The Loss Of A Young Life
    Follow @DrKarenRuskin

  • Sex and Psychology

    Dr. Justin Lehmiller's Sex and Psychology blog is packed with psychology-based sexuality articles that will clear up myths and help you discover more about your own sexuality.

    Why Sex and Psychology is a Top Relationship Blog: Those who are curious about their own sexuality, or just want to learn more about sexuality in the modern world, will find a lot of fascinating content on this blog.

    Read: Why Some People May Be Better Suited To Consensual Nonmonogamy Than Others
    Follow @JustinLehmiller

  • ADHD Marriage

    ADHD Marriage is an advice blog for adults and partners of adults with ADHD, and aims to teach respect, patience, and conflict resolution.

    Why ADHD Marriage is a Top Relationship Blog: If you or your partner has ADHD, this blog will teach you a great deal about how to maintain healthy relationships through communication, respect, and patience.

    Read: For Men with ADHD Who Aren't Convinced it Matters
    Follow @msorlov

  • Rewriting the Rules

    Rewriting the Rules is a blog that takes a modern view on love, sexuality, and relationships, and features a lot of great queer-friendly content.

    Why Rewriting the Rules is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers searching for modern views on relationships and queer-friendly relationship advice and think pieces will find a lot to love about this blog.

    Read: Coming out day: Non-binary gender Q&A
    Follow @megjohnbarker

  • Love and Life Toolbox

    Love and Life Toolbox is a blog that helps couples grow closer and individuals discover their happiness through professional therapeutic advice and tools. Lisa Brookes Kift's goal is to empower individuals and couples to be happy within themselves and with each other.

    Why Love and Life Toolbox is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether you're looking for happiness in your relationship or just for yourself, this blog's professional advice will help you achieve your goals.

    Read: This Therapist's Life: Out of the Office with Esther Boykin
    Follow @LoveLifeToolbox

  • Valencia Relationship Institute
    Valencia Relationship Institute's blog is all about helping families settle their arguments, with a special focus on parents' relationships with their children.

    Why Valencia Relationship Institute is a Top Relationship Blog: Parents who feel that their relationships with their children need a little help will find some great advice on this blog.

  • More Than Two

    More Than Two is a blog about the polyamorous lifestyle, featuring think pieces and advice for navigating the waters of polyamorous relationships.

    Why More Than Two is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone who is polyamorous will find a lot of very thoughtful advice and think pieces for the polyamorous community in this blog.

    Read: Can polyamorous hierarchies be ethical? Part 1: The tower and the village
    Follow @mttbook

  • Alicia Clark PsyD

    Therapist Alicia Clark's blog features advice for people who are wondering where their relationship is headed, as well as more general relationship advice for those looking to meet someone special or make new friends.

    Why Alicia Clark PsyD is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone in a relationship who's wondering what the next step should or will be will find plenty of great think pieces and advice on this blog.

    Read: Dealing With Difficult People: Prepare for the Worst, and Hope for the Best
    Follow @DrAliciaClark

  • For Relationship Help

    For Relationship Help is a blog that helps anyone who has a relentlessly difficult person in their life stop the crazy-making, resolve conflicts, and maintain their sense of self-worth...and, their sanity.

    Why For Relationship Help is a Top Relationship Blog: Anyone in a relationship with a relentlessly difficult person will find a wealth of insights, conflict-resolution and relationship advice on this blog.

    Read: You CAN stop a chronically difficult person from ruling your life.
    Follow @RhobertaShaler

  • Happy Wives Club

    Happy Wives Club, a blog for married couples, is packed with advice for creating and maintaining a long-lasting, blissful marriage.

    Why Happy Wives Club is a Top Relationship Blog: Whether your marriage is having troubles or not, this blog is a must for anyone seeking advice for creating a more perfect union with their partner.

    Read: An Extraordinary Spouse
    Follow @happywivesclub

  • Love Victory
    Love Victory is a relationship blog built to guide people to the right person by avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that have derailed their past relationships.

    Why Love Victory is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers who are looking to avoid their past relationship mistakes and choices will find plenty of great advice on this blog.

    Read: 12 Effective Ways for Handling Disagreements

  • Lisa Merlo-Booth

    Lisa Merlo-Booth's blog is dedicated to helping women stand up for themselves in their relationships, marriages, and jobs, without stepping on others.

    Why Lisa Merlo-Booth is a Top Relationship Blog: This is a perfect blog for women who feel that they are being mistreated and have been hesitant to stand up for themselves; it gives its readers the tools they need to unlock their inner courage.

    Read: Blog Post for Teens: How to Remove Toxic People from your Life
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  • Doctor Bonnie

    Doctor Bonnie's blog is chock-full of a wide range of relationship advice for married couples, new relationships, and singles alike!

    Why Doctor Bonnie is a Top Relationship Blog: If you're just starting your journey into the world of professional relationship advice, you're very likely to find useful content on this long-running and wide-ranging blog.

    Read: Make Up, Don't Break Up, Adultery the Forgivable Sin, Financial Infidelity
    Follow @DoctorBonnie

  • The Queen of Hearts

    The Queen of Hearts is a relationship blog dedicated to helping women embrace their femininity while maintaining control of their relationship and romantic destiny.

    Why The Queen of Hearts is a Top Relationship Blog: Women who want to seize control of their romantic destinies and meet their soul mate will find the guidance they're looking for on this blog.

    Read: Truth About Cinderella and Her Money Story
    Follow @kimsarrasin

  • Natalie Vartanian

    Relationship expert Natalie Vartanian's blog features fantastic guidance for women who feel unlucky in love or have trepidation about getting into a relationship. She believes in the possibility of having it all and not having to settle in any area of life, including love.

    Why Natalie Vartanian is a Top Relationship Blog: With plenty of great video content, Natalie's blog is great for busy women looking for top-notch relationship advice, especially the most important relationship, the one with yourself.

    Read: Virtual Love Course

  • Mark Groves

    Mark Groves' blog helps its readers overcome the personal hurdles that lead their relationships to ruin or sabotage them before they've even begun.

    Why Mark Groves is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is a must-read for anyone who feels that they make mistakes in their relationships and are looking for a path to a deep, meaningful, and long-lasting connection.

    Read: Love Her Before She Leaves You
    Follow @createthelove

  • Open Minded

    Open Minded is a blog and online community that seeks to de-stigmatize open and alternative relationships, with content focusing on how to make these relationships work.

    Why Open Minded is a Top Relationship Blog: Readers curious about polyamory or wondering how to make an open relationship work for them will find a lot of great, thoughtful content on this blog.

    Read: Myths About Open Relationships
    Follow @OpenMindDating

  • Meet Your Match

    Meet Your Match's blog focuses on helping singles find love through great advice on modern dating.

    Why Meet Your Match is a Top Relationship Blog: This blog is great for anyone at any stage of dating, whether you're wondering how to introduce yourself to someone or how to land that second or third date.

    Read: Contact
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