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How to Determine Ring Size

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Ready to propose but don't know her ring size? Here are 10 clever ideas to find out her ring size so you get that perfect fit.

Without Her Knowing

If you're planning a surprise proposal, you'll have to secretly find out her ring size without getting her suspicious. Here are some ideas before you start looking for the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.:

If She Has Rings

Idea #1: Borrow a Ring
If she already wears rings, this job will be a lot easier for you. Check out the rings in her jewelry box. Do you see one that she has worn before on her left ring finger? (If you're not sure, then start noticing!) Discretely steal it and take it to a jeweler to find out the size.

This will be the most accurate way. But the risk is that she may notice it's gone missing.

Make sure you find a ring that she wears on her left ring finger. Most people's right and left fingers are slightly different sizes. Usually, the fingers on the dominant hand are a little bit thicker—maybe by about half a size larger.

So, for example, say she's right-handed, and you can only find a ring she wears on her right 4th finger. If the ring is a size 6.5, it could be a good guess that her left-hand ring finger is a size 6.

Idea #2: Make a Trace or Impression
If you can't get away with borrowing the ring for a bit, you can trace it carefully on a piece of paper. Be sure to trace both the inside and outside for accuracy. Or you can take an impression of the ring by pressing it into a soft bar of soap (or those kids' modeling clays). This will give the jeweler a good idea.

You can also do it yourself by measuring the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler with millimeter markers (mm). Then use our ring size chart below to find the ring size.

Idea #3: Mark the Spot
Slip the ring on one of your own fingers (like your pinky) and mark the place where it sits comfortably. Draw a line at both the top and bottom. Then go to a jeweler and try on different sizes until you find one that falls in the same place.

Idea #4: Use an Online Sizer
Try to size the ring yourself by using an online ring sizer. A printable sizer (such as this one) will be the most accurate, as long as you follow printing size instructions.

If you don't have access to a printer, you can use a virtual sizer. After calibrating your screen, hold up the ring over one of the circles to find the one that matches. This method may not be completely accurate, as even a couple of mm (millimeters) off will produce the wrong result.

How tight should a ring be?
A ring should sit snugly at the base of the fingers, but not too tight. It should be able to move past the knuckle, but with a slight bit of resistance.

If She Doesn't Wear Rings

If she doesn't wear any rings, then you'd have to get more devious. This is a little bit harder to do without rousing suspicion. Here are some ideas:

Idea #5: The String Test
Try this if she's a deep sleeper. When she's sleeping, wrap a string (or strip of paper) around her left ring finger. Wrap around the base, but not too tight, since the ring needs to be able to slide over the knuckle. Measure the length of string and get the size with our ring size chart. Or take it to a jeweler to size.

This method is the easiest and works even if she doesn't know her own size. However, it may not be accurate even if you're a couple of mm too tight or loose.

Idea #6: The "Shoe Size Game"
As you're browsing your phone, casually say you just saw this fun fact that a person's finger size correlates to shoe size. The formula is:

Ring size = shoe size divided by 2 plus 3

Go through the calculation on yourself and her. Maybe she'll say the formula is wrong and reveal what her actual ring size is. But this idea hinges on the assumption that she knows her own size.

Idea #7: Recruit Help
Ask her closest girlfriends or mom if they know her ring size. Girls often try on each other's jewelry for fun so maybe her friends will know if their fingers are the same size.

If they don't, they may be able to find out without raising eyebrows. For example, her friends can take her to a jewelry store while shopping (under the ruse of trying on rings for themselves) and get her to try on some too.

Or you can get a buddy to help. He can say he's buying a ring for his girlfriend and she's similar in size. If your girlfriend doesn't know her own size, she may be willing to get sized to help out.

Idea #8: Get Crafty
Explore your local weekend craft market (or something similar). Lots of craft fairs have unique jewelry pieces. Somehow get her to try on rings—either by jokingly picking out ridiculous costume pieces or saying you want to buy a gift for your mom/sister/teenage niece.

Take note if there's a ring that fits her. Later, ask the vendor what size it is when she's out of earshot.

Did you know?
Over 40% of brides-to-be want to involved in the ring selection process. After all, the ring will be the most important jewelry piece she owns, so she'll want one that fits her style. It's something to consider when deciding if a surprise proposal is the way to go.

You can discuss styles, ring size, and budget together, but still keep the final ring and proposal a surprise. It may even be a good thing to learn how much she thinks it should cost.

Find Ring Size Using Tape Measure

You can also find out her ring size at home without going to a jeweler, whether she already has a ring or not. All you need is a ruler with mm markers.

We have put together a handy chart below to help you figure out her ring size. You can use the chart in 2 ways:

  1. If she doesn't already have a ring:
    Do the string test (idea #5) by wrapping a string (or ribbon or strip of paper) around the base of the finger and measuring the loop. Use the first column to find the ring size.

  2. If she has a ring:
    Measure the inside diameter of the ring. Use the second column to find the ring size.

If the proposal is NOT going to be surprise and she's in on it, we recommend that you don't try to do it yourself at home. Just go to a jeweler and have her finger professionally sized. Because even a fraction of a mm can throw the measurements off, so it's easy to get it wrong yourself.

Ring Size Chart

Length of string (mm)Inside diameter of ring (mm)Ring size
44.3 - 45.014.1 - 14.33
45.5 - 46.214.5 - 14.73.5
46.8 - 47.414.9 - 15.14
48.0 - 48.715.3 - 15.54.5
49.3 - 50.015.7 - 15.95
50.6 - 51.216.1 - 16.35.5
51.8 - 52.516.5 - 16.76
53.1 - 53.716.9 - 17.16.5
54.3 - 55.017.3 - 17.57
55.6 - 56.217.7 - 17.97.5
56.9 - 57.518.1 - 18.38
58.1 - 59.018.5 - 18.88.5
59.7 - 60.319.0 - 19.29
60.9 - 61.619.4 - 19.69.5
62.2 - 62.819.8 - 20.010

What if you're in between sizes?
If you find that the measurement is in-between half sizes, size up to the larger one so you can be sure that the ring will fit over the knuckle.

Fingers also often get more swollen during the summer or with too much salt intake. A larger size will ensure that the ring fits more comfortably overall.

Average Ring Size

Women's ring sizes range in general from size 3 to 10. In the U.S., the average woman has a ring size between 5 and 7, with size 6 being the most popular.

Of course, this will vary with different heights and weights. Size 6 is the average ring size for a woman around 5'5" and 140 pounds.

Ring Size by Height and Weight

If all the above ideas fail you, can you make a guess based on height and weight?

How this works:
There does not seem to be a correlation between height and finger size. Being taller doesn't necessarily mean having larger fingers, and vice versa. But there could be a little correlation between weight and finger size.

Women often find their ring size fluctuates with weight gain and loss. Assuming that weight is distributed evenly across the body, it's reasonable to guess that a woman's fingers also get a little thicker with more weight.

While this is not case for everyone, you could use this as a guideline:

Height (ft-in)Weight (pounds)Ring Size
5'3" and belowAround 1305
Below average4 - 4.5
Above average5.5 - 6
5'4" to 5'6"Around 1406
Below average4.5 - 5.5
Above average6.5 - 7.5
5'7" to 5'9"Around 1507
Below average5.5 - 6.5
Above average7.5 - 8
5'10" and aboveAround 1607 - 8
Below average6 - 7
Above average8 - 9

Does this work?
However, this is not scientific since every woman's body is unique.

Some tall women have tiny hands and fingers, and some short women have large hands. Instead of going by height and weight, it's better to look at your girlfriend's fingers and make a judgement.

Try these guidelines instead:

Hand SizeFingers TypeRing Size
Small handsSlender fingers4 - 5
Thicker fingers5.5 - 6.5
Medium handsSlender fingers5.5 - 6.5
Thicker fingers6. 5 - 7.5
Large handsSlender fingers6.5 - 7.5
Thicker fingers8 - 9

If You Must Resize

If you're not able to score any intel, just make your best guess and get it resized later.

In general, it's much easier and cheaper to make a ring smaller than bigger, so estimate slightly larger. But there are certain exceptions. Channel or pave bands are tougher to resize down, so if you're looking at one of these setting styles, go with the smaller estimate.

Jewelers usually provide one free resizing after purchase. If your jeweler doesn't provide one, or you need to get it resized later, in general, here's how much you can expect it to cost:

  • Platinum rings
    $60–$120 (resizing down); $100–$300 (resizing up)

  • White gold rings
    $30–$80 (resizing down) $60–$150 (resizing up)

  • Yellow gold rings
    $20–$50 (resizing down); $40–$100 (resizing up)

If your ring needs to be resized more than 2 sizes up or down, then it may cost a little more.

Rose gold rings: Rose gold comes in many different tones (some more red, some more gold). So a jeweler may not be able to match the exact tone of your ring. It's best to go back to the same retailer for resizing.

But watch out, not all settings are resizable. Tension rings and eternity bands cannot be resized due to how they're made. So make sure you order the correct size the first time around.

Read: Everything to Know About Ring Resizing: Costs and Tips

Does Walmart do ring resizing?
Walmart provides one free resizing on rings that they sell. Resizing can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. However, it does not offer resizing for rings purchased from somewhere else.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, you have some good ideas and guidelines for secretly determining your girlfriend's ring size. Remember, it's not the end of the world if it's slightly off. Look for a jeweler that provides one free resizing if you're not positive.

If all else fails, you can always just ask. It's pretty common to discuss engagement before actually getting engaged. It's a good idea anyway to be on the same page about expectations and budget. You can always still plan a surprise proposal for that magical moment.

Good luck!

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