Updated December 8, 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Resize a Ring

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The price of resizing a ring depends on a variety of factors. So just what affects the cost and how can you find the best jeweler for your ring? Keep reading to find out.

Cost Factors of Ring Resizing

Resizing a ring can cost anywhere from $20 to $100.

The price you pay will depend on a few key factors:

Amount of Resizing
There's a big difference between going down half of a size versus increasing a ring three sizes, for example.

Type of Metal
Some metals are more expensive to resize than others.

Yellow gold is usually cheaper because it's easier to resize. Rose gold, on the other hand, can be more expensive. It tends to crack, so some jewelers may even avoid resizing it.

Metal Thickness
Thicker metals will cost more to resize, especially if you need to make it bigger. The more metal a jeweler has to manipulate, the more effort they must put into the work.

Ring Complexity
A plain metal band will typically cost less to resize than a complicated band with numerous jewels.

Bigger or Smaller?

Making a ring a smaller size generally costs less money because there's less work involved. The jeweler typically cuts the metal and removes the right amount to resize the ring. There's no need for extra metal or any other materials - it's strictly the cost of labor.

If you need your ring size increased, most jewelers will add metal as this is safer than stretching the existing material. The type of metal used and the amount used to resize the ring will play a role in the cost of resizing the ring.

Buy the Right Size
It's always easier if you get the right ring size from the start. In certain situations, like if you inherit your grandmother's ring, you may not have a choice but to resize it.

But when buying a new ring, there's value in knowing the correct size. By resizing a ring either up or down, you add a weak spot in the band where the jeweler cuts it. This could put the ring's integrity at risk.

The Types of Metal

The kind of metal in your ring will also affect the price. Even the best jewelers cannot resize metals like titanium and tungsten.

Can be resized, despite its hardness and high melting point. But a jeweler will need the appropriate tools. As such, you'll usually pay more to resize platinum than other metals.

Rose Gold
Temperamental - there's a high risk of the metal cracking during resizing.

White Gold
Doesn't crack. But it does require the jeweler to refinish it with rhodium plating in order to have the "white gold" look. This could increase the cost of resizing one.

Yellow Gold
Malleable and doesn't have a high melting point, making it one of the easiest - and cheapest - metals to resize.

Special Situation

Here are some other factors impacting ring resizing:

The more metal on the ring, the more it will cost to resize.

Some rings have flatter backs. If yours has this shape, it may require more labor and/or metal to upsize it.

Number of Jewels
If your ring has lots of jewels, a jeweler may not be able to resize it. If they can, it may cost more due to the delicate nature of working around the stones.

Remember: If you need the ring made smaller, the jeweler may have to reset the stones, which increases the cost of resizing the ring.

How to Select a Jeweler

Consider these tips before having your ring resized.

  • Find an Experienced Jeweler: If you can't see the handiwork of the jeweler, don't trust them with your ring.

  • Get Referrals: If you know someone who recently had a ring resized, ask about their experience. Did they have the ring made larger or smaller? How does that compare to what you need?

    If possible, look at the finished product. Do you like how it looks?

  • Read Reviews: People love to share their opinions online, especially negative ones. Read up on a jeweler's reputation to see what others have to say.

  • Don't Focus on Cost: Resizing a ring can disrupt or even ruin a delicate ring setting. You want a reputable jeweler with plenty of experience, even if that costs a little more.

How to Check the Quality of a Resized Ring
Start by checking the ring's shank. Is there a weak spot where the ring was soldered?

Then check the integrity of the stones and/or setting. Are there any loose stones or loose prongs? Does the ring look uniform or can you tell right away where the jeweler resized it?

If you notice any of these issues, the resizing wasn't good quality. You may need further assistance to ensure the ring's integrity.

Alternatives to Resizing Your Ring

Unless you are 100% certain your ring's size won't change again, you may want to consider some resizing alternatives:

  • Wear the ring on another finger.

  • Use a ring guard or plastic resizer if the ring is too large.

  • Wear the ring on a chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easier to make a ring smaller or larger?
Usually, making a ring smaller is easier, as the jeweler takes metal out rather than adding more. If the ring has an ornate design, though, either option could be difficult.

Are there rings that jewelers cannot resize?
In addition to the titanium, rose gold, and tungsten rings we discussed, jewelers can't resize pave settings, eternity bands, and tension rings.

How long does it take to get a ring resized?
The type of ring, its setting, and the change in size all play a role in how long it takes to resize a ring. Some jewelers can reset a ring in a few hours. More complex settings may take more time and/or require more expertise.

Bottom Line

Resizing a ring may not cost you much now, but it could damage the integrity of the ring. Speak with a reputable jeweler who understands your type of ring before you decide.

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