April 24, 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Go to Harvard

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It can cost as much as $270,000 to attend Harvard for a four-year degree. However, Harvard gives out a lot of financial aid based on student needs.

Harvard University has a large network of alumni that makes it possible for people from all income levels to attend Harvard, should they qualify. The school often has billions of dollars available to help families make their child's dream of attending Harvard a reality.

Keep reading to learn how much Harvard costs and what you might end up paying given your financial circumstances.

The Cost of Harvard Tuition

The cost of tuition alone at Harvard is $46,340. In addition, they charge $4,080 in fees, bringing your total cost for tuition to $50,420. This is just for one year.

This is $10,510 more than the average private 4-year institution's tuition cost, which is $35,830 per year.

Does Harvard Offer Financial Assistance?
The professionals at Harvard understand the high costs of attending a prestigious college like Harvard. They do work hard to make it affordable for families with qualifying applicants. According to Harvard, as much as 70% of their students receive some form of financial aid.

Because of the extensive financial aid, 90% of Harvard families pay the same amount for a Harvard education as they would for an education from a state school.

Cost for Out-of-State Students

Since Harvard is a private college and not a state public college, they don't have in-state and out-of-state tuition rates. In other words, those living in Massachusetts don't get a price break for being a resident.

The only break in-state residents might get is if they don't need the room and board. If they live close enough to commute to Harvard, they could save the $17,160 per year in room and board.

What GPA Do you Need to Get into Harvard?
Harvard doesn't have a set GPA to get into their school since each school has different grading scales and policies. They do expect their students to be within the top 10% to 15% of their class and have a well-rounded education.

They want students who stretch themselves academically and personally. They want applicants who give back to the community and are mature leaders who are ready to undertake the hard work that a Harvard education involves.

Cost for Four Years

If everything remained equal and you didn't receive any scholarships or financial aid to attend Harvard, it would cost $270,300 for four years at Harvard. Because Harvard does offer a large number of scholarships and financial aid, most attendees don't pay this full amount.

On average, students with a scholarship to Harvard pay around $12,000 for tuition versus $46,340. Harvard also offers significant financial aid. Families with an annual income of $65,000 or less aren't required to contribute any of their own money.

Families with income between $65,000 and $150,000 typically must contribute up to 10% of their income towards tuition, and families with higher income must contribute more.

Cost of Graduate Tuition

Harvard's Graduate School of Education (GSE) is a significant financial undertaking. Students who attend Harvard GSE full-time pay $50,144 per year in tuition. Part-time students pay per course at a rate of $6,268.

In addition to tuition, graduate students typically pay rent, utilities, food, books, and local transportation. On average, this can cost an additional $23,400 per year.

Can you go to Harvard for free?
Technically, it is possible to attend Harvard for free. Students who come from families with an annual income of less than $65,000 typically attend Harvard free of charge.

The Cost of Harvard Law School

The tuition for Harvard Law School for the 2019-2020 school year is $65,875.

This figure is subject to change for future school years. In addition to tuition, Harvard Law students need to pay for housing, books, and living expenses, which generally add around $33,475 onto the tuition.

This is a total of $99,350 for one year at Harvard Law School.

Harvard Law School does offer financial assistance in both financial aid and scholarships. On average, Harvard Law School is able to award grants that amount to 50% of the cost of tuition. They are also able to match students up with loans to cover the remaining amount of tuition.

The Cost of Harvard Med School

The cost of tuition to Harvard Medical School can vary based on the chosen path, but on average, the tuition for the 2019-2020 school year is $63,400. Once you add in the required health insurance, living expenses, and mandatory fees, the total cost of Harvard Medical School per year is $95,055.

The Cost to Apply at Harvard
Just applying at Harvard will cost you money. In addition to your college application, SAT scores, and essays, you'll need to pay $75 for Harvard to process your college application.

Cost for a Term or Year

If you are a student who wants to attend Harvard for a term or a full school year, you'll pay different fees. Visiting undergraduate students can't get financial aid from Harvard, which puts the responsibility for full payment on you.

Harvard also doesn't provide housing for visiting undergraduate students. However, you are responsible for proving to Harvard that you can afford the off-campus housing before they will accept your registration.

Visiting students pay per course, with the average student taking four courses per semester. The cost of one course is $5,972 per semester, or $11,585 per year.

It can cost as much as $46,340 per year in tuition for a visiting student, which is the same as the cost of tuition for a full-time Harvard student.

Bottom Line

If you have the qualifications to attend Harvard, don't discount it because of its hefty fees. There are numerous ways to get financial aid, with many students attending free of charge. You may find that you pay even less than you would if you were to attend a state school in your own state.

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