July 17, 2019

Average IQ by Country

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The United States ranks 24th in the world in IQ scores. Which country is the smartest? And what do IQ tests actually measure? Keep reading to learn more.

IQ is short for Intelligence Quotient. You can find out your IQ by taking a standardized test that measures your intelligence as well as your intellect potential. In other words, it measures your ability to use reason when answering questions or making predictions.

IQs Around the World

  1. What is the average IQ of American adults?
    The average American adult has an IQ of 98, which keeps us out of the top 10 ranking for the world, landing us in 24th place.

  2. Which country has the highest IQ?
    Singapore and Hong Kong share the top spot, with an average IQ of 108.

    Countries with the Highest Average IQs
    • Singapore and Hong Kong: IQ of 108.
    • South Korea: IQ of 106
    • China, Taiwan, and Japan: IQ of 105
    • Iceland and Switzerland: IQ of 101
    • Austria, Netherlands, and Norway: IQ of 100

  3. Which country has the lowest IQ?
    Malawi has the lowest IQ, with an average of 60.

    Countries with the Lowest Average IQs
    • Malawi: IQ of 60.
    • Mozambique: IQ of 64
    • Nigeria: IQ of 69
    • Botswana, Ghana, and Zambia: IQ of 71
    • Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe: IQ of 72

  4. Which country has the most intelligent students?
    In Science, the highest performing schools were:
    • Singapore
    • Japan
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • Canada

    In Mathematics, the top scoring students were in

    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • Singapore

    Students in Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Hong Kong, and China had high levels of educational performance.

    Results are based on standardized test scores from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

  5. Which country has the best education system?
    Finland has the best education system, an honor it has held since 2000. The country beat out Japan and South Korea, both of which are repeat winners.

  6. What is the average IQ in Canada?
    Canadians are just slightly smarter than Americans with an average IQ of 99 (versus a 98 average in the US).

A Closer Look at IQ Levels

  1. What is considered a high IQ?
    In general, any IQ score over 140 is considered high. If you want to fall into the genius category, you'll need an IQ score of 160.

    Above 160, you are considered exceptionally gifted. However, this doesn't take into account your emotional intelligence, which can also play a role.

  2. What is the lowest IQ possible?
    The IQ rating scale go all the way down to 1. Any score between 1 and 84 may indicate a cognitive disability.

  3. What is the average person's IQ?
    The average person has an IQ between 85 and 115.

    Breakdown of IQ Levels

    The original Lewis Terman IQ scale is as follows:

    • Scores over 140: Genius
    • Scores between 120 -140: Near genius
    • Scores between 110 - 119: Superior intelligence
    • Scores between 90 - 109: Normal intelligence
    • Scores between 80 - 89: Below average intelligence
    • Scores between 70 - 79: Deficiencies may be present
    • Scores under 70: Deficiencies are definitely present

  4. How rare is an IQ of 160?
    Just 2.5% of the world's population has an IQ score over 130. About 66% of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115, making an IQ of 160 rare.

  5. What is the highest IQ possible?
    Technically, a genius can score an IQ score of 200 or higher. Five people have achieved such a score:

Terence Tao225-230
Marilyn Vos Savant228
Christopher Hirata225
Kim Ung-Yong210
Edith Stern200+

  1. What was Einstein's IQ?
    Albert Einstein never took an official IQ test. But given his knowledge and talents, experts estimate that he would have scored within the genius range around 160.

  2. Who has the highest IQ in the world?
    William James Sidis had the highest IQ known thus far, with an IQ as much as 100 points higher than the estimated IQ score of Albert Einstein. This gave Sidis an IQ of around 210 - 260.

  3. Where can you take a real IQ test?
    You can take an IQ test at local colleges, schools, or with a licensed psychologist. But do your research to make sure the test is legitimate. There are numerous fakes ones, especially online.

  4. What IQ do you need for Mensa?
    Mensa is a high IQ society. In order to get into it, you must be within the 98th percentile on your IQ test. This means an IQ score of 132 on the Stanford Binet IQ test.

  5. Can you increase your IQ score?
    Some experts claim that with proper "brain training" to solve complex problems, it is possible to increase your IQ score. Others think that your IQ remains about the same no matter what you do.

Bottom Line

Scientists believe your genes and environment both affect your IQ. While an IQ test can offer a glimpse of your potential, it's no substitute for hard work and education.

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