Updated April 12, 2016

Best Business Professor Blogs for Practical Results

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Do you want to grow your business with the latest insight from the smartest people in the world? You can. Read on for the list of the top business professor blogs to read.

Top Must-Read Business Professor Blogs

There is an almost infinite number of business blogs online. But there's no way you can read all of them. If you try, you'll find many are as useful as a lead balloon.

Instead, we've put together a list of the best 100+ business blogs written by professors. They offer timely and useful advice in plain English - with no academic mumbo-jumbo here.

These professors do not beat around the bush. When you're running a business or thinking of starting one, you've got so much to do and so little time to spend reading dissertations and academic journals. Take the shortcut: these business professor blogs give you the same information in an easier (and shorter) format. You can keep up-to-date on the best practices, case studies and leadership tips to help you improve your business.

Read on for the best blogs out there for getting smart insights on practical issues that matter to your business.

  • Steve Blank

    A leader in entrepreneur education, Steve Blank draws from decades creating and investing a variety of start-up companies to help current and future entrepreneurs.

    Why Steve Blank is a Top Business Professor Blog: Steve profiles a variety of entrepreneurs and gives advice over a number of subjects (from safety to strategy) to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

    Read: Organizational Debt is Like Technical Debt--but Worse
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  • The Baseline Scenario

    Two professors and an executive use their work and research backgrounds to offers commentary on global economic issues and their impact on business.

    Why The Baseline Scenario is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn something new about current events with well-developed commentary and opinion with a business point of view.

    Read: Mark Zuckerberg's $45 Billion Loophole
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  • Ben Edelman

    Ben Edelman is a thought leader in Internet marketing, public policy and consumer protection.

    Why Ben Edelman is a Top Business Professor Blog: Advertise online? Ben Edelman's blog is a must read.

    Read: Beyond the FTC Memorandum: Comparing Google's Internal Discussions with Its Public Claims
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  • Bob Sutton Work Matters

    Stanford professor Bob Sutton has studied organizations for decades and writes experiences and tips for all sorts of organizations.

    Why Bob Sutton Work Matters is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get book recommendations, news, and opinion about how to run an efficient and profitable organization.

    Read: The Dark Side of Scaling Up: Will You Want to Live in What You Build?
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  • Businesses Grow

    Mark Schaefer is a speaker, trainer, consultant, and marketing professor who focuses on efficient results for his clients and students.

    Why Businesses Grow is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get an insider's perspective on digital marketing trends and tips that can be applied to all kinds of businesses.

    Read: 32 Inspiring B2B Digital Marketing Case Studies
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  • Vijay Govindarajan

    The developer of reverse innovation, Dr. Vijay Govindarajan (or VG) is a leading thinker on strategy and innovation; follow his blog for a global perspective on these important issues.

    Why Vijay Govindarajan is a Top Business Professor Blog: VG blogs regularly about developing markets and how the US can benefit from and encourage innovation abroad.

    Read: Is Reverse Innovation in Your Strategic Plan?
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  • Jonah Berger

    Author and professor Dr. Jonah Berger has spent 15 years studying the impact of social influence in driving how products and ideas catch on.

    Why Jonah Berger is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Berger discusses how and why things get and stay relevant and provides useful tips for anyone involved in marketing.

    Read: Fuzzy Math: What Makes Something Seem Like a Good Deal?
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  • Musings on Markets

    NYU finance and valuation professor Aswath Damodaran untangles the web of corporate valuation and makes the topics applicable to readers.

    Why Musings on Markets is a Top Business Professor Blog: Like the title implies, Dr. Damodaran shares his musing on current events and finance issues, all with great detail and an emphasis on why the topics matter to his readers.

    Read: How Low Can You Go? Doing the Petrobas Limbo!
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  • Professor Bainbridge

    UCLA professor Stephen Bainbridge focuses on the law and economics of corporations; his blog shares his thoughts on current news and issues facing businesses.

    Why Professor Bainbridge is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great mixture of news and commentary, Professor Bainbridge's writing is applicable, useful, and easy to read.

    Read: On Closeted Christian Law Professors
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  • Awaken Your Superhero

    Christopher Penn brings together academics and professionals from multiple disciplines to create a comprehensive picture of business marketing.

    Why Awaken Your Superhero is a Top Business Professor Blog: With a focus on technology and innovation, Christopher brings a fresh perspective to strategy and marketing and provides tips for entrepreneurs.

    Read: Scale is Not a Choice for Business Survival
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  • Vivek Wadhwa

    Vivek Wadhwa teaches and mentors entrepreneurs around the country, on top of his research on technology, policy, and small business.

    Why Vivek Wadhwa is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Wadhwa's blog focuses on technology and the future and how entrepreneurs can harness tech trends and developments to help their business grow.

    Read: We Need a New Version of Capitalism for the Jobless Future
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  • Financial Literacy and Ignorance

    George Washington University finance and economics professor Annamaria Lusardi has received worldwide accolades for her research on financial literacy, which she shares with readers on her blog.

    Why Financial Literacy and Ignorance is a Top Business Professor Blog: Professor Lusardi's goal is to help consumers understand personal finance, ranging from debt to interest rates.

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  • Professor Michael Robert's Blog

    Bryant University management professor Michael Roberto focuses on leadership in decision making and team situations and shares this thoughts and news on his blog.

    Why Professor Michael Robert's Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Thought-provoking articles about current issues and big brands fill the blog with case studies to apply to other businesses.

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  • Dr. Jeff Cornwall

    Jack C. Massey Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Belmont University and CEO of Entrepreneurial Mind, LLC. Dr. Jeff Cornwall blogs about entrepreneurs and small business owners and what they can learn from each other.

    Why Dr. Jeff Cornwall is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Cornwall's post are largely in video form and provide unique insights to how small businesses and entrepreneurs can best manage their time and resources.

    Read: Bank Founder Shares His Views on Investor Relations
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  • The Business Ethics Blog

    Dr. Chris MacDonald works and teaches ethics in management, which come together in his blog on current issues and dilemmas in business ethics.

    Why The Business Ethics Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn from other companies and see the best ways to practice ethical business during difficult times and gray areas.

    Read: Indiana, Commerce, and the Ethics of Tolerance
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  • Ed Batista

    Stanford business professor Ed Batista works with companies on communications, organization, and strategy consulting and shares his best tips on his blog.

    Why Ed Batista is a Top Business Professor Blog: Great inspiration for business leaders and useful articles about how to streamline and improve all aspects of a company.

    Read: 5 Levels of Communication
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  • Platforms and Networks

    Thomas R. Eisenmann teaches entrepreneurs at Harvard with an emphasis in technology and start-up marketing. He blogs about tech resources for entrepreneurs and how to follow your dreams.

    Why Platforms and Networks is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Eisenmann provides great resources for entrepreneurs at all stages on topics ranging from management to security.

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  • True Faith HR

    Professor Matthew Stollak teaches all aspects of human resources and uses his blog to discuss current HR issues, trends, and humorous anecdotes.

    Why True Faith HR is a Top Business Professor Blog: A light-hearted and informative take on modern HR, with an emphasis on collaborating with other HR professionals.

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  • The Performance Improvement Blog

    Stephen J. Gill's background in education and business gives him a unique perspective for HR, performance, and efficiency issues.

    Why The Performance Improvement Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great resource for improving your company's training and organizational culture; Dr. Gill brings in less common research to make it applicable and useful.

    Read: Training Culture vs. Learning Culture
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  • Managerial Econ
    Four managerial economics professors teamed up to write a textbook and now run the blog as an extension to share further insights and commentary.

    Why Managerial Econ is a Top Business Professor Blog: With witty and easy writing, the authors blog about managerial economics in all kinds of relatable and current situations.

  • Finance Professor

    Finance expert Dr. James Mahar teaches students principles of financial markets and how to predict a secure investment; his blog is an extension of his class and research.

    Why Finance Professor is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Mahar addresses current financial issues and links to other resources to help readers get a full understanding of how market conditions affect all areas of the economy.

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  • The Operations Room

    Three Northwestern business professors apply their operations management research to various topics that apply to all sorts of industries.

    Why The Operations Room is a Top Business Professor Blog: The professors write posts that are interesting and applicable to consumers and business owners of all levels.

    Read: What's It Like in a Customer Service Call Center?
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  • Robert F. Bruner

    The author or co-author of more than 20 books, Dr. Robert Bruner is an expert on corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions; his blog offers insights on topics ranging across leadership, finance, and education.

    Why Robert F. Bruner is a Top Business Professor Blog: Stay abreast with business reading recommendations, industry trends, and creative thinking problems and exercises.

    Read: The Reading Leader: Recommended Books December 2015
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  • Streetwise Professor

    Craig Pirrong studies and teaches about finance, commodities, and organizations at the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston as he draws from his experience in economics and industry practice.

    Why Streetwise Professor is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Pirrong posts nearly daily about current events from around the world. He adds commentary to business issues that may be flying under the radar.

    Read: Rube Krugman Argues From a Price Change, With Predictably Absurd Results
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  • Supply Chain View from the Field

    NC State Supply Chain Resource Cooperative co-chair Robert Handfield blogs about new supply chain strategies and other case studies from current events

    Why Supply Chain View from the Field is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great resource for anyone working in the supply chain industry, this blog is current and informative.

    Read: A Tale of Two Procurement Books
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  • Fraudbytes

    Two brothers and accounting professors focus their research on detecting and preventing fraud; their blog addresses common fraud issues and current events.

    Why Fraudbytes is a Top Business Professor Blog: Fraud issues are all over the news--this blog provides an understanding of current issues and how to keep your business fraud free.

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  • Irving Wladawsky-Berger
    Irving Wladawsky-Berger turned to teaching after nearly 40 years with IBM; his blog chronicles his thoughts on business strategy and innovation.

    Why Irving Wladawsky-Berger is a Top Business Professor Blog: Mr. Wladawsky-Berger lays out advice for business success and the tools entrepreneurs need to be successful.

    Read: Technological Improvement and the Future of Work

  • Authentic Organizations

    With a focus on making organizations as transparent and authentic as possible, Professor CV Harquail blogs about identity, reputation, and organizational change.

    Why Authentic Organizations is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get real-world examples of how to make your organization more authentic and increase its brand presence and reputation.

    Read: Why We Should Be Using Feminism at Work
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  • 21st Century Taxation

    Tax and accounting professor Annette Nellen blogs about tax reform and her thoughts of how to bring tax policy up to date.

    Why 21st Century Taxation is a Top Business Professor Blog: How we live and do business are always changing, and this blog is a good source to stay up to date on how these changes affect our tax systems and clients.

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  • Useful Arts

    A leader in digital business strategy, Dave Wieneke works to enhance business practices and digital capabilities; he shares why a digital transformation is so important on his blog.

    Why Useful Arts is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get hands-on tips on how to integrate digital business strategy into any organization, as well as examples from agencies and companies around the country.

    Read: The Slants and That Washington Football Team: Why Offensive Trademarks Matter
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  • Mohan Sawhney

    Professor Sawhney has researched and experienced new media, marketing, and business innovation around the world; he brings his unique perspective to his blog with thoughts on technology and marketing.

    Why Mohan Sawhney is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Sawhney gives engaging marketing tips for business owners, ranging from customer service techniques to B2B and ecommerce strategies.

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  • Dr. John Sullivan

    Dr. John Sullivan is a leading HR and organizational thought leader and professor; he focuses on technology startups and talent management.

    Why Dr. John Sullivan is a Top Business Professor Blog: Draw from Dr. Sullivans decades of consulting and research experience to get examples and tips of how to effectively manage employees and organizations.

    Read: Your Future as a Recruiter: You Better Know How to Sell Because Most of What You Do Today Will Be Done By Technology
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  • Accounting Onion

    Dr. Thomas Selling has consulted businesses and governments for years on financial reporting and related managerial topics.

    Why Accounting Onion is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Selling posts about current issues and hot topics in accounting affecting public companies and their investors.

    Read: The Grim Political Realities of the Impending Revenue Recognition Standard
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  • Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

    Two business professors, Steve Cecchetti (Brandeis International Business School) and Kim Schoenholtz (NYU Stern School of Business), join forces to explain and offer commentary on money and banking principles and where things are moving in the future.

    Why Money, Banking, and Financial Markets is a Top Business Professor Blog: A good way to get an understanding of the ever-changing financial industry with topics that are useful for consumers and business owners.

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  • Everyday Dad and Marketing Master

    Agency leader and NYU professor Jim Joseph is an expert on all things advertising and marketing related and combines his practical and academic experience to write relevant commentary on his blog.

    Why Everyday Dad and Marketing Master is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn about advertising trends, marketing strategies, and industry news from an advertising leader.

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  • Professor Michael Czinkota

    Georgetown professor Michael Czinkota is an expert at international business and marketing strategy and uses his decades of private and academic experience to share thoughts on current global business issues.

    Why Professor Michael Czinkota is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great read for businesses with international connections, Professor Czinkota brings to light global policy and politics and how they impact U.S. and worldwide businesses.

    Read: Universities Need to Embrace Cultural Change
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  • Dr. David Kass

    Dr. David Kass is a former government advisor turned professor at the University of Maryland. He specializes in corporate finance, organization, and strategy and uses his blog to examine Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

    Why Dr. David Kass is a Top Business Professor Blog: Most posts revolve around Warren Buffett's investments, which can serve as a case study and teach readers about current business news and trends.

    Read: Dr. David Kass
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  • Rita Gunther McGrath

    Rita McGrath used her wide range of business experience to propel herself as one of the most respected business minds today; her blog and research focuses on strategy and innovation in volatile markets and situations.

    Why Rita Gunther McGrath is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. McGrath's blog addresses a range of topics for entrepreneurs, from budgeting to streamlining strategy, with a special emphasis on helping organizations develop an entrepreneurial mindset along with an opportunity portfolio that will enable them to drive growth.

    Read: Staring down a disengagement decision at Yahoo
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  • RENeW

    Dr. Anna Nagurney researches how technology and computing can best help supply chain management; her blog expands her research through outside commentary and current events.

    Why RENeW is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get an inside look at the world of research and how to apply academic findings to real-life business and technological success.

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  • Supply Chain and Logistics Blog
    Dr. Bruce Hartman explores the worlds of information systems, supply chains, and operations to provide unique perspective to the logistical side of running a business.

    Why Supply Chain and Logistics Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: This blog is a great resource to learn more about global supply chains and the effects that logistics decisions can have on all types of businesses.

    Read: Traditional Supply Chains' Radical Transformation

  • Open IT Strategies
    Dr. Joel West is an expert on innovation, entrepreneurship, and management and applies his research to entrepreneurs and business owners.

    Why Open IT Strategies is a Top Business Professor Blog: With a focus on internet-based businesses, Dr. West shares thoughts about technology and the open-ness of the industry.

    Read: Business Journalism: Math is Hard

  • Terri Griffith

    Dr. Terri Griffith helps organizations analyze their people and technology resources to accelerate performance and prepare for the futures of work.

    Why Terri Griffith is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Griffith provides a wide variety of resources, from inspiration for business leaders to thoughts on innovation and technical organization.

    Read: Scanning the Future: 21st Century Management
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  • Karen's PR and Social Media Blog

    Marketing professor Karen Freberg focuses on social media, crisis communications, and public relations and introduces new concepts and current examples on her blog.

    Why Karen's PR and Social Media Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Freberg discusses new social media outlets and how they can be used in creative ways, as well as current events of PR and digital marketing.

    Read: Detecting Faux Influence: Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Influence
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  • Life is a Sandbox

    An expert in the growing field of digital media and marketing, Elaine Young stays abreast on trends and technological advances to provide her students and readers the most accurate information.

    Why Life is a Sandbox is a Top Business Professor Blog: Professor Young blogs with recommendations of how to learn about social media and digital marketing and how to harness it in your career and business.

    Read: Making a Difference in the World is About to Get Easier
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  • Dean's Blog
    Dr. Joseph Phillips is dean of Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics and an expert in banking and credit; his blog chronicles b-school life, business leaders, and industry news.

    Why Dean's Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Keep up on business school news and important things to know, like important thinkers and industry trends.

  • Bill Barnett on Strategy

    Stanford strategy professor Bill Barnett studies business competition and evolution on a global scale; he uses his blog to share his findings and other articles.

    Why Bill Barnett on Strategy is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn from an expert why certain businesses fail while others succeed and things you can do (or avoid) for business success.

    Read: The Secret
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  • Dr. 4 Ward

    Social media executive and professor Dr. William J. Ward is an expert on all things related to digital marketing and social media; his blog addresses an audience of entrepreneurs to use social media to their advantage.

    Why Dr. 4 Ward is a Top Business Professor Blog: Infographics and useful tips for start-ups to build their business and establish a strong online and social media brand.

    Read: What are 29 Essential Content Marketing Metrics? #infographic
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  • Peter McGraw

    University of Colorado professor Dr. Peter McGraw studies marketing and psychology, especially how humor affects customers and business.

    Why Peter McGraw is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. McGraw writes about behavioral psychology in current business issues and trends, providing a new perspective to unique issues.

    Read: Humorist is a Strong Word
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  • Shulmaven

    Dr. David Shulman mentors students on their way to Wall Street and uses his blog to discuss market trends and investment issues. The blog also discusses political issues of the day and reviews books, mostly on political economy.

    Why Shulmaven is a Top Business Professor Blog: Connect financial principles with current events to get a more sound understanding of the state of the market and what that means for various industries.

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  • Strong Brands

    Brand expert Tim Calkins is a professor at Northwestern University and an expert at branding companies and dissecting Super Bowl ads.

    Why Strong Brands is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get news and commentary on commercials, case studies on big companies, and trends to watch.

    Read: Kellogg Super Bowl Advertising Review
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  • Zeynepton

    Award-winning thinker and writer Zeynep Ton addresses how companies can streamline their operations to please employees, customers, and investors simultaneously.

    Why Zeynepton is a Top Business Professor Blog: The blog features thought-provoking articles on supply chain management and operations efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

    Read: The US Needs a Good Jobs Revolution in Retail
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  • M Eric Johnson

    Strategy and operations professor Dr. M Eric Johnson addresses how technology and information systems impacts operations and supply chain management.

    Why M Eric Johnson is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Johnson offers unique news and perspectives on operations, as well as advice on leadership, organization, and useful news from the b-school world.

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  • Counting on Charity

    Dr. Brian Mittendorf teaches business students about nonprofit financial statements and shares his perspective of business issues in the nonprofit world.

    Why Counting on Charity is a Top Business Professor Blog: A unique perspective on growth and issues in the nonprofit world, with principles that all charities and businesses can apply.

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  • Jeffrey Pfeffer

    An expert on organizational behavior, Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer focuses on leadership and the relationship between time and money and uses his blog to share more of his ideas and advice.

    Why Jeffrey Pfeffer is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Pfeffer uses current events to illustrate organizational behavioral principles and how they can relate to all kinds of business owners.

    Read: Who are the World's Best Leaders?
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  • Ethics Unwrapped

    Created and run by Cara Biasucci, and contributed to by a team of professors from The University of Texas at Austin and elsewhere, this blog addresses ethical decision making as it applies to business and to life.

    Why Ethics Unwrapped is a Top Business Professor Blog: The authors realize not all ethics situations are black and white, and they bring in the newest research to introduce behavioral ethics to many aspects of life and business.

    Read: A Better Game Plan for Student Athletes
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  • Professor VC

    Steve Bennet describes his role as a start-up CFO from to his experience in venture capital, investments, high-growth start-ups.

    Why Professor VC is a Top Business Professor Blog: Steve Bennet blogs about angel investment-related topics, many of which are pulled from the headlines. The blog is a great resource for entrepreneurs hoping for large-scale investments.

    Read: Is the Unicorn Endangered or Extinct?
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  • Bill Belew

    Bill Belew's decades of experience span industries, but his focus now is teaching readers how to create a strong web presence with inbound marketing.

    Why Bill Belew is a Top Business Professor Blog: Bill addresses current marketing issues and answers a range of questions to provide marketing advice.

    Read: 6 Best Ingredients of a Content Marketing Strategy
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  • Global Supply Chain Musings

    Dr. Ananth Iyer teaches operations management at the Krannert School of management at Purdue University with an emphasis on global distribution and shares articles and issues on a global scale.

    Why Global Supply Chain Musings is a Top Business Professor Blog: Read case studies from current companies and get an inside look at trends and developments in the global supply chain industry.

    Read: Amazon's Patent for 3D Printing and Delivery

  • A More Beautiful Question

    Author and speaker Warren Berger is an expert on innovation and asking the right questions to build better leaders and workplaces.

    Why A More Beautiful Question is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn tips on bringing quality questions into all aspects of business, from mentoring to leadership and strategy.

    Read: How Might You Find Your Own Big Idea?
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  • Mostly Marketing by Theresa B. Clarke

    An expert in internet and integrated marketing, Dr. Theresa Clarke blogs about the inside world of marketing to help business students and young marketers get their foot in the door.

    Why Mostly Marketing by Theresa B. Clarke is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn how to become a better marketer with tips on how to succeed and industry news you need to know.

    Read: 2015 Google Online Marketing Challenge Results
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  • The Spellman Report

    Professor Lew Spellman has been teaching finance for decades with an emphasis on analyzing market trends and developments; his blog brings together market analysis and economic principles.

    Why The Spellman Report is a Top Business Professor Blog: Go beyond the finance and economics principles learned in class with real-world global application that can be helpful to all business owners.

    Read: The Next Leg of Globalism
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  • Value Competition
    With an emphasis on business ethics, Dr. Wayne Eastman takes a unique approach to complicated business issues while addressing a changing industry viewpoint.

    Why Value Competition is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Eastman applies business ethics to all sorts of jobs and areas of life, giving readers a full picture of how ethical decisions fuel our every-day lives.

  • Digital Self Marketing Advantage

    Professor Denny McCorkle teaches what he loves--social media and digital marketing to build connections and build a personal brand; his blog is a part of his personal brand.

    Why Digital Self Marketing Advantage is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great resource for building a personal brand and taking advantage of the many benefits of social media.

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  • The Marketing Prof

    Marketing professor Dr. Dawn Edmiston has worked with top companies around the world and shares her expertise and thoughts on marketing and business topics.

    Why The Marketing Prof is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Edminston offers advice for business students and practitioners, as well as commentary on global marketing trends and issues.

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  • Conflict of Interest Blog
    Jeff Kaplan is an experienced businessman and lawyer who brings his combined experiences to his blog to share examples and advice on ethical and compliance issues.

    Why Conflict of Interest Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn how to manage conflicts of interest and address compliance issues in all kinds of businesses.

    Read: Advanced Tone at the Top and the Role of Behavioral Ethics and Compliance

  • The Positive Organization

    An author of 16 books, Professor Bob Quinn has researched and worked with top organizations on leadership and change who shares his thoughts on his blog.

    Why The Positive Organization is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Quinn gives tips and examples on how to transform your business into an efficient and well-led organization, even during tough times.

    Read: Leaders Let Go of Control
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  • Organizational Behavior and Global Management

    With more than 30 years experience, Dr. Ramon Henson focuses on helping develop global leaders, motivate and retain employees, build teams, enhance cross-cultural communication, and more; his blog covers these topics in great detail.

    Why Organizational Behavior and Global Management is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn how to be a great employee or employer with detailed posts backed up by facts and studies.

  • Gallaugher.com

    Professor John Gallaugher finds the connections between technology and strategy and blogs about them in posts affectionately called The Week in Geek.

    Why Gallaugher.com is a Top Business Professor Blog: Weekly posts cover the most important strategy news, as well as recommended reading and commentary on current events.

    Read: The Week in Geek August 19
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  • Social Media Marketing for Business

    Dot com and Wall Street veteran Gary Schirr now teaches marketing students about social media marketing and how companies can improve their marketing strategies.

    Why Social Media Marketing for Business is a Top Business Professor Blog: Professor Schirr shares practical tips and research to improve the quality of business marketing.

    Read: #Cluetrain Derailed!
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  • The Digital Marketing Space

    With a passion for venture creation and entrepreneurship, professor David Altounian offers tips from his decades of experience to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

    Why The Digital Marketing Space is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Altounian curates articles and research from top executives, leading sites, and thought leaders, as well as his own tips on strategy, marketing, and organization for start-ups.

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  • Whither Work?

    Professor John W. Budd has written several books on work and labor relations, and focuses on the power of ideas in shaping workplace practices and public policies.

    Why Whither Work? is a Top Business Professor Blog: The blog shares a unique multidisciplinary perspective on HR issues and how to handle employee and organizational issues.

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  • Erik Qualman

    Erik Qualman has been a keynote speaker around the world and uses his blog to share about digital leadership, strategy, marketing, and more.

    Why Erik Qualman is a Top Business Professor Blog: Enjoy a useful and fun blog about current events that keeps business owners on top of trends and current issues.

    Read: 14 Cyberbullying Tips for Children
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  • Accounting in the Headlines

    Accounting professor Dr. Wendy Tietz uses her blog to share videos and formulas to help students, teachers, and accountants master financial and managerial accounting.

    Why Accounting in the Headlines is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn accounting principles through clever case studies pulled right from the headlines.

    Read: Which Contingent Liabilities Resulting from the VW Emissions Cheating Scandal Would be Recognized or Disclosed in VW Group's Financial Statements?
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  • Dave Lerner

    Entrepreneurship professor Dave Lerner has invested in and started dozens of companies and uses his blog to give advice and recommendations to entrepreneurs.

    Why Dave Lerner is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dave's topics cover a wide range, from technology to organization and security; his goal through it all is to build strong small businesses.

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  • Howard Aldrich

    Dr. Howard Aldrich combines entrepreneurship and sociology research to write about team formation, gender and entrepreneurship, and the future of work. His blog features commentary and news from a variety of industries.

    Why Howard Aldrich is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Aldrich takes a more academic approach to his blog and gives tips for all kinds of business and academic-based writing.

    Read: Using the Literature in Your Writing: Imperative Notes, Not Summaries
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  • Financial Market Commentary

    Finance and strategy professor Dr. Robert A. Weigand studies portfolio management, financial markets, and inflation and shares relevant commentary on his blog.

    Why Financial Market Commentary is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Weigand uses lots of charts to back up his unique commentary on anything from retail sales trends to interest rates.

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  • Jeff DeGraff

    An expert on innovation and consultant to many top companies, Jeff DeGraff shares his tips and tools for channeling innovation with his students and on his blog.

    Why Jeff DeGraff is a Top Business Professor Blog: The blog answers the how behind innovation and helps business practitioners see why some companies are successful with innovation and others aren't.

    Read: The Best Way to Look for the Next Big Thing
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  • Bill George

    Best-selling author and Harvard professor Bill George has decades of global business experiences that he uses to write posts on his blog.

    Why Bill George is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get business news and commentary, as well as tips on how to run an efficient organization.

    Read: 30 Questions to Help You Discover Your True North
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  • Ben Baran

    Focused on human resources and organizational behavior, Dr. Ben Baran writes about engaging employees, training leaders, and creating agile organizations.

    Why Ben Baran is a Top Business Professor Blog: A great resource for business leaders and executives, the blog provides best practices for handling a variety of HR situations.

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  • Jeremy Floyd

    Jeremy Floyd uses his years of industry experience to teach about emerging technologies and strategy; his blog provides insights into new trends and inspiration.

    Why Jeremy Floyd is a Top Business Professor Blog: Mr. Floyd hopes to educate and inspire future and current marketers with practical tips and words of wisdom.

    Read: Hey Tennessee Don't Be Weak Like The Gap: A Rant
    Follow @jfloyd

  • David Touve

    Entrepreneur and professor David Touve has seen start-ups fail and succeed and uses his blog to help other entrepreneurs on the path to success.

    Why David Touve is a Top Business Professor Blog: Many of his posts revolve around technology and the music industry, offering a unique case study into the world and dangers of changing markets.

    Follow @davidtouve

  • Gail Tycer Strategic Business Communication

    Writer, speaker, consultant, and business communications expert Gail Tycer knows all about written and oral business communications writing and marketing and shares advice on her blog.

    Why Gail Tycer Strategic Business Communication is a Top Business Professor Blog: Gail provides clear and useful grammar and content tips to make all kinds of business writing professional and effective.

    Read: Effective Email Structure for the Four Types of Email
    Follow @gailtycer

  • The Write Way

    Kathy Magrino is an experienced writer and marketing consultant who works with clients around the world and her students to provide relevant and effective marketing copy and other written services.

    Why The Write Way is a Top Business Professor Blog: Kathy helps her readers get excited about writing and gives tips for writing and editing content that will help your business.

    Read: Do You Schedule Your Time and Work in a Way That is Natural for You?
    Follow @kathymagrino

  • glsanders Innovation Blog

    Dr. G. Lawrence Sanders has taught and experienced nearly every topic in business, from entrepreneurship to finance and strategy; his blog pulls that all together with thoughts about innovation.

    Why glsanders Innovation Blog is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Sanders provides detailed and research-filled posts on how to innovate a business at all points in the process, as well as organizational and strategy tips for success.

    Follow @eHonker

  • Markus Giesler

    Toronto-based marketing professor Markus Giesler of Schulich School of Business, York University blogs about his research in market creation and customer experience design, as well as current case studies that connect classroom concepts with some of the biggest and most well-known companies. His passion is customer experience design.

    Why Markus Giesler is a Top Business Professor Blog: Big Design is one of the most-read business professor blogs and has been syndicated by numerous organizations, including the American Marketing Association, Marketing Magazine, and Huffington Post. His blog laments when businesses miss the mark on thinking about the customer when they advertise and build their stores. This is a bad habit prospective — and even experienced — marketers should always remind themselves to break.

    Read: Best of Big Design in 2015
    Follow @DrGiesler

  • Dakin Associates

    Professor Shaun Dakin has built a career of social entrepreneurship and grassroots marketing; he uses his blog as commentary on current media and marketing efforts.

    Why Dakin Associates is a Top Business Professor Blog: Shaun pulls his topics from the headlines and uses them to illustrate the changing marketing world and how business owners can stay on top of the trends.

    Read: Why I Shut Down My Facebook Page
    Follow @shaundakin

  • Barefoot Professor
    With a focus on the more emotional aspects of business, Dr. Paresh Mishra researches and blogs about leadership, goal setting, social responsibility, and more.

    Why Barefoot Professor is a Top Business Professor Blog: This introspective blog addresses important issues like workplace spirituality and culture, as well as leadership and emotion, to create a more cohesive and successful working environment.

  • Nathan M Jensen

    George Washington University professor of international business Nate Jensen researches and blogs about the global political economy.

    Why Nathan M Jensen is a Top Business Professor Blog: Principles taught in the classroom come to life with real-world applications and personal stories and research.

    Follow @NateMJensen

  • The Caneelian

    Caneel Joyce teaches courses on innovation, new business, technology, leadership, and more; her blog is a conglomeration of commentary and industry news.

    Why The Caneelian is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get a personal look inside the life on an entrepreneur and b-school professor, including inspiration and advice for all kinds of careers.

    Follow @caneel

  • Henry Kraemer

    Former CEO Harry Kraemer now teaches at Northwestern University and consults with companies of all sizes; his blog discusses current global business issues.

    Why Henry Kraemer is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get a glimpse inside the global business world and learn principles that can be applied to business across all industries.

    Read: The Questions I Ask Myself
    Follow @harrykraemerjr

  • Jim Stengel

    Jim Stengel had a career as one of the best brand builders before turning to teaching and consulting; he has researched thousands of brands to help marketers be as successful as possible.

    Why Jim Stengel is a Top Business Professor Blog: Jim's blog shares examples of the best brands and addresses the campaigns and principles that make them so successful.

    Read: Aha! Where Brand Building is Going and What it Means to You as a Leader
    Follow @jimstengel

  • Thomas H. Gray
    Tom Gray is a well-rounded business consultant with one goal: to improve profits. His blog chronicles his thoughts of how operations, strategy, marketing, and more contribute to business success.

    Why Thomas H. Gray is a Top Business Professor Blog: Tom pulls in articles and cases from other thinkers to bring readers up to date on a variety of business topics.

    Read: Founder Exit from the Family Business

  • Tracy Tuten

    Marketing professor Tracy Tuten focuses on social media and how the ever-changing media can be useful to companies; she posts on news and issues surrounding the industry.

    Why Tracy Tuten is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get examples of great social media campaigns pulled from the headlines, plus inspiration and strategy tips.

    Read: VW's Next Ad Campaign: #MybBoo
    Follow @brandacity

  • Flexible Work Solutions

    Dr. Joanie Connell has a background in pyschology and teaches business students and businesses how to harness their leadership potential to most effectively organize and run a business.

    Why Flexible Work Solutions is a Top Business Professor Blog: Applicable tips on how to become a better leader, entrepreneur, and employee, all backed by research and examples.

    Read: Face It: Face-to-Face is Important
    Follow @ConnellLessons

  • Collective Genius
    Linda A. Hill is a renowned business thinker who has consulted hundreds of companies on leadership, organization, and innovation with her collective genius plan.

    Why Collective Genius is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get tips on how to build a collective genius environment in your organization and how to become a more effective leader.

  • Mkt Maven

    Dr. Angela Hausman studies internet marketing, consumer trends, and supply chain management and writes about industry trends and tips on her blog.

    Why Mkt Maven is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Hausman provides detailed and proven tips on how to apply marketing, trends, and sound management to start-ups of all sizes.

    Read: 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation
    Follow @MarketingLetter

  • Prof Linda Showers
    Dr. Linda Showers, Professor of Marketing at Illinois State University teaches integrated marketing communication and uses her blog to enhance your classroom work and engage current marketing professionals.

    Why Prof Linda Showers is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Showers addresses thought-provoking and current issues while presenting a variety of viewpoints to give marketers the information they need.

  • Adam Grant

    Adam Grant is on a mission to stop groupthink and encourage creativity and individuality in work settings, which he says will lead to more effective organizations.

    Why Adam Grant is a Top Business Professor Blog: Learn about effective organizations and workplace trends, as well as how to transform your workplace into an efficient and supportive place.

    Follow @adammgrant

  • Kent on Money

    Professor Kent Smetters grew up in a poor family and now uses his financial expertise and blog to share savings and financial tips with consumers and business owners.

    Why Kent on Money is a Top Business Professor Blog: Get tips on buying a house, choosing insurance, and much more with the help of a financial planner without having to pay for the services.

    Read: Find an Advisor
    Follow @kentonmoney

  • The Social Media Professor

    The Social Media Professor is Niklas Myhr, Ph.D., a professor of social media and digital and global marketing whose blog addresses the newest trends and ideas in the industry.

    Why The Social Media Professor is a Top Business Professor Blog: Dr. Myhr provides reviews and tips for the newest social media platforms, as well as digital marketing best practices and case studies from current events.

    Read: 4 Keys to Preparing a Successful Keynote Presentation
    Follow @niklasmyhr

  • Lloyd Shefsky

    In his decades of experience, Lloyd Shefsky has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs at all levels of their businesses. From those just getting started to companies going public, Mr. Shefsky wants to help all small businesses thrive.

    Why Lloyd Shefsky is a Top Business Professor Blog: The blog features organizational and leadership tips for entrepreneurs, most of which are framed around news or current research.

    Read: Successful Leadership by Example
    Follow @LloydShefsky

  • Jack Hadley

    Digital marketing professor Jack Hadley blogs about social media, marketing trends, and industry news.

    Why Jack Hadley is a Top Business Professor Blog: Jack's stories and blog posts are eclectic, but they provide an insider's view to digital marketing, creativity, and unique business strategy.

    Follow @Jack_Hadley

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