August 12, 2018

Best in Home Staging: Top Interior Experts

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best in Home Staging award have been announced. Find the best local providers, virtual consultations, and lots of inspiration on this list.

Top-Rated Home Staging Resources

Surely you've heard you've got to spend money to make money. And that's certainly the case when you want to get the most back for the house you're selling. You want potential buyers to be able to envision themselves in the house — to see it as a home — and to be impressed. Staging does that through the use of carefully positioned furniture and decor designed to win over homebuyers.

Unless you're a home decorator yourself, chances are you know little about what helps buyers feel at home. Your best bet is to tap the expertise of those who do this for a living. They pay attention to buying trends, and can help you bring a fresh, modern look into your living space for a (hopefully) quick sale. At CreditDonkey, we help new homeowners make smart mortgage decisions and save their money for their next home. Being savvy about selling the home you already have is a big part of that. Read on to get advice on how to stage your home to sell.

  • Spade and Archer

    Spade and Archer has been providing aspirational yet obtainable home staging services to Portland and Seattle since 2005.

    Why Spade and Archer is Top in Home Staging: They offer over a century's worth of combined interior design experience, a vast and eclectic warehouse of furnishings and accessories, and a simple, seamless staging process. Their professionals pay attention to every tiny detail to create spaces that buyers can instantly imagine themselves in, resulting in quicker sales and much better prices for homeowners.

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  • Interior Marketing Group
    Interior Marketing Group of New York City provides luxury home staging and interior design for high-end real estate.

    Why Interior Marketing Group is Top in Home Staging: Their unique blend of interior design, public relations, marketing, and event planning creates major buzz around their properties that defies market trends. Their expedited luxury interiors are cost-effective for staging, but they're also available for longer-term rental to satisfy your VIP needs.

  • RoOomy

    RoOomy provides virtual staging services that can help your home stand out in online photos in unique ways. Co-founder and CEO Pieter Aarts has 25 years of diverse industry experience in entrepreneurship, management, and more, while co-founder and COO Jan-Hein Pullens works to keep RoOomy on the front lines of technological innovation.

    Why RoOomy is Top in Home Staging: Virtual staging is far less expensive than traditional, physical staging, but it also allows you to stage your home in a number of styles to appeal to different kinds of buyers. Whether you're leasing or selling, RoOomy's service makes it simple and affordable to showcase your home in the best possible light.

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  • PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating

    PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating in Connecticut has a team of accredited home stagers who provide full-service staging to help homes sell faster and at better prices.

    Why PJ & Company Staging and Interior Decorating is Top in Home Staging: In addition to staging, they offer painting, floor refinishing, and other home improvements, making home selling a simple, turnkey process for their clients. They work closely with each of their clients, helping them transform their home into a product begging to be purchased.

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  • Dwell Home Staging
    Dwell Home Staging of Tampa Bay takes a fresh, customized approach to their craft that speeds home sales and gets more money in their clients' pockets. Executive Director Kristy Craig Anderson launched Dwell Staging in 2014 after receiving her master's degree in Business Management.

    Why Dwell Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: Their on-trend inventory of decor items and experience in real estate marketing, in combination with free photography and 30-day staging minimums, make them a standout deal. They know that staged homes can sell up to 70% faster and at a 10% higher price than unstaged ones, but they take it one further: 85% of their homes have an accepted contract within just 4 weeks.

  • Home At The Beach
    Home At The Beach in Long Beach, Washington, offers a variety of home staging services, including single room or whole house stagings as well as consultations.

    Why Home At The Beach is Top in Home Staging: Their staging services are affordable, and the investment can help your home sell at up to a 17% higher cost than it otherwise might. Home At The Beach's professionals will turn your home into a warm, inviting space that your prospective buyers will instantly see themselves in.

  • The Home Co.
    The Home Co. provides home staging, renovation design, and project facilitation to Oakland and East Bay home buyers and sellers. Founder, Real Estate Broker, and Chief Creative Officer Jennifer Montague Clark has 15 years of experience designing, renovating, staging, and selling East Bay real estate.

    Why The Home Co. is Top in Home Staging: Their combination of real estate expertise and knowledge of buyer preferences help them target your likely buyer demographic and tailor your home to them. They are a real estate company first and foremost, though, and only provide their home staging services to the properties they're listing.

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  • Skye Louis Realty

    Skye Louis Realty of Florida provides vacant home staging services to their listers.

    Why Skye Louis Realty is Top in Home Staging: They can create a lived-in atmosphere in vacant homes and apartments, furnishing bedrooms, living rooms, and more in a stylish way. They'll even paint the walls at your request, providing a more lived-in, warm, and cozy look for potential buyers.

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  • Julie Schuster Design Studio

    Julie Schuster Design Studio of New York offers a home staging package designed to give potential buyers a stunning first impression of your house. Julie Schuster is a graduate of the prestigious New York School for Interior Design and is known for her ability to use color to promote mood and harmony.

    Why Julie Schuster Design Studio is Top in Home Staging: They'll visit your home for a walk-through, providing tips for bringing the beauty out of your home along the way, and make recommendations for repairs, room function, furniture placement, and more. They'll even provide Feng Shui cures for interiors if you so request.

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  • is the gold standard in staging training, offering on-trend continuing education and setting their students up for success. President and CEO Jennie Norris ran a successful staging business in Sacramento until 2009, then another in Denver before joining

    Why is Top in Home Staging: Offering a variety of courses, can train you via webinar or in-person in as little as three days. Visit their website to see the wealth of educational opportunities they have on offer, read up on their trainers and instructors, and more.

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  • Designed To Appeal

    Designed To Appeal home staging is a premier home staging and interior design firm that will market your New York or Hamptons property. Donna Dazzo brings over 20 years of experience in project management and marketing, in addition to a passion for design and interior decorating, to Designed To Appeal, which she created in 2007.

    Why Designed To Appeal is Top in Home Staging: They'll start with a home staging consultation to assess your goals and needs, then work to stage your home to ensure anyone who walks in will fall in love with it. They can even do a quick staging of your home just for photo marketing purposes, giving you the option to save money and self-market.

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  • Mile High Style
    Mile High Style brings an urban sensibility to their Colorado clients with their styling, staging, and design services. Founder Liz created Mile High Style seven years ago and maintains relationships with top-quality boutiques and style professionals to bring the best possible service and styles to her Front Range clientele.

    Why Mile High Style is Top in Home Staging: They aim for a chic, stylish look that's also individualized to appeal to the target buyer for each neighborhood and property. Their home staging services will help your home stand apart in a crowded market, whether you're selling or just taking new photos for your Airbnb listing.

  • Kariel Staging & Decor

    Kariel Staging & Decor's unique and extensive inventory of furniture and accessories gives their design professionals everything they need to maximize the appeal and value of any property they stage.

    Why Kariel Staging & Decor is Top in Home Staging: They work hard to make vacant spaces warm and appealing, both in photographs online and in person. They stage everything from homes and apartments to events and senior living facilities in Minnesota.

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  • Rooms With Style

    Rooms With Style provides home staging and redesign services in Minnesota. Owner Shar Sitter is an award-winning home stager and designer with over 25 years of experience.

    Why Rooms With Style is Top in Home Staging: They can not only beautifully stage a vacant home, but also help you make interior design selections for everything from a complete remodel to a room refresher. With full-service home staging options, including consultations, they aim to get you the best return on investment in the business.

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  • The Refreshed Home
    The Refreshed Home provides on-demand design for buying, selling, and refreshing homes in Westchester, New York.

    Why The Refreshed Home is Top in Home Staging: They'll work with you, allowing you to control the process and the cost from beginning to end so you can stage your home at a price that works for you. Their professionals will consult with you, help you build a plan that works within your budget, then prioritize and point you to some great vendors.

  • Feng Shui Style

    Feng Shui Style bridges ancient wisdom with modern design to create peaceful, staged spaces that sell up to 82% faster. Founder Jennifer A. Emmer is a Feng Shui Master and interior designer with over 20 years of experience designing businesses, restaurants, homes, and more.

    Why Feng Shui Style is Top in Home Staging: They specialize in working with existing furnishings in a home, using new paint, accessories, and principles of Feng Shui to create a unique look that will leave a great first impression. Based in California, they also offer services to improve a home's energy, and believe that Feng Sui principles can help a home sell for even more than with traditional staging.

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  • AtWell Staged Home

    AtWell Staged Home offers occupied and vacant home staging, as well as a hybrid service that combines the two, in New York and Connecticut. President Susan Atwell excels at showing off the best aspects of each property she stages, and wants to make your home shine for potential buyers.

    Why AtWell Staged Home is Top in Home Staging: Their professionals will work with you on your project, visit your home, make a plan, and transform your home, all with your input every step of the way. After that first consultation, you'll know exactly what needs to be done to ready your home for sale and will be free to decide what to do yourself, and what to have staged for you.

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  • StudioDHome

    StudioDHome provides home staging services in New York and San Francisco with a clean, urban aesthetic. Founder and CEO Gail Stempel Dunnett has more than 15 years of experience in the home furnishings and design world as well as a consulting background with Bain & Company.

    Why StudioDHome is Top in Home Staging: They provide their expert services to real estate agents, developers, and homeowners alike, helping them sell their properties faster and at higher prices. They aim to turn every client's house into an unforgettable experience, creating a first impression that will stun potential buyers and deliver record-setting prices.

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  • The Here Company
    Based in Los Angeles, The Here Company is an interior design and home staging company with a unique visual sensibility.

    Why The Here Company is Top in Home Staging: Their designers have backgrounds in the fashion and film industries, and their work reflects that in blending of their clients' styles with their own vision. As visual storytellers, they are uniquely suited to communicate lifestyle in each space they stage.

  • Stage to Sell
    Stage to Sell is a top Los Angeles home staging company that offers vacant home staging, consultations, and design services.

    Why Stage to Sell is Top in Home Staging: Affordable consultations will help you gauge what needs to be done before showing your home, and the staging services they provide can help your home sell much faster than it otherwise might. When it comes to design, they can help you overhaul a room, select finishes for a house you're planning to flip, or design the interiors of a house you're looking to rent as a vacation rental.

  • Rendered Nest Home Staging & Redesign
    Rendered Nest is a full-service home staging company in the Greensboro, North Carolina, area with a specialty in color marketing and surface finish design.

    Why Rendered Nest Home Staging & Redesign is Top in Home Staging: Their aim is to craft warm, inviting spaces that attract buyers in the first critical weeks on the market, and they work with homeowners and retailers to get the best possible price for each property they stage. They're willing to work within a variety of styles, budgets, and lifestyles to attract today's homebuyers.

  • Craft Home
    Craft Home in Los Angeles offers complete and partial home staging as well as interior design services geared toward the style of each unique space they work in.

    Why Craft Home is Top in Home Staging: Their aesthetic is clean yet organic, drawing designs and inspiration from vintage, mid-century, and rustic styles often crafted by local artisans. Each of their projects is carefully curated, incorporating original art, furniture from all around the world, and more to create inviting, unique spaces.

  • Hosking Interiors
    Hosking Interiors of New Hampshire offer interior decorating and home staging services with a commitment to creativity and customer service. Owner and Principal Designer Jill Hosking-Cartland holds certifications in home staging, decorating, and interior redesign, and has been running her own company since 2005.

    Why Hosking Interiors is Top in Home Staging: Their team assesses every home they stage, then employs creative techniques to bring out the best in each room and detract attention from less desirable elements. They can do priority room or whole home staging, a short consultation, and even a "speed staging" that only takes half a day.

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  • Home ReVisions Staging
    Home ReVisions Staging stages Fairfield, Connecticut, homes by working with their clients to create the best possible first impression on buyers. Founder Cindy Heiman has over 18 years of home staging experience, from antique properties to brand new vacant homes, and is an Accredited Staging Professional.

    Why Home ReVisions Staging is Top in Home Staging: They understand that your property will be competing against a huge number of other available homes, and know how to make it stand out from the crowd. Their professionals will work to identify the most efficient way to do this to get you the best price on your house, whether it's a simple tweak or two or a full transformation.

  • Maison Rose
    Maison Rose provides home staging services sure to captivate house hunters in California. Founder Rose prides herself on her ability to create stunning designs for her clients no matter the budget, style, or timeframe.

    Why Maison Rose is Top in Home Staging: They customize each project to suit their clients' needs, and can provide stylish furniture, decor, and cloth to accentuate a home's best features. In addition to staging, they also provide hands-on design and organizational services for new homeowners.

  • Just Perfect! Home Staging + More
    Just Perfect. Home Staging + More works to make home buying and selling easier in Wilmington, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas. President Jessica Pirone has a background in both marketing and fine arts and launched Just Perfect. in 2007.

    Why Just Perfect! Home Staging + More is Top in Home Staging: Their goal is for potential buyers to walk into your for-sale home and exclaim, "Perfect.' every time. Their home staging professionals are adept at bringing out the best in any home, and will work with you to turn it into your target buyers' dream house.

  • ClutterCrashers
    ClutterCrashers is a staging, packing, unpacking, and organizing company based in New Jersey.

    Why ClutterCrashers is Top in Home Staging: They understand the latest trends in the real estate industry and in design, and can provide you with a simple staging plan that uses what's already in your house. They'll help you decide to keep, what to pack away, and what to improve to make your home more alluring to potential buyers.

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  • The Home Outpost

    The Home Outpost provides staging for luxury homes with a range of services that include single room staging, full home staging, color and decorating consultations, and much more. Founder and Director Margie Hamrick has a 40-year background in business, design, and building and mixes vintage and new items from around the world in her designs to beautiful effect.

    Why The Home Outpost is Top in Home Staging: They also offer furniture rental and buyout services, allowing clients to select from their inventory of stylish wares to further impress potential buyers. With their materials and expert eye for design, your home will make a stunning first impression and be off the market faster than you ever would have believed.

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  • Green Couch

    Green Couch's pre-sale home improvements and partial and full stagings leverage their vast warehouse of furniture and investments in new furniture to quickly stage even large homes in San Francisco. Principal Designer Jeff Schlarb uses the creative eye developed through his background in creative advertising and design to bring a unique mood to each of his projects.

    Why Green Couch is Top in Home Staging: Their aim is always to be fresh and current, and to model a modern, elegant yet approachable lifestyle for potential buyers. Green Couch's style is elegant enough to transcend trends, but still offers warmth within innovative, intelligently-designed spaces.

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  • Realty Collective
    Realty Collective offers staging, redesign, and renovation services, and more to Brooklyn, New York.

    Why Realty Collective is Top in Home Staging: They list, negotiate for, and sell homes, but also provide a full strategic marketing system for their clients that includes staging. Their inventory of furniture and decor is vast and varied enough to work with any style, and their professional designers will help your home sell quicker and at a higher price.

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  • Home Star Staging

    Home Star Staging offers full home staging services for occupied homes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Chief Staging Officer Karen Otto earned her degree marketing at Florida International University in Miami, FL, and went on to become an Accredited Staging Professional before launching Home Star Staging.

    Why Home Star Staging is Top in Home Staging: Utilizing what you already have in your home, their experts will rearrange, enhance, and edit to best showcase the space. They also provide a range of vacant home staging services, from full staging to single rooms to a customized staging to fit your budget.

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  • Talie Jane Interiors

    Talie Jane Interiors home modeling services applies the company's interior design ethos to sellers' homes to get them the highest price quickly. Talie Jane launched her company in 2009 in Chicago, later moving to Lake Tahoe, and is capable of mixing and matching a variety of styles to create the looks her clients love.

    Why Talie Jane Interiors is Top in Home Staging: They model each room with furniture, rugs, lamps, and more, creating magazine-worthy rooms that will wow buyers. Serving the Tahoe area, Talie Jane Interiors' services can result in higher appraisals, faster sales, and better marketing photos for your property.

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  • Marta Mitchell Interior Design

    Marta Mitchell Interior Design's home staging services help raise the selling value of their clients' Greensboro, North Carolina, homes with a minimal investment. President and Owner Marta Mitchell has over 25 years of interior design experience and has provided interior design services all over the United States as well as internationally.

    Why Marta Mitchell Interior Design is Top in Home Staging: All of their services can be custom-tailored to your needs, but typically include a consultation, recommendations for upgrades, help with artwork and furniture placement, and more. Their recommendations are made with an eye toward being cost-effective, too, to maximize your return on investment.

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  • Maeve Carr Design
    Maeve Carr Design is an interior design and home staging studio in New York that creates customized design solutions tailored to each space and each client.

    Why Maeve Carr Design is Top in Home Staging: Their staging service will make the most out of your home, showcasing the interiors and showing potential buyers the promise of your property. With a streamlined, simple service that only involves a walkthrough consultation and a proposal prior-to staging, Maeve Carr's professionals will attend to every detail and help your home sell quicker than you ever would have believed. They work within the Tri-State area including communities in Fairfield County, Connecticut and many locations in NJ

  • New York Home Staging

    Studio D's New York Home Staging of New York City offers professional home staging for agents, developers, and homeowners alike. Founder and CEO Gail Stempel Dunnett brings over 20 years in the home furnishings and design industry to Studio D, and acquired New York Home Staging in 2011.

    Why New York Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: You start by scheduling an on-site visit with them; they'll discuss potential changes and your overall objectives, and come back to you with a proposal. Their interior design experts understand what discerning New York buyers are looking for, and they can stage a home in any style.

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  • Stage To Move
    Stage To Move is a luxury home staging company based in Connecticut and offering a variety of services. Owner Kara Woods founded Stage To Move in 2008, combining her love of design with her background in consulting to create one of the first dedicated staging companies in the state of Connecticut.

    Why Stage To Move is Top in Home Staging: They provide home staging consultations to homeowners, vacant home staging, model home staging, and interior design services. Their design professionals will accentuate the architectural attributes of your home, enticing potential buyers to pull the trigger.

  • Preferred Staging

    Preferred Staging, LLC works to enhance the sale value of homes in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and suburban Maryland.

    Why Preferred Staging is Top in Home Staging: With a team of expert home stagers and a warehouse filled with stylish furnishings and accessories, they'll customize the look of your home to your specifications. Preferred Home Staging clients boast an astonishing 600% average return on investment when compared to selling an unstaged home.

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  • Manhattan Apartment Stagers
    Manhattan Apartment Stagers helps those selling their Manhattan apartments to make a stunning first impression on potential buyers. Founders Marguerite Cronin and Bridget Russo have years of combined experience in art and design and have leveraged that experience to help sell a number of exclusive Manhattan properties.

    Why Manhattan Apartment Stagers is Top in Home Staging: Their team can transform your home with what's already inside, using accessories to augment the space's strengths and give it a whole new look in a single day. They're also happy to transform vacant spaces into stunning homes, manage the installation of furniture, and oversee contractors and renovations.

  • Georgia Home Staging

    Georgia Home Staging embraces innovative interior design techniques to make the most of each individual space they stage.

    Why Georgia Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: Working directly with homeowners, they come up with a custom plan that will fit your unique needs, whether you want to stage a whole home or just redesign a single room. With 92% of prospective buyers starting their search online, it's more important than ever that your property have well-staged photos for marketing purposes; Georgia Home Staging knows this, and will help you sell in record time.

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  • Taylor Miller Home Staging & Design

    Taylor Miller Home Staging & Design leverage years of design expertise to maximize their clients' financial return. Founders Terence Taylor and Larisa Miller have 40 collective years of experience in industries including fashion, design, furniture retail, and real estate, giving them all the tools they need to be expert home stagers.

    Why Taylor Miller Home Staging & Design is Top in Home Staging: Based in the Los Angeles area, their 20,000-square-foot warehouse boasts furniture, artwork, lighting, and more from around the world, resulting in a unique selection of items to work with. They shop all around the world for vintage, hand-crafted art pieces and decor, bringing warmth and personality to every home they stage.

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  • Chrissis & Company Interiors
    Chrissis & Company Interiors is a Boston-based home staging and interior design firm that has been staging homes at every price point for well over a decade. Founder Julie Chrissis is a former faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design and brings over 13 years of staging experience to her company.

    Why Chrissis & Company Interiors is Top in Home Staging: As a full-service home staging company, they also offer home evaluations, home restyling, virtual home staging, model home staging and more. They work hard to ensure that their homes are staged to appeal to the right buyer demographic, and offer services for every budget, from those who prefer to DIY to those who want a fully-managed project.

  • Bella Casa Staging & Redesign

    Bella Casa Staging & Redesign in Florida are experts at preparing homes for faster, more profitable sale. Owner and Staging Professional Lisa Pelc is a home staging industry leader who can work with a wide variety of styles, and is the host of the FYI Channel show Zombie House Flipping.

    Why Bella Casa Staging & Redesign is Top in Home Staging: They'll use their clients' existing furnishings wherever possible, transforming occupied homes into gorgeous houses that will wow buyers. With their vacant home staging service, their design professionals will turn a sterile environment into a work of art that will excite anyone who comes through the door.

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  • Jessica Rae Productions
    Jessica Rae Productions can turn an empty or occupied property into a warm, contemporary setting that makes a stunning first impression. Jessica Rae has done art directing, property, set design, and hairstyling for a huge number of top brands ranging from Better Homes & Gardens to ESPN.

    Why Jessica Rae Productions is Top in Home Staging: With a large collection of furniture, accessories, and artwork, Jessica Rae will create a cohesive design that fits snugly within your target market. Working in Des Moines, Iowa, and it surrounding communities, this company also offers interior design and even wardrobe styling services.

  • Taylor + Taylor

    Taylor + Taylor brings personality and sophistication to all of the homes they stage using their collection of art, ceramics, and furniture.

    Why Taylor + Taylor is Top in Home Staging: Their designers can transform a vacant house into a fully-designed home that your buyers will be able to see themselves in immediately. Taylor + Taylor prides itself on using artisan-crafted decor, restored antique and mid-century furniture and art, real plants, and other unique touches.

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  • Simply Staged
    Simply Staged of Atlanta offers a range of staging services, all designed to make your home look its best to attract more buyers. Owner Tasha Moody created Simply Staged with the goal of marrying proven design techniques with affordable practices to provide top-notch services that anyone can use.

    Why Simply Staged is Top in Home Staging: Their popular Verbal Staging Consultation brings one of their experts to your home to give you a checklist of everything you need to do and buy to make your home look its best. They also offer both occupied and vacant staging services at an affordable range of prices.

  • Hamlet Interiors
    Hamlet Interiors, working alongside Semikah Textiles, provides staging services in Southwestern Michigan, tailoring their services to the needs of each client. Owner and Head Designer Veronica Hamlet is also a senior virtual designer for Home Polish, and started her business in 2015.

    Why Hamlet Interiors is Top in Home Staging: They can do as little as provide a few staging tips to styling a room or two to staging a full house for realtors. Their eclectic design sensibility often incorporates Semikah Textiles' beautiful Moroccan-inspired rugs, wall hangings, and other works.

  • Jo Ann James Design Group
    Jo Ann James Design Group in California's Bay Area offers both residential and commercial staging as well as design consulting services.

    Why Jo Ann James Design Group is Top in Home Staging: Their goal is to capture the eye and imagination of every potential buyer who walks into one of their staged properties and turn them into an owner. They own a huge variety of modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional furniture, and work to call attention to every home's best features in an intriguing way.

  • Matthew Finlason Design
    Matthew Finlason Design specializes in staging luxury interiors, creating the kinds of spaced high-end buyers love. Matthew Finlason opened his Los Angeles practice in 2010 and brings an eclectic style honed in his years living in Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Vancouver, and LA to his designs.

    Why Matthew Finlason Design is Top in Home Staging: Based in Los Angeles, they curate each property's aesthetic with current furnishings, beautiful lighting, stunning artwork, and more to match their target demographics' lifestyles. They also offer pre-construction consulting, renovation management, Airbnb transformations, and more, and work in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

  • Love Ding
    Love Ding in Austin aims to create staged properties that evoke emotions in potential buyers and excite their imaginations.

    Why Love Ding is Top in Home Staging: With one hour walk-and-talk consultations as well and full home staging services on offer, Love Ding provides services for any seller looking for ways to help boost their home's value. They'll stage homes of any size, making it feel lived-in but well cared for, with an attention to detail that will delight any buyer.

  • BK Classic Collections Home Stagers
    BK Classic Collections Home Staging and Redesign work hard to provide a stunning first impression to any potential homebuyers who walk into your home. Owner Betsy Konaxis has years of experience working in the architectural, design, and real estate world since earning her degree in marketing from Babson College.

    Why BK Classic Collections Home Stagers is Top in Home Staging: With a beautiful and wide-ranging inventory, they can quickly bring a stunning, one-of-a-kind look to any property on the North Shore of Massachusetts. In addition to home staging, they also do beautiful home redesigns and interior decorating.

  • Design by Keti

    Design by Keti offers home staging, design, and renovations in Dallas, Texas.

    Why Design by Keti is Top in Home Staging: Their professional home staging will make your home stand out in a crowded market; their staged homes usually sell in ten days or less. Their founder, Keti Abazi, is a certified True Color Expert, which ensures that the look of your staged home will always be spot-on.

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  • Hart & Associates Staging and Design
    Hart & Associates Staging and Design in Philadelphia works to showcase their homes' best assets and attract more buyers. President and Principal Real Estate Stager Kate Hart began her career in financial services and uses her business background in combination with her own creativity to effectively stage and market her clients' homes.

    Why Hart & Associates Staging and Design is Top in Home Staging: While based in Philadelphia, they service clients all over the East Coast with their affiliates, offering consultations, furniture and accessory rental, move management services, and a range of staging options. They even service international clients with a virtual home staging option.

  • Michelle Lynne Interiors Group
    Michelle Lynne Interiors Group offers interior design, consultations, and home staging services to Dallas and the surrounding area.

    Why Michelle Lynne Interiors Group is Top in Home Staging: 92% of homebuyers begin their search online, and Michelle Lynne's staging services combined with professional photography can make your home stand out from the crowd. They can enhance an existing, occupied space, fully design a vacant home, or do a walk-and-talk consultation, providing staging advice along the way.

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  • Signature Redesign

    Signature Redesign of Park City, Utah, offers professional home staging with top-notch service, as well as classes for aspiring designers. Founder Sandra Racz is certified in Interior Decorating and Redesign, Home Staging, Color and Seasonal Decorating, and uses her expertise to beautify homes and businesses and teach others about her craft.

    Why Signature Redesign is Top in Home Staging: They work in both residential and commercial interiors, designing new spaces, refreshing old ones, and staging real estate to help homes sell faster. If you're interested in learning how to decorate and stage, they also provide certified training courses and workshops in Park City and beyond.

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  • Seattle Staged to Sell & Design

    Seattle Staged to Sell understands the a well-staged home is designed to appeal to the lifestyle of its targeted buyers.

    Why Seattle Staged to Sell & Design is Top in Home Staging: They want to make any potential buyer's visit into an experience from the second they open the door, and their professionals will work with you to make that happen. Their professional design consultant will sit with you and discuss your budget, sales goals, and timeline, and work with you to craft the perfect experience for your prospective buyers.

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  • Scout

    Based in San Diego, Scout is a home staging service that works hard to enhance the best features of your property, whether large or small, traditional or modern.

    Why Scout is Top in Home Staging: Their inventory of stylish furniture, heirloom pieces, and decor adds pop to any interior that boosts its selling potential. All of their staging clients even receive a 20% discount on lighting, paint, tiles, and fixtures, making Scout an affordable way to refresh your home before a sale.

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  • BY Design
    BY Design works to help homeowners and home builders in the Austin and San Antonio regions sell their homes faster and at better prices. Co-founders Debbie Boggs and Julie Young birthed the idea for BY Design in 2007, became certified designers, and went on to become one of the top-rated home staging companies in Austin and San Antonio.

    Why BY Design is Top in Home Staging: They not only offer affordable vacant and occupied home staging, but also realtor and stager training. In addition, their team will always work hard to make the entire staging and marketing process easy and painless for their clients, working with them from beginning to end.

    Follow @BYDesignsa

  • interior illusions

    interior illusions offers staging and home decorating services in addition to a range of unique furniture and home accessories.

    Why interior illusions is Top in Home Staging: This California-based company has staged homes with many different architectural styles and of many different sizes, and is eager to help you get the most out of your home sale. If you're in the market for standout furniture, decor, and home accessories, you can check out their inventory on their website, too.

    Follow @iillusions

  • Chicago Home Staging

    Phoenix Rising Home Staging & Design in Chicago offers staging services for occupied, vacant, and model homes, as well as interior design services.

    Why Chicago Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: For occupied staging, their design professionals will conduct a free consultation followed by a written proposal, which you can approve or change before they stage. They also love bringing empty homes to stylish life with a stunning stock of furniture, art, and accessories.

    Follow @ChicagoStaging

  • Downriver Home Staging
    Downriver Home Staging provides Southeastern Michigan with exceptional home staging services, staging and color consultations, and more. Founder Anita Kochan is an accredited professional home stager who's been serving the Brownstown, Michigan, area since 2013.

    Why Downriver Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: Their staging will help your home look better online and in print, gain more foot traffic, and sell up to 73% faster. When you work with Downriver, their consultant will sit with you to identify your home's best features and map out a plan that will reward you with a better price for your home and a quicker sale.

  • Domaine Staging
    Domaine Staging of Charlotte, North Carolina, helps their clients sell their homes faster, and for more money, than the competition. Founder and Principal Stager Marcyne Touchton is one of just 140 Accredited Staging Professional Masters in North America, and is an aggressive marketer whose homes often sell in 15 days or less.

    Why Domaine Staging is Top in Home Staging: Their stunning stagings can help you more easily attract more real estate agents and buyers, and make appraisers more likely to appraise your home at its maximum value. Working directly with homeowners, they'll maximize what's already in your home and bring in pieces of their own to create a stunning experience for potential buyers.

  • Styling Spaces Home Staging & Redesign
    Styling Spaces Home Staging & Redesign uncovers the beauty in their clients' homes, helping them to sell more quickly and at higher prices.

    Why Styling Spaces Home Staging & Redesign is Top in Home Staging: They can work in any number of styles, from Farmhouse to beautiful vintage to timeless luxury and elegance. Whether you're a homeowner, builder, or realtor, Styling Spaces can make your space stunning.

  • Rachel Moriarty Interiors
    Rachel Moriarty Interiors will work hard with your San Diego County real estate agent to create a space that sells to your target buyer demographic. Rachel Moriarty has over 12 years of experience redesigning houses, and her photography has been featured in numerous nationwide fashion and home decor catalogs.

    Why Rachel Moriarty Interiors is Top in Home Staging: Her services range from strategic consultation to photography to full staging, all at reasonable prices. Rachel is also a professional catalog interior photo stylist, which means her staged marketing photos are stunningly second to none.

  • Simply Staging by Sara
    Simply Staging by Sara is a luxury home staging service in Redlands, California, that seeks to highlight a home's best features and showcase a lifestyle that potential buyers will love.

    Why Simply Staging by Sara is Top in Home Staging: Their experts will bring a fresh a eye to your home, showing each potential buyer who walks in its full potential. They can stage in a huge variety of styles, from modern to Mediterranean to mid-century.

  • Full Bloom Home Staging

    Full Bloom Home Staging of Minneapolis aims to help your home make a stunning first impression, whether you're staging to sell or just want to refresh your space for you and your family. Stager and Stylist Amanda Elmgren has a passion for making all of the pieces of a home fit together in a beautiful, harmonious way, and does most of her work in the Minneapolis area.

    Why Full Bloom Home Staging is Top in Home Staging: Full Bloom always seeks to balance style and comfort to create staged homes that any potential buyer would want to live in. They can stage occupied or vacant homes, take photos for marketing purposes, redesign a room or a whole home's interior, and even shop for great interior touches for you.

    Follow @FullBloomHS

  • Kerry Leikus Designs
    Kerry Leikus Designs of Lutherville, Maryland, provides professional home interior design and staging services that will show buyers a home's possibilities. Kerry Leikus is a design industry veteran who started her career in design in 2005 and applies all of her design experience to her staging projects.

    Why Kerry Leikus Designs is Top in Home Staging: Their experienced designers will visit your home and help you pick which rooms should be staged, then prepare the layout and handle loading in, setup, and loading out. Their pricing is affordable for just about any seller, and the return on investment you'll get makes their work more than worth it.

  • Elite Staging

    Elite Staging in New Jersey offers luxury home staging, interior styling, and consultation and proposal for homeowners.

    Why Elite Staging is Top in Home Staging: They leverage their extensive market knowledge, top-notch design and execution, and excellent customer service to create a lifestyle that buyers will aspire to the second they walk through your door. Offering both vacant and occupied home staging, they will visit and consult on a property for just $250.

    Follow @krisginsberg

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