November 19, 2017

Best Beauty Resources: Top Industry Leaders

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Looking beautiful is easier now. Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Beauty Resources Award have been announced.

Top Beauty Resources

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder - but we could all use some help from technology. Stress wrinkles pop up if we have to worry about keeping up with appointments or wonder about how we'll look with a new hairdo. That's all avoidable with the latest tools in the beauty industry.

At CreditDonkey, we help young professionals and small business owners comparison shop and spend their money wisely - on products and services that are worth their while.

For this list, we scoured the many, many innovations that fall under the beauty category. These are the best beauty resources you'll find today to look amazing.

Read on for the very best beauty resources.

  • Paula's Choice

    Paula's Choice is an online skincare product retailer that doubles as a great resource for all kinds of skincare advice. Founder Paul Begoun has helped millions of women learn about skincare techniques and products, and is the author of a bestselling book that has sold over 2.7 million copies.

    Why Paula's Choice is a Top Beauty Resource: Committed to customer advocacy and education, this company aims to help customers stay informed about their skin and the products that can help improve it. Everything they offer is made in the USA with zero animal testing, and if customers aren't satisfied with a purchase, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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  • Hair Try On

    Hair Try On is a mobile app from TAAZ that lets users try out various hairstyles on their own photos.

    Why Hair Try On is a Top Beauty Resource: Choose from hot celebrity styles, trends, and common styles like bangs and curls to find the perfect new look for you. You can even change the color of each style to find your perfect new 'do.

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  • Liz Earle Wellbeing

    Liz Earle Wellbeing is a quarterly online and print wellbeing magazine full of wellbeing wisdom on how to look good and feel great.

    Why Liz Earle Wellbeing is a Top Beauty Resource: The website includes tried and tested recipes and wellbeing tips on how to bring out the very best in you!

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  • StyleSeat

    StyleSeat is a handy resource for booking appointments with hair stylists and beauty professionals; just enter the service you need or your favorite salon to get started. You can book online 24/7 without the need to call the salon. When you book with a StyleSeat professional, you get appointment reminders and you can bookmark your favorite stylists to easily check their availability and book your next appointment.

    Why StyleSeat is a Top Beauty Resource: You can also search for nearby salons, look for the most popular bookings, and much more. If you're a hair and beauty professional, you should definitely visit this website to learn how to use it to help manage your business. Beauty/barber professionals can manage their schedule, send out appointment reminders automatically, create promotions and email marketing campaigns, build their online profile, and even set up a No-Show Late Cancellation policy.

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  • Notorious

    Notorious is an app that connects users to real, live experts in the health and beauty fields for professional advice.

    Why Notorious is a Top Beauty Resource: You can use it to connect with nutritionists, fashion gurus, beauty experts, and more, many of whom work with your favorite stars. Chefs, makeup artists, hair colorists, personal trainers, and many more health and beauty professionals are on the app, ready and waiting to answer your questions and help you solve problems.

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  • iStyle
    Future Today Inc. is a video technology and distribution company that works to get creators' content distributed and monetized on the web and on smart devices.

    Why iStyle is a Top Beauty Resource: They'll help you create your Smart TV app, then promote your content to get your app discovered by more users. Once you're up and running, you can monetize your app with SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD, and receive reporting and analytics to gain insights and reach even more eyes.

  • Zeel

    Zeel makes it easy to book same-day, in-home massages with top-quality, vetted, and licensed massage therapists.

    Why Zeel is a Top Beauty Resource: Visit or download the Zeel app to order your on-demand massage, and a spa-quality massage will be delivered to your home or hotel in as little as an hour. They offer a variety of massage options, too, from sports massage to deep tissue massage to couples massage.

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  • beGlammed

    beGlammed lets you book an in-home appointment from your computer or mobile device with a top-rated hairstylist or makeup artist. Founder Maile Pacheco has over a decade of experience in the beauty and fashion industry as a professional makeup artist and marketing manager.

    Why beGlammed is a Top Beauty Resource: Available in a number of major U.S. cities, they offer individual and group rates as well as full service wedding appointments. Check out their website to see the many stunning styles their professionals offer and learn more about their services.

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  • Face Yoga

    Danielle Collins is The Face Yoga Expert, and her website focuses on her face yoga techniques that can make you feel healthier and look younger.

    Why Face Yoga is a Top Beauty Resource: With a combination of face exercises, face massage, facial relaxation, and acupressure, it can help you look your best while feeling more relaxed than ever. On Danielle's website, you'll find her how-to videos, DVDs, organic skincare, Yoga mat range and information on teacher training in Face Yoga.

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    GLAMSQUAD is an on-demand, in-home beauty service that brings hair, makeup, and nail professionals to your door in New York, LA, Miami, and DC.

    Why GLAMSQUAD is a Top Beauty Resource: All of their elite beauty professionals are hand-picked and can create any look you want; just tell their website or app what you want, and they'll find the right artist for you. Then, just book your appointment, relax, and your professional will show up at the designated place and time, wherever you are.

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  • Think Dirty

    Think Dirty is an app that helps users shop for clean, toxin-free beauty and personal care products: just scan the product barcode to learn more about it.

    Why Think Dirty is a Top Beauty Resource: The information the app gives you is clear and easy to understand, so you'll always know what ingredients you're using in your beauty products and why they're there. The app can also help you find cleaner, safer alternatives to products with potentially harmful ingredients.

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  • NailSnaps

    The free NailSnaps mobile app lets users create custom nail art from the pictures they have on their phone. Custom designs are then manufactured and shipped directly to customers as salon-quality, vinyl nail wraps. CEO Angel Anderson has a UX background and was previously the VP of UX at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, while COO Sarah Heering founded and ran SAJE Media before helping found NailSnaps.

    Why NailSnaps is a Top Beauty Resource: Just snap a photo, upload it to the app, and place your order; it arrives in 5-7 business days and ships free. You can also check out their website to view some predesigned favorite nail art and learn more about their products.

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  • Map My Beauty
    Map My Beauty is the world's first selfie-powered beauty coach; it combines augmented reality with expert tips to help you master your perfect look.

    Why Map My Beauty is a Top Beauty Resource: Just upload your selfie, choose your look, and you'll get step-by-step instructions right there on your photo to tell you how to get the style you want. The app even provides product recommendations, which you can save to buy later.

  • ShadeScout

    ShadeScout is a cosmetics color search app that will instantly find cosmetics to match any color you see.

    Why ShadeScout is a Top Beauty Resource: Whether you see a flower that's a perfect shade for eyeshadow or your favorite celebrity's killer blush on their latest magazine cover, this app can find it for you. Once you've found the product you're looking for, you can use a selfie to virtually try it on and see how you look.

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  • GlamScout

    GlamScout is a smartphone app which allows users to find real product matches to any full cosmetic look found in a magazine, website, or real life.

    Why GlamScout is a Top Beauty Resource: Using proprietary visual search technology, GlamScout performs a multi-category search through thousands of products and instantly delivers product matches for the complete look from over 100 major and luxury brands.

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  • Colour

    Colour is an app that lets users book in-home hairstyling appointments, created by and for women of color.

    Why Colour is a Top Beauty Resource: Just book an appointment on the app and they'll come to your door; no more waiting in line, no more wondering if your stylist can pull off your look. It's an easy, hassle- and stress-free way to get the 'do you want, when you want it.

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  • Kokko Beauty

    Kokko Beauty is an app that matches your skin tone to your perfect shade of foundation. Founder and CEO Dr. Nina Bhatti is a computer scientist and researcher who used her skills as an app developer to create Kokko Beauty to help women everywhere find their perfect foundation.

    Why Kokko Beauty is a Top Beauty Resource: Just download the app and order your color chart to get started. Once you receive your chart, you can use it and the app to get personalized foundation recommendations perfect for your skin.

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  • The Glam App

    The Glam App delivers beauty professionals to your door with the press of a button.

    Why The Glam App is a Top Beauty Resource: Whether you need a hairstylist, makeup artist, or a manicurist, they'll have the professional you need. This is also a great way for stylists to find new customers, set their own hours, and manage schedules and appointments.

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  • mySkin

    mySkin is the creator of OKU, a device and app that uses technology to provide you with personalized skincare and anti-aging advice.

    Why mySkin is a Top Beauty Resource: Just download the app to your phone, connect your OKU device to it, and you'll start getting real-time, personalized skincare tips. The OKU device has the power to look beneath your skin, analyze it in detail, and give you tips on lifestyle, diet, and more to improve your skin's well-being.

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  • LISA

    LISA is an app that brings users the personal beauty services they need, wherever and whenever they need them, at an affordable price.

    Why LISA is a Top Beauty Resource: From hairstyling to waxing to massage, you just choose your service, set an appointment for the same day or whenever suits you, and relax. It's also a great tool for artists who want to find new clients and set their own schedule and price.

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  • Beautiful Me

    Beautiful Me is an artificial intelligence-powered app that looks at your social media photos and gives you information about your beauty habits and the best products for you.

    Why Beautiful Me is a Top Beauty Resource: For example, it can tell you your skin's true shade so you can find your perfect foundation, or show you which makeup products you wear most often and how those preferences have changed over time. Their AI can even give you personalized product recommendations based on looks you already love.

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  • Cocoa Swatches

    Cocoa Swatches is a beauty app for women with complexions that are underrepresented in the beauty industry; it brings users tips, product recommendations, and more. Ofunne Amaka started her business with the Cocoa Swatches Instagram account, and created the app to help underrepresented women find beauty products that suit them.

    Why Cocoa Swatches is a Top Beauty Resource: You can use it to find makeup products both old and new, and compare them all side-by-side right there on your phone. The app also features makeup tips and tutorials from top beauty professionals, with videos streaming right from the app.

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  • Perfect365
    Perfect365 is a virtual makeup try-on app that lets you upload a photo and apply professional makeup looks to it so you can find new styles to love.

    Why Perfect365 is a Top Beauty Resource: You can also, of course, customize your look with hundreds of options for eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick, and more. Once you've found your perfect look, you can share your creation to social media to show your friends.

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  • Beauty Mirror

    Beauty Mirror is a true beauty mirror app that uses augmented reality technology to let you augment your face on your phone.

    Why Beauty Mirror is a Top Beauty Resource: You can make your look, see it onscreen, and even turn your face from side-to-side to get the full 3D effect. It comes with presets for facelifts, slimming, and more, or you can apply your own new looks.

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  • Bantu

    Women with kinky, curly, and coily hair can often have a tough time finding a great stylist near them, but Bantu is an app that aims to change that.

    Why Bantu is a Top Beauty Resource: Whether you're looking for a new style or just moved to a new town, Bantu can show you the nearby stylists who can braid, twist, weave, and style your natural hair. With advanced search functions and detailed contact information for each stylist, you'll find the perfect person in no time.

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  • NaturalistApp
    NaturalistApp is the first social media-based, natural beauty app created for black women to learn about and share beauty and health tips.

    Why NaturalistApp is a Top Beauty Resource: You can ask other users directly about their favorite hair and beauty products, hairstyles, and more. Currently available for Android and coming soon for iOS, this app is 100% free and packed with great advice from people like you.

  • LoveMySkin
    LoveMySkin is a digital, mobile version of the mole maps that dermatologists often hand out, making it easy for you to track moles and watch for changes.

    Why LoveMySkin is a Top Beauty Resource: Just tap on the body map to place a mole; you can also make notes on each mole so you can discuss any concerns with a dermatologist later. It's easy to use, with male and female body maps and simple navigation so you'll never dread using it.

  • ZIIP Beauty

    ZIIP Beauty developed the first-ever at-home nano-current device that offers SIX different facial treatments, or electrical cocktails, all in ONE small tool! ZIIP was developed by renowned electrical esthetician Melanie Simon as a way to share her coveted in-office nano-current expertise with the world and make the technology accessible at home.

    Why ZIIP Beauty is a Top Beauty Resource: Treatments include Energize (anti-aging), Sensitive Skin, Total Clearing, ViitalEyes, Instant Gratification and Men’s Treatment.

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  • HairStalker

    HairStalker is an app that aims to help you find your next great hairstyle, showing off hundreds of celebrity hairstyles alongside easy how-to's, trend tips, and more.

    Why HairStalker is a Top Beauty Resource: You can browse their celebrity hairstyle database through a number of criteria, including style, length, face shape, and color. When you've found a style you love, the app provides a tutorial on how to get the red carpet look for yourself.

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  • Shelf Cosmetics

    Shelf Cosmetics is a beauty app that's built to be a fun, social way for you to share your favorite nail colors, see your friends' favorites, and discover new shades. Founder and CEO Aviva Kamler has a unique eye for the world of cosmetics and created Shelf to give women a platform to interact with them in a healthy and connected way.

    Why Shelf Cosmetics is a Top Beauty Resource: You can snap photos to share with your friends on the app, catalogue the products you've used, and view new products from brands you love. The app even provides health information for each product so you can stay informed.

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  • ManeStreem

    ManeStreem is an app that can send beauty and wellness professionals to your door with a simple tap your device's screen.

    Why ManeStreem is a Top Beauty Resource: Currently available in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Miami, ManeStreem's services include makeup, hairstyling, men's grooming, and more. Each provider in your area is listed in the app alongside portfolios, bios, and reviews, so you can research the perfect professional for you.

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  • Beautini

    Beautini offers in-home hair and makeup services in New York City that are customized to fit every need, from a wedding to a night out. Beautini founder Brittany Lo previously worked in marketing for companies like L'Oreal USA and Sony Music Entertainment.

    Why Beautini is a Top Beauty Resource: Just choose your service, enter your location, and book your appointment; it's that easy. They even offer Beautini parties where you and your friends can get pampered in whatever NYC location you desire.

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  • MDacne
    MDacne aims to help users clear and prevent acne breakouts with personalized, professional advice.

    Why MDacne is a Top Beauty Resource: The app can analyze a photo of your skin and provide you with a skincare routine, and you can even use it get advice from a dermatologist. It's also a resource for acne education, with answers to your questions, information on different kinds of treatment, and more.

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  • OPI

    OPI offers a wide range of nail polishes and products alongside skincare products and more.

    Why OPI is a Top Beauty Resource: Their Gel Break nail protection system works to not only keep fingernails looking amazing, but also keep them strong. With a huge selection of colors and varieties, OPI's website is a must-visit for anyone in the market for high-quality nail products.

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