February 12, 2018

Best in K-12 Education: Top Industry Experts

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best in K-12 Education award have been announced. These resources get an "A+" with us.

Best in K-12 Education
Best in K-12 Education © CreditDonkey

Best K-12 Education Resources You're Missing Out On

With a ton of learning resources out there, how do you know which ones actually work? We have come up with a list of the very best K-12 education resources.

Here at CreditDonkey, we help students make smart money choices that will carry into their adult lives. And that starts with a strong foundation of learning. These resources improve the way children learn, so they can achieve their full potential.

Read on for the best K-12 education resources.

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Best in K-12 Education
Best in K-12 Education

  • FreshGrade Education

    FreshGrade was founded in 2012 by a group of dedicated individuals who saw a better way to communicate a child's progress, and is now used in over 70 countries worldwide and has users across all 50 states. Co-founder and Chairman Lane Merrifield is also a co-founder of the kids' virtual world Club Penguin and a former Executive Vice President of Disney Online Studios, while co-founder and Director Steve Wandler is the founder of YourTechOnline and the tech retreat Metabridge.

    Why FreshGrade Education is Best in K-12 Education: FreshGrade is a learning portfolio platform that promotes student ownership and parent engagement. It allows teachers and students to quickly capture evidence of learning, provide feedback and track progression of national and state standards as well as custom district objectives. The suite of mobile and browser-based applications specifically designed for Pre-K-12 makes learning visible and immediate. Students, teachers, and parents develop a deeper understanding of their achievement and progress with a portfolio that documents the process, not just the product, of learning.

    Designed to promote communication between teachers, students, and parents, it makes it easy to communicate progress and track learning over time. It also provides unique data insights to schools and districts, allowing them to track engagement trends, progress toward learning initiatives, and more.

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  • Nearpod

    Nearpod is a tool for teachers and districts that aims to transform classroom engagement and district performance with truly interactive lessons and activities.

    Why Nearpod is Best in K-12 Education: Teachers can use K-12 lessons that Nearpod has already prepared, or create their own lessons in minutes. They can then synchronize their lessons across all student devices in the room, allowing all students to participate in an activity or lesson while the teacher can assess their work in real-time.

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  • OpenEd

    OpenEd is a K-12 standard-aligned educational resource library that offers resources tailored for each student.

    Why OpenEd is Best in K-12 Education: OpenEd starts with assessments that provide a detailed mastery chart, allowing students to differentiate resources to help all students master the standards in the way that's best for them. Their educational resources include videos, games, and homework, all aligned to standards and proven to work.

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  • Crescerance

    Crescerance makes professional-quality mobile apps and websites for school districts and associations. CEO Namit Bhatia is an expert in identifying problems across multiple industries and inventing technical solutions, and has invented and launched 6 products in the past 10 years.

    Why Crescerance is Best in K-12 Education: In addition, they provide a web-based curriculum for teaching students in grades K-12 about mobile app development, from coming up with an idea all the way up to launching it. This program is for teachers and students alike, and covers a wide range of important topics including app creation and development, marketing, and more.

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  • codeSpark

    codeSpark Academy offers a series of engaging games that help kids learn the basics of coding. CEO and co-founder Grant Hosford is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent 15 years building successful digital businesses, while co-founder and Head of Product Joe Shochet has been building top-notch children's games for over 20 years.

    Why codeSpark is Best in K-12 Education: Their award-winning game, codeSpark Academy with The Foos, aims to teach kids the ABCs of computer coding at their own pace, without help. Coding is at the heart of computer science, one of the most important skills kids can learn for the future, and codeSpark makes it a blast even for kids who aren't tech-inclined.

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  • Alma

    Alma is a transformative Student Information System that aims to turn data into actionable insights that schools and districts can use. Co-founder and CEO Andrew Herman previously held several financial and corporate management positions, while co-founder and Head of Product Mike Oliver has over 9 years of experience in IT management and software development. Co-founder and VP of Customer Engagement Elizabeth Long has over 10 years of experience in business development, management and entrepreneurship.

    Why Alma is Best in K-12 Education: It provides easily understandable analytics and graphs that drive educator insights into every aspect of education. Easy to onboard and use, it encourages greater student and parent engagement, enables progressive teaching practices in the classroom, and will save your school's entire staff time and energy.

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  • GoGuardian

    GoGuardian is Chromebook management software for schools that provides an all-in-one solution for Google-powered schools.

    Why GoGuardian is Best in K-12 Education: It features granular filtering tools, even for off-campus settings, as well as AI-based monitoring and theft recovery technology. Of course, it also features classroom management tools for teachers that can assist learning, as well as self-harm alerts, student/teacher chat, and screen sharing.

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  • PresenceLearning

    PresenceLearning offers live, online speech therapy for schools, parents, and clinicians.

    Why PresenceLearning is Best in K-12 Education: They offer access to a network of nearly 800 licensed clinical professionals who work face-to-face with each student over secure online video sessions. Using a massive library of therapy activities, detailed progress monitoring, and tracking tools, they have delivered over one million teletherapy sessions to students around the world.

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  • Entangled Solutions

    Entangled Solutions is an innovative education agency that offers strategic consulting, research, marketing strategies, and more to help institutions reach their full potential. Managing Director Mat Frenz previously led platform operations for the non-profit, educational technology organization GlassLab and was also the founder of the software-as-a-service company Precision Response.

    Why Entangled Solutions is Best in K-12 Education: They can help with product design, organizational structure, and institutional model and curriculum design in addition to helping implement them. Whatever your project, they will be with you every step of the way, from defining the end goals to implementing the solution.

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  • NoRedink

    NoRedInk's mission is to build better writers with an internet-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and the power of data. Founder and CEO Jeff Scheur taught high school English for 8 years before launching NoRedInk to help make his students better writers.

    Why NoRedink is Best in K-12 Education: Their assignments are built to help students become more astute readers and writers, and their engine's adaptive abilities work to meet each student's specific needs. Onboarding is quick and painless, making student enrollment a breeze, and NoRedInk's deep integration abilities allow teachers to use it with tools like Google Classroom and Clever.

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  • Math Game Time

    Math Game Time provides mobile and web-based math games to engage students from grades K-7.

    Why Math Game Time is Best in K-12 Education: In addition to tons of free browser games and paid apps, they also offer educational and fun videos, as well as worksheets. By collaborating with top teachers, Math Game Time is able to provide fun, trustworthy activities that are age-appropriate and will help students excel in math.

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  • Nepris

    Nepris is making it easy for teachers to connect with industry professionals and bring them into the classroom virtually to give students an engaging, real-world learning experience. Co-founder and CEO Sabari Raja has 15 years of educational technology experience with Texas Instruments, while co-founder and CTO Binu Thayamkery is an experienced software professional who has held software architecture and management positions at a number of enterprises.

    Why Nepris is Best in K-12 Education: With minimal planning time and without leaving the classroom, teachers can connect industry professionals with their classroom and companies can extend their educational outreach. Bringing virtual guests into the classroom can show students why their subjects are important, inspire them through role models, and show them the STEAM careers that are out there that they can aspire to.

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  • Expii

    Expii is a personalized learning platform that embraces the many diverse styles of learning to allow students to control their own education. Founder and CEO Po-Shen Loh is a Carnegie Mellon mathematics professor as well as the national coach of the USA International Math Olympiad Team.

    Why Expii is Best in K-12 Education: Their "knowledge map" provides multiple voices on any given topic, allowing users to learn in their own style or, if theirs isn't available, to add it. The result is a collection of high-quality educational resources with something to fit any teacher or student, with a focus on math and science subjects.

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  • CommonLit

    CommonLit provides free fiction and nonfiction reading passages and progress tracking tools for grades 5-12.

    Why CommonLit is Best in K-12 Education: Using their simple platform, teachers can choose a lesson from their collection of news articles, poems, short stories, and historical documents, then share them with students alongside text-dependent questions. Teachers can then track their students' progress, analyzing their performance and comparing reports on key reading and writing skills.

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  • Panorama Education

    Panorama education uses data to help educators support students' individual needs and build better schools.

    Why Panorama Education is Best in K-12 Education: Teachers can use it to track students' progress not just in academics, but also in attendance, behavior, and social-emotional development, and use that knowledge to help each and every student. The school and district, meanwhile, can use Panorama to collect reliable feedback from students, parents, teachers, and staff about each school's culture, engagement level, and more.

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  • Rocketship Education

    Rocketship Education is a network of charter elementary schools formed with the goal of eliminating the achievement gap and ensuring that every child succeeds. Co-founder and CEO Preston Smith co-founded Rocketship Education in 2006; prior to that he was both founder and principal of L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School in San Jose, California.

    Why Rocketship Education is Best in K-12 Education: They aim to achieve this with excellent teachers and leaders, personalized learning for every student, and by engaging parents to participate more fully in their children's education. Parents can enroll their child in a Rocketship school from their website; they have locations in the Bay area, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington, DC.

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  • Kinvolved

    Kinvolved aims to increase student attendance at school by including their families in education. CEO and co-founder Miriam Altman is a former New York City high school history teacher whose leadership has grown Kinvolved to exceed 115,000 users, while co-founder and CPO Alexandra Meis was a special needs educator and advocate in the South Bronx prior to her work with Kinvolved.

    Why Kinvolved is Best in K-12 Education: Good attendance - starting as early as kindergarten - translates to greater student success; that's why Kinvolved has created a platform that allows both parents and teachers to easily track attendance. Users can access accurate attendance data to identify trends, and their technology allows teachers to communicate directly with parents and families via text messaging.

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  • eSpark Learning

    eSpark Learning empowers teachers to transform their classrooms using highly engaging, curated digital content.

    Why eSpark Learning is Best in K-12 Education: Their Frontier program for Google Education, meanwhile, helps students become better readers and writers with web-based lessons about engaging, real-world topics. eSpark, meanwhile, is their PK-5 program that uses iPad apps, videos, and creative challenges chosen specifically to suit students math and English Language Arts needs.

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  • CueThink

    Funded by the National Science Foundation, CueThink is an application and pedagogy aimed at boosting critical thinking skills and math collaboration for K-12 students.

    Why CueThink is Best in K-12 Education: It helps to engage students who are doing well and support those who are slipping by helping them unpack each question and think it through. As they work, students use the app to create video vignettes of their solutions that teachers can use to highlight errors or show effective solutions.

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  • Quick Key

    Quick Key is an Android and iOS app that allows teachers to send quizzes to student devices and accurately grade them on the go.

    Why Quick Key is Best in K-12 Education: Teachers can also give tests and quizzes on paper, then grade them using their phone or tablet. It even interfaces with Google Forms, allowing users to turn Forms into Quick Key Quizzes with ease, sync their Google Classroom roster, and more.

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  • Aristotle Circle
    Aristotle Circle is an educational supplement service with the goal of creating a strong culture of learning nationwide. Founder Suzanne Rheault is a 10-year veteran of Wall Street who created Aristotle Circle to provide parents with more educational resources and school admissions expertise they can rely on.

    Why Aristotle Circle is Best in K-12 Education: They offer three distinct services, including tutoring from rigorously-screened, at-home tutors and test prep that includes personalized study plans. Their network of college admissions experts can even help students improve their chances of acceptance at top-rated colleges, universities, and graduate schools.

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  • Learn Fresh

    Learn Fresh's NBA Math Hoops combines a fast-paced board game, curriculum, and community program to help students learn fundamental math skills.

    Why Learn Fresh is Best in K-12 Education: Using the real statistics of NBA and WNBA players students know and love, students learn common core math skills and greatly improve their knowledge of statistics, and have fun doing it. The folks at NBA Math Hoops aim to improve middle school students' math skills to lower their chances of dropping out of high school and position them for a lifetime of success.

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  • EdConnective

    EdConnective enables schools to get more observation and feedback (without hiring a full-time coach) with a 6-week program. Founder and CEO Will Morris received his Masters of Education from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, where he researched the positive impact of instructional coaching.

    Why EdConnective is Best in K-12 Education: Each teacher receives 11 observations and 12 feedback sessions, increasing their efficacy and improving student outcomes without taking up the principal's bandwidth or costing the school a fortune. The average teacher currently receives less than three observations per year; EdConnective can change that and, in doing so, improve school performance.

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  • Kiwi Crate

    KiwiCo is a once-monthly subscription service that delivers fun, hands-on learning experiences for kids aged 2-16+ to your door.

    Kiwi Crate is for 5-8 years old kids to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) through fun, hands-on projects. They also have Tinker Crate (STEM) for ages 9-16+; Doodle Crate which is art and design for ages 9-16+, Koala Crate (STEAM) for ages 3-4 and Cricket Crate which provides early learning and child development for ages 2-3.

    Why Kiwi Crate is Best in K-12 Education: Designed to inspire kids to love STEAM subjects, their activities cover everything from early childhood learning to science, art, design, and engineering. Each box is packed with activities and projects built to engage and inspire kids to careers in STEAM subjects.

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  • Literator

    Literator is an iOS and Android literacy tracking app for teachers that assists them with organizing and analyzing classroom data.

    Why Literator is Best in K-12 Education: It not only assists teachers in assessment, it also provides strategies and helps you out with prompts, automatic students groupings, and more, all based on classroom data. This is an excellent tool for formative reading assessment, including instant analysis and actionable steps that will help teachers reach every student.

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  • Education Modified

    Education Modified aims to improve outcomes for special education, providing teachers with reliable resources and empowering them to give each individual student what they need to succeed.

    Why Education Modified is Best in K-12 Education: It provides students with a 360-degree view of each student, allowing them easy access to learning needs, strategies, and more, and letting teachers share their collective wisdom to better support each student together. By sharing insights and ideas, as well as accessing hundreds of high-quality, research-based education strategies, teachers can build confidence and collaboration, improving outcomes all around.

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  • Tuva Labs

    Tuva is a data literacy company that promotes three-dimensional science learning using the power of data.

    Why Tuva Labs is Best in K-12 Education: Data is one of the cornerstones of the future economy, and with Tuva, students will use it to breathe life into the core ideas of science. They do this by empowering students to use data to investigate, evaluate, and develop explanations and solutions.

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  • ThinkCERCA

    ThinkCERCA offers personalized close reading and argumentative writing lessons that can help students achieve two years of academic development within a single year. Founder and CEO Eileen Murphy Buckley spent 15 years as an English teacher and was previously the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for over 100 of Chicago's highest performing schools.

    Why ThinkCERCA is Best in K-12 Education: Argumentative writing is a style that encourages critical thinking, and ThinkCERCA leverages it to help students learn in a way that's right for them while developing skills in English, math, social studies, and more. Using their shared literacy platform, teachers can engage students with personalized lessons and track writing and reading progress in real-time.

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  • Admittedly
    As the brainchild of a group of former college counselors, myOptions is a free suite of college prep tools designed to improve students' chances of getting accepted at their schools of choice.

    Why Admittedly is Best in K-12 Education: This tool can help you identify the right schools for you, pick which schools are reaches versus which are safe bets, and get advice on how to improve your chances of success. With over 200 lessons available on everything from SATs to writing the perfect college essay, this is an invaluable tool for students preparing to apply to colleges.

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  • NextLesson

    NextLesson provides Common Core worksheets, lessons, and projects for teachers of grades K-12.

    Why NextLesson is Best in K-12 Education: They offer critical thinking-based performance tasks, interactive and printable activities, short skill-building exercises, and longer-term, in-depth projects. All of their materials aim to engage students with real-world situations and topics that they love.

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  • GradeSlam

    GradeSlam is bringing true personalized learning to schools and districts with 24/7 access to a private tutor for any subject.

    Why GradeSlam is Best in K-12 Education: The platform not only helps students, but also provides teachers with key insights into which students are seeking help for which subjects, and how they can be helped to improve. Their tutors and trained to provide each students with contextualized feedback on exactly where they went wrong, so they can learn from each mistake and avoid it the next time around.

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  • Motion Math

    Motion Math makes visual, adaptive instructional math games that will help grade K-6 students to meet the most demanding standards. CEO and co-founder Jacob Klein is an experienced educator as well as a game creator and media producer, while CTO and co-founder Gabrial Aduato has a background in technology education and enterprise software development.

    Why Motion Math is Best in K-12 Education: Using interactive visuals to teach the foundations of math in a fun way, Motion Math allows students to work at their own pace. It's also aligned with content standards, so it will integrate easily into most teachers' lesson plans.

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  • TeachBoost

    TeachBoost is an instructional leadership platform built to improve feedback quality, develop educator capacity, and increase student achievement. CEO and co-founder Jason DeRoner previously worked at Factor Tree and Schoolbinder, where he built educational technology solutions, while co-founder and CTO Mike Gioia worked at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and SnapGoods, and co-founder and COO Andrew Gioia began his career as a lawyer with Rubin, Fortunato & Harbison, P.C.

    Why TeachBoost is Best in K-12 Education: It's designed to engage teachers and administrators in an ongoing dialogue by creating opportunities for meaningful interactions with their platform's collaborative portal. Working in partnership with educators, they create a safe space for teachers to collaborate and learn from one another, encouraging a healthy culture of mutual support and commitment to collective success.

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  • EdSurge

    EdSurge provides top-notch resources to the people who build, support, choose, and manage educational technology. CEO and co-founder Betsy Corcoran is a former writer and editor at Scientific American, The Washington Post, and Forbes.

    Why EdSurge is Best in K-12 Education: They offer up the top jobs board for edtech developers, research into the best practices for using technology in schools, and product reviews by teachers to help buyers choose the best products. They also host conferences and webinars for developers and educators alike to network, learn about the latest edtech, and develop their skills.

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  • Abl Schools

    Abl is a dynamic school scheduling solution that helps administrators develop smart, flexible master schedules. Founder and CEO Adam Pisoni previously founded SaaS company Yammer in 2008, which was sold to Microsoft in 2012 for $1.2 billion.

    Why Abl Schools is Best in K-12 Education: Users tell Abl about their school and its goals, and it quickly designs a master schedule to suit everyone's needs. From there, it's easy to make changes on the fly, and Abl's analytics tools can even help users gain insight into ways to help students and teachers achieve more.

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  • PledgeCents

    PledgeCents is working to improve K-12 education through community funding that provides important resources while eliminating teachers' out-of-pocket costs.

    Why PledgeCents is Best in K-12 Education: It starts with teachers creating a fundraising page where they can share their story, and once your fundraising is complete, they'll send a check directly to your school or organization. Previous fundraising initiatives have helped to support gifted students, art projects, or simply fulfilled classroom needs.

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  • Alchemie Solutions

    Alchemie Solutions creates innovative mobile learning technology for students that helps them develop spatial understanding. Founder and CEO Julia Winter taught organic and AP chemistry for over 20 years, and is using that experience to build interactive digital tools for students.

    Why Alchemie Solutions is Best in K-12 Education: With the goal of making learning accessible and affordable for students from grades 7 and up, Alchemie offers game-based learning modules, starting with general and organic chemistry. Their games harness the power of technology that most students carry every day to bring engaging, interactive learning to as many students as possible.

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  • MindRight

    MindRight is a text-based service for teens that brings them daily guidance from a team of coaches eager to help them navigate the challenges they face every day. Founded in June 2016 by Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao, Mindright is working to reduce the stigma around mental health, particularly in communities of color, and ensure that every student has access to mental health support.

    Why MindRight is Best in K-12 Education: As a judgement-free space for learning and growth, their coaches are always willing to listen and provide support, no matter the topic at hand. MindRight will first match you with a team of coaches that are right for you, then work with you to create strategies for overcoming daily challenges.

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  • Choosito!

    Choosito is a student search engine and digital library that's making it easy for students to access high quality, personalized resources. Founder Dr. Eleni Miltsakaki has over 100 publications in the areas of machine learning and natural language processing models, and understands how to use AI to give people the right information and resources at the right time.

    Why Choosito! is Best in K-12 Education: With a library of over 200,000 teacher-selected resources organized by reading level and subject area, Choosito is an excellent way to teach students how to use the internet for research. Users can even make custom collections with it, then share them with teachers and students to enhance learning all school year long.

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  • LocoRobo

    LocoRobo provides teachers, homeschooling parents, and professors with robotics, coding, and STEM education tools for all ages.

    Why LocoRobo is Best in K-12 Education: Grade 3-12 educators can use their resources to teach real-world coding skills, while professors can use them to bring cutting-edge robotics and IoT curricula to their schools. They even offer summer camps and adult classes in coding, robotics, 3D designs, and much more, taught by a world-class team of experts.

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  • Infiniteach

    Infiniteach's Autism Core Skills app can be customized for each student, supporting them with lessons that bring together social, communication, and academic skills. CEO Katie Hench is a former special education teacher who also travels throughout Illinois, training parents, teachers, and therapists on how to develop and implement structured autism programs.

    Why Infiniteach is Best in K-12 Education: The activities on the app are interactive and built to be engaging for verbal and nonverbal learners alike. With pre-K through third grade lessons, it learns each individual student's interests, attention span, and skill level and adapts accordingly, giving the right experience to each child.

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  • Knowre

    Knowre is an adaptive math program built to identify and fill in student learning gaps to help them reach their full potential in pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry. Co-founder and co-CEO Yongjae Kim previously founded a successful math academy in Seoul, while co-founder and co-CEO David Joo worked in investment banking and proprietary trading/investing at Goldman Sachs, Nomura, and Credit Suisse.

    Why Knowre is Best in K-12 Education: If a student struggles with a particular skill, Knowre can provide step-by-step, interactive help, just like a teacher would. Their technology also analyzes each individual student's strengths and weaknesses, then works to fill in learning gaps with problem sets that are tailored to each student.

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  • Lrnr
    Lrnr is an adaptive learning program that's automatically personalized for each student. CEO Aravind Pochiraju is an edtech professional whose work with Pearson saw him building blockbuster apps, including a publisher-first eReader for iOS. They offer some AP courses for 11-12 grades.

    Why Lrnr is Best in K-12 Education: Students can log in and get courses through the cloud in a simple, seamless process that's designed to work on any device. Content and assessments are continuously adapted to manage the best learning outcomes for each student, and courses are supplemented by lecture slides, flashcards, and more. They also have a new K-12 web app in the works that will enable all educators and students to use their platform capabilities to gain mastery on any topic.

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  • PrepNow
    PrepNow Tutoring offers personalized test prep and academic tutoring guaranteed to raise test scores and improve grades. CEO and founder Richard Enos founded parent company StudyPoint in 1999, and prior to that managed Massachusetts tutoring operations for SCORE. Prep, while President and co-founder Greg Zumas also co-founded StudyPoint and focuses on the company's sales and customer service management.

    Why PrepNow is Best in K-12 Education: They offer tutoring for the PSAT, SSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as tutoring in a variety of academic subjects. Students receive live, one-on-one online instruction with a private tutor, using an industry-leading curriculum that adapts to each student's progress.

  • Sokikom

    Sokikom aims to increase both rigor and engagement in the classroom by enabling K-5 students to learn math collaboratively. Founder and CEO Snehal Patel previously started and sold a tutoring company for K-12 students, and also opened Arizona's first Mathnasium tutoring center.

    Why Sokikom is Best in K-12 Education: It's an adaptive, team-based online game in which students must help each other learn to succeed, helping to build complete common core mastery. It works for students learning in both English and Spanish, and even offers assessment preparation with questions resembling those on common core tests.

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  • Citelighter

    Citelighter is a fully automated bibliography, citation, research, and internet highlighting tool that works to help students become better academic writers.

    Why Citelighter is Best in K-12 Education: Its easy-to-use tools help students break down writing tasks into easily digestible chunks and track their own work habits; it also provides teachers with valuable data they can use to give helpful feedback to students. It can even provide principals with actionable data about their students' writing skills at both the class and individual level, helping them shape the curriculum.

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  • Kiddom

    Kiddom is a free collaborative learning platform for teachers to plan, assess, and analyze learning.

    Why Kiddom is Best in K-12 Education: Packed with curriculum and teaching resources, teachers use Kiddom to find resources, personalize curriculum and assignments, track student progress, and communicate with students, all from one place. It's also a great tool for students to monitor their own progress and stay on top of their assignments. Kiddom can also be downloaded for free on iOS and Android.

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  • Classkick

    Classkick is an app that seeks to reimagine student feedback by letting it happen individually, in real-time as students work.

    Why Classkick is Best in K-12 Education: A teacher can prepare an assignment, then allow students to work on their own devices; when finished, the teacher can give individualized feedback from within the app and students can give each other anonymous feedback. The teacher gets to see all of the work, identify which students are in need of help, and track how they're doing on each assignment.

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  • CatchOn

    CatchOn is a unique tool built to help schools evaluate their EdTech usage on every app, program, website, and device.

    Why CatchOn is Best in K-12 Education: It enables administrators to gain insight into which apps are being used most often, what tools are trending up, and more. This can help schools decide what EdTech to invest in, as well as inform teacher training and improve the overall effectiveness of EdTech programs.

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  • Project Pals

    Project Pals is a web-based project creation platform designed for use by students from grades 4 and up. Founder and CEO Miriam Bolger is an instructional technology professional who previously established a successful after-school technology education program that covers robotics, animation, multi-media, and more.

    Why Project Pals is Best in K-12 Education: Students use it to collaborate with each other in real-time, using unique tools that combine project-based learning, problem solving, and social media into one engaging experience. Their platform has mind tools to assist in problem solving, management tools for planning out a project, and networking tools that make it easy to communicate with project partners.

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  • Lea(R)n

    LearnPlatform is a comprehensive edtech management platform built to help educators not only manage, but also measure and improve the impact of their entire learning ecosystem.

    Why Lea(R)n is Best in K-12 Education: Their focus lies in empowering educators to improve outcomes by providing timely, practical insights, allowing them to improve student achievement and save their schools money. It's built to help ease the difficulties of tech-enabled education, even automating the finding, buying, and implementation of technology in addition to measuring its impact.

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  • Smart Alec

    Smart Alec brings you the best private tutors near you, on-demand.

    Why Smart Alec is Best in K-12 Education: This service lets you book in-person private sessions with trusted tutors in almost any academic subject, as well as for test prep. Just enter the subject you're looking for help with and your location on their website and they'll show you top tutors in your area available for in-home sessions. You can either browse and book a lesson with a tutor yourself or request a personalized tutor recommendation.

    Read: The Cheeseburger Method for Writing an Essay
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  • Lalilo

    Lalilo is a web-based literacy app for K-2 teachers that acts as a virtual, AI-powered teacher's assistant for personalized instructions.

    Why Lalilo is Best in K-12 Education: It uses its AI to create customized reading exercises for each student's particular needs, prepares individualized printable worksheets, and more. It also provides weekly automated reporting on each student's progress, advanced collaboration and group pairing, and is free for the first two teachers at every school.

    Read: Lalilo
    Follow @LaliloApp

  • Move This World

    Move This World is providing social emotional learning solutions that allow students to express their creativity and teachers to shape their schools' culture. Founder and CEO Sara Potler LaHayne is a lifelong dancer and performer who originated the Move This World program while a Fulbright Scholar in Bogotá, Colombia; her work has helped over 150,000 individuals to date.

    Why Move This World is Best in K-12 Education: They offer digital classroom tools for pre-K-12 that can be used twice daily, at the beginning and end of the instructional day, to introduce social emotional learning concepts that build upon one another through the school year and into the next. Schools that use Move This World's programs often see up to a 60% reduction in suspensions, a 26% increase in teachers responding positively to students' emotions, and a myriad of other benefits.

    Read: Setting Boundaries For Success
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  • Hello World Tech Studio

    Hello World Tech Studio provides computer science enrichment programs taught by software engineers, data scientists, and other professionals who are committed to educating the next generation of tech innovators. Founder Sabina Bharwani was Managing Director of Innovation & EdTech at Teach For America prior to founding Hello World Tech Studio, and has years of experience in K-12 education.

    Why Hello World Tech Studio is Best in K-12 Education: Their catalogue of project-based learning courses are modeled on college- and graduate-level computer science and engineering programs, and encourage students to test solutions to real-world problems. Their programs take place in select Austin-area schools, and scholarships are available; check out their website to learn more.

    Follow @HWTechStudio

  • UniFi Scholars

    UniFi Scholars provides financial literacy and college financing education for low-income students, putting them on the path to educational and financial success. Founder and CEO David Helene previously spent three years at the financial trade association The Clearing House, where he became their youngest ever vice president.

    Why UniFi Scholars is Best in K-12 Education: They understand that most students don't graduate from high school with key knowledge about student loans and other financial matters, and aim to help them understand what to expect. Their program is designed to create financially literate students who are prepared to take on the challenges of college and life after college.

    Follow @unifischolars

  • Nxtfour

    Nxtfour is an online network for high school students that enables them to show colleges who they are at their best.

    Why Nxtfour is Best in K-12 Education: Students can upload grades, test scores, artwork, and more, then share those experiences with colleges. This allows colleges to learn about students beyond the limitations of a simple application, getting to know them both in and out of the classroom in an efficient way.

    Follow @nxtfour

  • Imaginary Numbers

    Imaginary Numbers' Mathbreakers is a math learning videogame for grades 1-6.

    Why Imaginary Numbers is Best in K-12 Education: As the only truly 3D math videogame, students will explore a digital world while mastering addition, negatives, fractions, and more key skills at their own pace, or through lessons assigned on the dashboard. Packed with colorful math-based toys and puzzles, this game is also aligned with Common Core standards.

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