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Why Leibish May Be the Best Place to Buy Fancy Color Diamonds

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When Kasper Sorenesen decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend, he knew he wanted a unique engagement ring. Specifically, he wanted a color diamond ring.

So Kasper, like many others, turned to Leibish & Co.

An Internationally Respected Retailer of Color Diamonds

Leibish & Co. is a family business run by Leibish Polnauer, his wife, and their children. The company started under unusual circumstances.

In 1979, Polnauer worked as a diamond polisher. One day while riding a London-bound train, he learned his factory had closed from an article in The Guardian.

An ad in that same newspaper caught Polnauer's attention. The royal crown jeweler was in search of a 6-carat pear-shaped diamond.

Polnauer called the crown jeweler and "for some reason they connected me to the general manager of the company and I tried to sell to him," he recalled.

The polisher-turned-merchant guaranteed the general manager that he could deliver 80 pear-shaped diamonds in two weeks. When he kept his promise, the royal crown jeweler bought everything, and a new business was born.

Today, Leibish & Co. is the "go to" source for color diamonds and jewelry. The company sells stones in hues of:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Champagne
  • Violet

and even black.

Leibish offers diamonds in a variety of sizes and clarities--shoppers will find options for any budget.
Designers and manufacturers from all over the world routinely call on Leibish to satisfy their creative interests. Additionally, the company enjoys an international clientele of discriminating jewelry collectors.

Leibish & Co. Online

Leibish was an early adopter of ecommerce technology, launching its website way back in 1995. That was three years before Google was born.
In fact, Leibish was the very first fancy color diamond company to go online. In 2012, Leibish celebrated another milestone--100,000 monthly visits with 74% of customers returning.

Leibish offers free international shipping and a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

A Commitment to Quality

Many people who buy diamonds literally can't afford to make mistakes. That's why Leibish selects only the best stones.

The company doesn't purchase diamonds en masse--each piece is meticulously chosen by a team of experts.

Leibish buyers travel all over the world in search of the finest products. They attend trade shows, visit mines, and pore over privately owned collections. In fact, the company likes to brag that only a small percentage of the world's diamonds make it past the quality check.

Did You Know? Leibish's chief buyer is Shmulik Polnauer, a GIA graduate gemologist and one of the most reputable purveyors in the industry.

Leibish cuts diamonds as well. The company's cutters are second-generation experts who know how to frame gems and highlight colors from the rough. Each piece of jewelry is then hand-crafted to fit the diamond chosen by the customer.

"Every design tells a story, and each story starts with the unique attributes of the stone. Leibish jewelry is custom-made, with an extreme focus on design detail. Each creation is a masterpiece."
-- Leibish & Co. website

Worried about the human cost of your diamond? Keep reading to learn about the company's strict ethical policies.

Conflict-Free Policy Delivers Beauty With Ethical Standards

Sadly, some elements of the diamond industry rely on grotesque human rights violations to bring products to market. But not Leibish.

The company enforces a 100% conflict-free policy. All sources are legitimate and comply with UN resolutions, the Patriot Act, and the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). Although the company does purchase some diamonds from Africa, it does not buy them from areas known for unjust activity, such as Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Leibish also purchases diamonds mined in Australia, India, and Russia.

A Lifetime Warranty Means Customers Can't Lose

Here's how to define over-the-top customer service in three words: a lifetime warranty.

That's just what Leibish offers.

Their warranty covers the costs of repair for defects resulting from typical wear and tear like:

  • Loose prongs
  • Cleaning
  • Rhodium plating

Leibish will also resize a diamond ring one time for no of charge within the first two years of purchase.

Additionally, the company offers free inspection and refurbishment one time each year during the life of the jewelry. That refurbishment offer includes plating.

Options to Satisfy Shoppers With the Strictest Standards

Leibish offers the following types of jewelry on its ecommerce site:

  • Engagement Rings - Fancy color diamonds with popular setting styles. Selection includes three-stone rings, halo rings, solitaire rings, and side-stone rings.
  • Gemstone Jewelry - Award-winning designs of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings.
  • Loose Diamonds - Hand-picked stones of the highest caliber offered in a variety of shapes, clarities, and hues.
  • Loose Gemstones - A multi-faceted selection chosen by the company's team of gemstone experts.
  • One-of-a-Kind Items - Masterpieces designed for the most discriminating connoisseurs of fine jewelry.

Not convinced? Hear what Kasper Sorenesen and other customers have to say about their shopping experience with Leibish.

Satisfied Customers Say It All

After Kasper Sorensen heard about Leibish from colleagues, he visited the company website to browsed through dozens of options.

But it was the customer service that impressed him most. Sorenesen said that "from the first message in the chat function on the website to the pick-up, the customer service was over the top."

He ended up buying a yellow diamond engagement ring.

Another customer, Glen Higashide, offered this feedback about his experience: "Thank you very much for doing an outstanding job with the design and production of my fiancee's engagement ring! It is absolutely gorgeous, stunning and exquisite!

I presented my fiancée with the engagement ring last night at the restaurant Sierra! She absolutely loved it and could not take her eyes off of it!"

Matthew Rogers said the Leibish customer service team was "always responsive to my emails and more than happy to send me multiple mockups of potential combinations to help me make an informed choice."

Matthew said he couldn't be happier with the craftsmanship of the ring he chose.

There are countless other satisfied customers like Kasper, Glen, and Matthew. That's why Leibish has a stellar reputation in the jewelry industry--people who shop there are never disappointed.

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