December 28, 2016

FX on DISH Network

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FX on DISH channel 136 offers more than just reruns from Fox. Read this in-depth guide to FX. Get latest DISH promotions.

What is FX Channel?

There's a lot of confusion about just what FX is. How is it related to Fox? Or is it its own thing? And why is there now something called FXX? Is this just one more channel to pass by on the way to something more interesting, or is this a destination station?

Although FX began in 1994, a lot of changes and rebranding efforts have led to the channel that is the home of award-winning dramas and comedies. FX began as an extension of the Fox network (the tagline was "Fox Gone Cable") that had a roster of some original programming mixed with reruns of shows owned by 21st Century Fox (the network's parent company). An attempt to compete with HBO and Showtime led the network to produce the critical hit The Shield, a success that gave FX the confidence to continue with shows that would push the envelope and re-define drama and comedy in the television world.

The big question is, how much of a factor should FX be when shopping for cable and satellite packages?

Did you know: American Horror Story is on Wednesdays at 10PM Eastern/Pacific.


FX is available on channel 136 on DISH. It is included with all America's Top packages - Top 120, Top 120+, Top 200, and Top 250.


  • Looking for the best shows that aren't on HBO? Adults (18 to 45) who are looking for award-winning, critically acclaimed dramas that focus on mature, nuanced themes and content. Many of FX's flagship shows skew towards the male demographic, but there are plenty of shows that have a wider appeal: American Horror Story, The Americans, Fargo and the miniseries The People vs. O.J. Simpson are the latest efforts to offer prestige entertainment for a broader audience.

  • Darker comedies with a bite. Young adults who like their comedy on the edgier side. With shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Louie, You're the Worst and Baskets, FX has been dialing in on the front line of comedic series for a while now, always offering programs that are as challenging as they are funny.

  • Laughs and explosions. Fans of movies. A quick trip to the FX website will show that the focus is largely on comedies and action films, but there are some romantic comedy offerings and horror films in the mix to balance things out.


  • You like acclaimed, smart dramas that consistently win over audiences and critics alike.

  • Mainstream comedies and sitcoms with a laugh track just don't do it for you.

  • The idea of engaging with your choice of program is appealing.

  • A slate of shows that depict the realities of relationships is more in line with your taste (You're the Worst, Married).

  • Diversity in entertainment matters to you. With Atlanta and Better Things, FX is doing its part to shape the future of television.

  • You like Louis CK. With his own show and the shows he is developing, his brand of comedy will be part of the DNA of the network for a while.

  • You want to take a chance on a programming that doesn't quite fit in anywhere else is up your alley - check out Archer and Man Seeking Woman.

  • You enjoyed The Shield - it's available on FX's streaming partner.

  • You like Fox - the network's shows are also available for streaming.

  • You like The Simpsons, since a whole streaming site is available to FX subscribers.

  • You like action movies with a comedic side, or comedies with a little action, or even the occasional out-of-the-box romantic comedy.


  • You do not like too much violence, adult content or swearing.

  • You prefer traditional sitcoms and network comedies.

  • You seek out series that are episodic.

  • You tend to watch dramas that would be considered "soapy."

  • You are into romantic comedies, period films/television and family-oriented entertainment.


Both FX and FXX are available on all four pre-packaged bundles.

  • America's Top 120: comes with 190 channels. Also includes Disney, Lifetime, AMC, HGTV, and WE.

  • America's Top 120+: comes with over 190 channels. This package includes regional sports channels such as Big Ten Network, Longhorn Network, and Pac-12 Network, and SEC.

  • America's Top 200+: comes with over 240 channels. Also includes Lifetime Movie Network, FYI, Bravo, Hallmark, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, OWN, Oxygen, Animal Planet, and Discover Family.

  • America's Top 250+: comes with more than 290 channels. Also includes Starz Encore, FOX Movie Channel, MoviePlex, and Nicktoons.

To learn more about the differences between packages and pricing, check out this article.


If you like FX but are craving more content... or if you like what you see but could use some additional options and alternatives, there are lots of channels to explore. Here are a few:

  • Freeform is similar to FX because it offers original dramas and comedies that are a little different from the norm. Freeform operates within its own set of guidelines and limitations, but largely there will be some overlap between consumers of both networks. Freeform is available on all America's Top packages.

  • AMC has a similar history to FX. They started adding original programming to their steady lineup of classic and contemporary films. With Mad Men and Breaking Bad winning over audiences and critics alike, their attempts at creating sophisticated, mature dramas make them a worthwhile competitor to FX. AMC is available on all America's Top packages.

  • Lifetime, although it's not quite at the level of FX, has been building their original programming roster recently and scored a hit with Unreal, a black drama that might end up changing the game for the network. That, along with their other shows, makes Lifetime an interesting complement to FX. Lifetime is available on all America's Top packages.


Is FX worth your money and time? TV and movie watchers have gotten very sophisticated in the past years, and a few networks are determined to keep up with the ever-changing tastes and appetites of the demographic that includes millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers. Few networks can claim to have something for everyone without compromising on quality, and FX is definitely in that rarefied category. As such, FX should be a must-have for anyone considering it.

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