April 25, 2018

Comcast Xfinity Review

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Comcast Xfinity's cable TV service lets you choose between having a contract or no contract. They have four package options, Digital Economy (100+ channels), Digital Starter (140+ channels), Digital Preferred (220+ channels), and Digital Premier (260+ channels). Is it worth the subscription? Read on to find out.

5-point scale (the higher, the better)

Pros and Cons

  • Combined normal and cloud DVR
  • Good on-demand selection
  • No contract
  • Extra charges
  • Customer service
  • Not as many channels as rivals

Bottom Line

No contract cable TV which lets you watch recordings on the go

Comcast Xfinity TV is available in 41 states across the US. The TV service lets you choose to have a contract or subscribe month-to-month, and you can download content to watch content offline.

However, they have below-average customer service. Should you subscribe? In this article we review Comcast's Xfinity TV service and do the research for you.


Xfinity is basically Comcast's brand for TV, internet and phone services. Naturally, they'd like you to bundle your services together. If you're looking for internet and phone services as well, you can bundle to get cheaper prices. However, their triple-play plans come with a two-year contract and price hike in the second year.

To sign up, just go to their website, or call (844) 763-9199. Choose a package, and set an appointment for installation. A technician will then come on the date to install the service in your home.

Now that you know the basics, let's go over Comcast's Xfinity TVs pros and cons.


  1. Choose to have a contract or subscribe month-to-month: If you're just looking for TV, Xfinity lets you choose to have a contract, or subscribe month-to-month. With contract your monthly fees are slightly cheaper. But if you prefer not being locked down, you can choose to have no contracts too.

  2. Good availability: Xfinity TV is currently available in 41 states, although not all areas are covered. If you prefer cable over satellite, you'd probably find Xfinity as an option in your area.

  3. You want bundling options: As we said earlier, Xfinity also provides internet and home phone. If you're looking to bundle, you can get their TV service cheaper. Internet speeds vary from 75 to 105 Mbps, although it does come with a two-year contract and price hikes in the second year.

  4. Weather proof reception: Because it's cable, Xfinity is more reliable than satellite TV services like DIRECTV and Dish network. The services aren't affected by the weather.

  5. Combined normal and cloud DVR capability: What we like about Xfinity is that it has two DVR systems: the normal DVR and the cloud DVR. The normal DVR works like regular DVR, with 500GB storage capacity. The cloud DVR has 60 hours of recording. You can access the 60 hours of cloud DVR while you're on the go. You can also download your recordings and watch them offline.

  6. Xfinity Stream App: Xfinity's streaming app allows you to watch over 200+ live TV channels and thousands of on-demand content. You can watch it on any device while you're at home or on the go. It also lets you download your shows from the cloud and watch it offline.

  7. You'd like to try it before buying: Xfinity has a 30-day money back guarantee for its service. If you don't like it for whatever reason, you can cancel its service within 30 days and get a refund.

  8. Good on-demand choices: Xfinity has a good on-demand selection, with thousands of options. It has movies, TV series, as well as plenty of children's shows that you can watch for free.

  9. You want a smooth installation service: Xfinity also guarantees that their contractor will arrive on time. If the contractor doesn't arrive within the arrival window, you'll get a $20 credit.

  10. Voice-controlled remote control: Xfinity's X1 DVR system has a new perk - the remote control can be voice-controlled. While not groundbreaking, this may interest you, especially if you're a tech fan.

There's a lot of reasons to love Comcast Xfinity. For one thing, it's a great option for viewers who want a good on-demand selection without the limitations of a contract. To start, call (844) 763-9199.


  • Extra charges: At first glance, Xfinity's prices are on par with other providers. However, it quickly becomes expensive with all the extra charges. Expect equipment fees, service fees, broadcast fees and regional sports fees to show up on your final bill.

  • Customer service: The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rated Xfinity TV service at 58, which was dead last. If customer service is important to you, avoid Xfinity - you may be better off choosing another provider.

  • Not as many channels as some providers: Comcast Xfinity does have 260+ channels at its highest tier. It's decent, although it's not as high as some other providers. Verizon Fios, for example, offers 440+ channels at its highest tier.


Playstation Vue: Playstation Vue is a streaming service that can give you live TV without the hassle of contracts and installations. You also won't need a Playstation - it's a standalone app which you can install on most devices. It offers more channels than other streaming services like Sling TV, and you can start and stop your subscription without worrying about early termination fees.

Netflix: If you like on-demand titles, Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services. What's great about Netflix is that they have great original, exclusive content. You'll get shows not available on other channels, such as Narcos, Mindhunter, and Stranger Things.

DISH Network: DISH Network is a satellite TV service, which means they're available nationwide. They've got a strong channel lineup and competitive pricing, which makes them a good alternative to Comcast Xfinity. They do have a two-year contract, but in return you get reliable TV service with great DVR capability.


Xfinity TV has a good on-demand selection, and we like that they have a combined normal and cloud DVR service. Being able to watch your favorite shows while on the go is a nice perk, and we also like that you can download them and watch them offline. Being able to choose between having a contract or subscribing month-to-month is also a plus, especially for those who prefer flexibility with their subscriptions.

However, that's as far as it goes. Our biggest concern is Xfinity's customer service. This could lead to problems down the road, especially when it comes to canceling your service or disputing a bill.

Also, Xfinity's total channels are about average. They only have 260+ channels for the highest package. Other providers, such as Verizon Fios, have almost twice the number of channels at the highest tier. If you like to channel surf, we suggest looking at other providers first.

Xfinity TV is good for casual users who just want basic TV with a little extra added in. It's nice to be able to choose to have a contract or not, and the ability to download shows and watch them offline is great for those who travel a lot.

However, if you're a serious user and want to watch multiple programs/channels, we suggest going with another provider with better DVR service.

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