February 18, 2017

ESPN on DISH Network

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ESPN is available on channel 140 on Dish. But there's more than just 1 channel. Read on to learn why we like ESPN and how to get the best Dish promotion.


ESPN is the channel to have for even the casual sports fan, and since its humble beginnings, it has become the name in sports broadcasting, coverage and even some deep dives into sports-related subjects. And, if you’ve seen the commercials, they pride themselves on being witty and slightly irreverent!

You will find ESPN on most basic cable and satellite packages. With Dish, you’re going to find that ESPN offers a number of options, even with the basic package. Let’s take a look at everything you’re getting when you choose ESPN on Dish.


  • ESPN has a few options on Dish – all available in HD.
  • ESPN is on channel 140.
  • ESPN2 is on channel 144.
  • ESPNWS (ESPN News) is on channel 142.
  • ESNPU (College sports) is on channel 141.
  • ESPN Deportes (Spanish) is on channel 854 (for DishLATINO subscribers).
  • Longhorn Network (University of Texas Varsity Sports) is on channel 407.
  • The SEC Network (Southeastern Conference Sports) is on channel 408 (404 for Hopper customers).
  • ESPN3 is the Internet-based streaming service that shows live events, previously aired events, and other original programming.

Channel lineup depends on your TV package. Read below for more information.

With a Dish subscription to America’s Top 120 (or higher), you can watch ESPN from anywhere – the couch at home, at the checkout line in the supermarket or even at a friend’s house. Simply login to the WatchESPN on your phone, tablet, or however you choose to stream TV using your MyDish credentials, and you’re seconds away from everything that ESPN has to offer. (WatchESPN works on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, PS4, Roku and Xbox One.)


  • Busy Busy Busy... but I love sports! As a Dish customer subscribing to ESPN, you’re going to be able to catch up on anything you might have missed. And with DVR capabilities, that gives you even more flexibility.

  • Gimme choices! With ESPN on Dish, you get, at a minimum, the four ESPN channels. Between regular ESPN and ESPN2, that’s a lot of variety. Add ESPNU and ESPN News into the mix, and you can pretty much have your pick of sports-related programming to watch.

  • Where’s the tailgate party? Fans of the University of Texas and any of the SEC schools will be happy to know that these two networks are available to Dish customers who subscribe to America’s Top 120 or higher.


There are a lot of reasons that ESPN on Dish makes for a winning combo. Here are a few:

  • The main ESPN channels are all available at the entry-level package – it’s a great bargain, so a lot of bang for your buck!

  • Between MyDish, ESPN3 and WatchESPN, you have a lot of streaming options which make it super easy to watch things when you’re not at home.

  • Skipping commercials is always a plus when you want see what happens next!

  • On a budget? ESPN is easy to add for $10 a month. Access to your favorite sports has never been easier!

  • With the DVR feature and streaming options, you can watch the sports-related programming that ESPN has become known for. 30 for 30 or O.J.: Made in America can be watched (or re-watched) at your leisure.

  • ESPN is now an all-digital infrastructure, meaning that it starts and ends up in fantastic HD via the Dish network. It’s important for sports fans to have the best clarity possible!

  • The Hopper lets you record up to 16 shows at once – so you never have to miss any games, especially during busy playoff seasons.

  • With Dish, you can use your membership to stream sporting events that non-Dish folks cannot – soccer, tennis, cricket and other sports from around the world as they are happening.

  • Add-ons are easy – especially if you want ESPN Deportes for any Spanish language coverage in addition to your regular ESPN channels.


  • You have no interest in mainstream sports.
  • You only follow one sport, in which case an add-on package for that sport could be a better option (Tennis Channel, MLB, NFL).
  • Your interests require a more specific source – fans of European sports might have to seek out an alternative.
  • You get all your sporting needs met by the Dish-provided local network channels.


If you are a subscriber to America’s Top 120+, 200 and 250 packages, you’re going to be getting ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN News as well as Longhorn Network and the SEC Network. Add ESPN Deportes for $10 a month.

If you are rocking the Flex Pack, you can add ESPN channels for $10 a month.

If you are a DishLATINO customer, you will get ESPN Deportes with all the packages. Any of the English language ESPN channels are only available with the DishLATINO MAX package (or an add-on).


  • FOX Sports is one of the bigger competitors to ESPN, and one of the only ones that will give you the same broad variety as ESPN. Fox Sports 1 is only available on America’s Top 200 and 250. Fox Sports 2 is available on all three packages.

  • Multi-Sport Pack – if you have America’s Top 120+, you can add on a ton of extra sports channels, including NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV and NHL (and these are just the highlights).

  • HBO also has some interesting sports-related programming. With HBO on Dish, you can watch their award-winning docs as well as their popular “behind the scenes” NFL training camp series, Hard Knocks. Dish makes it easy to watch these live... or stream whenever it’s a good time for you.


Dish offers a wide variety of ESPN channels as well as a number of ways to watch your favorite sporting events: live (skipping the commercials, natch) or to stream the event when refilling your popcorn, nachos, or snack of choice takes longer than you thought. Including ESPN in its three main packages makes ESPN on Dish a good value, and even a casual sports fan will find adding ESPN to the Flex Pack is well worth the price.

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