April 17, 2024

Sky Blue Credit Review

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Sky Blue Credit disputes negative items affecting your credit. It has been around for decades, but is it any good? Find out in this review.

5-point scale (the higher, the better)

Pros and Cons

  • As low as $60/month for one person
  • 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Pause or cancel anytime
  • No credit monitoring
  • Limited customer support

Bottom Line

Affordable credit repair service that can help you apply for a home loan

Sky Blue Credit has decades of experience in credit repair. It has helped thousands of customers and offers package discounts for its services.

However, it lacks some features, like credit monitoring, that other credit repair companies offer. This means you may need to spend extra to track real-time changes in your credit reports.

So, how do you know if it's worth trying? Read on for the full review.

What is Sky Blue Credit?

Sky Blue Credit is a company with experienced professionals disputing inaccurate and outdated items in your credit reports. Credit repair packages range from $79–$99 every month for individuals.

The company has been offering credit repair services for more than 3 decades. It was founded in 1989, with its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

In addition, Sky Blue Credit's specialty is mortgage preparation. So, if you're buying your first home or looking to refinance your mortgage, Sky Blue Credit can provide support and guidance.

Who Is It Best For?

You can use Sky Blue Credit's services if:

  • You have many negative items in your credit report.
    Professionals will dispute items that are causing your credit to drop, helping you improve your credit reports gradually.

  • You're planning to purchase a home.
    Sky Blue Credit is ideal if you're preparing your credit to purchase your home or replace your existing home loan.

    Professionals can help optimize your credit reports, helping you qualify for lower-interest loans and more flexible terms.

That said, Sky Blue Credit is not for everyone. Here's why.

Who Should Skip Sky Blue Credit?

Sky Blue Credit is not ideal if you have a tight budget. You'll need to set aside $79/month for at least 6 months to see significant improvements. It can get expensive. You may accumulate large fees over time.

Credit builders and credit builder loans can cost around $5–$50 every month. These are more affordable options than credit repair companies. Your timely payments through these credit builders can improve your payment history. Thus, helping improve your credit over time.

If you're set on using the credit repair company's services, here are the upsides and downsides of working with Sky Blue Credit.

Pros and Cons


  • Decades of experience in credit repair
  • Offers a 90-day guarantee
  • Discounted plans for couple sign-ups
  • You can pause your package anytime
  • Cancel anytime without penalties
  • Can help you prepare to refinance your mortgage or apply for a home loan


  • No credit monitoring
  • No mobile apps
  • First work fees cost the same as the monthly fees
  • Customer support is limited
  • Not accredited by the BBB
  • Fewer reviews and ratings despite longevity

How Sky Blue Credit Works

Sky Blue Credit has a simple enrollment process. You only need to fill out the enrollment form on the sign-up page, then you'll be able to get and review your free credit reports on your account.

Professionals will also review, analyze, and identify outdated, inaccurate, and unverified items from these reports. They'll even conduct a Statute of Limitation research on your accounts.

After that, professionals will send the dispute letters to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. If the credit bureaus don't remove the disputed items, Sky Blue Credit will re-dispute them for you.

Re-disputing negative items increases the likelihood of removing items that cause your credit score to drop. You can view the progress of your disputes and review your credit reports in your online account.

If the process is convincing, you can pick a plan depending on the service you need.

Credit Repair Packages

Sky Blue Credit offers two packages:[1]

Price (per month)Individual: $99
Couples: $149
Individual: $79
Couples: $119
Setup feeSame as your monthly fee
Three-bureau reports and scores
Credit Bureau Disputes
One-on-one consultations
Score Tracker
24/7 Access to Client Portal
60 Day Credit Updates
Creditor Interventions
Inquiry Disputes
Debt Validation Letters
Cease and Desist Letters
Personal Information Correction Letters
45 Day Credit Updates
Credit Builder Tool

You will be charged the setup fee six days after you've signed up.[2] Then, you'll need to pay your monthly fee one month after settling your setup fee.

And don't forget, Sky Blue Credit offers a guarantee effective 90 days from the enrollment date. So if you're dissatisfied with the service, you can request a refund.[3]

What's more, you can contact the support team to pause your plan if you need to take a break. It can be useful if you need to temporarily use the fees for something else.

What's your top priority in a credit repair service?

Basic Service Package

The Basic Service package focuses on credit bureau correspondence and disputes. Here's what you get from it:

  • Pro Analysis
    Sky Blue Credit will review and analyze all items in your credit report. That way, you can uncover outdated or inaccurate items or find accounts that are not yours.

  • 45-day Disputes
    Sky Blue Credit can settle your disputed items in 45 days. And if the credit bureaus don't remove your item, Sky Blue Credit can send them again for a redispute.

  • Custom Letters
    Sky Blue Credit sends customized letters for each round of dispute. They strategize for each negative item to dispute, to maximize the likelihood of removal.

  • Statute of Limitation (SOL) Research
    Sky Blue Credit will research the SOL of your debts before disputing. If the debts are past the SOL, you have a stronger cause to remove the item from your credit report.

  • Score Assistance
    Your credit score may not immediately improve after hiring a credit repair service. So, Sky Blue Credit helps you find ways to rework any debt balance or credit rebuilding options.

  • Credit Rebuilding
    You can consult with Sky Blue Credit to apply for secured cards. This is particularly helpful if you plan to apply for a home loan.

  • Coaches-on-Call
    If you have questions about credit offers or loan applications, you can contact Sky Blue Credit. That way, you get all the guidance you need to make decisions that affect your credit.

Full Service Package

The Full Service package includes everything in the Basic Service. Plus, you get an additional credit builder tool and some services that focus on addressing your creditors.

  • Creditor Interventions
    Sky Blue Credit will correspond and communicate with your creditors to remove inaccurate items in your credit report.

  • Inquiry Disputes
    All credit inquiries, including unauthorized inquiries, can stay in your credit report for up to 2 years.[4] Sky Blue Credit will verify these inquiries to help you spot any occurrence of identity theft or attempts to obtain credit in your name.

  • Debt Validation Letters
    Sky Blue Credit will verify and carefully request your creditors for proof of right to collect your debts.

  • Cease and Desist Letters
    Sky Blue Credit will send your creditor a formal notice to cease any communication with you.

  • Personal Information Correction Letters
    If you have erroneous information on your record, Sky Blue Credit can send a request to your creditor for correction, update of record, or removal.

Now that you know Sky Blue Credit's services, is it worth your time and money?

Is Sky Blue Credit Worth It?

Sky Blue Credit is worth trying if you have many items that are negatively impacting your credit. The company has a track record of more than 3 decades offering credit repair services.

You also get an extra layer of protection with Sky Blue Credit's 90-day guarantee. So, you have the option to request a refund if you aren't satisfied with the service.

You get the best value with the Couples pricing for Full Service. You only pay around $75/month for each person. This means you pay for cheaper credit repair services, but you also get creditor intervention and a credit builder tool.

How to Sign Up for Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit has a simple sign-up process:

  1. Go to the sign-up page.
  2. Fill out your first name, last name, address, phone number, and email address.
  3. Fill out your debit card or credit card information for payment.
  4. Complete your SSN and date of birth. Then, click enroll.

If you're signing up with another person, don't forget to click the Couples membership!

Is Sky Blue Credit Legit?

Yes, Sky Blue Credit is a legitimate credit repair company. It has been in the industry since 1989, disputing for thousands of clients.

In addition, the company received a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau.[5] It also has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from ConsumerAffairs.[6]

Read on for some of the feedback they've received from clients.

Customer Reviews

ConsumerAffairs4.8 out of 5 ★ from over 200 reviews
Google Reviews4.3 out of 5 ★ from over 400 reviews

Sky Blue Credit has helped several clients improve their credit. For example, Hector's credit score increased after signing up.

"Sky Blue Credit Repair fixed my credit reports in 6 months total. Since the third month I started to see the improvement. They kept me informed with monthly reports through the whole process. Now my credit improved from 500 to 750, and I am very happy about it. Thanks." (from ConsumerAffairs)

However, it's not all 5 stars and praises from all clients. For example, Dean's review indicates that Sky Blue Credit hasn't made any improvements despite signing up for credit repair.

"After much research, I selected Sky Blue to help resolve 3 bad marks on my credit reports. The service model is time-based, so the longer it takes Sky Blue to solve issues, the more money they make. After 4 months and $300 spent with them, there has been absolutely no change in my credit status. Furthermore, their approach does not appear effective. For that $300, Sky Blue sent out some form letters to the Credit Bureaus, which were ignored." (from ConsumerAffairs)

Note that credit repair requires some time and effort before you see some results. Your credit is different from everybody else's credit, so results can vary.

If you encounter issues of your own, here's how you can contact Sky Blue Credit.

How to Contact Sky Blue Credit

If you have questions or want to cancel your membership, you can call the Customer Support team at (800) 790-0445 from 9 AM to 5 PM (Monday to Friday, EST).

Can't get in touch with a representative? Log in to your account or use the contact form to send Sky Blue Credit a message.[7]


If Sky Blue Credit doesn't fit your needs, you can choose from reliable alternatives below.

Sky Blue Credit vs CreditRepair.com
CreditRepair.com has the same price range as Sky Blue Credit. Packages start at $69.95 to $119.95, with first work fees that cost the same as the monthly fees.[8]

The difference is that CreditRepair.com features credit monitoring. You can keep track of removals from your credit report in real time. You also get notifications for unauthorized activities that can impact your credit score.

Sky Blue Credit vs Credit Saint
Credit Saint is another reputable company in the industry. It has been around since 2004 and offers three credit repair packages, with prices ranging from $79.99 to $139.99.[9]

That said, Credit Saint is more expensive than Sky Blue Credit. However, this price range comes with credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring, and $1 million identity theft insurance.

Sky Blue Credit vs Lexington Law
Lexington Law is one of the most aggressive credit repair companies. Lawyers who specialize in credit repair are challenging the credit bureaus on your behalf.

What's more, Lexington Law offers Focus Tracks, which are tailored solutions for unexpected events in your life.

For example, with the Divorce Focus Track, Lexington Law will prioritize accounts you share with your ex-spouse. If you are a veteran, Lexington Law will leverage laws that may be beneficial in helping you rebuild your credit.

Read our comparison guide between Credit Saint and Lexington Law to determine which alternative suits your needs better.

Bottom Line

Overall, Sky Blue Credit is a reliable company with a long track record of experience in the industry. Plus, professionals can help you prepare your credit if you want to purchase your first home.

The packages are more affordable than other companies, but you get the best bang for your buck by signing up for Couples pricing. You only end up paying an additional $40–$50 for your package.

How likely are you to consider using Sky Blue Credit for credit repair after reading this review?


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