November 24, 2023

Lexington Law Review

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Is Lexington Law really the best credit repair company in the U.S.? Read on to learn what makes it stand out.

5-point scale (the higher, the better)

Pros and Cons

  • Get help from legal professionals
  • Focus Tracks for unexpected events
  • First work fee discounts
  • Expensive plans
  • Charges other fees
  • Limited disputes per cycle

Bottom Line

Established law firm specializing in credit repair, but on the pricey side

Lexington Law is one of the hundreds of companies to choose from if you need credit repair.

And credit repair is not cheap. Imagine paying a hundred dollars for months only to find out the company doesn't work well for you.

How do you know if Lexington Law is the right choice? In this guide, learn about its offerings, pros and cons, and how it compares to other reputable companies in the industry.

What Is Lexington Law?

Lexington Law is a law firm that specializes in credit repair. It's one of the industry leaders, having been in business since 2004.

Since it was founded, Lexington Law has removed about 81 million negative items from its clients' credit reports. And about 89% of these clients have seen an average of a 40-point increase in their credit scores.[1]

The company has a team of lawyers and paralegals that leverage credit laws when disputing negative items. A team of skilled negotiators will also correspond with creditors on your behalf.

And since each client situation is different, Lexington Law offers tailored solutions called Focus Tracks. You'll be helped depending on the cause of your poor credit, such as divorce, expensive medical bills, student loans, etc.

What is your primary reason for considering credit repair services like Lexington Law?

Did you know? Lexington Law is one of the huge companies owned by Progrexion, together with and

Who is Lexington Law Best For?

Lexington Law is best for:

  • People who want to improve their credit
  • People who suffer poor credit due to unexpected life events

Lexington Law has no strict qualifications or eligibility requirements. If you want to dispute negative, inaccurate, or outdated items in your report, you can give them a shot.

Lexington Law's Focus Tracks can also provide solutions to your specific circumstance, whether you receive bad credit due to divorce, military service, or medical bills. Lexington Law prioritizes these negative items to deal with creditors urgently.

It's best to discuss your current credit situation and your goals before you sign up for a package. That way, representatives can offer the best credit repair service based on your needs.

Although the benefits may be clear, there are drawbacks to Lexington Law. Here are the pros and cons to weigh.

Pros and Cons

No credit repair company is perfect. Lexington Law is not an exception to this rule.


  • Get advice from a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals
  • Tailored credit solutions with Focus Tracks
  • Has been in the industry since 2004
  • Offers free credit assessment
  • 50% off first work fee to veterans,[2] families, and households[3]
  • iOS and Android apps available
  • ID Theft Insurance for identity protection
  • Comprehensive credit education blog


  • No Better Business Bureau accreditation
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Limited monthly disputes and creditor interventions
  • One of the most expensive credit repair services
  • Other charges (e.g., pulling your credit report, late fees)

Lexington Law offers different services for its credit repair, packed in different packages.

Credit Repair Pricing

Lexington Law offers three main credit repair packages.[4]

Credit Repair StrengthIntenseModerateFair
Price (per month)$139.95$119.95$99.95
First Work Fee
Equifax & TransUnion
Disputes (per cycle)
Up to 8Up to 6Up to 6
Experian Disputes (per cycle)Up to 3Up to 3Up to 3
Creditor Interventions (per month)Up to 6Up to 3Up to 3
Inquiry Assist
Report Analysis
Report Watch Alerts
TransUnion Credit Monitoring
TransUnion FICO Score
ID Theft InsuranceUp to $1,000,000 coverageUp to $25,000 coverage

A first work fee is commonly charged by credit repair companies and is similar to administrative fees charged by banks. Unfortunately, Lexington Law doesn't specify its first work fee. But typically, the cost is the same as the monthly package.

It's better to clarify how much the fee is before you sign up with your chosen package. Lexington Law bills you your first work fee anywhere from 5 to 15 days after your starting date.

Maryland customers have different prices. If you live in Maryland, make sure you clarify the prices of credit repair packages in your state.

Here's how to know which package to choose:

  • Premier Plus: for aggressive credit repair and credit monitoring services

  • Concord Premier: fewer disputes than Premier Plus; best if you prioritize monitoring and quick updates on removals from your credit report

  • Concord Standard: less aggressive credit repair; ideal if you don't need to closely monitor any changes to your credit

Cancellation Process
Lexington Law does not charge you cancellation fees or penalties for ending your service. You can contact client services to cancel your package at any time. However, remember that credit repair does not happen overnight.

Here's a deeper dive into the services offered in each package.

Credit Repair Services

Lexington Law's packages provide you with selected features depending on your package. Here's what Lexington Law offers:

  • Bureau Challenges/Disputes
    Lawyers analyze your credit and write dispute letters to challenge negative items on your behalf.

    How long does Lexington Law take to dispute your negative items?
    It takes 30 to 45 days for Lexington Law to dispute your negative items. All packages follow the same dispute cycle set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • Creditor Interventions
    Lawyers will negotiate and write letters to your creditors (lenders, banks, or utility companies) to remove negative items/accounts impacting your credit.

  • Inquiry Assist
    These are customized letters prepared by Lexington Law. You can immediately use these letters to challenge and verify inquiries on your credit that are affecting your credit score.

  • Report Analysis
    Lexington Law breaks down your credit report. You'll learn about items impacting your credit and accounts that may not be yours.

  • Report Watch Alerts
    These are notifications you get if there are changes to your credit report.

  • TransUnion FICO Score
    You can view your TransUnion FICO score through Lexington Law's mobile apps. Get updates as frequently as every 30 days.

  • ID Theft Insurance
    You'll get an insurance policy ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000 coverage. This way, you get protected from unauthorized transactions that negatively impact your credit.

Aside from these services, Lexington Law also offers Focus Tracks. If you ever need to repair your credit due to a specific life event, you can check them out.

Credit Repair Tailored Solutions

Lexington Law's credit repair solutions are called Focus tracks. These are tailored solutions for the unforeseen events in your life.

You may need credit repair due to:[5]

  • Medical bills
  • Identity theft
  • Divorce
  • National emergencies, such as the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Student loans
  • Military personnel on active duty

Lexington Law can provide a credit repair solution suitable for your situation.

Let's paint a picture. You and your ex-spouse still share some joint accounts. Not only are you dealing with emotional consequences, but you also experience poor credit following an expensive divorce.

Lexington Law offers a Divorce Focus Track — a credit repair solution to help dispute to credit bureaus old accounts you aren't responsible for anymore. Lexington Law will also help you clear confusing accounts you still co-own with your ex-spouse.

Just want to know how your credit is doing? You may be better off with Lexington Law's credit monitoring services.

Credit Monitoring Pricing

Credit repair packages may be too intense and unnecessarily expensive for your needs. Sometimes, credit monitoring packages are better for you.[6]

Credit Repair StrengthLiteN/A
Price (per month)$24.95$8.95
First Work Fee
Equifax & TransUnion Disputes (per cycle)6 per cycle
Experian Disputes (per cycle)3 per cycle
Creditor Interventions (per month)1
Inquiry Assist
Report Analysis
Report Watch Alerts
TransUnion Credit Monitoring
TransUnion FICO Score
ID Theft InsuranceUp to $1,000,000 coverageUp to $25,000 coverage

Lex OnTrack and Report Watch can help you keep track of your credit. These packages are slightly less intense than credit repair packages, hence they're more affordable.

These packages are more suitable if you're already satisfied with the results of your credit repair package. For example, you may have reached your optimal credit score, and Lexington Law has already removed disputed items dragging your credit score.

Credit monitoring packages can help you keep an eye on your credit in real time. You will see updates on your credit from recent transactions and credit changes - not months after, where you can gain more negative transactions that bring down your score again.

Here's how to know which package to choose:

  • Lex OnTrack: if you only need minimal interventions, disputes, and want to keep track of your credit; it's the affordable version of the credit repair packages.

  • Report Watch: most affordable package (less than $10/mo); ideal for keeping track of your TransUnion report and TransUnion FICO score

Credit monitoring packages are good for urgent yet minimal credit repair. Plus, this can be your safeguard against unauthorized account activities, protecting you from cases of identity theft.

Note that while Lexington Law can improve and keep track of your credit, there are things it cannot do.

Lexington Law Limitations

Lexington Law (or any reputable credit repair company, for that matter) will not:

  • Guarantee an increase your credit score
    No legitimate company like Lexington Law will promise to increase your score. It's best to keep away from those that do — they are promising things that are too good to be true.

  • Delete all your negative items in the credit report
    Lexington Law can only dispute inaccurate, negative, and incomplete transactions in your credit. Credit bureaus may flag you if the company you hire keeps disputing items that are accurate, up-to-date, and true.

  • Give you a new credit identity
    Lexington Law cannot give you a new identity so you can start fresh with your credit — it's illegal. Any company that urges you to do this will be putting you in danger of fraud. Beware!

Is Lexington Law Legit?

Yes, Lexington Law is a legitimate company that has been offering credit repair services since 2004. It's one of the most reputable companies in the industry, with 2 decades of experience.

Lexington Law has helped thousands of clients remove about 81 million items from their credit reports. It's a law firm with expertise in dealing with credit bureaus and creditors.

However, note that Lexington Law has an ongoing lawsuit filed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Lexington Law allegedly violated several Telemarketing Sales Rules by requesting upfront payment for their services. The company also allegedly engaged in deceptive practices to market its services.[7]

Still not sure about Lexington Law? Here's what their clients say about them, which may help you out.

Customer Reviews

Lexington Law has a long track record and reputation for offering years of credit repair services in many states.

Better Business Bureau1.19 out of 5 ★ from over 200 reviews
Trustpilot2.8 out of 5 ★ from over 500 reviews
Apple App Store4.80 out of 5 ★ from 98k ratings
Google Play Store4.60 out of 5 ★ from 27.1k ratings

Many clients have something good to remark about Lexington Law. For example, Kinyon remarks how Lexington Law successfully removed the negative items in his report, which makes the extra expense worth it.

"I've been using the service since March (6months) and at ~$100/month, it's been an extra expense for sure, but they've been able to remove far more from my credit report than the few hundred that I've paid. A few debts that a bank just wouldn't let up on although we all could see that they were misreported (and never rectified), and even the remaining portion of my student loans (also misreported) were removed from my credit report..." — Kinyon Case (From Trustpilot)

However, it's not all good feedback. Some customers, like Danielle, had a horrible experience with Lexington Law.

"I absolutely despise this company. They are a scam by far. They drag on the process to keep getting money from you. I was a customer for at least 6 months paying $149 a month and my credit score not one time improved but instead credit score went down by over 80 points! Run the other way! Lexington is a big scam!" — Danielle Burrell (From Trustpilot)

Lexington Law is a company that has been around for two decades, with evidential results for credit repair. It has 81 million removals from credit reports since it was founded in 2004.

However, no credit repair company is perfect. It's natural to expect a mixed bag of reviews from different clients since your credit is unique. Any credit repair that happens to it may not apply to everybody else.

If you think Lexington Law can help you repair your credit, here's how to sign up.

How To Open a Lexington Law Account

Lexington Law has a fairly simple sign-up process:

  1. Go to Lexington Law's sign-up page.
  2. Fill in your name, email, address, and phone number.
  3. Select your type of service.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions.

After signing up, wait for Lexington Law to set up your account and pull your credit report. Once you both have copies of your credit report, Lexington Law will analyze your profile and start strategizing for your credit repair.

Lexington Law 50% Discount
Lexington Law offers you 50% off your first work fee if you sign up with another person who needs credit repair. You'll see an option on the sign-up page to sign up with a family member or another person in your household.

Got issues during sign-up? You can contact Lexington Law for help.

How To Contact Lexington Law

You can talk to one of Lexington Law's agents through the chat box on their website for your concerns. Unfortunately, this does mean you'll have to select your question from the pre-made ones on the site to start.

Lexington Law's service hours are from Monday to Friday, 7:00AM to 7:00PM, MST. You can browse the location directory for more information on your state.

Also, Lexington Law is available in all states except Oregon.[8] Opening hours and availability are different per office location.

Still not sold on Lexington Law's services? Consider some strong alternative credit repair companies below.

Lexington Law Alternatives

There are other companies that may meet your needs better than Lexington Law. Compare Lexington Law with other credit repair businesses below.

Lexington Law vs. Credit Saint
Credit Saint is one of Lexington Law's top contenders in the industry. Both are popular for leading credit repair and have almost the same price ranges for packages.

But unlike Lexington Law, Credit Saint provides that extra layer of comfort and security. You get a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means they get the negative items off your credit report, or you get your full payment back.[9]

What if you need to repair and build your credit? The Credit Pros can be your best bet.

Lexington Law Vs. The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros offers credit-building features with its Success Plus plan. If you want to repair and rebuild your credit simultaneously, The Credit Pros may be a more suitable option.

The Credit Pros gives the opportunity to add more positive payment history while disputing your negative items. This may repair your credit more efficiently and save you costs from monthly service fees.

Bottom Line

Lexington Law is one of the most reputable companies in credit repair. It may even be the best option if you need customized and focused solutions.

The Focus Tracks can be a good help, especially if you're dealing with unfortunate scenarios like medical bills or divorce.

And although you can almost never go wrong with an aggressive approach from experienced lawyers, you can also opt for a basic package. This way, you only get the services you really need.


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