Updated December 6, 2023

Best Credit Repair Apps

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Don't let poor credit prevent you from living your best life. Explore these top credit repair apps you can use to restore your credit.

What are the best apps to fix credit?
Here are good credit repair apps to consider:

  1. CreditRepair for Professional Services
  2. The Credit Pros for Credit Building
  3. Go Clean Credit for Free DIY Credit Repair
  4. Credit Versio for AI-Powered App
  5. Dovly for Credit Monitoring
  6. Disputebee for Automated Credit Repair

Poor credit affects your life drastically. You will have a hard time applying for loans. You may have fewer rental prospects. In worst-case scenarios, your credit disqualifies you from a job application.

Fret not! Having poor credit is not the "end-all-be-all" of everything. You can fix your credit, get that new loan, and rent your dream apartment.

In this guide, learn about the best credit repair apps, their features, and if they're the right app for you.

What is your top reason for using a credit repair app?

Best Credit Repair Apps

Below are some of the best credit repair apps. Compare each one and find the best app for your needs.

How much does credit repair cost?
The price for credit repair can range between $40 to $150 per month. Plus, some services charge an initial working fee that can be between $70 to $200. Read more about costs of credit repair.

CreditRepair: For Professional Services

CreditRepair is the mobile app of CreditRepair.com. Experienced lawyers will look at your credit report and dispute errors. You can track your progress in the app and get updates on ongoing dispute cases.

Why we like CreditRepair
CreditRepair.com provides a free, no-obligation consultation. And, you get a credit snapshot with your score and a Personal Game Plan as a guide to improve your credit.

You can analyze and keep updated on your credit through the app's Score Tracker. Plus, you can keep your app secured with biometric login via fingerprint and Face ID.

CreditRepair also offers various discounts. You can get 50% off your first-work fee if you apply as a veteran or active military personnel, or sign up with family and friends.

What is an initial work fee?
The initial work fee or first-work fee typically refers to the fee that covers preliminary work on fixing your credit. Some of these include:
  • Pulling your credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion
  • Processing and documentation
  • Disputing initial round of derogatory items

Credit repair companies usually bill the initial work fee between 5 to 15 days from the start of your service.

Lastly, CreditRepair.com has thousands of free resources to help people understand credit. They also feature a free credit score estimator for anybody to try.


Direct Package$69.95 per month
Standard Package$99.95 per month
Advanced Package$119.95 per month
Initial Work FeeSame cost as package, plus $14.99 to pull up your credit report

CreditRepair.com does not offer any money-back guarantee for its packages. You can't get a refund if you are not satisfied with your credit repair service.

CreditRepair.com also charges a one-time fee for pulling your TransUnion report. Other apps and services (some cost less than CreditRepair.com) already pull your credit reports and credit scores in their service packages without extra charges.

Is CreditRepair for you?
CreditRepair is for you if you need the help of real human professionals to dispute negative items from your credit report. It has been in the business for more than a decade as one of the most reputable credit repair companies.

CreditRepair Mobile Apps:

The Credit Pros: For Credit Building

The Credit Pros works the same way as CreditRepair.com, but has FICO-certified professionals instead. You can consult professionals who know exactly how your credit score is measured. Plus, you get a breakdown of your credit and review actionable cases and potential disputes in The Credit Pros App.

What is FICO?
FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation. It's the largest software analytics company for calculating credit scores. FICO is the credit scoring model most lenders use, with scores ranging from 300 to 850. These scores are used in more than 90% of consumer lending decisions.

Why we like The Credit Pros
The Credit Pros offers two simultaneous ways to improve credit through the Success Plus plan: credit repair and credit building.

Credit Pros can work on your disputes and report on-time payments on your credit builder loan to credit bureaus. On top of that, you can consult their FICO-certified specialists through the app.

The Credit Pros offers a 90-Day Money-back Guarantee if there are no changes in your credit report. And, you get extra peace of mind with The Credit Pros app credit monitoring and ID Theft Insurance—all free of charge.


Prosperity Plan$129.00 per month
Success Plus Plan$149.00 per month
Initial work feesBased on package

The Prosperity plan is limited because it only shows credit reports and scores for TransUnion. You need to subscribe to Success Plus to use credit reports and credit scores from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Is The Credit Pros for you?
The Credit Pros is for you if you want options to repair and build credit at the same time. You can do this with the Success Plus plan. You hit two birds with one stone, and you save more time from potentially looking for other credit builder apps.

The Credit Pros Mobile Apps:
The Credit Pros App has an Educational Center within the app.

Go Clean Credit: For Free DIY Credit Repair

Go Clean Credit has free app for you to DIY credit repair. If you are not confident to do it yourself, you still have their team of attorneys and professionals to consult through their Full Service.

It's best to learn about credit repair if you plan to DIY. Read resources on Go Clean Credit's Credit Education Blog before doing a DIY credit repair to know the basics and some effective dispute strategies.

Why we like Go Clean Credit
The DIY credit repair app is completely free (unlike other companies) and guides you to fix your credit. You can create custom dispute letters, track case progress, and book appointments with attorneys, without being tied to monthly fees.

Go Clean Credit charges you only when you decide to get their Full Service. Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee for your credit repair service.

Go Clean Credit also has free attorney services for eligible credit issues. Take their Attorney Qualification Quiz to find out if you are eligible for the free service.


DIY credit repair appFree
Attorney HelpFree consultation if you qualify
Full Service$199 to start, $99 for 4 months

The app is a cloud-based DIY credit repair software. You must know how to dispute and analyze your own report before writing letters to dispute negative items.

You can access the DIY credit repair app anywhere, but not the credit repair services. Go Clean Credit services are not available in all states.

Is Go Clean Credit for you?
Go Clean Credit is for you if you want the chance to get free service (who doesn't?) and use a free DIY credit repair app. Be warned: DIY is not for the faint of heart! You'll need to learn effective credit repair to dispute negative items successfully and maximize the app.

Go Clean Credit App: DIY credit repair cloud app

Credit Versio: AI-Powered App

Credit Versio is a credit repair app powered by artificial intelligence. The AI can identify up to 20 types of negative items in your reports. It suggests reasons to initiate disputes and generates formatted letters you can easily send to credit bureaus.

Why we like Credit Versio
Through machine learning, Credit Versio remembers derogatory items and ranks them in order of success. The AI helps you choose items to dispute that will most likely develop in your favor to improve your score.

Credit Versio also provides you with $1M in Identity Theft Insurance. It keeps you safe from unauthorized use of your information and resolves transactions you didn't make.

Credit Versio is an affordable credit repair app. It will not charge you other fees except for monthly subscriptions. Typically, credit repair services set you back up to $100 monthly while some need you to pay costly first-work fees.


SmartCredit Basic$19.95 per month
SmartCredit Premium$29.95 per month
IdentityIQ$29.99 per month

Credit Versio is not a credit repair service. It's only an app and you need to learn more about credit repair to dispute effectively.

Credit Versio does not have credit professionals or attorneys you can consult to manage credit and dispute negative items. But they have a support team you can call for app inquiries and issues.

Credit Versio was only launched in 2020. You will see less feedback and reviews about Credit Versio than earlier credit repair apps and companies.

Is Credit Versio for you?
Credit Versio is for you if you want an app with a good AI. Its affordable packages give you access to resources to help you DIY credit repair efficiently.

Credit Versio App: Registration Page

Dovly: For Credit Monitoring

Dovly makes for a good credit monitoring app. But it also automates credit repair through AI. The app allows you to track and analyze your credit reports, draft dispute letters, and repair your credit.

Why we like Dovly
Dovly makes credit monitoring and credit disputes available in one app. The AI gives you a list of items that negatively impact your score. Then it drafts dispute letters for you to send to credit bureaus. You can monitor the status of your disputes in the app.

Dovly offers $1M ID Theft Insurance for your protection. Dovly Premium monitors and alerts you of possible ID theft. And you get help to investigate your credit scores for cases like large transactions that you didn't make.

Dovly goes a step further and helps you build credit by recommending financial products through the Dovly Marketplace. Build your credit with Kikoff and Perpay while repairing your credit.


Free Plan$0 per month
Premium Monthly$39.99 per month
Premium Annual$99.99 per year ($8.33/mo)

The Free account only allows one dispute every month for TransUnion. The Premium account allows unlimited disputes for Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Most lenders and financial institutions use FICO scores. But Dovly uses the VantageScore model. You may see some differences in your credit scores when applying for a credit card or mortgage.

Is Dovly for you?
Dovly works best as a credit monitoring app for your credit score. The free account has limited credit repair features to let you dispute one item per month. If you have several items, you might want to consider getting a premium account.

Dovly Mobile Apps

Disputebee: For Automated Credit Repair

DisputeBee is a good software to do automated credit repair. It leverages automation to streamline credit repair. The software hosts features for both individuals and businesses depending on your subscription.

Why we like DisputeBee
The software has a full suite of features and functions for you to start credit repair even if you're not an expert. DisputeBee's onboarding video gives you a detailed walk-through of how to use the app.

Using DisputeBee is simple. First, import your credit report. Then, the app analyzes and generates dispute letters for negative items. Then file disputes with credit bureaus, and monitor updates through the software.

The Business Plan is a good option to start a credit repair business. The Zapier integrations help automate business processes and customers' portals. With many features available, you can kick-start your credit repair business without looking for other tools.


Individual Subscription$49.00 per month
Business Subscription$129.00 per month

DisputeBee is only an automated platform. You can't call a lawyer or a credit professional to help you around the app. You need to rely on the tutorials, blogs, and videos to learn your way around the app.

DisputeBee is relatively older than Credit Versio. Founder and CEO Lee Schmidt created DisputeBee in 2018. There is less feedback for DisputeBee, unlike other reputable credit repair services with thousands of client reviews.

Is DisputeBee for you?
DisputeBee's automated platform is a good option to fix your own credit without experience. DisputeBee is also worth considering if you want to start a credit repair business.

DisputeBee App: Sign-up and login page

How Does A Credit Repair App Work?

Each credit repair app has its mechanisms and programs running on the back-end. However, they all follow a general process where credit repair is concerned.

  1. Signing up in the app
    Fill in the information in the registration, such as name, password, contact number, and email. Create an account to use the credit repair app.

  2. Analyzing credit report and gathering information
    The app imports and pulls the data from credit reports from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. It will also contain all your basic information in the reports to help you to write letters faster.

  3. Creating dispute letters
    Once there are negative items on the report, it creates dispute letters addressed to the credit bureaus. Each negative item requires a different strategy to create a compelling case for your dispute. Some apps include dispute letters and interventions for creditors.

  4. Sending dispute letters
    Credit bureaus receive crafted letters regarding the disputed items.

  5. Monitoring credit report and credit score
    Credit bureaus have 30 days from the time they receive your letter to verify the disputes. Otherwise, credit bureaus need to delete unverified items after the period and the app monitors changes to the credit report and your credit score.

How long do disputes take?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives credit bureaus 30 days to counter the dispute after receiving the letter. They have 15 more days to resolve the dispute if you provide additional information. Otherwise, they must remove the negative item.

Credit Repair Apps Vs. Credit Repair Companies

In general, credit repair works the same way. You analyze your credit report, send dispute letters for negative items, and wait for improvements and changes in your credit.

When to choose a credit repair app
Choose a credit repair app if you want a more affordable option to repair credit. Many of these credit repair apps use automation and some use AI to write the best dispute letters.

You don't need to keep calling companies for news and updates on your credit repair. Some credit repair apps are completely free of charge, but you need to do everything on your own.

When to choose a credit repair company
Choose credit repair services for credit experts who can use aggressive strategies to dispute derogatory items. They handle everything from analyzing your report, drafting compelling dispute letters, and contacting agencies and creditors on your behalf.

The most established companies offer their clients an app, a portal, or software to keep track of the changes. Some of them don't, and you need to manually contact the company for updates.

You pay more, but you get the expertise of professionals with solid experience in credit repair.

How to spot a credit repair app scam?
Typically, the credit repair app has a poor reputation, fails to provide required documents, has negative reviews suggesting scam activity, overpromises results, and suggests illegal services such as creating new identities.Read more about these warning signs.

What the Experts Say

CreditDonkey asked a panel of industry experts to answer readers' most pressing questions. Here's what they said:

Which Credit Repair App Is The Best?

There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing your credit repair app. Assess your needs first, then decide on the credit repair that works for you. You have many options to choose from.

Try the free apps first if you want to dip your toes in credit repair. Invest in the paid apps if you want to do some credit repair on your own. Pay for professional services if you are not confident enough about fixing your credit by yourself.


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What is your top reason for using a credit repair app?
60% To increase my credit score
29% To dispute credit report errors
2% To learn about credit management
9% To prepare for a large purchase or loan
Source: CreditDonkey
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