November 15, 2016

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Grab a giant kettlebell - it's time to get in shape with the winners of the CreditDonkey Best Fitness Blogs

Top Fitness Blogs

Looking for inspiration to hit the gym? Or are you anti-gym and you'd rather do squats and burpees in the comfort of your mirror-less living room?

This list provides everyone, from beginner to CrossFitter, a range of videos, tips, inspiring stories and workout routines posted by fitness instructors and enthusiasts that will fit your level of commitment and interest in fitness.

Tired of making excuses? These regularly updated blogs will keep you motivated and get you moving. You'll feel great and be fit - if you follow what you read here.

Best of all, these blogs are all free to follow, so you won't have to make any more of a dent in your fitness budget (if you have one to begin with!). At CreditDonkey, the credit-card comparison website, we know all too well how much exercise can weigh down your wallet. Unused gym memberships that show up as recurring charges on your monthly statement are the worst (always try to avoid paying for your membership that way).

That's why we searched through the many fitness blogs out there to present you with those that offer the most compelling content - to help you get off the couch and stay off it. Everyone will find at least a few blogs on this list that are worth a close follow, whether you're looking mainly for diet tips, workout schedules, or athleisure advice, or you just need a steady stream of healthy recipes.

  • Mark's Daily Apple

    Mark's Daily Apple is a nutrition and fitness blog that helps readers out with healthy recipes, tips for safe and effective workouts, and more.

    Why Mark's Daily Apple is a Top Fitness Blog: Those who are new to fitness or starting a new workout routine later in life will appreciate the supportive, informative workout and diet tips found on Mark's blog.

    Read: What Does the WHO Report Mean for Your Meat-Eating Habit?
    Follow @Mark_Sisson

  • Fit Bottomed Girls

    Fit Bottomed Girls is a blog for women who are looking to get in shape and stay in shape, with plenty of great content for beginner fitness enthusiasts.

    Why Fit Bottomed Girls is a Top Fitness Blog: Women who are just starting a new fitness regimen and are looking for a little guidance on exercise, diet, and more will love this blog.

    Read: 15 Things Mindful People Do Differently
    Follow @fitbottomedgirl

  • Summer Tomato

    Summer Tomato is a blog dedicated to helping readers change their eating habits for the better and lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Why Summer Tomato is a Top Fitness Blog: Anyone who feels that they need to improve how they eat will find plenty of great advice here, from healthy recipes to tips on how to change long-ingrained habits.

    Read: A Life-Changing (But Unsexy) New Year's Resolution
    Follow @summertomato

  • Carrots 'N' Cake

    Carrots 'N' Cake is a fitness blog packed with great workouts and exercise tips, as well as healthy, great-tasting recipes.

    Why Carrots 'N' Cake is a Top Fitness Blog: Featuring workouts you can do just about anywhere, this blog is great for women on the go and travelers who want to stay in shape no matter where they are.

    Read: Easy Ways to Revitalize Your Day from Morning to Night
    Follow @carrotsncake

  • Ace Fitness

    With advice for both workouts and everyday healthy lifestyles, Ace Fitness is an all-around health and lifestyle blog with a comprehensive scope.

    Why Ace Fitness is a Top Fitness Blog: Readers who are new to the world of fitness and looking for a bit more general advice, from help with pain management to diet tips to exercise and more, will get a lot out of this blog.

    Read: Expert Articles
    Follow @acefitness

  • Fannetastic Food

    Fannetastic Food is the work of a registered dietician who is dedicated to helping her readers eat right without counting calories or dieting.

    Why Fannetastic Food is a Top Fitness Blog: Readers who want to make eating right a part of their everyday life, instead of forcing themselves to diet now and then, will love this blog's approach to nutrition.

    Read: How to Kick a Cold Naturally and Boost Immunity
    Follow @fannetasticfood

  • Whole9

    Whole9 covers all aspects of health, with content about both physical fitness and mental health and development.

    Why Whole9 is a Top Fitness Blog: Readers looking to make a full life change, to get fit and work through depression or anything else that's holding them back, will find a lot of wonderful content on this blog.

    Read: Let us change your life.
    Follow @whole9life

  • Peanut Butter Fingers
    Peanut Butter Fingers is a family-focused food and fitness blog with plenty of great recipes and workout tips.

    Why Peanut Butter Fingers is a Top Fitness Blog: This positive-minded blog is great for family-oriented people looking for great new recipes and at-home workout tips that won't take up all of their time.

    Read: Bodyweight Workout At Home Workout (No Equipment Needed)

  • Purely Twins
    The twins behind Purely Twins offer home workouts, gluten- and grain-free recipes, and plenty of lifestyle advice on their blog.

    Why Purely Twins is a Top Fitness Blog: The great-tasting recipes on this blog are also grain- and gluten-free, making this a great place for gluten-free readers and those looking for some healthy, delicious new recipes.

    Read: Raw protein thin mints (gluten-free, low sugar, vegan)

  • The Healthy Maven

    The Healthy Maven is packed with great, healthy recipes, workout tips, and lifestyle advice for health-conscious people.

    Why The Healthy Maven is a Top Fitness Blog: Whether you visit it for the healthy yet delicious recipes, the workout advice, or just a few good fitness podcast recommendations, readers who live a healthy lifestyle will love this blog.

    Read: Sweet Potato Turkey Chili
    Follow @thehealthymaven

  • Run Eat Repeat

    Run Eat Repeat features great healthy recipes and advice for training for long distance running.

    Why Run Eat Repeat is a Top Fitness Blog: Anyone whose mission is to lose weight through a combination of eating right and running will find a great guide in this blog.

    Read: What If Everyone Is Looking At My Cellulite?
    Follow @runeatrepeat

  • The Balanced Blonde

    The Balanced Blonde is, as the name suggests, all about balance: great fitness, great food, and excellent lifestyle advice.

    Why The Balanced Blonde is a Top Fitness Blog: Readers who want to revamp their lifestyle and make it more fitness friendly will love the recipes, fashion advice, and workout tips on this blog.

    Read: When Life Gets a Little Overwhelming...
    Follow @balancedblondie

  • Meals and Miles

    Meals and Miles is the ongoing story of one woman's quest to lose weight and stay in shape through running and healthy eating habits.

    Why Meals and Miles is a Top Fitness Blog: This blog is an inspiration to anyone struggling with weight loss; if you need a little extra boost as you try to eat right and exercise, reading this will help!

    Read: Annalynn's Birth Story
    Follow @mealsandmiles

  • Race Pace Jess

    Race Pace Jess is all about distance running, from warmups to marathon training and more.

    Why Race Pace Jess is a Top Fitness Blog: Beginning and experienced runners who are training for a long distance race will find a lot of great advice on this blog.

    Read: Ba Better Runner By Focusing on Your Breath
    Follow @RacePaceJess

  • Mile Posts

    Mile Posts is a running blog packed with great workout advice, as well as inspiration and encouragement.

    Why Mile Posts is a Top Fitness Blog: People who want to love running but have a hard time getting it going will appreciate the encouragement and advice this blog gives to runners.

    Read: What Does A Runner's Body Look Like? #IHaveARunnersBody
    Follow @mileposts

  • Sarah Fit

    Sarah Fit is a blog that focuses on helping young women eat right and stay in shape without sacrificing all of their free time in the name of body confidence.

    Why Sarah Fit is a Top Fitness Blog: Young women who want to stay in shape and get some great nutrition tips without spending all of their time worrying about fitness will find plenty of great tips on this blog.

    Read: LittleFit was born January 12th!
    Follow @sarahdussault

  • Fitness on Toast

    Fitness on Toast features editorial-quality articles from founder and personal trainer Faya, who often focuses on her ethos of "Active Travel."

    Why Fitness on Toast is a Top Fitness Blog: Readers who love to travel and want to stay in great shape will love this blog's "Active Travel" content.

    Read: Active Escape
    Follow @FitnessOnToast

  • You Signed Up for What

    You Signed Up for What is a blog about fitness, running, triathlons, and healthy eating for those who are trying to juggle keeping fit with their busy everyday lives.

    Why You Signed Up for What is a Top Fitness Blog: Fitness enthusiasts looking for some great running tips from a true professional will find plenty of top-notch content on this blog.

    Read: 20 Healthy Snacks for Kids' Sports Teams
    Follow @yousignedup

  • Run DMT

    Run DMT is the work of a busy mother of three as she balances her hectic lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise.

    Why Run DMT is a Top Fitness Blog: The highlight of this blog is undoubtedly the healthy recipes and meal plans, making it perfect for any dieters looking for some great new food ideas.

    Read: Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes #SundaySupper
    Follow @denisermt

  • Dai Manuel

    Dai Manuel is a fitness guru whose blog is packed with diet tips, home workouts, and even fit-friendly recipes.

    Why Dai Manuel is a Top Fitness Blog: Workout warriors who would rather get their workouts done at home than in a gym will love the at-home exercise ideas on this blog.

    Read: 11 Ways Fit People Think Differently Than Unfit People
    Follow @daimanuel

  • Fitviews

    Fitviews is the work of one mother, who writes about her efforts to stay fit through exercise and the Paleo diet.

    Why Fitviews is a Top Fitness Blog: Paleo eaters will love the recipes, meal planning advice, and lifestyle articles on this blog.

    Read: 10 Tips for Succeeding on The Paleo Diet
    Follow @KerriOlkjer

  • Pumps and Iron

    Pumps and Iron features plenty of fantastic workout advice, specializing in yoga and other low-impact workouts you can do at home.

    Why Pumps and Iron is a Top Fitness Blog: Yoga aficionados and fans of at-home fitness plans will get a lot of great new tips from this blog.

    Read: Beginner Series: 15-Minute Core Workout (Emphasis on Obliques)
    Follow @nicoleperr

  • Sweat the Style

    Sweat the Style is a fitness apparel blog that features the latest and greatest styles, as well as the occasional recipe and health food review.

    Why Sweat the Style is a Top Fitness Blog: Women who want to work out and look great doing it will love the active apparel found on this blog.

    Read: Morning Dip By Anouk Morgan
    Follow @AdrianneHo

  • Unapologetically Strong

    Jen Sinkler's blog, Unapologetically Strong, features a lot of great content about powerlifting, from advice on the best workouts to its many benefits.

    Why Unapologetically Strong is a Top Fitness Blog: Women interested in strength training, and particularly powerlifting, will find a lot of interesting and helpful content here.

    Read: Embrace Your Bigness
    Follow @jensinkler

  • Oiselle

    Oiselle's blog has plenty of features on the company's fitness apparel, but is also dedicated to helping runners stay healthy and safe.

    Why Oiselle is a Top Fitness Blog: Long distance runners will love the running tips, stretches, and stories found on this blog.

    Read: Camp High And Tight 2016
    Follow @Oiselle

  • NYC Pretty

    NYC Pretty is the work of Christine Bibbo Herr, a fitness guru and stylist, and it focuses on workout style, great fitness tips, and fashion.

    Why NYC Pretty is a Top Fitness Blog: Fitness-focused women looking for the latest style advice for their activewear and beyond should definitely check this blog out.

    Read: The Buddy Burn
    Follow @nycpretty

  • Running Loving Living

    Running Loving Living is a running and fitness blog with plenty of great content about marathon training and healthy eating.

    Why Running Loving Living is a Top Fitness Blog: Long-distance runners who are gearing up to train for a marathon will find a lot of helpful and supportive content on this blog.

    Read: It's Official! I Am An ASICS Ambassador! #TeamASICS
    Follow @tonee78

  • Run Selfie Repeat

    Run Selfie Repeat is a fun-loving blog dedicated to encouraging readers to get outside and start running, with tips on safety, health, and a heaping dose of self-confidence.

    Why Run Selfie Repeat is a Top Fitness Blog: People who are feeling self-conscious about getting outside to exercise will love this blog's body-positive, fun approach to exercise.

    Read: 24 Running Memes That Will Make You LOL
    Follow @KellyKKRoberts

  • Weight Off My Shoulders

    Weight Off My Shoulders chronicles the workout life of one blogger, who has struggled with weight her whole life and turned to fitness and a healthy lifestyle to get her life back on track.

    Why Weight Off My Shoulders is a Top Fitness Blog: Fitness and weight loss can be emotionally fraught topics for some people, so if you're looking for a truly inspiring ongoing success story, this is the blog for you.

    Read: From Thick To Thin Apparel Reminds Us That #WeAreAllAthletes! Plus Giveaway!
    Follow @IrishEyes1982

  • A Lady Goes West

    A Lady Goes West is a fitness and health blog on which a fitness instructor shares tips and stories from her own healthy lifestyle to inspire her readers.

    Why A Lady Goes West is a Top Fitness Blog: This blog is packed with great fitness tips from a woman who practices what she preaches - perfect for those who need a little extra inspiration to boost their fitness goals!

    Read: How to beat the afternoon slump
    Follow @apstyle

  • Simply Taralynn

    Simply Taralynn is a lifestyle blog, and for health nuts it features plenty of tasty, healthy recipes you can make at home.

    Why Simply Taralynn is a Top Fitness Blog: Those who long to find and cook exciting, great-tasting yet healthy new recipes will find plenty to choose from on this blog.

    Read: Pumpkin Apple Spice Fruit Leathers
    Follow @taralynnstweets

  • 300 Pounds and Running

    300 Pounds and Running is a lifestyle blog that helps people change their bad habits into healthy ones, with content on exercise, diet, and more.

    Why 300 Pounds and Running is a Top Fitness Blog: Beginning runners will love this blog's tips on injury prevention, workout routines, and how to stay safe while running.

    Read: Break Things and Remake Something Better.
    Follow @300lbsandrunnin

  • Keep It SimpElle

    Keep It SimpElle is a blog for women who live an active lifestyle, with plenty of great content about fitness, food, the latest activewear, and more.

    Why Keep It SimpElle is a Top Fitness Blog: Women who consider themselves fitness enthusiasts will love following this fitness professional's daily life and will appreciate her exercise and diet advice.

    Read: Find Your Why Behind Being Active. Then Measure.
    Follow @X_eLle_S

  • Sharp Endurance

    Sharp Endurance's creator, Linzie Starr, runs a ton of long distance races, and he recaps all of them on his blog, along with featuring his running advice, product recommendations, and more.

    Why Sharp Endurance is a Top Fitness Blog: Endurance runners who love racing will definitely want to check this blog out thanks to its frequent race recaps.

    Read: runDisney, Can We Talk?
    Follow @sharpendurance

  • Remodel Fitness

    Lifestyle and fitness coach Jessi Kneeland's blog is all about empowering women to embrace a healthy, happy, and confident life.

    Why Remodel Fitness is a Top Fitness Blog: Women looking to make a healthy change in their lives will find a ton of empowerment, inspiration, and encouragement on Jessi's blog.

    Read: Why I'm Getting Naked - Jessi Kneeland
    Follow @jessikneeland

  • Evann Clingan

    Evann Clingan is a New York long distance runner, and his blog is packed with great workout tips, including some specifically geared toward New Yorkers.

    Why Evann Clingan is a Top Fitness Blog: While there are tons of great posts on everything from the latest athletic apparel to running tips, this blog's features about getting and staying fit in New York City will appeal to any resident of the Big Apple.

    Read: Heading to Reach the Beach with New Balance Women
    Follow @evannclingan

  • Mrs. Fatass
    Mrs. Fatass is the chronicle of one woman's effort to drop fifty pounds, and features long-form think pieces about fitness, body image, and more.

    Why Mrs. Fatass is a Top Fitness Blog: This blog is geared toward overweight people who want to get fit without the judgment or guilt that can often be felt through more traditional sources.

    Read: thirtyfive inches

  • Fitness 4 Mamas

    Fitness 4 Mamas is a blog dedicated to helping hard-working moms stay fit on their own schedule.

    Why Fitness 4 Mamas is a Top Fitness Blog: If you're a busy mom who has a hard time making room in her schedule for workouts, this blog will help!

    Read: Giveaways
    Follow @fitness4mamas

  • Cuckoolemon

    Cuckoolemon is a fitness blog that provides tips for runners and workout warriors, like how to squeeze in a workout when you're busy, which fitness apps are the best, and more.

    Why Cuckoolemon is a Top Fitness Blog: If you're looking for practical tips to make working out easier and more convenient, you'll find some useful content on this blog.

    Read: I ran the Hamptons 5K 2015
    Follow @colehaber

  • Dirty Old Sneakers

    Dirty Old Sneakers features everything from product reviews to overviews of major long distance races to workout tips for serious long distance runners.

    Why Dirty Old Sneakers is a Top Fitness Blog: Long distance race enthusiasts will get a lot out of this blog's content, which has a heavy focus on the running lifestyle.

    Read: 2015 Tips and Tricks for the TCS NYC Marathon
    Follow @DirtyOldSneaker

  • Live Life Active
    From training plans to healthy recipes to workout tips, Live Life Active is dedicated to helping its readers lead their best active lifestyle.

    Why Live Life Active is a Top Fitness Blog: If you want to make a change to a healthier, active, and fitness-focused lifestyle, this blog's long-term training plans and beginner-friendly content will be a big help.

    Read: Cooper River Bridge Run Review

  • Pfit Blog

    Pfit Blog offers tough-love advice and encouragement to those who are ready and willing to work hard to achieve their fitness goals.

    Why Pfit Blog is a Top Fitness Blog: Folks who are serious about finally getting in shape will appreciate this blog's no-excuses approach to workouts, dieting, and health.

    Read: A&E Comes To The Pfiesters
    Follow @bonniepfiester

  • Fit and Feminist
    Fit and Feminist exists to help women grow stronger and healthier on their own terms, with training tips, feminist musings, and more.

    Why Fit and Feminist is a Top Fitness Blog: Women who are training for races and want some no-nonsense feminism with their fitness blog will love the attitude on display here.

    Read: What we talk about when we talk about women and aging

  • Emily Runs

    Emily Runs is the blog of an Ohio runner, who chronicles her races, posts about upcoming events, and tells readers about the struggles of being a runner.

    Why Emily Runs is a Top Fitness Blog: Enthusiastic Ohio runners will find plenty of great info about past and upcoming races in their state on this blog.

    Read: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Giveaway!
    Follow @emilyebaum

  • Sue Parke

    Sue Parke is a fitness instructor, certified running coach and brand ambassador for fitness gear companies. Her blog features her advice on workouts and running, as well as her product reviews and recipes.

    Why Sue Parke is a Top Fitness Blog: Fitness enthusiasts who want to be up-to-date on the latest and great fitness and exercise gear will love the product reviews on Sue's blog.

    Follow @slparkel

  • Runblogger

    Runblogger is all about helping readers find the right fit and style for their running shoe, with reviews of all the latest shoes on the market.

    Why Runblogger is a Top Fitness Blog: Anyone in the market for a new pair of running shoes should check out the latest shoe reviews on this blog.

    Read: David's Year in Review: Best Shoes of 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016
    Follow @Runblogger

  • All Out Effort

    All Out Effort is a take-no-prisoners fitness blog that's less about the results readers will get from following its tips and more about helping its readers develop the healthy habits and lifestyles that lead to great fitness.

    Why All Out Effort is a Top Fitness Blog: Working up the effort to exercise can be tough, and anyone looking for motivation should check out this blog, which is chock-full of no-excuse reasons why you need to get in shape.

    Read: All Out Effort: How Exercise Builds Character
    Follow @stufffromsam

  • Beauty Lies in Strength

    Beauty Lies in Strength is a fitness blog that features long-form articles about great exercise practices, diet, and overall health.

    Why Beauty Lies in Strength is a Top Fitness Blog: If you're sick of bite-sized articles and are looking for more in-depth health and fitness content, this is the blog you're looking for.

    Follow @jencomaskeck

  • Nathan Maxwell

    Featuring running challenges and workout gear reviews, Nathan Maxwell's blog is filled with content for hardcore runners.

    Why Nathan Maxwell is a Top Fitness Blog: Runners looking for race overviews, reviews of new running shoes, watches and other gear, and encouragement for their own exercise endeavors will find a lot to love in this blog.

    Read: Gamelands Ultra 50K Race Recap
    Follow @socialshark

  • Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss

    A Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss is a blog packed with diet, weight loss, and fitness advice geared toward an audience of black women.

    Why Black Girl's Guide to Weight Loss is a Top Fitness Blog: Black women who want to improve their physical fitness and join a supportive online community should tune in to this blog.

    Read: Lil' Kim is Not a Freak Show, She's What We Should Expect
    Follow @bgg2wl

  • Power Cakes

    Powercakes is the work of fitness blogger Kasey Arena, who focuses on helping people who lead a healthy lifestyle with recipes, product tips, and more.

    Why Power Cakes is a Top Fitness Blog: Health-focused readers looking for some great-tasting new recipes and fitness-centric products should definitely add this blog to their regular rotation.

    Read: 2015 Giveaway
    Follow @PowerCakes

  • Stuft Mama

    Stuft Mama is the work of a marathon runner, personal trainer, and mother of twins who write about her journeys as a runner, a mother, and a healthy eater.

    Why Stuft Mama is a Top Fitness Blog: Moms who want some inspiration, whether it's to get out and exercise more or to make great healthy foods that even the kids will enjoy, will love this blog.

    Read: The Week In Review
    Follow @stuftmama

  • Summer Innanen

    Summer Innanen isn't a fitness guru; she's a body image guru, and her blog is dedicated to helping women embrace their bodies with confidence.

    Why Summer Innanen is a Top Fitness Blog: If you're sick of the diet carousel and want to feel confident in your own skin no matter what, Summer Innanen's blog is right for you.

    Read: An Open Letter To Oprah: Why Your Investment In Weight Watcher's Is Bad News For Women
    Follow @summerinnanen

  • Healthynomics

    Healthynomics' Running Archives are a blog dedicated to helping runners get the most out of their workouts while staying safe at the same time.

    Why Healthynomics is a Top Fitness Blog: This blog's tips for running form, running for weight loss, and more all make it the perfect blog for beginning runners to check out.

    Follow @marklkennedy

  • Amy Says So

    Amy Says So chronicles one woman's training for triathlons, as well as providing tips for other women who want to compete in the future.

    Why Amy Says So is a Top Fitness Blog: You won't find a better blog for women who want to train for and compete in triathlons!

    Follow @bcamysaysso

  • Graham Ervin
    Graham Ervin's blog is all about helping readers stay motivated with new workout ideas, inspirational posts, and more.

    Why Graham Ervin is a Top Fitness Blog: Anyone who's serious about fitness and wants a blog that will keep them motivated will love Graham's approach to fitness blogging.

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