October 26, 2016

Best Beer Blogs: Top Influencers

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Beer Blogs to Follow have been announced. Find out how you can make your own beer, get ideas on new craft beers to try, and discover new voices who share your passion for all things beer.

Best Beer Blogs
Best Beer Blogs © CreditDonkey

With a pint in hand, we scoured the web for the best blogs about beer. Many, many bloggers cover this topic, but we wanted to bring you only those bloggers who know the difference between pilsners and lagers, and who are never satisfied with bringing home the same six-pack week after week. These bloggers are adventurous with their tastes and many of them are willing to be crafty themselves—by making their own beer or incorporating it into their dinner recipes.

Top Beer Blogs

CreditDonkey, the credit card comparison website, is a proponent of savvy spending. Beer aficionados often rack up more charges than they’d like to see on their credit card statements. These bloggers will help you choose wisely at the brewery and the grocery store—so you won’t waste your money on beer that isn’t worth your dollars.

Read on for the best beer bloggers to follow this year.

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Best Beer Blogs
Best Beer Blogs © CreditDonkey

  • The Beeroness

    The Beeroness' blog features great introductory articles about craft beer, but it's the huge variety of recipes featuring beer as a key ingredient that are this site's real highlight.

    Why The Beeroness is a Top Beer Blog: Aspiring chefs who love using beer in their cooking will find a ton of tasty new recipes to try out on this blog.

  • Pete Brown

    Pete Brown is a UK-based beer blogger who writes about the history of beer as well as his own thoughts on the beer industry.

    Why Pete Brown is a Top Beer Blog: Self-described beer nerds who want to know all about the history of their favorite brews will love this blog.

    Follow @PeteBrownBeer

  • Steam Whistle

    Steam Whistle is a popular independent Canadian craft beer, and their blog features news from their brewery and recipes beer lovers can make at home.

    Why Steam Whistle is a Top Beer Blog: If you're the type who loves to cook with beer as a key ingredient, but you also care about the ethos of the company you are buying from, you'll find plenty of great recipes on Steam Whistle's blog.

    Read: Steam Whistle Brewery Ownership Announcement
    Follow @steamwhistle

  • Brookston Beer Bulletin

    Brookston Beer Bulletin features plenty of content about the history of beer, from beer-related patents to vintage beer advertisements.

    Why Brookston Beer Bulletin is a Top Beer Blog: This blog is great for homebrewers who want to learn a little more about the history of their favorite hobby.

    Read: The Muppets Drink Lagunitas IPA
    Follow @Brookston

  • The Mad Fermentationist

    The Mad Fermentationist provides unique, daring new beer recipes for people who are on the lookout for something new to brew.

    Why The Mad Fermentationist is a Top Beer Blog: Enthusiastic homebrewers looking for new flavors to try should definitely check this blog out and make it a part of their regular rotation.

    Read: Design a Beer Recipe in 10 Steps

  • KC Beer Blog

    KC Beer Blog covers the Kansas City craft beer scene, from the biggest festivals and events to the latest brewery openings.

    Why KC Beer Blog is a Top Beer Blog: Kansas City beer lovers won't find a better resource when it comes to comprehensive coverage of their city's breweries and beers.

    Read: KC Beer Blog: Ruins Pub - A Review of KC's First Self-Serve Beer Bar
    Follow @KC_BeerBlog

  • Ben's Beer Blog

    Ben's Beer Blog provides news and reviews about the vibrant Ontario, Canada craft brewery scene.

    Why Ben's Beer Blog is a Top Beer Blog: Ontario beer lovers will get the most out of this blog's reviews and posts about the latest and greatest brews in the region.

    Read: Former Dieu du Ciel brewmaster opening east Toronto brew pub
    Follow @Ben_T_Johnson

  • This is Why I'm Drunk

    This Is Why I'm Drunk takes a more academic approach to the world of craft beer, tackling the brewing culture and industry trends in a smart way.

    Why This is Why I'm Drunk is a Top Beer Blog: Beer industry professionals and homebrewers alike will get the most out of this blog's sharp, insightful posts about the industry and the art of brewing.

    Read: What We Mean When We Talk About the ‘Death’ of Flagship Beers
    Follow @BryanDRoth

  • The Thirsty Wench

    The Thirsty Wench tells the story of beer aficionado Robin LeBlanc's deep dive into the world of craft beer through long-form articles.

    Why The Thirsty Wench is a Top Beer Blog: Folks who are just beginning to get into craft beer will appreciate Robin's learning-oriented, detail-heavy approach to beer blogging.

    Read: Brewer's Path, Renoir, and the Craft Beer Narrative
    Follow @thethirstywench

  • MNBeer

    MNBeer covers all the latest news and brews of the busy and growing Minnesota craft beer industry.

    Why MNBeer is a Top Beer Blog: Minnesota residents who love drinking craft beer to keep warm during the frigid winters will enjoy this blog's all-in-one coverage of their home state's great craft beer scene.

    Read: Steel Toe Brewing Moving to Cans

  • The Beer Babe

    Carla Jean Lauter's blog, The Beer Babe, covers the Portland, Maine craft beer scene from the latest brewery news to the best beer recommendations.

    Why The Beer Babe is a Top Beer Blog: Portland has a bustling craft beer scene, and beer drinkers who live there or are about to visit should give this blog a look for the lowdown on the city's best and brightest breweries.

    Read: Death by a Thousand Cups
    Follow @beerbabe

  • Drizly

    Drizly provides great beer, wine and cocktail recommendations, as well as recipes, beer hacks, and more!

    Why Drizly is a Top Beer Blog: Whether you're looking for the best beer to pair with a good meal or just want a few recommendations for new brews, this fun, spirited blog is a must for any fan of great beer.

    Read: Drizly Launches in Tampa
    Follow @Drizly

  • Pints and Panels

    Pints and Panels is the work of artist Em Sauter, who reviews craft beer in amusing, bite-sized comics.

    Why Pints and Panels is a Top Beer Blog: Beer lovers who love a little humor with their craft beer reviews will appreciate Em's refreshing approach.

    Read: Pints and Panels: Wynwood Pop's Porter reviewed!
    Follow @pintsandpanels

  • Charlotte Beer

    Charlotte Beer provides the latest news on the Charlotte, North Carolina, craft beer scene.

    Why Charlotte Beer is a Top Beer Blog: Charlotte-based beer drinkers and industry professionals alike should get their beer news from this site, which reports on all the best new brews and breweries in the city.

    Read: Sycamore and Triple C win medals at the Great American Beer Festival
    Follow @charlottebeer

  • Beer and Baking

    Beer and Baking covers craft beer events in Southern California, and yes, it also provides some tasty recipes that include beer as a key ingredient.

    Why Beer and Baking is a Top Beer Blog: Beer lovers who want to use their favorite beers for both cooking and drinking will love the recipes available on this blog, and Southern California brewers will appreciate its industry and event news.

    Read: Phantom Carriage x The Culinary Underground Recap

  • Girl Plus Beer

    Girl Plus Beer is a blog that features brief interviews with professional brewers as well as plenty of other beer-related content, from book recommendations to articles about beer industry jargon.

    Why Girl Plus Beer is a Top Beer Blog: Drinkers new to beer will appreciate the articles in this blog that break down the often complex jargon of the brewing industry.

    Read: A few words on beer lists
    Follow @girlplusbeer

  • I Think About Beer

    I Think About Beer is a blog dedicated to the taste, process, and history of Belgian beers and European ciders.

    Why I Think About Beer is a Top Beer Blog: Anyone interested in Belgian beer and European cider, whether you're looking for a few good recommendations or want to learn more about its history, should check out this fascinating blog.

    Read: The Brewing Monks: A Potential 12th Trappist Brewery Begins the Process in Spain
    Follow @ithinkaboutbeer

  • 250 Beers

    250 Beers is the work of a Brisbane, Australia-based blogger, who writes about the craft beer scene in and around his hometown.

    Why 250 Beers is a Top Beer Blog: Brisbane beer drinkers will discover plenty of hidden gems if they check out this blog!

    Follow @250beers

  • NOLA Beer Blog

    NOLA Beer Blog is all about the craft beer scene of New Orleans, Louisiana, and the Gulf Coast at large.

    Why NOLA Beer Blog is a Top Beer Blog: New Orleans residents looking for some hidden beer gems in their beloved city should use this blog as a handy reference guide.

    Read: NOLA Beer Blog: Louisiana Has TWENTY Breweries
    Follow @noradeirdre

  • Brewvana

    Brewvana, a blog from an award-winning homebrewer, focuses not just on homebrewing news, but also has features about events, the brewing industry, and even homebrewing book reviews.

    Why Brewvana is a Top Beer Blog: Homebrewers of all stripes looking to learn from the best will love this blog, written by a beer lover for beer lovers.

    Read: The challenge of collaboration beers
    Follow @brewvana

  • Ninkasi Brewing Company

    Ninkasi Brewing is a Eugene, Oregon-based craft brewery whose blog features introductions to key craft beer terminology as well as plenty of news about their ever-growing business.

    Why Ninkasi Brewing Company is a Top Beer Blog: New students of craft brewing should check out this blog's great content introducing newbies to key terminology and processes.

    Read: The Future of Craft is Bright
    Follow @NinkasiBrewing

  • Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

    Iron Hill Brewery's blog provides great content about the state of craft beer, with articles about everything from beer vocabulary to breakdowns of different types of beer and what makes them great.

    Why Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant is a Top Beer Blog: Readers who are new to the craft beer scene will learn a lot from this blog's content, which covers the brewing process, what differentiates various kinds of beers, and more.

    Read: How to Tap a Pumpkin

  • The Bruery

    Go behind the scenes with Orange County craft brewery The Bruery on their blog, which features news on their business, posts about their employees, and beer-themed arts and crafts DIY projects.

    Why The Bruery is a Top Beer Blog: The behind-the-scenes looks at The Bruery contained on this blog will be inspiring to anyone planning to launch their own craft brewery.

    Read: Black Tuesday 2015 Public Sale Details
    Follow @thebruery

  • Brew Trek

    Brew Trek is the work of one intrepid beer blogger who travels the country and writes about his favorite craft beer discoveries.

    Why Brew Trek is a Top Beer Blog: This blog is an absolute must-read for beer-loving travelers looking for hidden treasures like local microbreweries and brewpubs wherever they go.

    Follow @BrewTrek

  • Craft Beer Cellar

    Craft Beer Cellar is about all things craft beer, from recommendations and reviews to interviews with brewers.

    Why Craft Beer Cellar is a Top Beer Blog: Craft beer lovers who are looking for a blog that will help them discover their next favorite beer will find plenty of great recommendations here.

    Read: Order Your 2015 Craft Beer Cellar Advent Boxes

  • Beer Menus

    Beer Menus allows thirsty readers to check out the beer lists of nearby watering holes, and their blog features news about the latest and most popular beers around the country.

    Why Beer Menus is a Top Beer Blog: Craft beer fans always on the lookout for the latest and greatest seasonal beers will find what they're looking for all in one handy location on this blog.

    Read: Help Customers Find Beers They Love
    Follow @beermenus

  • West Michigan Beer Tours

    Western Michigan Beer Tours' blog covers craft beer industry news for the Michigan region, featuring content about brewers, breweries, events, and more.

    Why West Michigan Beer Tours is a Top Beer Blog: Beer lovers in Michigan will find a lot of useful content on this blog, and craft brewers in particular will appreciate its coverage of regional industry news.

    Read: Veteran brewer Trevor Klimek to join One Well Brewing after 5 years at Paw Paw Brewing Co.
    Follow @westmibeertours

  • The Maine Brew Bus

    The Maine Brew Bus' blog covers craft beer and brewery news throughout the state of Maine, including updating its readers on the state's newest breweries.

    Why The Maine Brew Bus is a Top Beer Blog: Readers from Maine who want to know the latest news about the state's bustling craft beer industry will love this blog.

    Read: Coming Soon: The Boston Brew Bus!
    Follow @MaineBrewBus

  • Premium Near Beer

    Premium Near Beer is dedicated to promoting the benefits of the very best non-alcoholic beers on the market.

    Why Premium Near Beer is a Top Beer Blog: If you love the taste of beer but alcohol isn't your thing, you'll love this blog's news and recommendations about non-alcoholic beer.

    Read: Queen’s Engineering Department Revokes Degree - Alumnus Suspected of Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer
    Follow @premiumnearbeer

  • The Hop Review

    The Hop Review gathers the best stories and perspectives of craft beer through interviews, photography & travel. The site is a deep dive into the craft beer scene of the Midwest and beyond, featuring interviews with brewers, behind-the-scenes tours, and more.

    Why The Hop Review is a Top Beer Blog: Beer drinkers (from novice to aficionado) in the Midwest and across the US will love this blog's interviews and behind-the-scenes features, and aspiring brewers will enjoy its more business-focused content.

    Read: THR's Chicago Brewery Bracket Champion
    Follow @TheHopReview

  • Great Lakes Brewing Company

    In addition to news about their brewery and business, Great Lakes Brewing's blog features tips to help beer lovers enjoy their favorite beverages even more.

    Why Great Lakes Brewing Company is a Top Beer Blog: From keeping your beer fresh to rundowns of the various varieties of craft beer out there, this blog is great for anyone who just wants to learn more about craft beer.

    Read: Christmas Ale
    Follow @GLBC_Cleveland

  • Brewpublic

    Brewpublic features news on new brews and events in the Portland, Oregon, area along with plenty of content designed to educate readers about craft beer.

    Why Brewpublic is a Top Beer Blog: This is a great blog for anyone who wants to learn more about the process of making beer and the flavors it offers, but it's especially useful for Portland residents who want to know what's going on in the city's bustling craft beer scene.

    Read: Barley Brown’s 25 Beer Tap Takeover & Meet the Brewer at Green Dragon
    Follow @BREWPUBLIC

  • The General - Beer Blog

    The General is a beer and dining destination in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, and their blog keeps readers up-to-date not only on happenings at their location, but also about beer events in the Chicago area.

    Why The General - Beer Blog is a Top Beer Blog: Chicago residents looking for some great recommendations and news about beer-related events should definitely keep tabs on this blog.

Best Beer Blogs
Best Beer Blogs © CreditDonkey

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