March 11, 2018

Average Internet Bill May Surprise You

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The average household pays around $67 per month for internet in their home and between $35-$60 per month for mobile internet. Read on to learn more facts about the cost of using the internet.

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The Cost of Using the Internet

  • What is the average monthly cost of fixed internet in the US?
    The average household pays $66.17 per month for internet in the US.

  • What is the average cost of mobile internet?
    Shopping with the Big Four cell phone carriers provides an average cost of $35 - $60 per month for a basic smartphone. Many plans today include unlimited talk/text with their data plan. The amount of data you receive in those plans varies between 2GB to unlimited plans.

    The Big Four cell phone carriers are Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

  • How many households in the US have internet?
    Approximately 84% of households in the United States have internet. This is a 10% jump since 2007, when only 74% of households had internet.

  • How many adults access the internet via a smartphone or tablet?
    Three-quarters of adults in the US have access to internet on a smartphone today. This is a 31% jump from 2012.

  • How many households cut the cord on cable in exchange for internet TV?
    The top cable companies in the United States lost 290,000 subscribers just in the third quarter of 2017. Satellite companies lost an average of 475,000 subscribers during the same period. In the meantime, 536,000 subscribers were added to the top internet-delivered subscribers.

The Cost of Internet Around the World

  • Which country in North America has the cheapest monthly internet costs?
    Canadians have the lowest internet costs in North America. They pay an average of $54.92 per month for internet, which is $11.25 less than Americans pay on average.

  • Which country has the cheapest monthly internet costs?
    Iran wins the prize for the cheapest internet. Iranians pay just USD 5.37 (US dollars) for internet per month.

  • Which country has the most expensive monthly internet costs?
    Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa, has the most expensive monthly internet costs. On average, they pay USD 954.54 for internet.

Internet Statistics Around the World

  • How many internet users are there globally?
    Today, there are 4.021 billion people using the internet worldwide. This is a 7% increase over last year.

  • How many internet users are there in the US?
    320,059,368 Americans use the internet today. This represents 88% of the population in the United States.

  • Which country has the most internet users?
    Asia uses 49.2% of the internet in the world, with 1,938,075,631 internet users.

Average Internet Speeds

  • What is the average download speed for fixed internet in the US?
    The average download speed for fixed internet is 83.2 Mbps in the US. The US moved up 3 spots compared to other countries this year.

  • What is the average download speed for fixed internet in the world?
    Globally, download speed averages 41.88 Mbps. This is 41.32 Mbps less than the US.

  • What is the average upload speed for fixed internet in the world?
    Globally, upload speed averages 20.36 Mbps.

  • Which country has the fastest average internet speed in the world?
    Singapore has the fastest internet speed, at 166.44 Mbps. They have the US beat by 83.24 Mbps, but the US is still in 9th place.

  • Which country has the slowest average internet speed in the world?
    Venezuela ranks 128th, with an average internet speed of 3.52 Mbps.

Mobile Internet

  • How much data does the average person use per month?
    According to Brad Akyuz, Director at NPD Group, the average consumer uses 4.5 GB of data each month. This is 1.2 GB more than one year before.

  • How long does it take to use 1 GB of data?
    Each act performed on the internet uses data. What you do will determine how long it lasts. For example, you can send 29,257 emails with no attachments or 5,120 emails with attachments. You can view 3,413 web pages or watch 353 one-minute YouTube videos.

  • How much data does it take to watch Netflix?
    It takes approximately 1 GB of data for each hour of a standard definition movie watched on Netflix. It takes approximately 3 GB of data for each hour of an HD movie streamed on wireless internet.

  • How many people watch videos using mobile data?
    54% of all videos watched online are on either a smartphone or tablet using mobile data.

Bottom Line

As the world moves to relying heavily on data, it’s necessary to find the plan that you can afford yet suits your needs.

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