November 7, 2017

23 Surprising Netflix Statistics You Can't Stop Reading

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Netflix has 102 million more subscribers today than when they first started their streaming service in 2007. Today, they stream to customers in more than 190 countries.

Keep reading to learn more binge-worthy statistics about this continually growing company.

Netflix Facts and Trends

  1. How many Netflix subscribers are there?
    If you ever doubted the popularity of Netflix, 109 million subscribers would disagree. The subscribers span the globe in more than 190 countries.

  2. How many Netflix subscribers are in the U.S.?
    The U.S. makes up just less than half of the total Netflix subscribers. At 52 million subscribers, that's 48% of the subscribers throughout the world.

  3. How many Netflix subscribers are outside the U.S.?
    International subscribers take the majority, at 52% of the worldwide subscribers.

  4. How many subscribers does Netflix add per quarter on average?
    Netflix adds an average of 5 million subscribers per quarter. This is a total of 22 million new subscribers per year.

  5. How many homes are using over-the-top viewing stream Netflix?
    Netflix was the first service many people used for over-the-top viewing. Today, it still remains in about 75% of over-the-top streaming homes. This is despite the competitors trying to steal some of their thunder in recent years.

What is over-the-top viewing? OTT viewing occurs when you view TV or movies via the internet rather than a standard cable or satellite service.

Time Spent Watching Netflix

  1. How many total hours do all Netflix subscribers spend watching Netflix per day?
    The number of hours people spend watching Netflix is staggering. If you added up the hours every subscriber watches Netflix, you'd have 125 million hours streamed per day!

  2. How many average hours does a household stream Netflix per month?
    Households watch an average of 28 hours of Netflix per month. That averages around 7 hours per week.

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Other Netflix Services

  1. How many DVD by-mail-only subscribers are there?
    Despite the convenience of online streaming, there are still 3.5 million DVD by-mail-only subscribers. This is how Netflix originally started (they offered streaming in 2007).

  2. What percentage of original content does Netflix (streaming) plan to have by 2018?
    According to David Wells, the CFO of Netflix, the total content Netflix offers next year should be 50% original content. The other 50% will be licensed shows. This means we could look forward to more addicting series like House of Cards, Narcos, and BoJack Horsemen.

Cord Cutting and Other Services

  1. How many cord cutters are there in total?
    This year alone there are 22 million cord cutters in the U.S. Cord cutters are adults (18 and older) who cancel their cable or satellite subscriptions. This is a 33% increase over last year.

  2. How many cord-nevers are there in the U.S.?
    Even more shocking is the number of cord-nevers. These are the people who never had a subscription to cable or satellite service. This year there are 34 million cord-nevers.

  3. How many cable subscribers exist today?
    Despite the large number of cord cutters, there are still 196 million cable subscribers. This is 2.4% less than last year and market predictions assume at least a 10% drop in the next 5 years.

  4. How many average households using OTT viewing stream YouTube?
    As shocking as it is to see 75% of households stream Netflix, even more shocking is the number that stream YouTube. Its OTT footprint is only 22% lower than that of Netflix. As much as 53% of over-the-top streaming homes stream YouTube.

  5. How many homes have internet-connected TV?
    40% of homes have internet-connected TV. In these homes, they use a variety of devices to stream television. Only 19% use a smart TV. 23% use a digital media player and 18% use a gaming console, such as Xbox or PlayStation.

  6. How many cord cutters have kids in their household?
    8 million families with kids cut the cord on cable. This represents 37% of the total cord cutters in the U.S.

  7. How many people cut the cord because they can watch online versus those just trying to save money?
    People have various reasons for cutting the cord. The most obvious is saving money, and 72% of the cord cutters agree. However, 28% cut the cord just due to the convenience that streaming television provides, putting cost aside.

Binge Watchers

  1. What is binge watching?
    Watching a television series no longer means waiting 7 days until the next episode. Viewers can now watch as many episodes as they want in one sitting. In fact, the new term "binge watch" has now come into being. It generally describes viewers who finish an entire series within 1 week. Depending on the type of series, you could be talking about as many as 22 episodes in one season.

  2. How many average hours per day does the binge watcher spend on a series?
    The average viewer watches around 2 hours per day when they are intent on completing one season of a series.

  3. How much more likely are viewers to binge watch The Walking Dead than House of Cards?
    Viewers tend to finish horror and thriller series in a hurry, pushing way past the 2-hour average viewing time per day. Viewers watching more political or dramatic shows tend to watch a little slower. They may take more time to digest what they watched and reflect on their feelings. That being said, The Walking Dead is much more likely to be binge watched faster than House of Cards.

  4. How many days does the average binge watcher take to finish a series?
    Overall, the average person only took 5 days to complete the first season of a binge-watched series.

  5. What is a binge racer?
    Binge watching isn't the only new term in town. Now we have binge racers. These are viewers who compete to finish an entire series within 24 hours of its release. This could mean watching between 13 and 15 new episodes within 24 hours.

  6. How many people binge race?
    While it sounds impossible to watch that many episodes in one day, 8.4 million people have accomplished it!

  7. What show was most commonly "binge raced" in the U.S.?
    Globally, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life had the most binge racers within 24 hours of its release. In the U.S., Fuller House took the top spot for binge racers. Canada, the country with the most binge racers, tends to agree with the excitement of Gilmore Girls, though.

The Bottom Line

Netflix looks like it's here to stay. With the promise of many original releases, we can't help but be excited. Now we just wonder how many more people are going to jump on the binge watcher/racer bandwagon.

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