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Updated January 2, 2020

American Express Platinum Requirements

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The Platinum Card® from American Express requires great credit, which usually means 720+. But some can be approved with a lower credit score. Learn what it takes to improve your approval odds.

American Express Platinum is one of the top luxury travel rewards cards with a $695 annual fee (See Rates & Fees). It offers a long list of premium travel perks, including airport lounge access, airline fee credit, concierge, and elite hotel status.

The Platinum Card® from American Express

Just how hard is it to get? Read on to find out:

What credit score is needed for American Express?

You'll need a good score in the mid– high 600s to qualify for the basic AMEX cards. For the premium cards, such as the Platinum, it's best if you have an excellent score 720 and above, although lower scores in the mid-600s can be approved as well if you have other strong qualifications.

American Express is known for being more exclusive than other issuers. AMEX usually pulls your credit report from Experian. So, know this score before applying to AMEX cards.

How hard is it to get an Amex Platinum Card?

Getting approval for the American Express Platinum may not be as hard as you think. While having a high credit score will definitely increase your odds, approval may not be as strict as you think. If you have poorer credit in the 600s, you may be approved if you:

  • Have a history of making on-time full payments
  • Have high income and steady job history
  • Have an existing relationship with American Express
  • Don't have too many new accounts and inquiries

Many users have reported being approved with scores in the mid-600s.

However, if your credit is bad (below 600), the chances of getting approval will most likely be slim to none. It's best that you first work on improving your credit score.

American Express Gold Card may be a bit easier to qualify for than AMEX Platinum. It's also a premium card aimed towards travelers, but has a smaller annual fee (See Rates & Fees). In general, it's best if you have a credit score of 700 or above. But scores in the 600s can be approved too if you have strong credit history or good income.

Does Amex Platinum have a credit limit?

AMEX Platinum has no official preset credit limit. That does not mean there is unlimited spending. Instead, your purchasing power adjusts over time depending on factors such as your use of the card, your payment history, credit record and financial resources known to American Express.

Your balance MUST be paid in full each month. If not, you cannot make new charges to the card. Or if you try to spend too much, AMEX may freeze your card until you first pay off your balance. These restrictions ensure you don't spend more than you can afford.

What income do I need to qualify?

There is no official income requirement for the Platinum card. But AMEX will consider your income to make sure you can support the high $695 annual fee (See Rates & Fees), particularly if your credit score is lower. Most Platinum cardholders have higher incomes in the six digits. However, those with lower incomes of around $50,000 have reported being approved too.

Since your spending limit is based on your ability to pay in full, you don't necessarily need a super high income to qualify. If you have a lower income, make sure you have a strong positive credit history to balance that out. A history of paying your credit card in time is important.

Can I carry a balance on American Express Platinum?

No, you are responsible for paying off the card balance in full each month. The Platinum card is not for people who need to carry a balance even on the occasional month.

Which is better Amex Platinum or Gold?

Amex Gold has a lower $250 annual fee (vs $695) and is better for people who spend mostly on dining out and include a monthly dining credit benefit. While Platinum is better for people who value premium travel benefits such as Global Entry, TSA PreCheck, and airport lounges. Read our in-depth comparison for the differences between Amex Gold and Platinum to see which is worth it for you.

Keep in mind, the welcome bonus offer is not available to existing or previous cardholders of the product. They may also consider the number of American Express products you have opened and closed to determine your eligibility for the bonus.

Does Amex Platinum impact credit score?

Credit utilization makes up for 30% of your credit score. This is how much credit you're using compared to how much you're given. But some cards such as American Express Platinum don't have a pre-set credit limit. In this case, your usage does not get calculated into your credit utilization. So a high balance on your card won't negatively affect your credit score.

However, cards will still be factored into your:

  • Payment history
  • Total open accounts
  • Types of credit
  • Length of credit history

All these have an impact to your credit score. For example, if you haven't been paying your card on time, it will ding your score.

What are the approval odds?

The AMEX Platinum is a luxury card targeted towards high spenders and frequent travelers. However, the approval requirements may not be as strict as you imagine. If you have a strong payment history and good income, there's a good chance you could be approved for the card.

Bottom Line

Be responsible with your personal credit. That means you should not:

  • Max out your credit cards every month. That will increase your credit utilization ratio (the higher the worst).
  • Apply for a lot of credit cards. That will increase the number of inquiries on your credit report (the higher the worst).
  • Forget to pay your bills. That will show up on your payment history.

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Editorial Note: This content is not provided by American Express. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express. This site may be compensated through the Advertiser's affiliate programs.

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. This site may be compensated through the Advertiser's affiliate programs.

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