February 2, 2020

Beginner's Guide to Travelocity

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Travelocity is good for finding travel deals on hotels, flights, and rental cars. Read on to learn how to maximize your savings.

Pros & Cons

What We Like

  • Price Guarantee: If customers find cheaper travel accommodations with the exact same itinerary within 24 hours (even longer for packages and hotels) after booking, Travelocity will refund the entire difference.

  • Upfront Price Info: During the booking process, Travelocity clearly lays out the costs, including any cancellation fees, that are part of the listing.

  • Vacation Bundles: Booking a vacation package through Travelocity typically saves more money than if all of the bookings were made separately.

  • Customer Service: Travelocity promises customer service available 24/7 before, during, and after any trips.

  • Dependable Bookings: Since Travelocity is owned by online travel giant Expedia, its listings are consistently honest and reliable.

What We Don't Like

  • Can't Utilize Loyalty Perks: Customers have to book through the Travelocity site, meaning they usually can't earn brand-specific loyalty points for hotels, cruises, and rental cars.

  • Limited Search Capabilities: Users cannot search for multiple dates or locations at once—just one at a time. Each new location and/or date has to be its own separate search.

  • No Significant Discounts: Since Travelocity is owned by Expedia, its prices are often very similar to, if not the same as, all other OTAs owned by the company.

  • No Price Comparison Tool: There's no way to view other travel sites' prices alongside Travelocity's listings.

  • No Rewards Program: Travelocity doesn't have any type of rewards program in place for customers to earn points on bookings.

In this article:

What Is Travelocity?

Travelocity is an online travel agency (OTA). Like other online travel agencies, such as Hotwire, Orbitz, and Kayak, Travelocity allows vacationers to search for and book cheap flights, discounted hotel rooms, inexpensive rental cars, and travel packages.

The network of travel providers on Travelocity includes over 400 airlines and 321,000 hotels, located across the world.

Is Travelocity Legit?
Travelocity's connection to Expedia makes it a safe choice. Both sites work with reputable companies and have years of experience in the online travel industry. However, it may be difficult to change your travel plans after booking through an OTA. Keep reading to learn about Travelocity's cancellation policy.

Travelocity for Flights

Travelocity offers plenty of options if you're looking for cheap flights. Here's how to book a flight:

  • Click on the Flights tab either at the top of the Travelocity homepage or in the search box.

  • In the search box, select a round-trip, one-way, or multi-city itinerary. Enter your departure/destination city, dates of travel, and number of people traveling.

  • Choose any advanced search options you'd like, including limiting results to only nonstop flights, refundable flights, specific airlines, and classes of ticket.

  • Click Search. At the top of the search results, Travelocity offers tips for saving money, providing alternative itineraries based on different dates and nearby airports.

  • Narrow results by selecting the filter categories on the left, such as number of stops, departure time, and more.

  • Prices shown include all taxes and fees, but do not reflect any baggage fees the airline charges. If you click into a particular flight, you can then see any extra fees.

  • Choose your departure flight first, then your return flights (if applicable). From there, you're taken to the checkout page where you enter payment details and complete your booking.

Travelocity gives each flight a score (1 to 10) that reflects flight duration, type of aircraft, and flight amenities.

Many of Travelocity's airline listings are "basic economy" tickets, which are often the cheapest, but also most limited types of airfare.

Depending on the airline, you may get to choose your seat or have to pay extra fees for carry-ons or checked bags. Every listing will state what is and isn't included in the price, but you'll have to buy extras through the actual airline's website.

Travelocity Bargain Fares

On occasion, Travelocity will offer further discounted airline tickets called "Bargain Fares." These opaque listings don't reveal all of the flight information until after booking.

If a Bargain Fare is available for your trip, it will be listed first in the search results. Before you book, you will be able to see:

  • The total price of the ticket: Does not include fees that the airline may charge for baggage or other services.

  • A departure time window: Windows can be long, such as "6 a.m.–10 p.m."

  • A possible number of layovers: Such as "0–2 stops."

You won't be able to see:

  • The actual airline: You may also have to change airlines during a layover.

  • Any additional fees: Such as those for carry-on or checked baggage or seat selection.

Once you purchase the ticket, you'll be able to see all of the information that was omitted in the listing. All Bargain Fares are non-refundable after purchase.

Travelocity for Hotels

Travelocity offers lots of options for discounted hotels.

Here's how to book a hotel:

  • Click on the Hotels> tab, either at the top of the Travelocity homepage or in the search box.

  • In the search box, enter your destination city, your dates of travel, how many rooms you need, and the ages of those staying in the hotel.

  • Click Search. Travelocity's recommended hotels will be listed first. The search results can be displayed in a list or on a map to see where they are located in your destination area.

  • Click a hotel to see additional information about amenities, photos of the property, and types of rooms available.

  • Each hotel listing will show nearby attractions and the distance away from the hotel. You'll also see information about parking, additional fees, and reviews.

  • Scroll down to see the rooms listed in detail, showing pictures, occupancy numbers, and additional details.

  • When you find a room you like, click Reserve to be taken to the payment screen. This is where you can see any additional fees, enter a coupon code, and/or pay for and book your hotel.

Hotel bookings may be labeled as non-refundable, which means no refund will be given no matter the circumstances, or as a free cancellation, meaning you can cancel up to a certain time before check-in.

Some hotels also allow you to "Reserve now, pay later," booking a hotel now and paying for it when you check-in.

Travelocity for Rental Cars

Follow these steps to book your car:

  • Click the Cars tab at the top of the Travelocity homepage.

  • Enter the pickup city, drop-off city (if different from pickup city), pickup date and time, and drop-off date and time into the search box.

  • Filter by advance search function options including car type, company, and applicable discount codes, if you'd like.

  • The search results provide details on the type of vehicle, pickup location, vehicle features, customer ratings, and payment options.

  • Click on a car to see more details and request additional accessories. Then, choose and book your vehicle directly through Travelocity.

The cancellation policy for rental cars can vary. Most prepaid rentals are non-refundable. Some will offer a full refund if canceled before a certain amount of time. You can find the specific terms on each listing.

Travelocity for Package Deals

For those travelers who don't have the time to research hotels, flights, and car rentals separately, Travelocity offers vacation packages. These packages include a combo of different travel needs, including:

  • Flight + Hotel
  • Flight + Hotel + Car
  • Flight + Car
  • Hotel + Car

Here's how to book a vacation package:

  • Click on the Vacation Packages tab on the top of Travelocity's homepage. Enter your departure/destination cities, your travel dates, and number of travelers.

  • Select any Advanced Options you'd like, including airline class, limiting results to only direct flights and/or picking a hotel for only some of the days of your trip.

  • Click Search to see listings of different packages based on your criteria.

  • The price that shows with each vacation package includes taxes and fees, so you're not surprised with extra costs when you get to the booking page.

  • After viewing all the results, you'll choose your hotel first, then your room, followed by your departing flight and return flight. If car rental is part of your package, you'll choose that at the end.

  • Take a look at the final payment page and book your package directly through the Travelocity website.

How to save money with Travelocity

The best way to save money with Travelocity is by booking a vacation package. These bundled deals offer savings over booking each separately.

For example, if you're looking for a fun time in Las Vegas, Travelocity offers a package that includes 3 nights at the Venetian and round-trip airfare from Indianapolis to Las Vegas for $405 per person. Total cost for this trip is $810.

Booking separately, it's $440 for 3 nights at the Venetian plus $223 per person for the round-trip flights, for a total cost of $886.

Travelocity for Vacation Rentals

If you're looking for a vacation rental instead of standard hotel or resort accommodations, Travelocity has you covered.

Here's how to book a vacation rental:

  • Click on the Vacation Rentals tab at the top of the Orbitz homepage. Enter your destination city, travel dates, and the number of guests into the search box.

  • Click Search to see a list of private homes, apartments, bed and breakfasts, inns, and other privately-owned accommodations.

  • Vacation rentals show a rating out of 5 and other information, such as number of bedrooms and how many guests the property sleeps.

  • Once you find a listing you like, click Reserve to head to the payment screen. Make sure to see if there are any extra charges you may have to pay.

  • Book and pay directly through the Travelocity website.

Travelocity offers a program for vacation rental owners. Expedia Group is free to join and allows rental owners to post their properties on numerous websites, including Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com, Orbitz, and more. Each property is marketed to over 200 booking sites in more than 70 countries.

Travelocity for Cruises

In the cruise section of Travelocity, you can search for cruises on all the major lines, including Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Here's how to reserve a cruise:

  • Click on the Cruises tab at the top of the Travelocity homepage. Enter your destination, estimated departure and return dates, and number of adults and children into the search box.

  • Search to show options from all the major cruise lines, as well as some smaller river cruise lines.

  • Each listing will specify the departure port, itinerary, cruise line, and ship name. You'll also see the price, plus other discounts or extras, such as onboard credits, free drink packages, and complimentary shore excursions.

  • Once you've found a cruise you like, choose a cabin type and pick your cabin number, if applicable.

  • Enter the information for all travelers, then book and pay directly through the Travelocity website.

Depending on the cruise, you may be able to cancel or make changes up to 90 days before the trip. Make sure to check each cruise's specific rules before booking.

Travelocity Things to Do

You've booked a flight, hotel, and rental car, but what do you do when you get to your final destination? Travelocity's Things to Do search feature allows you to input your destination city and dates of your visit and pulls up a list of attractions, events, and activities going on during that time.

Each result shows details about that attraction or event and also allows you to book reservations online.

Travelocity's Travel for Good Program
When booking a Travel for Good trip, you'll receive a special coupon code that discounts your hotel and supports American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Travel for Good has volunteer organizations all across the United States—check out the map on Travelocity's website to see where you can give back on your next trip.

Travelocity Features

While it has many of the same search functionalities as other travel websites, Travelocity has several key features that set it apart.

Price Match Guarantee
If you find a lower price on the same hotel, flight, car rental, activity, or vacation package you booked through Travelocity, you can apply for their Price Match Guarantee.

To qualify for the Price Match Guarantee, you must also meet these other criteria:

  • Must be from an English-language website
  • Must be found within 24 hours of booking
  • Must be in U.S. dollars
  • Same travel dates for both bookings
  • Same room type or fare class
  • Same cancellation policy

If you qualify, fill out the Price Match Guarantee application and provide all required info. If approved, Travelocity will send a refund for the price difference.

Cruises have their own Travelocity Price Match Guarantee, and only the cost of the cruise is eligible. This does not include air or land travel, insurance or protection plans, amenities, and other costs.

Customer 1st Guarantee
Travelocity's Customer 1st Guarantee applies whether you've just booked, are currently on your trip, or have recently returned from your trip. The guarantee covers a wide array of travel issues.

For example, if the hotel you booked doesn't match the description on Travelocity or if advertised amenities are unavailable, Travelocity will find a comparable hotel at no extra charge. Same applies to car rentals.

Travelocity Cancellation Policy
Travelocity does not charge any cancellation fees, but most airlines and hotels do. Hotels typically charge a fee if you cancel within a few days of your stay. Check the hotel's policy and refund eligibility before booking.

Most airlines charge a cancellation fee, even when booking through another site. Some offer free cancellation within 24 hours of booking. Check the Airline Details" section before you book through Travelocity.

The Travelocity App
Travelers can book the same travel accommodations on the Travelocity app. Users can check out quickly and easily with Apple Pay, and check their travel details anytime. The app also features specialized app-only promo codes.

Members-Only Account
Users can register for a Travelocity account with just their name and email address. As a member, you can get exclusive deals, plus easy access to any itineraries and trips you book through Travelocity.

Travel Deals
On the Travel Deals page, you'll find coupon codes and all-inclusive hotel offers, as well as deals for last-minute bookings, vacations under $400, and weekend travel. The section also features deals for major destinations around the world like Las Vegas, London, and Cancun.

Travelocity no longer offers "secret deals," so the best way to find extra savings is by checking the travel deals page and signing up for a Travelocity account.

Bottom Line

Travelocity is a great way to put together a great vacation at a great price. The vacation package search function helps you plan different parts of your travel and bundle them into one low price.

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