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Let's face it. Somewhere on every girl's checklist of traits for her Mr. Right is a sizeable income. It may not be the highest priority, but how much a potential mate makes is always a consideration. For that reason, single, rich men are in high demand, and went in search of the best metropolitan areas to find them.

Study Methodology

In our search for the top 10 big cities to find single, rich men, we looked at metropolitan areas with over 1 million residents. After that, we looked at the following factors:

  • Percentage of single men
  • Ratio of single men to single women
  • Mean income of all men

First, we used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to find what percentage of the residents in an area are single men, encompassing all those male adults who are divorced, widowed, or never married. A hefty population of bachelors sets up a nice hunting ground for ladies on the prowl.

Using the total number of singles, we calculated the ratio of single men to single women. You don’t want too much competition, do you?

Lastly, and most importantly, we used the U.S. Census to find the average income for men. Cities ranking high in all three areas are likely good places to find single, rich men.

10 Best Cities to Find Single Rich Men

10. Denver, CO

  • Percentage of single men: 16.91%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: .9302:1
  • Mean income of all men: $72,153

Nicknamed the “Mile-High City,” Denver has an elevation high above sea level, but that isn’t the only thing lofty in this town. Men there make an average of over $70,000 each year, and there are just about as many of them as there are women. This makes Denver a great place for finding a keeper.

Did you know: The reason for Denver’s nickname, the “Mile-High City,” is that it is literally located 5,280 (1 mile) above sea level. Aim high for a mate in Denver.

9. San Diego, CA

  • Percentage of single men: 18.74%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.9808:1
  • Mean income of all men: $67,661

As the eighth largest city in America, San Diego is home to lots of single men. In fact, they make up nearly a fifth of the city’s population. Although the average man in San Diego earns a bit less than men in the other cities on the list, San Diego has more single men to single women than any of them. That makes the competition a little easier for those ladies not into the thrill of the chase.

Did you know: San Diego has over 70 miles of beaches and coastline. How’s that for a long walk on the beach?

8. Philadelphia, PA

  • Percentage of single men: 17.37%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.812:1
  • Mean income of all men: $76,488

Our founding fathers made their mark on this city of brotherly love, and so have several men since then. Averaging more than $76,000 annually, the Philadelphian man is a catch indeed. In this historical city, there’s more than a good chance of finding a dream guy.

Did you know: Looking for someone who is on the cutting edge? Within a 2-hour drive of Philadelphia are 80% of America’s pharmaceutical firms and 80% of the world’s major biotech companies.

7. Hartford, CT

  • Percentage of single men: 17.88%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.8595:1
  • Mean income of all men: $78,984

Connecticut’s fourth-largest city, Hartford is a prime location for meeting a single, rich man. Known for its impact on the insurance industry, this city is home to some bachelors who will definitely have you covered. Making close to $80,000 a year, the average guy there has it going on.

Did you know: Established in 1764, the Hartford Courant is the oldest newspaper in America that still publishes in paper form. The paper is a great way to get ice-breaking fodder for first dates.

6. Seattle, WA

  • Percentage of single men: 17.67%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.95:1
  • Mean income of all men: $76,611

One of the fastest-growing cities in the country, Seattle is an excellent place for scouting out a single, rich guy. With its ratio of single men to single women so close, there are plenty to go around. Averaging a yearly income of over $76,000, the men there are taking care of business. A stroll to the Emerald City may make you forget all about there being “no place like home.”

Did you know: Seattle is where several major companies where founded, including Boeing, UPS, Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and Costco. You have employment opportunities in this area as well as potential partners who have sustainable jobs.

5. New York, NY

  • Percentage of single men: 17.37%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.817:1
  • Mean income of all men: $82,036

A plethora of fruitful bachelors can be found in the Big Apple. 17% of America’s most densely populated city consists of single men, and they earn more than $82,000 a year. With odds that good, it’s worth taking a visit to the city that never sleeps.

Did you know: The Federal Reserve Bank in New York stores 25% of the world’s gold bullion in underground vaults 80 feet beneath the bank.

4. Boston, MA

  • Percentage of single men: 17.60%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.8308:1
  • Mean income of all men: $85,700

Don’t let the cold weather fool you. Boston is a hot spot for finding a single, rich man. The average Beantown man brings in over $85,700 annually. Known for its culture and sports teams, Boston is a great place to find a moneymaking Mr. Right.

3. Washington, DC

  • Percentage of single men: 16.57%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.8396:1
  • Mean income of all men: $88,282

Our nation’s capital comes in at number three, so apparently the District has a lot more to offer than famous museums and national landmarks. Single men make up nearly 17% of the population, and the average man makes upward of $88,000. Single women outnumber single men just a tad, but that’s no reason to avoid DC on your quest for a wealthy bachelor.

Did you know: Washington, DC has a higher concentration of lawyers per capita than any other city in America, with one lawyer for every 19 residents. For those looking to date a lawyer, this is the city to visit.

2. San Francisco, CA

  • Percentage of single men: 18.28%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.8995:1
  • Mean income of all men: $90,990

As the second most densely populated city in the U.S., behind only New York, San Francisco is full of people, over 18% of whom are single men. Though there are slightly fewer single men than single women in the Golden Gate City, the men there make over $90,000 on average each year. Anyone fortunate enough to find one can consider herself a lucky lady.

Did you know: San Francisco is one of the richest cities on earth. It ranks fourth in the world behind New York, Moscow, and London for number of billionaires.

1. San Jose, CA

  • Percentage of single men: 15.93%
  • Ratio of single men to single women: 0.9716:1
  • Mean income of all men: $97,374

The largest city in Silicon Valley and the third largest in California, San Jose ranks number one. The men in this city make more on average than men in any other city in America. Tied with the fact that single men make up about 16% of the population and the ratio of single men to single women is nearly equal, you won’t have to search long and hard for a sweetheart with a fat wallet.

Did you know: While many of the 6,600 technology companies that call San Jose home have lopsided ratios between male and female employees, there is a bright spot. Females in the area more likely to stumble upon well-employed men in the after-work hours.

To be sure, the amount of money someone makes shouldn’t be the main reason to fall for anyone. And it certainly shouldn’t be a way to think you can get out of your money troubles. In your search for a special someone, consider all their characteristics, their personality, their sense of humor, all the important stuff. In the meantime, we had fun compiling this list.

Jasmine Williams is a contributing writer at CreditDonkey, a diamond jeweler comparison and reviews website. Write to Jasmine Williams at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for our latest posts.

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