September 15, 2016

Best Luxury Travel Blogs: Top Industry Experts

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Do you appreciate the finer things in life? Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Luxury Travel Blogs award have been announced. These travel bloggers share their itineraries, photos and tips for the affluent crowd.

Top Luxury Travel Blogs

Lounging poolside, relaxing with a facial, exploring what the world has to offer—these are all activities luxury travelers get to experience whenever they feel like it.

If you can afford to join them, you’ll want to follow any of the bloggers chosen by CreditDonkey, the travel credit card comparison website. These are the best luxury travel blogs the entire web has to offer, with current updates, advice, photographs and travel logs to inspire you.

Feeling like your wallet is too tiny to hop on an airplane anytime soon? You can still travel along—virtually—and follow these luxury travel bloggers’ adventures, including activity-filled cruises, budget-busting resort splurges, and envious getaways.

  • Cruise Critic

    One of the most extensive cruising resources available, the website shares all kinds of information, from reviews of ships to insider tips to make any cruise a VIP experience.

    Why Cruise Critic is a Top Luxury Travel Resource: Honest reviews covering nearly every cruise line and region.

    Read: Update: Royal Caribbean Ends Anthem of the Seas Cruise Due to Storm
    Follow @cruisecritic

  • The Vacation Gals

    Written by three moms, the blog focuses on family travel and weekend getaways and how to add more adventure and happiness to your life -- at home and on the road.

    Why The Vacation Gals is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Honest reviews and travel advice from a variety of perspectives.

    Read: Why You Want to Book a Viking Ocean Cruise. Right Now.
    Follow @thevacationgals

  • My Itchy Feet

    Donna and Alan travel the U.S. and the world to share travel stories and advice with other Baby Boomer travelers.

    Why My Itchy Feet is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: The duo's detailed posts and beautiful pictures are full of great information and recommendations for Boomers.

    Read: Road Trip Apps
    Follow @donnalhull

  • World of Wanderlust

    Brooke bought a one-way ticket after graduating college and hasn't looked back. Her blog chronicles her travels around the world and her best tips to make the most of any visit.

    Why World of Wanderlust is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Great advice, travel stories, and food and hotel reviews.

    Read: The 36 Best Tips for Travelling in Europe
    Follow @worldofwlust

  • Luxe Adventure Traveler

    Jennifer and Tim enjoy crazy travel adventures during the day and luxury and wine at night; their blog shows how to combine the best of both worlds.

    Why Luxe Adventure Traveler is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: The authors share great tips on adding adventure to your luxurious vacation and creating an amazing experience.

    Read: 16 Places to Travel in 2016
    Follow @jdomb

  • Lost In Cheeseland

    Expat Lindsey has lived in Paris for a decade and explores the city and region for great travel trends and new attractions.

    Why Lost In Cheeseland is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get an insider's look at life in Paris with unique tips and places to stay, eat, and visit.

    Read: Shakespeare and Company Cafe Opens in Paris
    Follow @lostncheeseland

  • Mrs. O Around the World

    Whenever Ana leaves home, it's for a better place. She has traveled the world staying in luxury accommodations and seeing the best of what the world has to offer.

    Why Mrs. O Around the World is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Hotel and gadget reviews to make any kind of trip more enjoyable and luxurious.

    Read: A journey on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express train
    Follow @mrsoaroundworld

  • La Jolla Mom

    Katie and her family once lived at the Four Seasons, and she's never turned back from luxury travel. She blogs about amazing trips around the world and luxury around her home in California.

    Why La Jolla Mom is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Luxury travel itineraries for beautiful places around the globe, plus tips for resort trips with kids.

    Read: Why Global Entry is Necessary
    Follow @lajollamom

  • The Planet D

    Dave and Deb are out to prove that everyone can live a life of travel, no matter their budget or style. They share stories and advice from their 8+ years of full-time travel.

    Why The Planet D is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A wide range of travel stories and advice, plus beautiful pictures from all corners of the world.

    Read: Travel Blog Gold! Honored to Win SATW Two Years in a Row
    Follow @theplanetd

  • Traveling Panties

    Katie enjoys the finer things in travel, but she doesn't like paying for things that aren't great. Her blog has honest reviews about the most luxurious places across the globe.

    Why Traveling Panties is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Candid hotel and restaurant reviews, plus tips on traveling while pregnant.

    Read: A Visit to Canyon Ranch Spa in Lennox, Massachusetts
    Follow @TheKatieLara

  • Luxury Columnist

    With a goal of adding a little luxury to everyone's life, Suze shares her most luxurious recommendations and top trends for where to go and what to see.

    Why Luxury Columnist is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Suze's recommendations are trendy, hip, and definitely luxurious.

    Read: 5 Unmissable Places to Visit - Amalfi Coast
    Follow @luxurycolumnist

  • Cruise Radio

    Using his blog and a podcast, Doug shares his best cruise tips and honest reviews of all levels of cruise ships, excursions, and destinations.

    Why Cruise Radio is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Learn how to get the most luxury on your cruise without breaking the bank.

    Read: Titanic II Will Set Sail in 2018
    Follow @cruiseradio

  • The Lazy Travelers

    Best friends Ashley and Carolyn share a passion for travel and blog about their amazing adventures around the world, together and separately. They love great wine and good food.

    Why The Lazy Travelers is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Detailed stories and photos from around the world, with great advice on getting the best food and drink.

    Read: 24 Hours in Corning, New York
    Follow @lazytravelers

  • Luxury Retreats

    A team of expert travel agents blog with tips on how to make the most of your downtime and add luxury to every getaway.

    Why Luxury Retreats is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Stay up-to-date on luxury travel trends and hot destinations.

    Read: We Talk to Miss Malini
    Follow @luxuryretreats

  • Paul Gauguin Cruises

    Run by a luxury cruise company that sails French Polynesia, the blog shares travel stories and destinations throughout the region.

    Why Paul Gauguin Cruises is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get luxury travel itineraries for Tahiti and the surrounding areas.

    Read: Motu Mahana, the Epitome of a Paul Gauguin Cruise
    Follow @PaulGauguin

  • Different Doors

    Revati and Charles aren't typical travelers - they go through unique doors to unlock cultural and luxurious treasures around the world.

    Why Different Doors is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A great resource for unique luxury, including adventures and cultural experiences.

    Read: Wadi Rum, Jordan - Through the Sands of Time
    Follow @dd_traveller

  • Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

    Originally from New Zealand and now living in England, Kelly loves to travel and stay in luxury hotels. She shares her adventures in travel and gluten-free eating.

    Why Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A great resource for luxury accommodations around England and Europe.

    Read: Visiting Castle Combe, Wiltshire
    Follow @80pairsofshoes

  • Bart.La

    Bart loves to travel first class, but he doesn't want to pay for it - he uses loyalty programs, promotions, error fares, and more to travel the world in style while still sticking to a budget.

    Why Bart.La is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Great tips on how to stretch your travel budget, get upgrades, and make your trip luxurious without breaking the bank

    Read: I Travel Too Much!
    Follow @fotograaf


    For Roxanne, time is the biggest luxury, and she aims to maximize her time and experiences in every city she visits. She lives the life of a billionaire on a budget as she traverses the world.

    Why is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Search by region and location to find stunning photos and recommendations for luxury at every budget.

    Read: Top-notch Tocqueville - French Inspired Haute Cuisine
    Follow @roxannegenier

  • Wandering Carol

    With a wide career as a travel columnist, spa expert, and travel blogger, Carol is enthusiastic about luxury travel and aims to find the best and most relaxing resorts, spas, and locations around the world.

    Why Wandering Carol is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Carol adds a lighthearted attitude and sense of humor into her posts, making them informative and fun to read.

    Read: Beatrix Potter Sights in the Lake District
    Follow @WanderingCarol

  • The Bon Vivant Journal

    London-based concierge Emyr Thomas recommends only the best things to his clients, and he travels around London and the world regularly to make sure he stays on top of luxury trends.

    Why The Bon Vivant Journal is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Emyr's reviews cover bars, clubs, hotels, and more in some of the biggest cities in the world.

    Read: The Best Indian Restaurants in London
    Follow @BonVivantLondon

  • Carmen's Luxury Travel

    Carmen balances luxury travel with family travel and blogs about the best of both - from private beach getaways to spa weekends and everyday opulence.

    Why Carmen's Luxury Travel is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Carmen includes lots of reviews and recommendations, as well as ways to make family travel more luxurious.

    Read: Suite Class on Royal Caribbean - Oasis of The Seas
    Follow @carmensluxtrvl

  • Cruise Diva

    Linda is an award-winning travel writer who shares all kinds of information for cruisers, from news to planning tips.

    Why Cruise Diva is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A great source for all kinds of cruisers.

    Read: Regent Seven Seas Names First Female Captain
    Follow @cruisediva

  • Once in a Lifetime Journey

    Mar is all about unique luxury travel; from out of the ordinary destinations to local food and amazing resorts, her blog will open your eyes to a new side of luxury travel.

    Why Once in a Lifetime Journey is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Extensive details and recommendations for luxury travel in Asia and around the world. Plus other off-the-beaten path destinations too.

    Read: 5 Luxury Resorts a Ferry Away from Singapore
    Follow @marpagesTWL

  • Disney Cruise Line Blog

    Avid Disney fan Scott has been cruising with Disney for years; his blog shares news about the ships as well as travel tips and stories.

    Why Disney Cruise Line Blog is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Great for all kinds of cruises, from couples to families.

    Read: Disney Fantasy Experiencing Mechanical Issues
    Follow @TheDCLBlog

  • Chris Cruises

    A certified cruise expert, Chris shares his honest reviews and experiences of all aspects of cruising and gives tips to make the most of any cruise.

    Why Chris Cruises is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Great resources for luxury cruises and unique ship experiences.

    Read: Travel Gear Review: Solar Powered Battery Backup
    Follow @chriscruises

  • Chic Family Travel

    Tamala combines luxury with family travel by taking her kids to amazing family-friendly locations and enjoying chic adult travel as well.

    Why Chic Family Travel is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Great travel journals and tips for mixing luxury and kids.

    Read: Fun Things to do in New York City That You Haven't Heard About
    Follow @chicfamtravels

  • Glamping

    Perfect for travelers who love luxury and the outdoors, this blog highlights the best glamping locations around the world.

    Why Glamping is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get inspired by luxury camping destinations and advice.

    Read: Escape to Samaná: Dominican Tree House Village
    Follow @glampingdotcom

  • CarlosMeliaBlog

    Experienced travel agent Carlos has worked throughout the industry and has an undying love of luxury travel. He shares stories and tips from his global adventures with an emphasis on LGBT luxury travel.

    Why CarlosMeliaBlog is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Search by region to find the most opulent hotels, restaurants, and experiences from Carlos' carefully curated collection.

    Read: Cooking while Traveling
    Follow @carlosmelia

  • The Travelista

    Jess travels the world looking for the most luxurious experiences and accommodations, which she shares with beautiful pictures and words.

    Why The Travelista is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Stunning photos and travel itineraries for locations all over the world.

    Read: Competition: Win an Aspinal of London Travel Collection
    Follow @travelistajess

  • Remote Lands

    Asian travel experts share the best ways to indulge throughout the region with personalized itineraries and unique experiences.

    Why Remote Lands is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Go above and beyond in Asia with recommendations for the best food, tours, accommodations, and more.

    Read: Angkor by Helicopter
    Follow @RemoteLands

  • Jet Set Brunette

    A Canadian living in Sydney, Courtney balances a passion for travel with her full-time job. She shares tips for expat living and making the most of your travel time.

    Why Jet Set Brunette is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Reviews for luxury attractions around Sydney, plus packing and planning advice.

    Read: 55 Times Australia Proved It's One Of The Most Instagrammable Places On The Planet
    Follow @JetSetXO

  • The Luxury Editor

    A team of experienced travelers share the most stylish, indulgent, and unique places around the world to build a community of discerning travelers.

    Why The Luxury Editor is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get the hottest recommendations and connect with other like-minded luxury travelers.

    Read: Best Restaurants in Glasgow
    Follow @theluxuryeditor

  • Austin Adventures

    From an award-winning travel agency comes a blog full of adventurous locations and tips for unique family and adult travel.

    Why Austin Adventures is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Find itineraries for new locations and ways to personalize your vacation for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Read: 1 Tips for Booking Holiday Travel
    Follow @AustnAdventures

  • Cruise Miss

    Cruise lover Danielle shares her expert tips, cruising news, and insider tips for the best possible trip.

    Why Cruise Miss is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Advice for all kinds of cruisers, plus news and reviews of cruise ships and destinations.

    Read: Woman Swims Out to Sea to Catch Cruise Ship
    Follow @cruisemiss

  • Velvet Escape

    Giving up a career in investment banking to travel (his true passion), Keith has visited over 80 countries looking for velvet experiences - travel experiences that are luxurious, inviting, and that have a certain depth and richness to them.

    Why Velvet Escape is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Keith offers great luxury travel tips, as well as recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and outdoor, cultural and gastronomic experiences.

    Read: The Incredible View from Grouse Mountain
    Follow @velvetescape

  • The Yum List

    If it isn't good, Monica doesn't include it on her list. Her blog includes only the best places to eat, stay, and relax around Malaysia and the world.

    Why The Yum List is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Find itineraries for new locations and ways to personalize your vacation for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    Read: Best Restaurants (and Bars) in Kuala Lumpur 2015
    Follow @theyumlist

  • Luxe Tiffany

    Tiffany has worked with some of the best luxury brands and hotels around the world, and she uses her blog to inspire and give recommendations.

    Why Luxe Tiffany is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Tiffany is a great source for the hottest new hotels, spas, and airlines.

    Read: Hot in the Caribbean
    Follow @LuxeTiffany

  • I am Ella

    Ella loves exploring around London and the world and shares her amazing adventures and style.

    Why I am Ella is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Stay updated on fashion trends, the hottest restaurants in London, and how to turn every trip into a luxury.

    Read: Valentine's Day Under Mt. Fuji, Japan
    Follow @elladvornik

  • Myths and Mountains

    Find out about carefully curated trips for all types of travelers. With tips on where to go and how to make every trip personal and life-changing, this blog combines luxury and adventure.

    Why Myths and Mountains is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Learn how to add luxury to adventures around the world, from hiking to climbing and exploring.

    Read: The Best Trekking Route to Everest Base Camp
    Follow @MythsMountains

  • Quasarex

    With 30 years of planning luxury vacations throughout South America, the Quasar Expeditions team has lots of destination advice and itineraries to share on their blog.

    Why Quasarex is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Search by location to get a wide variety of perspectives and luxury tips for the adventures in this region.

    Read: New Galapagos Giant Tortoise Species Discovered
    Follow @QuasarEx

  • Maryhop

    Mary enjoys the finer things in life. From her job as a VIP flight attendant to her worldwide travels and quest for the most luxurious resorts, she shares her best tips and recommendations.

    Why Maryhop is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get inspired for a high-brow vacation with Mary's recommendations and inside look at top food and hotels around Greece and the world.

    Read: The Fabulous Uniforms of the Olympic Airways
    Follow @maryhopcom

  • LoungeBuddy

    This blog is dedicated to airport lounges around the world, including pictures, tips, and ways to spend your travel time in style.

    Why LoungeBuddy is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get the inside scoop on airline rewards and how to get your spot inside a luxurious airport lounge.

    Read: Cathay Pacific's The Pier Business Class Lounge: An Inside Look
    Follow @loungebuddy

  • Carpe Travel

    Elaine balances wanderlust with kids, work, and other responsibilities and still finds ways to plan amazing trips for her family and herself.

    Why Carpe Travel is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Detailed posts about fun family adventures, plus lots of information about wine vacations.

    Read: Top Hot Springs in Colorado
    Follow @elaineschoch

  • SilverSpoon London

    London-based Angie explores the hottest and best places around London and the world, with great recommendations for cuisine and accommodations.

    Why SilverSpoon London is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Get an insider's view of the opulent side of London with lots of reviews and recommendations.

    Read: My Top 10 Things to Do in Ubud, Bali
    Follow @SilverSpoonLDN

  • Kara on the Coast

    Kara has built a career around luxury content, and her blog is no exception. She uses her connections around Florida to share the best luxury accommodations, cuisine, and more.

    Why Kara on the Coast is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A great guide to luxury in Florida and the Caribbean, down to what to wear, what to pack, and where to stay.

    Read: Young, Wild and Free: Our 11 Year Anniversary
    Follow @karafranker

  • Travel with Martha

    Martha is a passionate traveler who has had adventures around the world, and she aims to help people plan their perfect customized vacation to the best places.

    Why Travel with Martha is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Martha shares stories from around the world and highlights the best hotels and luxurious experiences.

    Read: Tourism is Alive and Well in Greece
    Follow @travelmartha

  • Holy Smithereens

    Jean has lived around the world and worked in the airline industry, and now she blogs about luxury travel with a mix of adventure. Even though she enjoys comfortable travel, she isn't afraid to try new things.

    Why Holy Smithereens is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Reviews of resorts, hotels, and airlines, plus packing advice and unique destinations.

    Read: Which Maldives Resort Fits Your Personality?
    Follow @holysmithereens

  • Ladyhattan

    Tara is a seasoned jetsetter with a knack of finding the best travel options available. Her blog highlights the best places and experiences around her hometown of Manhattan, as well as luxury resorts in destinations around the world.

    Why Ladyhattan is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: The blog highlights amazing hotels and resorts around the world with stunning pictures and honest reviews. No matter if you're shopping through New York City or exploring in the jungle, Tara has a luxury recommendation for you and advice on how to enjoy the finer things in life.

    Read: A Perfect Day at Pike's Place Market
    Follow @ladyhattanblog

  • Mary Rossi Travel

    Run by an Australian-based travel agency, the blog shares amazing destinations and experiences around the world.

    Why Mary Rossi Travel is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: Gorgeous photos and stories highlight personalized travel and luxury around the world, from safaris and hikes to cruises.

    Read: A Villa in Tuscany
    Follow @maryrossitravel

  • Travel Executive - The Luxury Travel Blog

    One of the top luxury travel blogs in the world, Daniel and his team of experienced travelers highlight the best and most opulent hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the world.

    Why Travel Executive - The Luxury Travel Blog is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: The blog is a must-read to find the hottest and best places for your next trip.

    Read: Cabin-Check: Business Class at myAustrian
    Follow @trvlexecutive

  • The Tales of a Traveler

    One an experienced traveller and one a novice, Swati and Sam love to indulge in the finer things as they travel the world together from their home base in India.

    Why The Tales of a Traveler is a Top Luxury Travel Blog: A fantastic guide to luxury destinations and accommodations around India, as well as other regions of the world.

    Read: Travel Postcard Maldives
    Follow @talesoftraveler

  • Sand In My Suitcase

    Sand In My Suitcase is all about luxury travel with a twist of adventure. "Luxury travel" for award-winning travel writers Janice and George Mucalov, who produce their blog, includes luscious hotels and cruises with suites and butlers, but also more affordable inns that ooze character and barefoot chill-out digs.

    Why Sand In My Suitcase is a Top Luxury Travel Resource: The couple like venturing off-the-beaten-path - hiking, kayaking, scuba diving - even getting a little sandy sometimes, knowing there's always a soft return. Their stories and reviews are honest, well-written and refreshing.

    Follow @SandInSuitcase

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