November 22, 2023

Credit Repair for Veterans

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Veterans can experience poor credit after active duty. Luckily, there are many credit repair companies willing to help. Read on.

What are the best credit repair companies for veterans?
The best credit repair companies for veterans are:
  1. Lexington Law for best overall
  2. for first payment discounts
  3. The Credit Pros for credit building feature
  4. The Credit People for the longest satisfaction guarantee
  5. Sky Blue Credit for the fastest dispute cycle

If you're in the military, the constant moving and short-notice deployments can steer away focus on having good credit. So, it's not uncommon for veterans to suffer from poor credit after service.

What happens when service ends? Delinquent loans, piling debt, and unsettled accounts await.

The solution? Credit repair companies for veterans. You may even get offered a military discount. Here are your options.

Best Credit Repair Companies for Veterans

Among the hundreds of credit repair companies around the U.S., here are the top 5 companies most suitable for veterans.

Does VA help with credit repair?
The VA does not directly help fix the credit of veterans and military personnel. However, they provide resources and educational material to help any veteran and active military person improve their credit. The VA focuses on other forms of assistance to veterans, such as home loans and pensions.

Lexington Law: Best Overall

Lexington Law has been in the business for over 20 years. It's a law firm with experienced lawyers and paralegals who can dispute various negative items in your credit report.

Lexington Law offers Focus Tracks, which are tailored credit solutions for unexpected life events. This includes a Military Focus Track — ideal for veterans and active service members.

Why we like Lexington Law:
The Military Focus Track leverages laws that protect veterans and active service members.[1] Lawyers can use laws like the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to protect you against default judgments, evictions, etc.[2]

Lexington Law offers only one premium package that costs $119.95/month. You'll be charged an initial work fee five days after you sign up. After that, you will pay $119.95/month. Lexington Law also offers veterans and active military members 50% off the first work fee.[3]

You can download Lexington Law's iOS or Android app to get updates regarding your cases. Use it to monitor your credit score, review your credit report, and see the progress of your credit repair program.

What is a first work fee?
A first work fee is a small charge that covers initial tasks in the credit repair service. Companies can bill you anytime from 5 to 15 days after the start of your program. It's also known as an initial working fee, setup fee, or first fee.

Lexington Law is one of the most expensive credit repair services. The first work fee is not specified, and other charges can add up to the total cost. You may end up paying more than what's advertised.

Lexington Law also doesn't have a satisfaction or money-back guarantee. That means you can't request a refund if you're ever unsatisfied with the service.

For a more transparent first payment, you can check out instead. It also offers discounts, similar to Lexington Law.

Creditrepair.Com: First Payment Discounts

With, veterans and active military members are offered a large discount for the first payment. It's one of the biggest discounts for first payment in the industry.

Why we like
Just like Lexington Law, offers 50% off of your first payment if you're a veteran or an active military member.[4]

This can mean huge savings since the first payment is the same price as the monthly package price. will charge you a monthly fee of $99.95. You will also need to pay a first payment that costs the same as the monthly fee.

Similar to Lexington Law, you can keep track of your disputes with's iOS or Android app. You'll get updates and a breakdown of your credit report through the app.

Pro tip: You don't need a credit repair package to make use of If you want to learn about DIY credit repair, you can browse through's blogs and articles to learn dispute strategies.

Downsides: doesn't offer a money-back guarantee, so you can't request a refund if you end up unsatisfied with the service.

The Credit Pros: Credit Building Solutions

The Credit Pros has been in the credit repair industry since 2009. It offers credit repair and credit-building features, so you can repair and build your credit simultaneously.

If you're a veteran, you can opt for the Success Plus credit builder loan. It's especially suitable for those with thin credit histories due to a lack of transactions reported to credit bureaus.

The loan can help you build and improve your credit history as you make your payments.

Why we like The Credit Pros:
All packages offered by The Credit Pros have unlimited disputes, so you can dispute however many negative items you need.

This is unlike other credit repair companies that put a cap on their disputes every month, depending on the package they offer.

Plus, both of The Credit Pro's packages offer credit monitoring features. This means you can monitor the disputes to keep yourself up to date. You can also download the mobile app on your iOS or Android device to get updated wherever you are.

Price (per month)$149$129
First Work FeeSame as the package price
Three Credit Bureau Challenges
Creditor Interventions
Cease & Desist Letters
Letter of Reference
Credit Builder Loan

The Credit Pros has the most expensive packages on the list, with both plans costing more than $100 monthly.[5] You may need to shell out a large amount of money to get your ideal credit.

The Credit Pros does offer a money-back guarantee. But the catch is that the many terms and conditions may hinder you from requesting a refund.

Money-back Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee
Credit repair companies aren't required to offer a refund policy. Only selected companies offer this as a sign of confidence and assurance that they can improve your credit within a certain timeframe.

If you do prioritize a money-back guarantee, then you can check out The Credit People. It offers the longest guarantee.

The Credit People: Satisfaction Guarantee

The Credit People is another reputable credit repair company that has removed millions of negative items for thousands of clients. It's been in the industry since 2001.

The Credit People offers the longest satisfaction guarantee of all credit repair packages on this list. Its guarantee covers up to 6 months of service, which can be advantageous for veterans.

Why we like The Credit People:
The Credit People's Premium Flat Rate plan offers a double advantage for veterans who need extensive credit repair. The plan comes with lower monthly fees and an extensive guarantee.

The entire service costs around $99/mo. This is cheaper than the Premium plan with the same features. You'll get unlimited disputes and creditor interventions for both.

The guarantee also covers the entire service of credit repair. You get protection for 6 months, while other services only have up to 90 days of coverage.[6]

Here's how much The Credit People's packages cost:[7][8]

Price$599.00 for six months$119.00 per month$99.00 per month
First Fee$19.00
Unlimited Challenges to Three Main Credit Bureaus
Credit Score Updates
Monthly Credit Monitoring (report and scores)
Creditor Interventions
Escalated Disputes and Validations

The Standard plan is a bit limited for veterans who need deep credit repair services. It's best to go for the other two plans if you have too many items that result in poor credit.

Also, The Credit People does not have any mobile app. You need to use a desktop to access your online account.

How do you fix your credit in the military?
While in the military, you can fix your credit by adding more positive transactions to your report. You can do so by making timely payments on all your accounts. This lets you avoid negative items due to late payments and missed dues.

You can also gradually decrease your utilization ratio by opening and maintaining new credit accounts responsibly. The suggested utilization ratio for one credit account is below 30%.

If service speed is your priority, you're better off with the next company. It has the fastest credit repair service on the list.

Sky Blue Credit: Fastest Dispute Process

Sky Blue Credit is the most established credit repair company for veterans. It has been in the industry since 1989. It also operates on a 35-day dispute cycle, which is faster than other companies.[9]

Best part? Sky Blue Credit offers credit repair to veterans for both individuals and couples. It even provides a discounted plan to couples who sign up.

Why we like Sky Blue Credit:
Typically, credit repair companies operate on a 45-day cycle, making Sky Blue Credit faster by 10 days.

Sky Blue Credit also operates on a re-dispute basis for negative items. So, you get another chance to dispute and reinvestigate your negative item with the credit bureaus.

Here are the packages you can get:[10]

Price (per month)$79.00$119.00
First Work FeeSame as the package price
Pro Analysis
Faster Disputes: 35-day Disputes
Custom Disputes
Extra services: Creditor Interventions

The extra services for creditor interventions don't have additional charges. For example, you can request additional debt validation services or ask them to send goodwill letters for free. You can also consult them about debt settlement services.

Sky Blue Credit does not have credit monitoring features. You'll have to subscribe to another app to keep track of changes to your credit. It's an additional expense to keep yourself updated.

Also, you may not be able to contact Sky Blue Credit readily. Sky Blue Credit's customer support is only available from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM Monday to Friday, EST.

Get a Free Credit Report Weekly
You can get your free credit report online on to see your recent transactions. You'll be able to access your weekly reports from the main credit bureaus.

Now, as a veteran, how will these companies work for your benefit?

How Do Credit Repair Companies Work For Veterans?

Credit repair companies improve credit by disputing negative items on credit reports. Professionals will challenge credit bureaus and creditors for inaccurate, outdated, and unverifiable items.

Here are some basic inclusions from credit repair companies:

  • Review and analyze your credit report
  • Verify negative information in your credit report
  • Write dispute letters to credit bureaus
  • Challenge and correspond with your creditors
  • Monitor changes in your credit
  • Book one-on-one consultations

Other companies can offer other features such as custom credit repair, fast-track add-ons, or credit-building features.

Can the military fix your credit?
No, the military cannot fix your credit, even if the military comes with certain rights and privileges. However, there are several laws that may help you out as a veteran or an active service member. You can look into the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Military Lending Act.

Next, you might be thinking, why do you struggle with credit as a veteran anyway?

What aspect of credit repair do you find most daunting as a veteran?

Most common credit issues of veterans

As a veteran, you may experience the following issues, which can drag your credit:

  • Deployment and Moving
    As part of your work, you may be called for short-notice deployments, which can result in relocations. This means it's difficult to establish a consistent credit history since personal information may change frequently.

    Your credit report may earn inaccurate and inconsistent information. So you'll need to spend time correcting this information to keep your credit up-to-date.

  • Underemployment or Unemployment
    The transition from military service to civilian life can be very challenging. This, in turn, can affect your finances and have you stuck with multiple debts.

    These debts accrue interest or penalties, which makes them even harder to pay off.

    Also, debt obligations don't end just because you're on active duty or serve far away from home. So your debts will still be waiting for you when you get back.

  • Limited Credit History
    Many people in service may have entered the military at a young age. This means credit history may be very thin, with no activity enough to build credit.

    You can build your credit history by adding more lines of credit and adding more positive transactions. Credit builders like Kovo or a credit builder loan from Self may help you out.

  • Identity Theft
    As a veteran, you may be wary of identity theft, especially when you're away. Identity theft can lead to fraudulent transactions in your credit report.


Here's how we chose the best credit repair companies for veterans:

  • Years in the Business
    The companies in this list have been in the industry for over ten years. This demonstrates compliance with credit repair laws and standards.

  • Credit Repair Packages
    Reputable companies should at least offer the basics of credit repair. Plus, through creditor interventions, experienced companies should be able to help you settle accounts you may have forgotten during duty.

  • Fees and Discounts
    Many companies offer veteran and military discounts as a small way of saying thank you to people who have served and protected the country.

    Be wary of companies that offer a "one-time-all-in" fee before performing any credit repair service. It's illegal to charge upfront fees as per CFPB.[11]

  • Satisfaction or Money-back Guarantee
    With a guarantee, companies will refund you your money if they haven't removed a negative item in your report within a certain period (i.e., 90 days).

    It ensures that companies will dispute questionable items in your report. It also increases the chances of successful removals.

  • Customer Reviews
    Reputable companies will have a mix-and-match of feedback from different clients. We considered those with verified reviews. That way, we know that credit repair companies are truly doing something to improve your credit.

Which factor is most important to you when choosing a credit repair service?

Bottom Line

If you're a veteran or an active member of the military, then you may need credit repair due to your unique situation.

Credit repair companies have aggressive solutions that can help you out. They typically offer discounts, too.

But if neither of the companies on this list seems like the right fit, there are alternatives. You may check out credit builder loans and credit builder apps instead.


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