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Best 50 Budget Travel Blogs That Add the Most Value

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Travel the world on the cheap by following the top 50 budget travel bloggers. Get practical insights into saving money every time you take a trip.

Top 50 Must Read Budget Travel Blogs

New blogs about traveling seem to come out almost every day. So many exist already but only the best give real advice about seeing the world without burning a hole in your wallet. We've rounded up the most interesting and helpful frequent travelers who chronicle their adventures to multiple countries along with their mission to spend as little as possible while away from home.

Pick just a few from our list to follow, or visit a new blog every week for an entire year. By the end, you’ll have new perspectives and will be much wiser with your travel budget.

  • Nomadic Matt

    Matt's motto is simple: travel better, cheaper, and longer; he walks readers through the step-by-step process of visiting their dream destinations on a budget.

    Why Nomadic Matt is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Matt's blog will give you the travel bug, help you travel cheaper, and turn your dream trip into a reality.

    Read: 12 Things Not to Do When You Travel
    Follow @NomadicMatt

  • Y Travel

    Caz and Craig Makepeace use their blog to show how to travel on a dime while gathering experiences, not belongings, as a family.

    Why Y Travel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Learn to take short and long trips around the world (especially Australia) with kids in tow.

    Read: 14 Best Roadtrips in Australia
    Follow @ytravelblog

  • Nomadic Samuel

    With a quirky touch, Samuel shares unique stories, videos, and guides as he travels the world on a budget.

    Why Nomadic Samuel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Find the best things to see and do on a budget in destinations around the world.

    Read: Our First Impression of Amsterdam
    Follow @NomadicSamuel

  • The Professional Hobo

    Nora Dunn writes about her experiences as a full-time traveller over the past nine years. She travels full time in a financially sustainable way.

    Why The Professional Hobo is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Nora shares in-depth budgets and financial tips from all kinds of travellers, as well as details of her own budget to give readers real-life examples. She helps teach others how to travel in a financially sustainable way.

    Read: My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2014
    Follow @hobonora

  • The Global Couple

    Couple Petra and Shaun are on a mission to complete their ambitious global bucket list; their blog is a combination of travelog and advice.

    Why The Global Couple is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Petra and Shaun write budget travel tips for locations around the world, which are a great starting point for planning your own itinerary.

    Read: Cheap Travel in New Zealand? Yes, It's Possible!
    Follow @theglobalcouple

  • eTramping

    Best friends Agness and Cez share stories and tips from the last four years of living on $25 a day based in different cities across the world.

    Why eTramping is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Enjoy beautiful pictures, lists of things to see and do, and tips to travel the world on $25 a day.

    Read: 5 Reasons We were Disappointed with Pagudpud in the Phillipines
    Follow @agnesstramp

  • Budget Traveller

    Award-winning travel blogger Kash shares how to travel in style while sticking to a budget.

    Why Budget Traveller is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Learn how to enjoy nice accommodations and cultural experiences while still sticking to a budget.

    Read: 40 Pictures That Will Make You Want to Visit Serbia
    Follow @budgettraveller

  • One Step 4 Ward

    Johnny Ward has visited more than 178 countries and is on a mission to help people create a rich and cultural lifestyle.

    Why One Step 4 Ward is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Get inspiration to travel, as well as packing, planning, and money-making tips for places around the world.

    Read: How I Made $1,000,000 in 3 Years Blogging
    Follow @onestep4ward

  • Ordinary Traveler

    Christy and Scott have spent the last 10 years crisscrossing the globe and now try to inspire others to travel, no matter their schedule or budget.

    Why Ordinary Traveler is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Get tips on how to enjoy the budget travel of your dreams while still having a job and a home base.

    Read: How to Travel in Norway (on a Budget)
    Follow @ordinarytravelr

  • Angloitalian

    Married couple Dale and Franca Calabretta share stories and tips for traveling slowly on a budget, mainly throughout Europe.

    Why Angloitalian is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Get detailed travel guides that take you off the beaten path at popular destinations and also cater to vegan travellers.

    Read: 5 Travel Tips for Edinburgh
    Follow @ai_followus

  • Globetrotter Girls

    What started as two girls is now down to one, but Dani still shares her passion, stories, and tips for travel in any budget.

    Why Globetrotter Girls is a Top Budget Travel Blog: With an emphasis on LGBT and foodie travel, Dani provides useful itineraries for all types of destinations.

    Read: 5 Years Ago I Quit My Job to Travel the World
    Follow @GlbetrotterGrls

  • Jessie on a Journey

    Jessie Festa shows life beyond the guidebooks with posts on offbeat experiences, global culture, and how to do it all on a budget.

    Why Jessie on a Journey is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Jessie provides great tips on how to truly experience the culture of all sorts of countries--all on a budget.

    Read: 20 Best Travel Accessories and Essentials You Need for the Road
    Follow @jessonajourney

  • Flip Nomad

    Based in the Philippines, the author is determined to show that global travel doesn't need to be expensive. He highlights destinations and budget tips around the world.

    Why Flip Nomad is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Get great tips for lesser-known destinations throughout the Philippines and around the world

    Read: Top Things to do When Visiting Israel
    Follow @flipnomad

  • Johnny Vagabond

    Wes Nations was in his 40s before he quit his job to travel the world on a budget. Now he shares stories and tips on his blog.

    Why Johnny Vagabond is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Wes shares crazy stories and travel tips that will inspire to get out and have adventures.

    Read: You Can't Chase the Moment
    Follow @johnnyvagabond

  • Borders of Adventure

    British Travel Press Award-winning travel author Becki has backpacked throughout southeast, eastern Asia and Europe and aims to spread a message of perception changing and socially conscious travel.

    Why Borders of Adventure is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Becki shares narrative stories and tips on countries with negative reputations, including post-conflict destinations. She shows you how to experience places like a local and break down cultural and western media stereotypes.

    Read: 72 Hours in Modern Athens
    Follow @BordersofAdv

  • Cheapest Destinations

    Tim Leffel is a writer with more than two decades of travel experience that he shares with readers on his trips around the world.

    Why Cheapest Destinations is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Find new destinations that are off the beaten path, as well as cheap ways to experience old favorites. Cheapest Destinations is one of the original budget travel blogs, running continuously since 2003.

    Read: The Cheapest Places to Live in the World
    Follow @TimLeffel

  • Backpacking Matt

    Accomplished travel blogger Matt hopes to inspire future travelers with stories, pictures, reviews, and advice as he backpacks around New Zealand.

    Why Backpacking Matt is a Top Budget Travel Blog: A great read for anyone wanting to visit New Zealand or embark on a backpacking trip.

    Read: 15 Tips for Your First Experience Backpacking in Austrailia
    Follow @backpackingmatt

  • Vicky Flip Flop Travels

    With an ever-changing budget, Vicky has traveled the world and experienced cultures, all while focusing on creating a travel experience that has value.

    Why Vicky Flip Flop Travels is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Vicky's tips range from what to pack, which festivals to see, and how to save money on the road. Her posts translate perfectly to planning your next trip.

    Read: 31 Photos Guaranteed to Make You Want to Visit Tallinn
    Follow @VickyFlipFlop

  • Backpacks and Bunkbeds

    Although author Neil works a 9-5 job, he still travels regularly and shares experiences on destinations and how to travel on a budget.

    Why Backpacks and Bunkbeds is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Neil shows how to enjoy great traveling while still holding down a 9-5 job. His tips cover all modes of transportation and styles of travel.

    Read: ClinkNOORD: A New Kind of Social Travel Experience
    Follow @packsandbunks

  • Our Oyster

    Led my mother Jade, this young family travels around the world with the motto Travel now, there might not be a later and shares ways to expand your travels by traveling on a budget.

    Why Our Oyster is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Jade's experiences show that it is possible to travel the world with a young family and still stick to a budget. She is based in Australia but regularly travels to other regions around the world and writes about her experience.

    Read: The Guide to Female Travel in Brunei
    Follow @our_oyster

  • On the Luce

    Lucy Dodsworth balances a travel obsession with a job, family, and other responsibilities. Her blog shows how to take advantage of part-time travel on a budget.

    Why On the Luce is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Lucy's part-time travel experiences and budget tips are useful and accessible to travelers trying to find a life balance. She shows how to travel on a budget without sacrificing luxury.

    Read: Alternative Things to Do in Paris
    Follow @lucydodsworth

  • The Runaway Guide

    Drawing from his experiences of running away and traveling at age 16 with no money, Leif shares tips of his continuous budget travels that don't sacrifice comfort.

    Why The Runaway Guide is a Top Budget Travel Blog: A color-coded map of the best countries for budget travel makes it easy to find adventurous suggestions for upcoming trips.

    Read: The Best Regions for Budget Travel
    Follow @TheRunawayGuide

  • HoneyTrek

    Newlyweds Mike and Anne Howard set out on a 500-day honeymoon (in 2012) that turned into a four-year adventure. They share travel tips and stories of traveling the world on $37 a day.

    Why HoneyTrek is a Top Budget Travel Blog: With extensive guides for every region of the world, detailed packing lists, and planning assistance, HoneyTrek has something for everyone.

    Read: Quito, Ecquador in 12 Hours
    Follow @HoneyTrek

  • Rocky Travel

    Italian-born Michela has been traveling Australia solo for more than 10 years and uses her blog to showcase her solo adventures and the best travel deals for the money.

    Why Rocky Travel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: If you're heading to Australia, this blog is a must-read for its useful tips and trip planning advice.

    Read: Top Things to Do on Rottnest Island on a Day Tour
    Follow @rockytravel

  • Shereen Travels Cheap

    Shereen became an expert budget traveller simply by researching all the ways to save money--she shares her tips for saving throughout the entire travel process.

    Why Shereen Travels Cheap is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Shereen is a normal traveller who only takes a few trips a year, but she shows how you can stretch your budget and schedule to find the perfect time to travel on a budget.

    Follow @shereentrvlschp

  • Rexy Edventures

    Written by deaf traveller Ed Rex, this blog shows how he participates in luxury budget travel around the world.

    Why Rexy Edventures is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Ed's blog opens doors to insights on deaf travel, traveling on a budget without being uncomfortable, and a section entitled Handsome Selfies.

    Read: Would You Go to Barcelona in the Winter?
    Follow @RexyEdventures

  • Don't Forget to Move

    Jules and Christine have spent the last four years visiting more than 40 countries and now shares tips and stories about adventure travel and responsible tourism.

    Why Don't Forget to Move is a Top Budget Travel Blog: From short trips to long-term volunteering, Jules and Christine address a wide variety of travel options for all kinds of budgets and personalities.

    Read: Kalanggaman Island Travel Guide
    Follow @dontforget2move

  • Charlie on Travel

    Charlie believes in sustainable, responsible travel and shows readers how to make it happen through house sitting, budgeting, and volunteering.

    Why Charlie on Travel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Learn about house sitting around the world, slower and more sustainable travel, and how to be a vegetarian traveller from Charlie.

    Read: Why Being a Vegetarian in Costa Rica is Easier than You Think
    Follow @charlieontravel

  • The Savvy Backpacker

    Husband and wife team James and Susan share tips to help backpackers plan a budget trip across Europe.

    Why The Savvy Backpacker is a Top Budget Travel Blog: A must-read for anyone traveling or backpacking to Europe, this blog focuses on the nitty-gritty planning details to keep you moving on a budget.

    Read: Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Backpacking Europe Adventure
    Follow @savvybackpacker

  • Love and Road

    Active newlyweds Natalie and Rob sold their belongings and quit their jobs to become digital nomads--now they give tips for others to follow.

    Why Love and Road is a Top Budget Travel Blog: This blog features a wide variety of destinations with a focus on great food, big adventures, and extreme sightseeing without spending a lot of money.

    Read: 1 Year Travelling Around the World--Our Costs and Secrets
    Follow @loveandroad

  • Happy Bradford

    Aaron Bradford set out to travel the world with just a laptop, determination, and a fistful of cash, and now he shares tips and stories to inspire others to do the same.

    Why Happy Bradford is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Aaron's tips are focused on how to make money while traveling to sustain your trip. He also addresses what to see and do around the world to how to save money while traveling.

    Read: 9 Travel Songs You Can't Leave Home Without
    Follow @B4Ubackpack

  • Nerd Nomads

    Espen and Maria, two IT nerds from Norway, are fairly new to the travel scene but share tips on traveling Asia in style while staying on a budget.

    Why Nerd Nomads is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Espen and Maria review gear, talk about photography, and give travel guides for Asia and other expanding regions.

    Read: Komodo National Park Day 1
    Follow @nerdnomads

  • Frugal First Class Travel

    Jo Karnaghan has been traveling for decades, but it's was a learning curve to spend less and travel more. Here she gives real tips on how to plan the perfect budget trip.

    Why Frugal First Class Travel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Jo gives tips on topics ranging from packing, etiquette, food recommendations, reviews, and more for nice travel on a budget.

    Read: 25 Reasons to Visit Paris
    Follow @ChiefFrugalista

  • The Budget-Minded Traveler

    Jackie Laulainen consistently travels as she crosses items off her bucket list--her goal is to share budget tips and inspire more Americans to travel abroad.

    Why The Budget-Minded Traveler is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Topics range from accommodations to planning to technology and more, creating a well-rounded budget travel resource.

    Read: What to Wear Traveling the World: Dress Code
    Follow @travelingjackie

  • Frugal Frolicker

    Lindsay gave up an investment banking job to frolick around the world, looking for beauty without spending a lot of money.

    Why Frugal Frolicker is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Lindsay shares lots of stories and tips about outdoor wonders and natural attractions in Australia, most of which are free or cheap.

    Read: The Best View of the Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks
    Follow @LindsayPunk

  • Need Another Holiday

    Clare travels the world with her young son, aiming for five-star experiences on a three-star budget.

    Why Need Another Holiday is a Top Budget Travel Blog: A practical blog on travel and motherhood, Clare shows that it really is possible to travel with kids. She gives tips for finding a life/travel balance and for enjoying luxurious travel on a budget.

    Read: Is Valetta the Perfect Weekend Trip?
    Follow @holidayaddict23

  • Road Affair

    Ben and Jazzy turned a birthday trip into an around-the-world adventure and haven't stopped traveling since. Their goal is to inspire others to travel, no matter their limitations or budget.

    Why Road Affair is a Top Budget Travel Blog: An honest look at travel--this blog shows the strange and difficult aspects of long-term travel without sugarcoating anything. Lots of tips about budget travel in North and South America and the Caribbean.

    Read: 25 Best Places to Visit in Mexico
    Follow @roadaffair

  • A Globe Well Traveled

    Combining her wanderlust with a minimalist lifestyle, Ashlea aims to break out of typical tourist activities to get a real cultural experience, all on a budget.

    Why A Globe Well Traveled is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Ashlea visits popular locations but does it with a twist by steering clear of the typical attractions and experiencing a new side of each destination.

    Read: How to Make Travel Your Career
    Follow @globetravelled

  • TravelBllgr

    Partners Ben and Jen post guidebooks of each place they visit around the globe, including the popular How much does it cost to travel to... series.

    Why TravelBllgr is a Top Budget Travel Blog: With a focus on destinations and stretching your dollar, TravelBllgr can help in all aspects of your travel planning.

    Read: Chitwan National Park
    Follow @travelbllgr

  • Continental Breakfast Travel

    Written by John Pilkington, a young expat in Germany, this blog celebrates city breaks, budget trips, and part-time travel throughout Europe.

    Why Continental Breakfast Travel is a Top Budget Travel Blog: If you want to travel through Europe on a budget, John's pictures will inspire you, and his itineraries, planning tips, and reviews will make your trip memorable.

    Read: Discovering Duisburg in a Day: What to See and Do
    Follow @jpilkington09

  • Coffee with a Slice of Life

    Sarah Richard shares her passion for traveling as cheaply as possible with posts about her adventures, top destinations, and inspiration to hit the road.

    Why Coffee with a Slice of Life is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Sarah gives tips on how to fund long-term travel, budget destinations, and adventurous activities like scuba diving and skiing.

    Read: How Much Money Do You Need to Travel Venezuela and 5 Reasons to Visit
    Follow @coffeeandaslice

  • Hayley on Holiday

    Hayley Simpson's writing and traveling take her predominantly through Australia; her blog chronicles her thoughts on solo and budget traveling.

    Why Hayley on Holiday is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Tips on budget, planning, and traveling as a solo woman through Asia, Australia, and North America.

    Read: Why I am Moving to Melbourne, Australia
    Follow @hayleyonholiday

  • Jones Around the World

    A former tour guide, Dave has backpacked extensively throughout southeast Asia and is now onto his next budget location--Australia. His blog provides travel budgets, hacks, and inspiration.

    Why Jones Around the World is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Following Dave's travel plans means guaranteed fun on a budget--he writes about travel hacks, cheap destinations, and music festivals throughout Asia and Europe.

    Read: 30 Music Festivals in Europe to Experience Before You Die
    Follow @jones_y

  • Noodle Budget

    Based in Thailand, Joseph and Pieranan showcase how to get a rich travel experience while staying on a noodle budget.

    Why Noodle Budget is a Top Budget Travel Blog: This blog is proof that even budget travel can lead to rich cultural experiences. Joseph and Pieranan share travel info about North America and Asia, as well as tips for working abroad.

    Read: The 500 Dollar Budget in Thailand

  • A Girl Who Travels

    Digital nomad Marta aims to inspire her readers to see the world, no matter their budget, with posts on destinations, planning, and the social aspects of traveling.

    Why A Girl Who Travels is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Marta's wide range of topics (city guides, female travel, musings) presents the entire range of emotions and challenges that come with long-term budget travel.

    Read: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Heaven on Earth Waiting to be Discovered
    Follow @_girlwhotravels

  • The Adventurer on a Shoestring

    Gerard de la Pena's career as a newscaster takes him around the world, but he still finds time for regular personal trips that are off the beaten path and on budget.

    Why The Adventurer on a Shoestring is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Gerard's trips center around southeast Asia and Europe, and he provides unique tips and attractions on a budget.

    Follow @gerarddelapena

  • Big World Small Pockets

    Author Steph aims to maintain her nomadic lifestyle by traveling as cheaply as possible and sharing her adventures around the world.

    Why Big World Small Pockets is a Top Budget Travel Blog: With diverse destinations across the globe, Steph's journeys focus on natural beautiful and healthy travel, especially in Central America and Australia.

    Read: 20 Things to do on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
    Follow @bigwsmallp

  • The Frugal Travellers
    Written by a beach-loving travel addict, this blog shares tips and stories of how to enjoy a great budget vacation without skimping on comfort.

    Why The Frugal Travellers is a Top Budget Travel Blog: With posts on destination weddings and parties, as well as solo and family travel, this blog has something for everyone.

  • The Broke Backpacker

    British adventurer Will Hatton's latest journey is to travel from the UK on a two year trip to Papa New Guinea on $20 a day without flying--along the way he shares tips and stories.

    Why The Broke Backpacker is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Will provides tips on packing, planning, and sightseeing for backpackers of all levels. We're especially excited to hear about him building a boat to cross the Indonesian ocean.

    Read: A New Adventure: UK to PNG
    Follow @wandering_will

  • Traveller Hannah

    Hannah is fairly new to the blogging travel game--having quit her job to backpack South America less than a year ago, she shares her learning experiences.

    Why Traveller Hannah is a Top Budget Travel Blog: Hannah strives to travel like a local while staying safe--her blog gives tips on unique destinations and cultural experiences for a true budget-friendly experience.

    Read: Photo of the Week: Retro Restaurant
    Follow @travellerhannah

Some of us love to work, but the rest of just work so we can travel.

Problem is, our hard-earned dollars don’t always go far as we’d like them to go. The budget travel bloggers on our list have figured out how to travel to multiple countries without killing their savings, and they’re willing to let you in on their secrets.

Pick up tips from married couples, best friends, and even brides on a budget with our list of the top 50 budget travel bloggers to follow this year.

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