January 6, 2017

Best Martial Arts Blogs: Top Safety Experts

Don't fight us on this: We've got the definitive list of the Best Martial Arts Blogs to follow.

Top Martial Arts Blogs and Resources

Taking up martial arts, like karate, kung fu, or tae kwon do, is an effective way of getting fit, both physically and mentally. It’s also helpful for staying safe wherever you are. Being alert, whether you're at home or out and about, is the key to heading off trouble before it has a chance to start.

The way you carry yourself and defend yourself could prevent your purse from getting snatched, your home from being burglarized, and stop a snooper from stealing your credit card number.

But where do you start?

After going through the many martial arts blogs out there, CreditDonkey, the credit card comparison and home security website, has rounded up the very best martial arts blogs that will inspire you to get started or to fine-tune your practice. The best martial arts bloggers are willing to share how they’ve developed their particular mindset and physicality to fend off would-be bad guys. Others on this list have news about competitions and martial arts trends to pass on to you.

Read on for the best martial arts resources that will keep you safe.

  • The Way of Least Resistance

    The Way of Least Resistance offers in-depth advice and thoughts on martial arts, both the physical practice and the philosophy.

    Why The Way of Least Resistance is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Martial arts lovers who are looking for in-depth articles focusing on the best practices will love this blog's approach.

    Read: Rousey vs. Holm - lessons
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  • Nia

    Nia spreads the practices of a holistic fitness routine based on dance and martial arts, intended to strengthen both the mind and body of its students.

    Why Nia is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Individuals who have transformed their life with Nia share their stories to motivate and encourage others to join this holistic fitness practice.

    Read: The Healing Power of Nia
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  • Ikigai Way

    Ikigai Way ventures beyond the physical skill of martial arts to also explore the philosophy and lifestyle that comes with the craft.

    Why Ikigai Way is a Top Martial Arts Blog: With martial arts expert Matthew Apsokardu as the centerpiece, this blog explores physical technique in addition to the benefits of using the discipline's philosophy as your life's compass.

    Read: Story: A Karate Man Would Not
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  • Meerkatsu

    Meerkatsu, a jiu-jitsu inspired artwork company, shares news on clients, tournaments, training tips and updates on their product line.

    Why Meerkatsu is a Top Martial Arts Blog: The company's fabulous artwork and apparel anchor this blog, but it also offers reviews of other industry products and training tools.

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  • Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo
    Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo's website offers links and online resources for anyone who either practices or is interested in practicing taekwondo.

    Why Joong Do Kwan Traditional Taekwondo is a Top Martial Arts Blog: With a comprehensive list of links to online taekwondo resources, this is a great site to start with if you're interested in learning more about this martial art.

    Read: Roundhouse Kicks

  • Urban Martial Arts

    Urban Martial Arts' blog offers plenty of tips on picking the right karate class for both adults and children.

    Why Urban Martial Arts is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Parents who are looking for tips on enrolling their children in a martial arts class, and what benefits such a class can provide, will find a lot to love about this blog.

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  • The Martial View

    With interviews with martial arts masters, tips for more effective training, and more, The Martial View is a blog for lovers of all kinds of martial arts.

    Why The Martial View is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Martial arts enthusiasts will find everything from training tips to product reviews on this blog.

    Read: Martial arts - let me ask you a question...
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  • Budo Inochi

    Budo Inochi covers various perspectives on women’s participation and experience in the martial arts – and many other topics too.

    Why Budo Inochi is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Kai deals with a wide range of deep and thought-provoking topics relating to martial arts practice, in a lively, readable way.

    Read: Why martial arts can be a powerful route to mindfulness

  • Coachtube Blog

    Coachtube Blog offers martial arts training videos both for free and for purchase.

    Why Coachtube Blog is a Top Martial Arts Blog: With videos on several martial arts disciplines, this blog is a great resource for fighters interested in training on their own or coaches seeking out instruction methods.

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  • GB Taekwondo

    GB Taekwondo focuses on the sport as well as athletes in Great Britain as they represent their country in international competitions.

    Why GB Taekwondo is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Supporters of British taekwondo will appreciate the behind the scenes access and updates on their favorite athletes' competitions.

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  • Society Nine

    Society Nine is for the fight within every woman. They design and produce boxing gear and sportswear, for women by women.

    Why Society Nine is a Top Martial Arts Blog: While they do promote their product line, Society Nine is also focused on empowering women in and out of the ring.

    Read: Products
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  • TheBJJ Mental Coach

    TheBJJ Mental Coach blog focuses on mind-over-matter when it comes to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, featuring videos to help Jiu Jitsu enthusiasts keep a positive, healthy mindset.

    Why TheBJJ Mental Coach is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Read this blog to help you focus.

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  • Mike Fury

    Mike Fury brings the keen eye of a fight scene choreographer to his reviews of, mostly, under-the-radar action movies.

    Why Mike Fury is a Top Martial Arts Blog: The unique talents of Mike Fury allow this blog to deliver engaging analysis on past and present films to action movie fans.

    Read: Daylight's End is Here
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  • Grab My Wrist
    Grab My Wrist is an Aikido-focused martial arts blog with a focus on the philosophy of Aikido and tips for a healthier lifestyle and mindset.

    Why Grab My Wrist is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Aikido practitioners and anyone who wants to expand their martial arts vocabulary will love this blog.

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  • Just a Girl in Jiu Jutsu World

    Just a Girl in Jiu Jitsu World is an outlet for the author, Leslie, to share her challenges and successes as a woman in a male dominated sport.

    Why Just a Girl in Jiu Jutsu World is a Top Martial Arts Blog: The author uses her real-life and relatable stories to accentuate the positive influence jiu-jitsu can have on you and your family's lives.

    Read: "Am I doing enough?" "Is my child working hard enough?" "Does He have enough skills?" "Should he take More classes?"
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  • Groundswell Grappling Concepts

    Groundswell Grappling Concepts' blog is all about the practice and benefits of jiu jitsu, offering plenty of reasons and ways to learn this martial art.

    Why Groundswell Grappling Concepts is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Jiu jitsu is a popular form of martial art, and anyone who is considering taking it up can use this blog to learn more about it.

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  • Master Jonathan Field

    Master Jonathan Field provides updates on Cobourg Tae Kwon Do school events and community services as well as insight on fostering the ideal mindset.

    Why Master Jonathan Field is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Cobourg Tae Kwon Do supporters will appreciate the school news, but everyone can benefit from the very positive messages promoted on this platform.

    Read: (VIDEO) 2016 WBA Ontario Breaking Championships Highlights
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  • Paul Sweetow

    Paul Sweetow combines his expertise as a psychotherapist and his passion as a karate champion to write motivating posts.

    Why Paul Sweetow is a Top Martial Arts Blog: Positive thinking, motivation and happiness are just a few of the helpful pillars Paul Sweetow has taken from karate and implemented into his profession and life enhancement blog.

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