October 23, 2017

Best Consumer Electronics: Top Tech Products

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Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Consumer Electronics have been announced. Check out the latest innovations in the tech world. You may even find a gadget you didn't know you wanted.

Top Tech Products You're Missing Out On

Bring out your inner geek!

Technology today is getting more innovative. From smart appliances to cool wearable technology, these cutting-edge devices improve life and make tasks easier.

New companies come out with an endless supply of new trackers, devices, and technological marvels. We’ve scoured the offerings to present only the very best tech products.

At CreditDonkey, we're a team of geeks who want to help you spend your money wisely. Whether you just like to be on top of tech news or you're in the market for some gadgets, you deserve to know the best options. Read on to see what's new and cool in tech.

  • Universal Electronics

    Universal Electronics creates universal control and sensing technologies for smart homes, building new ways to power your home with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and more.

    Why Universal Electronics is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The complexity of smart home systems is increasing, and Universal Electronics is creating the technologies to ensure that everything in your home can work together. They also offer a number of home entertainment consumer products, like universal remotes, home antennae, and more.

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  • Petcube

    Petcube makes HD pet cameras that allow pet owners to stay connected & play with or give treats to their pets no matter where they are.

    Why Petcube is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Petcube Bites is an interactive pet cam that allows pet owners to treat and reward their pets on-the-go through their smartphone. Petcube Bites also comes with advanced camera features, including 1080p HD video, 138°-degree wide angle lens, 24/7 video recording, 3x digital zoom, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and night vision. It integrates with Amazon Dash Replenishment Service for automatic treat reordering when supplies run low.

    Petcube Play is also an interactive pet cam, but it has a built-in laser toy that's certified safe for humans & adults. With the laser, you can play games of "chase the laser" with your pets no matter where you are. Petcube Play has the same advanced camera features as Petcube Bites: 1080p HD video, 138°-degree wide angle lens, 24/7 video recording, 3x digital zoom, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and night vision.

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  • Butterfleye

    Butterfleye is an advanced, wireless video monitoring system that's designed to provide you with smarter alerts, only when you need them.

    Why Butterfleye is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its technology learns faces and people so regular visitors won't trigger alerts, and its wireless design means it sets up in minutes out of the box. With 16GB of onboard storage, it works even when it's not connected to the internet, and you can still watch live video from it on your phone and share video with your friends, family, and co-workers.

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  • Thalmic Labs

    Thalmic Labs are the makers of the Myo gesture control armband, which is revolutionizing fields from prosthetics to entertainment. CEO and co-founder Stephen Lake worked on robotics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and, along with his co-founders Matthew Bailey and Aaron Grant, was named EY Ontario's Entrepreneur of the Year in the Young Entrepreneur category in 2015.

    Why Thalmic Labs is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Myo works by reading the electrical impulses in your muscles, allowing you to control technology hands-free with only gestures and motion. It can be used to control a prosthetic arm, translate sign language, assist in surgery, and so much more.

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  • Tile

    Tile is a tiny Bluetooth-enabled tracker that you can attach to oft-lost objects to ensure you never lose them again.

    Why Tile is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Just stick the tracker on your phone, keys, wallet, or anything else, and you'll be able to see its last known location. If your phone is lost in the couch cushions, you can even make it ring with Tile, whether or not it's set to silent.

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  • Nomiku

    Nomiku is a Wi-Fi enabled sous vide circulator that gives home cooks the power to create Michelin Star-quality meals at home.

    Why Nomiku is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Sous vide is a cooking method that involves immersing vacuum-sealed food into a low-temperature bath; it brings out more flavor and, with the Nomiku's sensors, consistently cooks amazing meals. You can control the Nomiku from anywhere, adjust temperature, and more, so you can ensure a perfect cook from the living room while Nomiku does all the work.

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  • Whistle

    Whistle is a GPS and activity tracker for pets that combines Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular and GPS technology for fast, accurate tracking anywhere in the U.S.

    Why Whistle is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Many pet trackers run only on Bluetooth, but Whistle can find your pet no matter how far away they may roam. You can even set 'safe spaces' for your pet and receive alerts should they wander from them, so you'll always know that your pet is safe and sound.

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  • Teforia

    Teforia combines cutting-edge technology with generations of tea-brewing mastery in a device that brews the perfect cup of tea, every time. Allen Han, founder and CEO of Teforia, is a tea lover and innovator who holds over 30 patents.

    Why Teforia is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Teforia knows the right temperature and right amount of steeping time for any kind of tea. They also source their teas directly from farmers and estates, bringing their customers the freshest, rarest collection around.

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  • Matternet

    Matternet is enabling people and organizations to build and operate their own drone logistics networks for on-demand goods transportation and delivery, aiming to create inexpensive technology that can serve everyone.

    Why Matternet is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their new Matternet M2 system is built to conquer the challenges of last-mile and on-demand logistics, featuring automatic payload and battery exchange, smart routing, and more. It's designed to safely operate in urban areas, flying precisely-controlled vehicles with reliability and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Avegant

    Avegant is a mixed-reality company whose pioneering Light Field Technology is changing the way we interact with information and each other. CEO Joerg Tewes spent several years as the VP of the Digital Home Business Group and VP of Webcams at Logitech before developing technology with Avegant.

    Why Avegant is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their tech aims to solve the most common problem with mixed reality platforms: their ability to render objects close to your eyes and match focus with distance so objects feel like they're really there. By displaying objects at multiple focal points, Light Field Technology allows a user's eyes to focus just like they would on a real, physical object.

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  • YouRenew

    YouRenew takes the pain out of getting rid of old gadgets by paying you for your old laptops, iPhones, and other devices. Founders Bob Casey and Rich Littlehale met at Yale University, where they became curious about the amount of waste consumer electronics produce and decided to do something about it.

    Why YouRenew is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Not only can you get money for your old, unused and out-of-date devices, but YouRenew will recycle them in an environmentally-friendly way. All you have to do is visit their website and enter your device's name to get started and see what they'll pay you.

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  • Airdog

    Airdog is a drone built to capture action sports; it tracks its subject, keeping him or her in frame, all autonomously. Founder Edgars Rozentals is an action sports enthusiast who combined his love of kite surfing and skateboarding with his experience developing industrial UAVs to create Airdog.

    Why Airdog is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its built to track your every move smoothly and seamlessly, and its built-in, ground-sensing technology means no crash landings. It also folds up into a compact package for easy portability, and lets you land it automatically just a few feet from your current position with the press of a button.

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  • Palette

    Palette is a customizable controller built for editing on a computer, making it easier and more intuitive to cut video and audio, adjust photos, and more.

    Why Palette is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its three modules, the button, slider, and dial, connect to Palette's core in any layout you choose, letting you find the perfect setup for your own comfort. You can assign multiple functions to every module and switch them on the fly without ever leaving your workflow; this can change the way you work.

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  • Particle

    Particle is a full-stack Internet of Things device platform that makes it easy to securely connect your IoT devices to the web, whether you're using a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

    Why Particle is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: IoT development is complex and time-consuming, but Particle aims to bring security and ease of use to IoT enterprises so they can ship more reliable products faster. Particle will give your engineers the tools they need to complete development on your product, closing the skills gap so you can ship in just months.

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  • Rachio

    Rachio is a smart, Wi-Fi-enabled sprinkler system that uses local weather forecasts, the soil and plant types in your yard (based on manual input), and more to create a customized watering schedule.

    Why Rachio is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: This means that you'll never have to waste a drop: water only when necessary and save both time and money. The Rachio app also lets you monitor your yard from anywhere, checking or adjusting your sprinklers and receiving alerts when Rachio changes the watering schedule due to weather.

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  • Supermechanical

    Supermechanical has developed a series of smart devices for the home, including kitchen appliances and a home safety device.

    Why Supermechanical is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Twine is a device that lets you listen to your home; it can tell if you your pipes are freezing, if you left your garage door open, if your doorbell rings, and more, and will alert you via email, text, or even tweet. They also offer the Range, a smart thermometer that will take the guesswork out of grilling.

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  • Shaper

    Shaper is a smart tool that works with you to cut perfect shapes for any project you might be building.

    Why Shaper is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It works by tracking designs, its blade adjusting as you move the tool; you can create your own designs, download them, or even create them on the Shaper's 5-inch touch display. In addition to featuring cutting-edge technology, it's also a high-quality tool that features a variable speed router that accepts commonly available shank bits.

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  • Meural

    Meural is changing the home decorating world with its internet-connected digital canvas and library of over 30,000 works of art. Co-founder Vladimir Vukicevic was previously the co-founder and CTO at crowdfunding platform RocketHub, while co-founder Jerry Hu was a product manager at FreshDirect.

    Why Meural is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Hang the canvas, choose your painting or photo, and marvel at the lifelike, textured detail Meural's digital display provides. It's easy to change the art, too, and you can even create and upload your own works to your new wall.

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  • Mellow

    Mellow is a smart sous-vide machine that makes it easy to cook amazing meals at home, no matter how busy you are.

    Why Mellow is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It uses Wi-Fi to connect to your phone, and has a built-in refrigeration system to keep your food fresh until it's time to start cooking. That means you can drop your meal into the Mellow in the morning, head to work, and tell it to cook so your food is ready when you get home in the evening.

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  • Other Machine Company
    The Other Machine Company builds Othermill Pro, a powerful tool that lets inventors and entrepreneurs bypass the board house and create proof-of-concept designs in-house with ease.

    Why Other Machine Company is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It works with .brd and Gerber files to build prototypes quickly, giving you same-day PCBs and allowing you to prototype small parts without going to a machine shop. All of this can save your organization money in the long run, not to mention greatly speed up the product development process.

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  • Flux Chargers

    The Flux Portable Charger is an ultra-slim, light portable battery bank that can charge just about any device you might be carrying.

    Why Flux Chargers is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It comes with built-in charging cables for both Android and iPhone, and the base model packs 1-2 full charges so you'll never run out of juice on your next adventure. With the Flux Charger Plus, you can even connect a USB-C cable to turn it into a portable laptop charger.

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  • Superpedestrian

    Superpedestrian is transforming the biking experience with the Copenhagen Wheel, a technology-enhanced bike wheel that senses your pedaling and enhances your pedal power by a factor of ten.

    Why Superpedestrian is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: This means you'll go faster, farther, in less time and with less effort, so you can bike to previously inaccessible places without even breaking a sweat. If installing the Copenhagen Wheel is intimidating for you, you can purchase a beautiful, high quality Superpedestrian bike with the wheel already installed.

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  • Waverly Labs

    Waverly Labs is pioneering a world free from language barriers with innovative, real-time language translation technology.

    Why Waverly Labs is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Pilot Translating Earpiece, for example, works in 15 languages, fitting to your ear, listening, using your phone to translate, and then feeding the translation back to you. Their Pilot Speech Translator app is a simple translation app for smart devices that can translate through text or speech.

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  • GOQii
    GOQii is a complete health ecosystem that uses an activity tracker to keep you and your coach informed on your fitness progress, which can be shared with a doctor so you can get further health and fitness suggestions. Founder and CEO Vishal Gondal founded his first company, IndiaGames, at age 16, and sold it to the Walt Disney Company in 2012 before founding GOQii.

    Why GOQii is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The tracker itself not only tracks your steps, distance traveled, active time, and sleep, it also offers caller ID, text alerts, alarms, and coach notifications. With the app and the tracker, you and your coach can set attainable fitness goals and track your progress, ensuring that you get fit the healthy way.

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  • Electric Objects

    Electric Objects is a hardware and media company that's bringing that next generation of art displays to consumers with the EO2, a digital picture frame that lets you change the art on your walls as easily as you skip to the next song on your playlist.

    Why Electric Objects is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Just install the EO2, download the app, and choose from thousands of works of art to display. It's equipped with a 1080p matte finish display that minimizes glare and brightens and dims to match its environment, so the art on display always looks just right.

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  • Scout

    Scout Alarm is an easy-to-use wireless home security system that you can have up and running in mere minutes.

    Why Scout is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: With Scout, you can monitor any room in your house and get updates right on your smartphone, so you'll always know if someone is at your door. The system itself comes with four pieces: a hub that connects right into your wireless router, a door panel to monitor comings and goings, motion sensors, and access sensors to monitor your windows and other entry and exit points.

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  • Revolar

    Revolar provides its users with a fast, discreet way to send quick messages to loved ones with a simple click on a small device. CEO Jacqueline Ros and CPO Andrea Perdomo founded Revolar in 2013 to help people keep themselves and their loved ones safe, and received $3 million in funding from Foundry Group.

    Why Revolar is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Revolar device looks like a key fob, but features GPS tracking so, with the click of a button, you can send a call for help or a message that you're home safely to one of five contacts you load in. The device can clip comfortably beneath your clothes or attach to your key ring, so you'll always have it handy.

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  • HERO

    HERO is a smart appliance that knows your schedule and manages the dispensing of your pills, letting you grab your vitamins and medicines easily every day.

    Why HERO is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The HERO app will help ensure you never forget to take your pills again, and it can even be set to send loved ones a text when you do take them. It also makes the whole process easier: by loading pills into HERO, you don't have to fuss with childproof bottlecaps and individual bottles every day.

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  • Navdy

    Navdy is a smart heads-up display for your car that helps you navigate and answer calls and texts, all without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

    Why Navdy is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It uses Google Maps to find you the fastest route to your destination, and if you get a call on the road, just gesture to Navdy and start talking. Navdy also features a flexible design so it can work in just about any car, new or old, and its screen automatically adjusts so it's comfortable to look at day or night.

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  • Spire

    Spire is a breath and respiration sensor designed to reduce stress levels by sensing tension before you even feel it, and alerting you so you can calm yourself with breathing exercises.

    Why Spire is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Not only can it help you reduce stress, but it will also teach you more about your stress triggers so you can learn to avoid them. All you have to do is clip the Spire to your waistband or bra strap, connect it to your phone via the Spire app, and it will do the rest.

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  • FoldiMate

    The Foldimate is an automatic, robotic clothes and laundry folding machine that's easy enough for anyone in your family to use.

    Why FoldiMate is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Everything comes out neatly and professionally folded, and in half the time it would take you to fold it yourself. You can even treat your clothes with scents and softener and de-wrinkle them with the Foldimate.

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  • Upverter

    Upverter is an electronics "parts concierge" that frees you and your team from creating and verifying schematic symbols and footprints for your components. CEO Zak Homuth has extensive hardware development experience from his time with IBM, Sandvine, and Infosys, while CTO Stephen Hamer was previously a senior software engineer at Xobni, and COO Michael Woodworth is an engineer who studied at the University of Waterloo.

    Why Upverter is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: They offer on-demand part verification, and you can even give them your entire library of parts for verification. Their PCB design software is fast and easy to use, freeing hardware designers up to focus on building the new devices that will power the future.

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  • Skulpt

    Skulpt is a fitness app paired with a device that measures your body fat percentage and provides you with a personalized fitness plan so you can burn fat and build muscle. An experienced executive, CEO Jerry Panos has led multiple electronic contract manufacturing companies and holds a degree from the Harvard Business School.

    Why Skulpt is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Skulpt Scanner can measure body fat and identify relative strength and quality of muscles. This data is sent to the Skulpt App, which provides workout guidance so you can get in the best shape of your life.

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  • ShotTracker

    ShotTracker is a wearable device for basketball players that tracks shot attempts, makes, and misses so coaches can collect valuable data about which players can score from where. Co-founder and CEO Bruce Ianni was previously the founder and CEO of the online search engine Innovadex, while COO and co-founder Dayveon Ross was the founder and CEO of the interactive technology company Digital Sports Ventures.

    Why ShotTracker is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Armed with this data, coaches can get their most effective lineups, draw up plays to take advantage of players' hot spots, and more. It's also a great device for individual players looking to improve; its app is loaded up with free drills and workouts, and you can track your development over time.

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  • uBeam

    uBeam is pioneering true wireless power technology that will finally free you from the tangle of charging cables that power your devices. Founder and CEO Meredith Perry is the inventor of the uBeam technology and founded her company in 2011 while still a student at the University of Pennsylvania.

    Why uBeam is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: You just plug in a transmitter that puts out an inaudible, high-frequency sound that powers your devices. It works at home, but uBeam also aims to bring it to the workplace, airports, and anywhere else people use devices.

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  • Anova Culinary

    Anova Culinary's Nano Precision Cooker is an affordable, connected sous-vide device that will let you get a perfect cook easily, every time.

    Why Anova Culinary is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It may be the first connected sous-vide device under $100, but its technology is impressive: it offers lab-grade precision with an app that lets you control every aspect of the cook. If someone wants their steak well-done and you want yours medium-rare, for example, you can set multiple cook times so you know when to pull out what.

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  • Sensoria

    Sensoria is creating artificially intelligent sportswear and fitness apps, all built to help you enhance your training. CEO and co-founder Davide Vigano is a former Microsoft executive with over 25 years of experience, while CTO and co-founder Maurizio Macagno is a software professional with more than 20 years of experience.

    Why Sensoria is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their smart garments are made for a number of activities and can monitor your heart rate, detect cadence and impact forces, and more. Their apps can provide you with a training plan and, in conjunction with their smart garments, provide you with real-time actionable feedback to improve your performance.

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  • Vantage Robotics

    Vantage Robotics has created Snap, a flying camera that makes it easy for anyone to capture stunning, 1080p aerial video. Co-founder and CEO Tobin Fisher is an engineer out of Stanford who previously worked at IDEO, while co-founder and CTO Joe van Niekerk previously worked on autonomous cars as well as advanced motion-tracking products for the sports industry.

    Why Vantage Robotics is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its compact design makes it easy to carry anywhere, and it even tracks you automatically so you don't have to worry about controlling it. It can even stream video directly to your phone on the go, so you can see the world from a new perspective in real-time.

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    KEECKER is a versatile device that can do everything from video chat to audio playback to home monitoring and more.

    Why KEECKER is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: KEECKER moves about on the floor of your home so it's always where you want it to be, and enables you to browse the web, play games, and more thanks to its high-grade projector. When you're out of the house, you can even control it with your smartphone to keep an eye on things at home.

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  • flatev

    flatev is a system that bakes fresh, nutrient-packed tortillas, crepes, and cookies in a matter of seconds.

    Why flatev is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It's flexible enough to capture current and future food trends, and it's incredibly easy to use: just pop a single-serving flatev snack into the machine, and in moments you're ready to eat. All of their baked goods are GMO-free and low fat, and the containers they're packed in are recyclable, so you'll have zero waste.

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  • Inteliclinic

    The Neuroon Open is a smart sleep, dream, and meditation device that tracks your sleep data and can interact with IoT devices to give you your best ever night's sleep.

    Why Inteliclinic is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It even helps you wake up feeling energized by tracking your sleep patterns and gently waking you up at the perfect moment. The sleep analytics it gathers can be used to help you pick the right time for a nap, provide tips for a better night's sleep, and much more.

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  • Aetho

    Aetho's Aeon is a solution for those jittery, hard-to-watch GoPro videos: its a robotic, handheld stabilizer that lets the user move freely while keeping the video silky-smooth.

    Why Aetho is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its LCD screen allows user to frame their shots, and the joystick controls the camera, panning and tilting to keep your subject in frame. It even features a GoPro accessory mount so you can combine it with other accessories, taking your video experience to the next level.

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  • SolePower

    SolePower is making wearable tech that charges itself, starting with SmartBoots: boots that harness power from your steps to provide GPS location tracking, illumination, user data, and more.

    Why SolePower is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: These boots are very useful for outdoor workers; location tracking and data on the users' well-being can help keep workers safe outdoors. The boots come equipped with a kinetic charger that keeps the on-board technology working by turning your footsteps into energy.

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  • CleverPet

    The CleverPet Hub is a pet feeder that engages your pet's brain as well as its stomach, providing puzzles and games for your pet to solve with food as a reward.

    Why CleverPet is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The CleverPet Hub is ideal for dogs that are high-energy and food motivated. All you have to do is fill the Hub with a meal and activate it, and it will start providing puzzles that challenge your pet to learn and engage, keeping them happy and busy during the day. It even comes with an app that lets you track their progress at work, change the current puzzle, and track their improvement.

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  • Everpurse

    Everpurse is a stylish purse with a built-in secret: it wirelessly charges your iPhone on the go.

    Why Everpurse is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The bag itself also wirelessly charges with a pad: just place the purse on the pad when you get home, put your phone in your purse when you walk out the door, and you'll never have to think about charging your phone again. Everpurse's elegant Kate Spade designs don't sacrifice style for function, either; no one will know that you're packing cutting-edge technology in your bag.

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  • WayRay

    WayRay is creating innovative AR products for vehicles that aim to change the way we drive.

    Why WayRay is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Element, for example, is a product that tracks your activity behind the wheel and teaches you about your driving style, offering you tips to stay safe. The Navion, meanwhile, is the world's first holographic road navigator; it shows you a green arrow on the road so you'll never miss a turn again, with no headgear required.

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  • Sensel

    The Sensel Morph is a multi-touch, pressure-sensitive input device that's one of the most versatile input devices around thanks to its advanced touch technology.

    Why Sensel is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Users can place a flexible overlay on the Morph to turn it into the input device of their choosing, be it a keyboard, game controller, or media editor. Its high frame rate and high force sensitivity even make it a great art tablet for illustrators.

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  • Kapture

    Kapture is a wearable audio-recording device that's always listening, recording on a 60-second loop, and with a quick tap you can send its last minute of audio to your smartphone.

    Why Kapture is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: This means that you can easily make voice memos or just save a really funny joke for posterity, all without taking out your phone. Once you do open up your phone, you can edit and publish your audio with the Kapture app.

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  • Notion

    Notion is a wireless home monitoring system that has multiple functions, tracking things like temperature, door openings, and water leaks with sensors that set up in minutes.

    Why Notion is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Notion app pairs with sensors to bring you notifications should something go wrong, and allows you to monitor the status of your home in real-time. It's also incredibly easy to install: just stick your Notion sensors where you want them, download the app, pair, and you're ready to go.

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  • Piper

    Piper is a build-your-own computer kit that's made to help students and others learn to both build and program electronics.

    Why Piper is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: This is a real computer, too; it surfs the internet, plays games like Minecraft, and more from the Raspberry Pi platform. It's a great way for teachers to give their engineering and computer science students hands-on experience, too.

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  • Nixie

    Nixie is a wearable camera that also flies, letting you take hands-free selfies and video anywhere with ease.

    Why Nixie is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It's a whole new way to capture a moment: you can just toss Nixie into the air, and it will record you and your friends before flying right back into your hands. Visit their website to see it in action and sign up to find out when you can pre-order it.

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  • Tomorrow Lab

    Tomorrow Lab is an innovation studio that works with entrepreneurs to create new hardware products.

    Why Tomorrow Lab is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their focus is on prototyping new hardware technologies, then turning those prototypes into new, market-ready products consumers will love. They have pushed out technology for hands-free bicycle navigation, traffic counting, toys, and much more.

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  • Jolt Athletics

    The Jolt Sensor is a head impact tracking device that can detect the danger of concussion in real-time, helping to protect every athlete.

    Why Jolt Athletics is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It works with existing equipment, easily clipping to helmets, headbands, goggles, and other headgear to track athletes' head movements. It pairs with an app that collects live impact data, allowing users to record symptoms and diagnoses and track recovery.

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  • Cinder

    The Cinder Grill is a smart grill that will cook perfect steak and salmon every time, without the guesswork.

    Why Cinder is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Its precision sensors keep your food within one degree of its perfect temperature and, unlike sous-vide units, can both cook and perfectly sear your meat. It's also a versatile kitchen grill: you can use it for pancakes, veggies, grilled sandwiches, and much more.

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  • Humon

    Humon Hex, a wearable for your thigh, helps you optimize your workouts by giving you real-time fitness feedback based on the oxygen levels in your muscles.

    Why Humon is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: All you have to do is strap it to your thigh and pair it to its companion app, and you'll gain real-time insights that you can use to tweak your workout to perfection. The app can even guide you through warm-ups, prompt you to adjust your pace, and monitor your recovery time.

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  • Bartesian

    Bartesian is a countertop device that mixes premium cocktails on-demand at the push of a button. Co-founder Bryan Fedorak is an entrepreneur and mechanical engineer, not to mention an experienced bartender, while co-founder Ryan Close is an experienced entrepreneur and marketing guru who is leading the go-to-market and launch strategy for Bartesian.

    Why Bartesian is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Just fill Bartesian's four reservoirs with your favorite liquors, insert one of their drink capsules, adjust the strength of your drink, and watch it mix a great cocktail for you. You can choose a strength anywhere from mocktail to a tripleshot, so Bartesian a cocktail for everyone.

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  • Zuli

    Zuli aims to make homes smarter with simple Smartplugs that allow your lights and appliances to be controlled by their app.

    Why Zuli is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The plugs' compact design keeps free access to every outlet's second plug while giving you control over your home. The Zuli Presence function on the app even tracks your location in your home, adjusting lighting and temperature to your preferences whenever you enter a room.

    Follow @ZuliHome

  • Naked Labs

    Naked is the world's first home body scanner; it allows you to visualize your body's changes as well as track your body fat percentage, weight, and more.

    Why Naked Labs is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It's incredibly easy, too. Just step on, get scanned, and use the app to view your results. With Naked, you can track your fitness progress, look at side-by-side comparisons of your past and present self, and see how your measurements are changing as you lose fat and/or gain muscle.

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  • Snow Lizard Products

    Snow Lizard Products crafts rugged phone cases for iPhones 5-7 that are perfect for heavy outdoor use.

    Why Snow Lizard Products is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their flagship SLXtreme Waterproof 7 features a solar-powered, built-in battery to ensure that you're never without power and a waterproof design. These cases are built for campers and outdoor adventurers who love exploring the wilderness, but want to ensure that their phone will work in an emergency.

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  • TekDry International

    TekDry International is giving consumers the ability to fix a wet phone in just 30 minutes at their locations across the U.S.

    Why TekDry International is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: If your phone gets wet, just turn it off, leave it unplugged, and bring it to your nearest TekDry location. They'll give your phone back to you in 30 minutes with all of your photos, video, and other data safe and intact.

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  • Robo Wunderkind

    Robo Wunderkind is a DIY robot kit designed to teach children as young as five about the basics of coding and robotics.

    Why Robo Wunderkind is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Not only is it fun for kids to play with, but it comes paired with an app that will teach them coding and help them develop their creativity. With tons of different skills to program, this is a great way for teachers and parents alike to start teaching children the basics of technology.

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  • Speak Music

    Speak Music's Melody Platform is powering eyes-free and hand-free music control for consumers. A bluetooth headphone user simply taps a button on their headphone and that activates Melody that can take voice commands.

    Why Speak Music is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Melody gives consumers totally hands-free control over apps like NPR, Spotify, and iHeartRadio, whether you're at home, in the car, or at the gym. This means no more stopping your workout to find the right song, and no more fiddling with your phone to pick the right playlist while you're on the road.

    Follow @MelodyAppAI

  • Kairos Watches

    Kairos crafts hybrid mechanical smartwatches that retain the elegance of a mechanical watch but offer the functionality of a smartwatch.

    Why Kairos Watches is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: They can push notifications, track your fitness routine, and even function as a remote control for your smartphone or tablet. If you'd rather have a traditional mechanical watch, Kairos also offers "T-bands," smart watch straps that have many of the same features.

    Follow @KairosWatches

  • OXX

    OXX are the makers of rugged appliances like the COFFEEBOXX, a single cup brewing system inside a heavy-duty box that's portable and ready for anything.

    Why OXX is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Built for the world's toughest worksites, the COFFEEBOXX brews hot, fresh coffee in any environment and can put up with a ton of punishment. Whether you're going on an outdoor adventure or need a reliable coffee maker for a construction site, COFFEEBOXX has your back.

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  • Juicies

    Juicies creates innovative charging solutions for mobile devices, crafting durable, stylish charging cables that stand apart from the competition.

    Why Juicies is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: With their unique line of cables, you'll never have a friend accidentally take your charging cable home with them again. They offer Lightning, Micro USB, and more cables made from premium materials and featuring certified connector parts guaranteed to work with your device.

    Follow @juicies_com

  • Camellia Labs

    Camellia Labs' Brewchime makes it a snap to brew fresh, authentic Chai tea at home with just the press of a button.

    Why Camellia Labs is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Chime Caps that their teas ship in are packed with only natural ingredients, no syrups or powders, so you're getting high quality Chai tea every time. The device allows you to customize your brew, too: you can choose your size of cup (8 oz or 12 oz), strength of tea flavor, milk ratio and frothiness.

    Follow @brewchime

  • Oco

    Oco is a DIY cloud video home surveillance system that sets up in seconds and starts recording when it senses motion, noise, or a custom event you create for it.

    Why Oco is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It learns to avoid movements that repeat often, too, like passing cars and shadows, so you're never drowning in notifications. With the Oco app, you can watch live-streaming or archived video from anywhere in the world, and even save videos to share with your friends later.

    Follow @getococamera

  • Ashley Chloe

    Ashley Chloe is a wearable technology company that's aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and function in wearables, with products like the Helix Cuff wearable wireless headphones. The Ashley Chloe team includes designers and engineers with experience at companies like GoPro, IBM, and Nokia, and is led by CEO Angela Pan, a serial entrepreneur and former angel investor.

    Why Ashley Chloe is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The Helix Cuff is a fashionable bracelet that packs high-grade Bluetooth wireless headphones inside it, letting you carry your headphones discreetly. They also offer the Fuse: modular Bluetooth headphones designed to be carried, charged, and worn in multiple different forms, whether in a pendant, bracelet, or in a portable charger.

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    ICLOAK is a tiny device that plugs into your computer's USB port and keeps you safe from viruses, malware, hacking, and more.

    Why ICLOAK is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: The high-grade security technology inside ICLOAK was previously available only to hackers, governments, and the like, but now anyone can get it just by plugging this device into their computer. It offers truly anonymous browsing that leaves no trace online, and even works with Tor.

    Follow @ICLOAK

  • Innova Dynamics
    Innova Dynamics is creating new functionalities in touchscreen and other devices by commercializing a far-reaching materials platform that embeds nanoparticles right into the surface of polymers. The Innlay surface-embedding technology was developed by Arjun Srinivas and Alex Mittal as a senior project at the University of Pennsylvania, and Innova Dynamics was officially founded in 2007.

    Why Innova Dynamics is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Their Innlay TCE platform offers high-grade optical performance on screens, design flexibility for screens of any shape or size, and a reduced cost when compared to other technologies. While it's currently used in smartphones, wearables, and tablets, the company's aim is to make touch ubiquitous everywhere - cars, at work, and at home.

  • Breathometer

    Breathometer's Mint is a smart device that monitors oral health: it uses high-tech sensors to analyze your breath for signs of harmful bacteria. Charles Michael Yim is a serial entrepreneur best known for his success on the ABC series Shark Tank, but he also founded Chatterfly and ProBuddy.

    Why Breathometer is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: This compact device syncs with a smartphone app to give you insights to your oral health and personalized oral hygiene guidance. You can even choose goals in the app, and Mint will monitor your journey toward meeting those goals, providing guidance along the way.

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  • ilumi

    ilumi's LED Smartbulbs work just like regular bulbs, but connect to your phone via Bluetooth so you can set timers, change the brightness levels, and even adjust color.

    Why ilumi is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: Since they work on Bluetooth, there's no bulky hub required, and they give you simple, instant control over every bulb in your home. ilumi offers both indoor and outdoor bulbs that are long-lasting, energy efficient, and can provide a huge range of different lighting moods.

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  • Lima

    Lima is a private, personal cloud that allows you to keep all of your files safe at home but access them anywhere.

    Why Lima is a Top Consumer Electronics Innovation: It sets up easily: just connect it to your router and a hard drive, and Lima will store all of your files on the drive while you can get to them wherever you are. Unlike with most cloud services, there's no monthly fees or hidden costs: just purchase the Lima device, and that's it.

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