June 20, 2019

How Long Does it Take to Get Car Insurance

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Car insurance companies promise quotes in as little as 15 minutes. But how long does it really take? Read on for the answer, plus the different ways to get a quote.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Quote?

You'll need the same information no matter how you get a quote. To save time and prevent any mistakes, have any necessary paperwork ready, including:

  • Personal Information
    such as name(s) and date(s) of birth of all drivers in your household.

  • Driver's License
    Your driving record will be ordered to see if you qualify for a good price.

  • Your vehicle information
    Including the year, make, and model of your car and the VIN (vehicle identification number). This can be found on your registration or your existing insurance ID card.

  • Your current coverages
    This can be found on a copy of your current insurance policy. It details the different levels and types of insurance coverage you have on your vehicle. Keep reading for more information.

If you plan to purchase right away, you'll need to make at least one month's payment. Have your payment method handy, such as a credit/debit card or checking account number.

Keep reading for the best ways to get a quote.

Most insurance companies offer a discount for paying in full for 6 months or for enrolling the policy in automatic payments. You can choose the day of the month you prefer the payments to be charged.

How to Get a Quote

Online quotes are typically your quickest option. You can request one from wherever you have an internet connection and save the quote to review later.

Start by visiting the company's website. You'll need to enter your basic personal, car, and coverage information.

After getting a quote, you can usually purchase a policy directly through the site. However, if you do not understand the coverage or if you have any questions, it is always a good idea to speak with a licensed insurance representative.

To speak with an agent, call the phone number listed on your quote.

By Phone
If you want a quick quote but prefer to speak to a person, you can call a company directly. You can also search for a local agent to speak to on the insurance company website by entering your city or zip code.

The agent will ask for the same basic personal information and coverage preferences that you'd enter online. They may also ask additional questions to see if you qualify for any discounts.

You can find an agent or broker in your area by entering your zip code on the website of the insurance company that you choose. Call or email to schedule an appointment.

When meeting the agent, bring your personal information and a copy of your existing policy (if you have one). This will help the insurance agent create an accurate comparison quote.

You can compare multiple companies and request insurance quotes from one location by clicking here.

Saving money is great. But getting the lowest price is not the only factor when choosing an insurance company. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Read Customer Reviews
You want an insurance company that can provide great service, whether it be for paying a bill or asking questions about your policy.

If you are going to deal with a local agent, find a list of agents to choose from by searching by your city or zip code on the company website. Read their reviews to find an agent with high customer satisfaction and positive feedback.

Look for a High Financial Rating
An A.M. Best FSR (financial strength rating) can tell you whether or not an insurance company has enough money to afford paying their claims. Ideally, an A-rated company or better would be the obvious choice. You can find a company's rating here.

Ask About Potential Discounts
You may qualify for discounts on your quote. Here are a list of discounts to keep in mind:

  • Good Student Discount
    If you have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, many companies will offer a discount of 2%–5%.

  • Resident Student Discount
    You may qualify if you are a student living away from home.

  • Multiple Policy Discounts
    You can save up to 30% for having another insurance policy with the same company, such as renters insurance and life insurance.

  • Defensive Driving Discount
    Many states offer a defensive driving class that will give you an extra 10% discount. If you took a class, bringing a copy of the certificate can save you the time of having to search for it later.

Choose the Right Coverage
Most states have a minimum coverage requirement. However, that may not necessarily be enough for you. If you are a homeowner, have a steady job, or if you have savings, it may be a good idea to choose a higher amount to protect your assets.

Compare the coverage on the quote to your existing policy, if you have one. Make sure it is the same or better so that you know whether the policy is really a better option for you.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions
This is your insurance policy—it is important to understand the coverages that you will be paying. Whether you are getting a quote online, by phone, or face-to-face, ask your insurance representative any question you may have. You do not want any surprises when it comes to filing a claim.

Don't settle on an insurance company just because the price is right. Even if it makes the process of getting a quote a bit longer, saving the most money while getting the right coverage and service definitely pays off.

Before You Purchase a Policy

Whether you are a first time buyer or switching from another company, here are some important things to know:

Make Sure You Do Not have an Insurance Gap
You can cancel an insurance policy at any time, even in the middle of the policy term. You may even receive a small refund. To avoid any potential fines for not carrying insurance, start your new policy BEFORE cancelling your existing insurance.

Many Companies Cancel Your Existing Insurance for You
Ask your insurance agent if they offer that service to make the transfer process easier.

A Photo Inspection of Your Car may be Required
Depending on the state, you may be required to have pictures taken of the outside of your car. This is just a way of preventing insurance fraud.


You can get an insurance quote in minutes, and you can even purchase a policy that same day. Want more detailed information on car insurance? Here are some frequent questions about car insurance that can help:

How does car insurance work?
Car insurance can protect you, your car, and your money if you are involved in an accident. Click here to learn how car insurance can save you from financial loss.

What are the different types of car insurance?
Car insurance comes with different types of coverage, such as medical bill coverage, accident coverage, and theft. You can learn more about what coverage to choose from by visiting are coverage guide.

What is the best car insurance for college students?
Car insurance for college students can be costly, and there are many companies to choose from. The best way to choose the right insurance is to shop around. To learn about the best insurance policy for college students, click here.

Why is my car insurance so high?
Car insurance rates are based on many factors, such as credit score, vehicle type, the coverage you choose, and age. To learn more about why your rates are high and what factors are affecting your policy, click here.

Bottom Line

Getting a quote is an easy, quick process. You can get one and even purchase a policy in less than 30 minutes. Regardless of how you get a quote, make sure you are comfortable with the coverage and company you choose.

If you are looking for a fast way to get a quote with more than one company, you can visit our comparison site. You will be able to determine which insurance companies are the right fit for your needs and can get quotes from multiple companies at the same time.

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