May 7, 2017

Best Outdoor Blogs: Top Industry Experts

Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Outdoor Blogs have been announced. Be inspired for your next outdoor adventure by keeping tabs on the best outdoor resources the web has to offer.

Top Outdoor Blogs and Resources

Got a love for all things outdoors? Or a passion for an outdoors-only activity like hiking, biking, skiing, or hunting? We do too.

At CreditDonkey, we're constantly shopping for the latest outdoor gear. And as part of our research, we've come across so many bloggers out there who share this passion. Some are as useful as a canteen without water. Instead, follow the bloggers below for the very best tips and observations from the great outdoors.

  • is a news source that covers the Portland, Oregon, bike scene.

    Why is a Top Outdoor Blog: From cycling events to safety information, this site is a great resource for Portland bicycling enthusiasts.

    Read: Portland's drop in car use frees up $138 million in our local economy every year
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  • BioLite

    BioLite's blog is packed with hiking tips, park profiles, campfire recipes, and tons more content for camping enthusiasts.

    Why BioLite is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love camping in America's national parks, you'll find plenty of useful tips and tasty, outdoor-ready recipes on this blog.

    Read: BioLite CampStove
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  • Modern Hiker

    Modern Hiker is a resource for hikers, featuring product reviews and content about the top trails all over the North American West. In addition to top trails and product reviews, they also profile inspiring figures in the outdoor world and have broken national news stories dealing with vandalism of public lands.

    Why Modern Hiker is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone planning an outdoor getaway in the Western United States, Canada, or even Mexico will find some excellent tips and recommendations on this site.

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  • Outdoor News

    Outdoor News is a Midwest-focused site featuring news, tips, and product reviews and recommendations for hunters.

    Why Outdoor News is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hunters and fishermen in the Midwest will discover plenty of excellent content on this site, from the latest news on diseases to fishing tips and more.

    Read: Family, friends mourn the loss of Gary L. Clancy
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  • The Big Outside

    The Big Outside is filled with excellent product reviews of outdoor gear, safety tips, travel advice, and more for anyone who loves outdoor adventures.

    Why The Big Outside is a Top Outdoor Blog: Serious outdoor enthusiasts looking for the latest and greatest in gear will find that and more on this blog.

    Read: 10 Tips For Getting Your Teenager Outdoors With You
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  • Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows

    Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are two popular Tahoe ski resorts that can both be accessed on one lift ticket, and their blog will keep you up to date on ski conditions and more at both mountains.

    Why Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows is a Top Outdoor Resource: Ski and snowboard junkies planning a Tahoe getaway should keep an eye on this blog's news.

    Read: Let's Meet Trooper. The Newest Squaw Dog.
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  • Brave Ski Mom

    Brave Ski Mom is a skiing blog that focuses on helping families develop a lifelong love of snowsports and travel.

    Why Brave Ski Mom is a Top Outdoor Blog: This blog is perfect for parents who want to take their children to the slopes and are looking for some excellent, practical tips before they go.

    Read: Hiking Colorado's Western Slope
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  • is a site for those who love the oceans and are dedicated to environmental news and stories of underwater adventures.

    Why is a Top Outdoor Blog: Scuba lovers will find some stunning videos and photos to enjoy on this site, and anyone who loves the ocean will appreciate their environmental content.

    Read: Study Finds Shark Hotspots Overlap With Commercial Fishing Location

  • Exploring Portland's Natural Areas

    Exploring Portland's Natural Areas is the work of one Portland, Oregon, family who can't get enough of their city's beautiful outdoor areas and opportunities.

    Why Exploring Portland's Natural Areas is a Top Outdoor Blog: Portland residents looking for hidden outdoor gems and adventures will find plenty of places to explore and events to take part in by checking out this site.

    Read: BOOK REVIEW: Bringing the Outside In
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  • Container Collective Yoga and Bikes
    Container Collective Yoga and Bikes is packed with yoga tips and advice for building your own homemade, sustainably-sourced bamboo bike.

    Why Container Collective Yoga and Bikes is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love yoga or are an ardent DIY cycler, this blog is the one for you.

  • Take Me Fishing Blog

    Take Me Fishing is an inspiring, educational blog written by fishing experts and featuring advice and stories from people who live and breathe the sport.

    Why Take Me Fishing Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: With its fishing tips and tricks, and jaw-dropping stories, this a site that any fishing enthusiast absolutely must read. This is a must read resource to learn about different types of fishing and boating equipment you need to have a successful day on the water.

    Read: Visit a Top Place to Fish and Boat
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  • Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog

    Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog is focused on finding the best, most beautiful hikes in Orange County and the wider Southern California region.

    Why Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers in Los Angeles, San Diego, and beyond will discover trails they never knew existed from this blog.

    Read: Brian and Ashley's Hiking Blog!: 2015 Year in Review for Brian & Ashley's Hiking Blog
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  • So Many Places

    So Many Places is the ongoing story of one woman who, along with her husband, sold all of her possessions and travels the world, writing about her adventures.

    Why So Many Places is a Top Outdoor Blog: With travel and outdoor tips and trip ideas for countries all over the world, this is a great blog for the adventurous outdoor enthusiast who loves to travel to new countries.

    Read: One Year With Juniper
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  • Trout Unlimited

    Trout Unlimited is all about the latest news and advice for trout fishing enthusiasts.

    Why Trout Unlimited is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love trout fishing, this blog's environmental news, fishing tips, and other content will be right up your alley.

    Read: Armed takeover of refuge wrong-headed

  • Colorado Fly Fishing Blog

    The Colorado Fly Fishing Blog features safety tips, gear reviews, and news about fly fishing conditions in Colorado.

    Why Colorado Fly Fishing Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: Fly fishing enthusiasts, particularly those in Colorado, will find tons of great information and recommendations on this blog.

    Read: Fly Fishing Christmas Gifts
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  • Dive Photo Guide

    Featuring lens and camera reviews, how-to's, and the most stunning underwater photography around, Dive Photo Guide is perfect for diving enthusiasts who want to remember each trip with beautiful photos.

    Why Dive Photo Guide is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who wants to learn more about underwater photography, or just see some beautiful examples of it, will love this website.

    Read: Photographer of the Week - Domenico Roscigno
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  • The Outdoor Adventure

    The Outdoor Adventure is a general interest outdoor blog, with everything from outdoor adventure stories to gear reviews, survival tips, and much more.

    Why The Outdoor Adventure is a Top Outdoor Blog: If backpacking and hiking is your thing, this blog's recipes, safety advice, videos, and wealth of other content are for you.

    Read: Stio Women's Environ Pants
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  • Team River Runner

    Team River Runner is an organization that's dedicated to helping wounded and disabled veterans embrace new challenges in the outdoors.

    Why Team River Runner is a Top Outdoor Blog: Wounded and disabled veterans who are looking to experience new adventures in the outdoors should take a look at this site and get involved.

    Read: Tonya Butler- Collins making leaps and bounds to bring Women Veteran Issues to light
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  • Outward Bound

    Outward Bound has long been providing outdoor adventures to students all over the country, and their blog is filled with outdoor tips and the latest in Outward Bound news.

    Why Outward Bound is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you're considering an Outward Bound trip for a child or you want to get some camping and backpacking tips from their experts, this is an excellent outdoor blog.

    Read: How to Land a Job in the Outdoors
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  • Cragmama

    Cragmama is a blog that's all about bringing the whole family along on outdoor adventures big and small.

    Why Cragmama is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you love rock climbing or want to take a weekend hiking trip, this is a blog for those who believe that becoming a parent doesn't have to put an end to outdoor adventures.

    Read: Jesus and Tequila = SENT
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  • BikeDenver

    BikeDenver is a blog about all things cycling in Denver, from action alerts about local legislation and events to tips for the best rides.

    Why BikeDenver is a Top Outdoor Blog: Bike lovers in Denver who want to get involved in the city's thriving cycling scene should definitely be checking in on this blog.

    Read: Winter Bike Week
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  • Nobody Hikes in LA

    Nobody Hikes in LA is a Southern California hiking blog, offering guides and tips for the regions best, most spectacular hikes.

    Why Nobody Hikes in LA is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hiking in SoCal is more than just Runyon Canyon; check out this blog to find some beautiful, off-the-beaten-path hikes.

    Read: Hollenbeck Canyon
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  • Trish, Alex, and Sage

    Trish, Alex, and Sage is the work of a mother and her two daughters, who hike all over New Hampshire and beyond.

    Why Trish, Alex, and Sage is a Top Outdoor Blog: New Hampshire hikers are sure to discover some great new trails from this blog's content.

    Read: Trish, Alex, and Sage: Waumbek. January 3, 2016


    GoNOMAD is a huge travel blog featuring some of the best hiking and camping trips in North America along with adventure stories from remote places all over the world.

    Why GoNOMAD is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you're looking for a great backpacking trip here in the States or you want inspiration for a more exotic trip, this site is sure to get you excited for your next outdoor excursion.

    Read: Moldova: A Country Obsessed with Wine
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  • Misadventures

    Filled with inspiring photos, essays, and outdoorsy advice, this site is a relaxing read for those who revel in the beauty of nature.

    Why Misadventures is a Top Outdoor Blog: With everything from outdoor how-to's to inspirational photos of some of the most beautiful places on Earth, this is a blog that any true outdoor enthusiast will fall in love with.

    Read: Why I Travel Alone As A Married Woman
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  • Adventure-Inspired

    Adventure-Inspired is a place for gear reviews, stories, musings, and more on rock climbing, cycling, camping, hiking, and any other outdoor activity under the sun.

    Why Adventure-Inspired is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you're looking for awesome new outdoor gear, inspirational stories, and outdoor tips and advice, you'll find it all on this blog.

    Read: Five Hammock Camping Myths, Busted
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  • Mountain Mom and Tots

    Mountain Mom and Tots is the ongoing story of an outdoor-obsessed mom and her family; she writes about their outdoor adventures and offers up everything from gift guides to safety tips for outdoorsy families.

    Why Mountain Mom and Tots is a Top Outdoor Blog: Parents who want to take their kids on their outdoor adventures will appreciate this writer's first-hand experiences with the challenges of doing so.

    Read: National Park to Park Highway Adventure
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  • 100 Peaks of San Diego

    100 Peaks of San Diego profiles some of Southern California's best hikes and also features hiking stories, news, and more.

    Why 100 Peaks of San Diego is a Top Outdoor Blog: San Diego outdoors enthusiasts can use this blog to discover some great new hikes and challenges.

    Read: Sedona - A family trip in the outdoors
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  • Jill Outside

    Jill Outside is one nature-loving woman's journal of her spectacular outdoor adventures, from biking in the snow to dogsled racing and more.

    Why Jill Outside is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who loves stunning vistas or is just looking for some inspiration to get them out in nature more often will love this blog. She travels frequently and her blog features locales including Colorado, California, Utah, Alaska, as well as global destinations in Iceland, South Africa and Europe.

    Read: Following the 2016 Iditarod Trail Invitational
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  • Andrew Skurka

    Andrew Skurka's blog is packed with tips for hikers, backpackers, and trekkers, all geared toward experienced adventurers.

    Why Andrew Skurka is a Top Outdoor Blog: Serious outdoor fanatics will love Andrew's reviews of the latest rugged trekking and camping gear and his tips for some of the best adventure trails in America.

    Read: Gear List: Backpacking First Aid Kit - Solo & Group
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  • Florida Hikes

    Whether biking, hiking, or just exploring, Florida Hikes is your guide to Florida's best rural and urban trails.

    Why Florida Hikes is a Top Outdoor Blog: Florida residents and tourists alike will discover plenty of hidden gem trails on this blog.

    Read: REI Orlando
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  • Liftopia

    Liftopia provides tips, guides, and inspiration for your next outdoor adventure, and includes biking, skiing, hiking, camping, and general fitness content.

    Why Liftopia is a Top Outdoor Blog: From keeping in shape for your next big adventure to choosing a destination to picking the right gear, this blog will help you at every stage of planning an active outdoor trip.

    Read: Rider's Guide: Angel Fire Bike Park, New Mexico
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  • Beyond the Tent

    From National Park recommendations to the best (and easiest) camping recipes, Beyond the Tent is a site for camping enthusiasts of all kinds.

    Why Beyond the Tent is a Top Outdoor Blog: This all-encompassing camping blog's gear reviews, recipes, and outdoor tips will be a huge help in planning your next great American backpacking adventure.

    Read: 20 Easy Camping Recipes Anyone Can Make
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  • Austin Canoe & Kayak

    Austin Canoe & Kayak is an outdoor site with a special focus on kayaking, camping, and fishing in Texas.

    Why Austin Canoe & Kayak is a Top Outdoor Blog: Texas outdoor enthusiasts will love this blog's camping, kayaking, and fishing content, and anyone who loves getting outside will appreciate its gear reviews and recommendations.

    Read: Lured in by the Lure 11.5
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  • Outdoor Tech

    The Outdoor Tech Blog is packed with product and gear reviews, camping and hiking tips, and fun videos and stories from other outdoor enthusiasts.

    Why Outdoor Tech is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love outdoor gear, this blog's product reviews and industry news make it a must-read.

    Read: Outdoor Talk: Dave Bachinsky
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  • Crosman

    Crosman is a site for airsoft gun enthusiasts, and includes product reviews, shooting competition news, and more.

    Why Crosman is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hunters and target shooters alike will love this site's product reviews and hunting content.

    Read: Introducing The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow
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  • GSI Outdoors

    From the best hikes to the best sledding to the most durable outdoor gear, GSI Outdoors' blog covers it all.

    Why GSI Outdoors is a Top Outdoor Blog: Readers who love to get outdoors and experience nature in any season will love this blog's outdoor activity recommendations, provided year-round for any number of different sports and adventures.

    Read: Outdoor Retailer Show Recap
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  • Alpenglow Expeditions
    Alpenglow Expeditions leads mountain climbing tours all over the world, and you can learn about their adventures, the cultures they encounter, and the mountains they conquer on their blog.

    Why Alpenglow Expeditions is a Top Outdoor Blog: Mountaineers can follow along with Alpenglow's expeditions, learn about their techniques, and get inspired by their adventures on this blog.

    Read: Update from Everest Base Camp

  • Stio Blog

    Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is one of America's premiere destinations for lovers of the outdoors, and the outdoor apparel & gear company Stio's blog will help you enjoy your visit with its skiing, hiking, and biking tips and more.

    Why Stio Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: Readers planning a trip to Jackson Hole to enjoy its beautiful scenery and world-class skiing and hiking will find plenty of great local tips on this blog.

    Read: 5 Awesome Backpacking Trips Around Aspen
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  • The Camp Kit

    The Camp Kit's blog is all about camping tips and tricks, with gear recommendations, campsite picks, safety advice, and more.

    Why The Camp Kit is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who loves to camp would do well to check out this blog, which has tons of practical advice for staying safe and having fun outdoors.

    Read: Lightweight Backpacking Fishing Kit for Backcountry Fishing
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  • Shark Diver

    The Shark Diver blog is all about sharks and shark diving, with news about shark populations, gear reviews, and thoughts from industry experts.

    Why Shark Diver is a Top Outdoor Blog: For shark divers, this blog's news and reviews are an absolute must-read.

    Read: Shark Diving Packages
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  • Hello, Trouble

    Hello, Trouble is a blog for DIY-loving outdoor enthusiasts, packed with how-to's and tips for campers, log cabin lovers, hikers, and more.

    Why Hello, Trouble is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love spending time in the rugged outdoors doing DIY projects, this is the blog for you.

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  • She-ra Hikes
    She-ra Hikes is a hiking blog filled with outdoor tips, gear reviews, and hiking adventure stories and videos.

    Why She-ra Hikes is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who loves to hike will find all the gear picks, safety tips, and inspiring stories they could hope for on this blog.

    Read: A Hiker's Resolution

  • Wild Girl Writing

    Wild Girl Writing is the work of a Utah nature guide, and her blog is packed with great hiking picks and tips for the state.

    Why Wild Girl Writing is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers planning a trip to Utah's spectacular national and state parks should give this blog a look.

    Read: 5 Tips for Surviving Monsoon Season in Southern Utah
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  • Red Tricycle

    Red Tricycle offers up fun, active outdoor activities suitable for families with young kids, and you can even search for activities by city and region.

    Why Red Tricycle is a Top Outdoor Blog: Families with small children who are looking for more active, outdoor activities to do together will find plenty to choose from on this blog.

    Read: Why Earlier Bedtimes Lead to Healthier and Possibly Smarter Children
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  • Sport Fish Michigan

    Sport Fish Michigan is blog that features all the information sport fisherman in Michigan need, from fishing reports to the best guides and more.

    Why Sport Fish Michigan is a Top Outdoor Blog: Fishermen planning a trip in Michigan can get started with a little help from this blog.

    Read: Sport Fish Michigan In The Press
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  • Pure Cycles

    Pure Cycles' blog is packed with great information for bicycling enthusiasts, including gear recommendations, fixes for common bike problems, and more.

    Why Pure Cycles is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you ride in the city, on country roads, or on mountain trails, you'll find some great bike tips on this blog.

    Read: Epic Summer
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  • Eagles Nest Outfitters

    Gear manufacturer Eagles Nest Outfitters' blog is for the adventurous outdoorsman; it features plenty of gear reviews as well as outdoor how-to's, travel tips, and much more.

    Why Eagles Nest Outfitters is a Top Outdoor Resource: Nature enthusiasts who love to travel and see the world's most stunning natural sights will find tons of great travel and safety tips on this blog.

    Read: Why Every Parent Should Get Their Kids Outside
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  • Guthook Hikes
    Guthook Hikes is filled with handy hiking reports from some of the trails in America's Northeast and beyond.

    Why Guthook Hikes is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you're looking for a new trail to hike or just want to check the conditions on an old favorite, this blog will fill you in on trails in Maine, Vermont, and beyond.

    Read: PAPER Maps: Carry them

  • World Record Striper Company

    World Record Striper Company's blog is all about sport fishing, with news on the latest big catches, tips for fishermen, and more.

    Why World Record Striper Company is a Top Outdoor Blog: Serious sport fishermen can use this blog to check out the latest big catches and learn about new gear.

    Read: Learn Moon Phases, Tides, & Currents to Catch Fish
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  • Women of the Maine Outdoors
    Women of the Maine Outdoors is an organization dedicated to expanding outdoor opportunities for women in Maine, and you can learn how to get involved by visiting their site.

    Why Women of the Maine Outdoors is a Top Outdoor Resource: Maine women who want to get more involved in their state's outdoor scene, whether as a guide or recreationally, should check out this organization's website.

  • Roger's Outdoor Blog

    Roger's Outdoor Blog is packed with gorgeous wilderness photos, gear reviews, and even giveaways.

    Why Roger's Outdoor Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: Readers looking for some inspiring nature photography and stories to go with their camping and hiking gear reviews should give this blog a look.

    Read: Warbler as hawk
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  • Gociety

    Gociety is a blog for adventurers, hikers, kayakers, and roadtrippers all over the country, covering some of the best trips and experiences the USA has to offer outdoor junkies.

    Why Gociety is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who loves the American outdoors will want to check out this blog's coverage of some of the best, most adventurous destinations and events all over the country.

    Read: 16 Islands in Michigan You've Never Heard Of (and Should Camp On)
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  • CEP Compression Blog

    The CEP Compression Blog features running and workout tips in addition to focusing on the benefits of compression workout gear.

    Why CEP Compression Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you're considering investing in compression workout gear to alleviate pain during your workouts, this blog will fill you in on the benefits.

    Read: CEP Ortho+ Helps Treat Plantar Fasciitis
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  • Camo Is the New Black

    Camo Is the New Black is a hunting and fishing blog featuring guides, tips, editorial content, and more.

    Why Camo Is the New Black is a Top Outdoor Blog: With tips for pros and newbies alike, this is a great hunting and fishing blog for anyone interested in these outdoor sports.

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  • Swim Bike Mom

    Swim Bike Mom features the musings of a mom as she focuses on her nutrition and fitness goals and tells the story of her journeys through races, triathlons, and more.

    Why Swim Bike Mom is a Top Outdoor Blog: Moms who need a little inspiration to get outside and go for a run or a bike ride will find it in this entertaining blog.

    Read: There's Nothing to "Unsee" Here
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  • Klean Kanteen

    Klean Kanteen's blog focuses on sustainable living practices and environmental news for those who love nature and want to preserve it.

    Why Klean Kanteen is a Top Outdoor Blog: Green-minded readers looking for tips on reducing their footprint and news on the companies and individuals leading the green movement will enjoy this blog.

    Read: Klean Kanteen is an Official Sustainability Partner of the San Francis
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  • Appalachian Trail Girl

    Appalachian Trail Girl is a hiking blog geared toward women, with gear reviews, hiking tips, and solo travel advice.

    Why Appalachian Trail Girl is a Top Outdoor Blog: Women who love hiking or are traveling alone will love this blog's tips and trail recommendations.

    Read: 10 Reasons to Hike in Nepal
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  • Smoky Scout's Hiking Adventures
    Smoky Scout's Hiking Adventures began as one woman's quest to hike every trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and now chronicles her journeys on trails in the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and beyond.

    Why Smoky Scout's Hiking Adventures is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers looking for trail tips, routes, and information for those states will find some great, informative stories on this blog.

  • Ski Independence

    Ski Independence is a blog for skiers and snowboarders, featuring tips, travel advice, and the latest news from resorts all over the world.

    Why Ski Independence is a Top Outdoor Blog: Skiers and snowboarders who want to stay up-to-date on conditions or are looking for the hottest spots to ski will love this informative blog.

    Read: Fly Direct to Salt Lake City: Ski Utah in 2016/17
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  • California Wildlife Center

    The California Wildlife Center helps animals all over the state, and their blog provides news on their rescues as well as some spectacular wildlife sightings.

    Why California Wildlife Center is a Top Outdoor Blog: California animal lovers who want to learn about environmental initiatives, or just love learning about California's wildlife, will find an excellent resource here.

    Read: Snowshoes in the Summer
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  • The Trek

    The Trek is a leading resource for thru-hikers and long distance backpackers, with a primary focus on the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail. Day hikers and long distance enthusiasts alike will love the advice offered on this site. The Trek also features the day-to-day adventures of current thru and section hikers on long trails across the country.

    Why The Trek is a Top Outdoor Blog: Trekkers and serious hikers will love this blog's advice for long-haul hikes and its more thoughtful posts about the experience itself.

    Read: How to Thru Hike the Appalachian Trail: A 101 Guide
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  • Big City Mountaineers

    Big City Mountaineers is an organization that mentors urban youth with the help of the power of the outdoors, and you can learn about their mission, read their stories, and donate on their website.

    Why Big City Mountaineers is a Top Outdoor Blog: Readers who believe that the outdoors have the power to educate and mentor children will love this organization's mission and should definitely take a look at their website.

    Read: We're hiring!
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  • Outdoor Chics

    Outdoor Chics is a blog for ladies who love adventure and the outdoors, and features adventure stories, destination inspiration, and more.

    Why Outdoor Chics is a Top Outdoor Blog: With gear reviews, sport challenges, trip ideas, and more, this is a great blog for women who want to live life to the fullest and experience adventure.

    Read: Review: A coastal cottage escape
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  • Girl on a Hike

    Girl on a Hike chronicles its writer's journeys across the United States as she offers up her thoughts, advice, and trail guides on some of America's best hiking and camping destinations.

    Why Girl on a Hike is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers and campers with dogs will find some great information about popular destinations from this blog, thanks to a writer who is always sure to include information about the dog-friendliness of each location.

    Read: Girl on a Hike: Cathedral Gorge State Park
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  • UpaDowna

    UpaDowna is a nonprofit that brings outdoor experiences to people of all ages and skill levels; you can learn the latest news from their programs, as well as read some excellent outdoor product reviews, on their blog.

    Why UpaDowna is a Top Outdoor Blog: UpaDowna's blog is a great resource for outdoor gear reviews, but true outdoor enthusiasts should take a look at their mission and their programs as well.

    Read: Rumpl Jam Puffy
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  • Discover Outdoors

    Discover Outdoors is an adventure outfitter for city-dwelling travelers, and their blog is filled with inspiring stories from the trail.

    Why Discover Outdoors is a Top Outdoor Blog: Readers looking for stories about the power of adventure travel and the outdoors will love this blog, and feel inspired to hit the trail right after reading.

    Read: Multi-Day
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  • Wired to Hunt

    Wired to Hunt is a blog for whitetail hunting enthusiasts, featuring stories, news, and strategies for the next generation of hunters.

    Why Wired to Hunt is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you're looking for money-saving tips, expert hunting strategies, or the latest whitetail hunting news, you'll find it all here.

    Read: 2016 Rut Predictions - Could It Be Another Late Whitetail Deer Rut?
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  • The Kid Project

    The Kid Project is a family travel blog packed with tips for busy parents in need of outdoor travel advice.

    Why The Kid Project is a Top Outdoor Blog: Traveling and participating in outdoor activities with children can be a challenge, but this blog's tips and advice will make it easier.

    Read: Hiking with Kids
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  • Bike to the Beach

    Bike to the Beach is a nonprofit that uses bike rides to - you guessed it. - the beach as a means to raise money for autism research and other causes.

    Why Bike to the Beach is a Top Outdoor Blog: Bike lovers who want to use their hobby to get involved with a cause should check out this site and learn about Bike to the Beach's mission.

    Read: Houston - Bike to the Beach
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  • The Rock/Creek Blog

    The Rock/Creek blog is packed with outdoor weekend getaway and camping ideas and tips for around the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area.

    Why The Rock/Creek Blog is a Top Outdoor Blog: Outdoor fanatics who live in or near Chattanooga will find some excellent recommendations on this blog.

    Read: The 10 Best Hikes in the Smokies
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  • Hiking the Trail

    Hiking the Trail is a hiking blog packed with gear reviews, safety tips, trip reports, and more.

    Why Hiking the Trail is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love hiking, you'll love this blog for its great safety and gear advice, destination inspiration, and trip reports.

    Read: 15 Places to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse - Infographic
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  • Bearfoot Theory

    Featuring practical packing and safety tips for a number of great outdoor destinations, Bearfoot Theory is a helpful outdoor adventuring blog for anyone looking for expert advice.

    Why Bearfoot Theory is a Top Outdoor Blog: From packing the right items to ensuring you don't miss any highlights on your next trip, this blog's outdoor adventure tips are not to be missed.

    Read: The Ultimate 6-day Olympic National Park Itinerary
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  • Landmark Learning

    Landmark Learning aims to be the leading resource for education and training for the outdoor community, and their blog provides the latest news and stories from their program.

    Why Landmark Learning is a Top Outdoor Blog: Whether you're interested in learning more about living in the outdoors through one of their programs or interested in their advice, Landmark's blog is a great stop for young and beginning outdoors enthusiasts.

    Read: Wilderness First Aid (WFA) - Newland, North Carolina
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  • Halfway Anywhere

    Halfway Anywhere chronicles one man's journey across the globe, featuring his adventures on some of the world's most spectacular hiking trails.

    Why Halfway Anywhere is a Top Outdoor Blog: Adventurers looking for spectacular vistas and great hikes in exotic places will find plenty of inspiration on this blog.

    Read: I'm Never Thru-hiking Again
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  • Wolf Pack Adventures

    Wolf Pack Adventures is a Wisconsin-based outfitter whose blog focuses on fishing and hunting reports for the Sheboygan area.

    Why Wolf Pack Adventures is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hunters and fishermen from the Sheboygan area, or anyone planning a trip to the region, can stay up-to-date on the latest reports with this blog.

    Follow @WolfPackAdvntrs

  • Lewis N. Clark

    Lewis N. Clark's blog is packed with camping tips, travel stories, and advice for touring some of the greatest destinations on earth.

    Why Lewis N. Clark is a Top Outdoor Blog: Avid travelers and nature lovers will find tons of inspiration for their next camping trip, international adventure, or road trip on this blog.

    Read: A Force to be Reckoned With: A Journey to the Top of Mount Kilimanjaro (Part 1)
    Follow @LewisNClarkGear

  • Liz Thomas: Long Distance Adventure Hiking

    Liz Thomas is one of the most experienced female hikers in the U.S., and her blog is packed with trail tips, gear reviews, and hiking editorials both insightful and humorous.

    Why Liz Thomas: Long Distance Adventure Hiking is a Top Outdoor Blog: Anyone who loves hiking the continental U.S. will find some excellent tips, trail reports, and locations for long-distance hiking on Liz's expert blog.

    Read: Love Hiking But New to Camping/Backpacking? Try a Mock Overnighter
    Follow @eathomas

  • KelloggShow

    KelloggShow follows the adventures of the fourteen-strong Kellogg family as they adventure across America in their RV.

    Why KelloggShow is a Top Outdoor Blog: Roadtrippers who love to explore America's great outdoors will discover some inspiring adventures here.

    Read: Landscape Photography in Colorado National Monument
    Follow @kelloggshow

  • Campfire in a Can

    Campfire in a Can's blog features camping advice aplenty, from gear maintenance tips to fire safety protocols, trail recommendations, and more.

    Why Campfire in a Can is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you love camping, this blog's gear advice, activity recommendations, and safety tips will be indispensable.

    Read: 3-In-1 Campfire In A Can - Propane, Wood & Charcoal
    Follow @campfireinacan

  • Orange Mud

    Orange Mud's blog focuses on trail running, with advice for getting the most out of your run, plus gear recommendations, editorial content, and more.

    Why Orange Mud is a Top Outdoor Blog: Trail runners looking for advice for staying safe and healthy during their run, as well as other expert content written by fellow running enthusiasts, should check out this blog.

    Read: Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, 2015 by Entrepreneur Magazine
    Follow @orangemud

  • Frugal Frolicker

    Frugal Frolicker is a blog that chronicles a woman's budget-conscious, outdoor adventures across the globe.

    Why Frugal Frolicker is a Top Outdoor Blog: This is the perfect blog for young travelers who long for outdoor adventures but have to stick to a tight budget, and for those looking to travel around or move to Australia.

    Read: Adelaide or Radelaide? Why This Aussie City is Worth a Visit
    Follow @frugalfrolicker

  • Urban AdvenTours

    Urban AdvenTours offers bike tours and rentals in Boston, and their blog focuses on cycling in the city, bike maintenance, and Boston's coolest events.

    Why Urban AdvenTours is a Top Outdoor Blog: Boston bikers and anyone interested in exploring the city by bike will find some great tips for everything from getting around to finding the best events to bike to on this blog.

    Read: Top 5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Boston
    Follow @urbanadventours

  • Lady on a Rock
    Lady on a Rock is a hiking and outdoor blog that explores some of America's best trails.

    Why Lady on a Rock is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hiking junkies looking for the very best trails in the country are sure to find some excellent picks on this blog.

    Read: Journey with Plantar Fasciitis

  • Bike Long Beach
    Bike Long Beach is a blog that caters to bikers in the California community, offering up news on infrastructure, biking safety, statistics, and more.

    Why Bike Long Beach is a Top Outdoor Blog: Long Beach bikers who want to keep tabs on how the cycling community in their city is faring, and what the city is doing to support it, will find the information they're looking for here.

    Read: Maps + Rides

  • Hunt
    The Hunt blog is all about wild game hunting, offering everything from the latest news to gear reviews and recommendations to hunting tips and more.

    Why Hunt is a Top Outdoor Blog: This blog has gear reviews and tips, but its think pieces and stories are just as likely to catch the interest of any hunting enthusiast.

    Read: Tips from Women Making Their Mark in Hunting


    HECHO amplifies Hispanic/Latino voices and promote Hispanic/Latino outdoor heritage to weigh in on public lands conservation policies.

    Why HECHO is a Top Outdoor Blog: This is a group for Latinos who value public land like national parks. Their blog serves two functions: (1) to share stories and connections to the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, and camping and: (2) to post their public statements on public lands conservation policies.

    Read: Hunting, Fishing, and Camping: A Way of Life Supporting Connections to Our Lands and Family
    Follow @HECHOOnline

  • Trail to Peak

    Trail to Peak is a resource for hiking, international travel guides, and expert gear reviews.

    Why Trail to Peak is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers and adventurers who are planning their next journey will find this site to be an excellent resource for finding great gear, guides, and more.

    Read: 11 Great SoCal Hikes To Help You Achieve Your 2016 Fitness Goals
    Follow @trailtopeak

  • Hiking Forward

    Hiking Forward follows a dad and his daughters as they adventure around America's national parks.

    Why Hiking Forward is a Top Outdoor Blog: Parents who are looking for hiking and outdoor gear for their kids will appreciate this blog's reviews and recommendations for kids' gear.

    Read: Gun or No Gun, In The Backcountry?
    Follow @hikingforward

  • Girls with Guns

    Girls with Guns offers up a hunting and outdoor blog for women filled with tips for a successful hunt, gear recommendations, stories from some of America's top female hunters, and more.

    Why Girls with Guns is a Top Outdoor Blog: Women who love hunting and have been searching for a blog written just for them will find it here.

    Read: New Year, New You! Here's 9 tips for a healthy new year
    Follow @girlswthguns

  • Hike Like a Woman

    Hike Like a Woman is, as the name suggests, a hiking blog for women, featuring stories, tips, and gear recommendations.

    Why Hike Like a Woman is a Top Outdoor Blog: Women who can't get enough of the outdoors will love this blog's hiking and camping tips and gear recommendations.

    Read: Ambassadors
    Follow @HikeLikeAWoman

  • Beers at the Bottom (A Beer-lover's Hiking Guide)

    Beers at the Bottom is a hiking guide for beer lovers in the Pacific Northwest, focusing on the best hikes and the best brews.

    Why Beers at the Bottom (A Beer-lover's Hiking Guide) is a Top Outdoor Blog: A hike through the woods and a craft beer go together like peanut butter and jelly, so if you're a Pacific Northwesterner who loves both, this blog is for you.

    Read: Trails and Ales Journals by Beers at the Bottom
    Follow @Beersatb

  • Bike Friday

    Bike Friday makes high-quality folding bikes, and their blog features adventures anyone can have with such a portable bike, including international bike trips.

    Why Bike Friday is a Top Outdoor Blog: Cycling enthusiasts of all stripes can read up on some inspiring bike tours on this blog while learning more about the advantages of owning a folding bike.

    Read: Bike Touring Across Iceland
    Follow @bikefriday

  • Mountain House

    Mountain House makes camping meals, and their blog is packed with camping tips and wilderness survival advice.

    Why Mountain House is a Top Outdoor Blog: Wilderness survival enthusiasts can visit this blog to glean some new tips, learn about must-have gear, and get great camping advice like safety tricks and checklists.

    Read: Freeze Dried Apple Crisp
    Follow @mtnhouse

  • Touchstone Climbing

    Touchstone Climbing operates rock climbing gyms in California, and their blog is all about the rock climbing community, featuring profiles of climbers, community news, and tips for a safer climb.

    Why Touchstone Climbing is a Top Outdoor Blog: If you're interested in rock climbing in California, whether indoors or out, this blog has the advice and news you need.

    Read: Touchstone Brewing Company Coming to Sacramento
    Follow @TouchstoneClimb

  • Hike It Baby

    Hike it Baby is a blog for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other caregivers who want to take their baby or toddler with them on the trail

    Why Hike It Baby is a Top Outdoor Blog: New parents and families who love the outdoors will appreciate this blog's many tips for making an adventuring lifestyle work in concert with being a parent of a young child.

    Read: Winter Hiking - How to Layer for Infants
    Follow @hikeitbaby

  • National Deer Alliance

    National Deer Alliance is a resource for hunters to find news, safety tips, and more.

    Why National Deer Alliance is a Top Outdoor Blog: This useful resource enables deer hunters to stay up-to-date on all the latest news about their favorite sport and get some helpful tips along the way.

    Read: Deer Hunting Builds Character
    Follow @DeerAlliance

  • Great River Greening
    Great River Greening is a conservation organization that works to preserve the natural landscape of Minnesota.

    Why Great River Greening is a Top Outdoor Blog: Minnesota residents who are looking for ways to help and protect their environment should check out this site and look into volunteering.

  • Trail Notes

    Rheos' Trail Notes blog is made up of trail reports from some of the world's most stunning trails, all from Rheos community members who have experienced these beautiful hikes for themselves.

    Why Trail Notes is a Top Outdoor Blog: Hikers looking for great recommendations from fellow hiking enthusiasts will find tons of inspiration here.

    Read: Buffalo National River: Grandiose by @tgburge
    Follow @rheosgear

  • Rascal Rides

    Rascal Rides is a bicycling blog packed with tips for taking the kids on great bike adventures.

    Why Rascal Rides is a Top Outdoor Blog: Cycle-loving parents who are looking for great advice for getting their kids involved in the next ride will love this blog.

    Read: Family Bikepacking on the Mickelson Trail
    Follow @rascal_rides

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