February 12, 2018

Best in Health and Wellness: Top Experts

Winners of the CreditDonkey Best in Health and Wellness award have been announced. Be on the road to a better you with these products and services.

Best in Health and Wellness
Best in Health and Wellness © CreditDonkey

Top Health and Wellness Companies You Cannot Miss

With the daily stresses of life, we often forget to take care of ourselves. How many times have we used “too busy” as an excuse to grab fast food or not exercise?

At CreditDonkey, we're all about helping you achieve the best financial life possible. But it also starts with taking care of your mind and body. Investing in yourself is just as important. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it affects other areas of your life too.

If you’re feeling in a rut, it’s never too late to make a change, luckily. And you don’t have to do it alone. We have chosen the very best health and wellness apps and services that will help you live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to eat better, reduce stress, kick addiction, or exercise more, you’ll find something on the list. And most importantly, they make getting healthy easier and more fun, so you can stay on track.

Read on to see our winners in health and wellness. It’s time to start living your best life. No more excuses.

Best in Health and Wellness
Best in Health and Wellness © CreditDonkey

  • Headspace

    Headspace is making it easier and more convenient to meditate, with themed sessions for everything from stress to sleep available on your phone. Headspace is the brainchild of meditation and mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson. Andy is an ordained Buddhist monk and the author of three books.

    Why Headspace is Best in Health and Wellness: They also offer short, bite-sized meditations to fit into your busy schedule, as well as SOS exercises in the event of a sudden meltdown. Meditation is a proven stress reliever that can also help you stay focused and boost compassion, and now you can receive guidance for it wherever you go.

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  • Castlight Health

    Castlight is an enterprise health benefits platform that puts the entire health journey in one intuitive app. CEO John Doyle has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry, including as COO of the antibiotics development firm Acheogen.

    Why Castlight Health is Best in Health and Wellness: With Castlight, you can engage employees and motivate them to stay healthy, help them find high-quality, low-cost care options, and more. Their tools aim to cut through the clutter and provide simple, clear access to everything your health benefits program provides.

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  • Hint Water

    hint water is sugar-free water flavored with natural fruit essences and no artificial sweeteners.

    Why hint water is Best in Health and Wellness: All of their products are also calorie- and preservative-free, making them perfect for anyone who just wants a little extra flavor with their hydration. hint water is also a great way to kick a diet soda habit, manage blood sugar, or treat yourself without succumbing to a sugar craving.

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  • Lumere

    Lumere is a data-driven technology platform built to optimize operating expenses for medical products, supplies, and drugs. CEO Hani D. Elias is a former consultant for McKinsey & Company's healthcare practice who holds BA, JD, and MPH degrees from Harvard University.

    Why Lumere is Best in Health and Wellness: They use data-based clinical evidence in combination with advanced analytics to help healthcare professionals make smarter clinical therapy solutions for both their patients and their hospital. Their solutions can help you select and purchase products based on the largest outcomes and safety database, streamline and centralize value analysis, pinpoint optimization opportunities, and more.

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  • Kinsa

    Kinsa manufactures the Kinsa Smart Thermometer, which not only tells you your temperature, but can also offer personalized guidance, remind you to take medication, and more.

    Why Kinsa is Best in Health and Wellness: Paired with an app, it also allows you to keep your family's health details on hand at all times. It can even show you what diseases are circulating in your area to give you an idea of what bug you might be fighting, and can tell you if it's time to call a doctor.

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  • Ginger.io

    Ginger.io offers support, help, and guidance anytime, anywhere for those feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed.

    Why Ginger.io is Best in Health and Wellness: Using their app, you can contact a professional coach, licensed therapist, or psychiatrist 24/7. Their subscription service boasts unlimited texting with a professional, as well as high-quality video therapy and psychiatry.

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  • Edamam

    Edamam is built to help you eat better by providing you with nutritional information about the meals you're making at home.

    Why Edamam is Best in Health and Wellness: You can enter an ingredients list into their website, hit the Analyze button, and learn about your meal's calorie count, nutritional content, and more. They also offer APIs for businesses that can analyze recipes, search out recipes from a selection of 1.7 million, and more.

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  • Beeminder

    Beeminder is a service that keeps you on track to your goals with a unique feature: if you're meeting your daily goals, it's free, but if you miss your goals, you pay the price. CEO and co-founder Daniel Reeves was previously a research scientist at Yahoo, while co-founder and CTO Bethany Soule earned a Master of Science in Computer Science and Machine Learning from Columbia University.

    Why Beeminder is Best in Health and Wellness: It's like signing a contract with yourself: report your daily data or link it to an app or a Fitbit, and Beeminder will make sure you're reaching your goals. You can use it to stick to a fitness plan or a diet, meet your financial goals, or become more productive.

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  • Motiv

    Motiv is an unobtrusive fitness, sleep, and heart rate tracker packed into a sleek ring you wear on your finger.

    Why Motiv is Best in Health and Wellness: Comfortable and low-profile, you can wear the Motiv Ring out for a night on the town, while you sleep, or even in the shower. It can help you keep to your fitness goals, adjust your workout targets when you miss them, and ensure that you're living a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Happier

    Happier is a supportive community built to allow its members to share happy moments for support and encouragement.

    Why Happier is Best in Health and Wellness: Users can also keep a private "gratitude journal" within their app, filled with reminders of everything that's making them happy. They also offer video wellness courses based on science and aimed at teaching learners how gratitude, mindfulness, and healthy relationships can keep people happier and healthier.

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  • Eargo

    Eargo is a new hearing device that's comfortable while remaining nearly invisible while in use. Founder, Chairman, and CSO Raphael Michel has years of experience as a medical device executive and is the inventor of a whopping 66 patents.

    Why Eargo is Best in Health and Wellness: It fits discreetly inside the ear canal and out of sight, and provides crisp, clear, natural sound to the wearer. It arrives ready to use out of the box, and works using an easy rechargeable battery for maximum convenience.

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  • Happify

    Happify is your destination for effective, science-based solutions for emotional health and well-being. Co-founder and CEO Tomer Ben-Kiki is an experienced entrepreneur who was previously the CEO and co-founder of casual games company Oberon Media, which he built with Happify co-founder and President Ofer Leidner.

    Why Happify is Best in Health and Wellness: Their proven techniques will help you break old, bad habits and form new, positive ones using engaging activities and games. Using their app, you can measure your happiness score and work toward improving it each and every day.

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  • CrowdMed

    CrowdMed provides a collaborative way to solve complex medical cases online using the extensive knowledge of their community. CEO and founder Jared Heyman is a 15-year veteran of the internet tech industry, having previously founded the multi-million dollar business Infosurv.

    Why CrowdMed is Best in Health and Wellness: Patients can submit their case anonymously and set a reward for its solving, and at the end of the process they will receive a detailed report about what to discuss with their doctor. Their "Medical Detectives," meanwhile, share and build their knowledge and earn the opportunity to potentially make thousands of dollars.

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  • Everplans

    Everplans offers secure, digital archives where you can store all of your most important information for you and your loved ones. Co-founder and Co-CEO Abby Schneiderman is an entrepreneur who helped launch several businesses, including AppOrchard and Cookstr, while co-founder and Co-CEO Adam Seifer previously co-founded the photo-sharing community Fotolog.

    Why Everplans is Best in Health and Wellness: Wills, trusts, insurance policies, account passwords, health and medical information, and more can all be kept safe and secure in one convenient location. You can also add "Deputies" to your account to give others access, and Everplans' experts can even help you put together your end-of-life plan.

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  • Recovery Brands

    Recovery Brands works to provide online third-party resources to help individuals and loved ones find the best treatments for substance abuse, behavioral addiction, and mental health disorders.

    Why Recovery Brands is Best in Health and Wellness: They provide millions of resources for consumers searching for treatment options online, and are continually updating their directories with the help of treatment professionals. In addition, they also provide opportunities for treatment providers and healthcare professionals to make meaningful connections the consumers who use Recovery Brands' resources.

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  • Navigating Cancer

    Navigating Cancer provides a platform that drives patient engagement and activation, working to improve outcomes and lower costs. Co-founder and CEO Gena Cook has 18 years of experience in the cancer field, having previously served as VP of Sales and Marketing for McKesson Specialty Care Solutions, while co-founder and CPO Michael Graff has 20 years of experience in the technology sector and was previously an executive at Ancestry.com.

    Why Navigating Cancer is Best in Health and Wellness: Their oncology-specific platform enables providers to offer care with greater personalization for both patients and loved ones while providing real-time insights through a single-patient view. They can help you educate your patients, keep a comprehensive appointment schedule, and much more.

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  • Nima

    Nima aims to make mealtime easier by telling you in about 3 minutes if your food is really gluten-free.

    Why Nima is Best in Health and Wellness: One in three foods advertised as gluten-free actually contain gluten, but Nima can give you peace of mind every time. It's as simple as can be: just place a bit of food into a small capsule into the sensor to find out if it contains gluten or not.

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  • Elysium Health

    Elysium Health's Basis is a clinically-validated daily supplement designed to support well-being at the cellular level. It contains two active ingredients - nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene. CEO Eric Marcotulli was previously a partner at Sequoia Capital, and COO Dan Alminana served as vice president at JP Morgan Securities Capital where he launched and led its Silicon Valley venture capital coverage unit. Elysium chief scientist Dr. Leonard Guarente has been the director of The Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT for more than 25 years.

    Why Elysium Health is Best in Health and Wellness: NAD+ is required for hundreds of metabolic processes, including energy production, circadian rhythm regulation, and DNA repair. Elysium's goal is to help people live healthier, longer by translating advances in science and technology into effective, scientifically sound health products that work. Basis is clinically-proven to raise NAD+ levels and you can read more about the Basis clinical trial on their website.

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  • EverlyWell

    EverlyWell is making home health testing easier than ever with at-home test kits and on-demand lab results.

    Why EverlyWell is Best in Health and Wellness: Just order your kit, collect your sample, and it send it off to a leading laboratory for analysis - no visit to the doctor needed. Within a few days, your results are reviewed by a board-certified physician and then made available online for you.

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  • Noom

    Noom offers custom-designed courses, available via smartphone, designed to help you create new, healthier habits to lose weight. CEO and co-founder Saeju Jong is a serial entrepreneur who sits on South Korea's Ministry of Science & Technology's steering committee, while co-founder and President Artem Petakov has been programming since age 9 and previously worked at Google.

    Why Noom is Best in Health and Wellness: They offer a way for users to form new, healthier habits for weight loss within 16 weeks, and 78% of their users see sustained results. Just fill out a quick, 30-second survey on their website, and they'll create a customized plan just for you.

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  • ShopWell

    ShopWell is a handy app that can help you pick out healthier, more wholesome foods at your local grocery store.

    Why ShopWell is Best in Health and Wellness: It can tell you which foods are right for you and your lifestyle, and you can even connect your store loyalty card to the app to receive recommendations. Their app also comes equipped with a scanner that can give you key health information about over 350,000 products you can find on grocery store shelves.

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  • Freshly

    Freshly is a subscription service that brings healthy, fresh-cooked chefs' meals straight to your door.

    Why Freshly is Best in Health and Wellness: They offer a constantly-rotating menu of over 30 gluten-free options for you to choose from, and they're always delivered fresh, not frozen. These meals are full of high-quality protein, taste great, and are always all-natural.

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  • Eat This Much

    Eat This Much is an automatic meal planner that creates personalized meal plans that will work for you. Founder and CEO Louis DeMenthon started his diet generator in 2011 while still in college, and has continued to build it into a tool for healthy living ever since.

    Why Eat This Much is Best in Health and Wellness: Factoring in your budget, food preferences, and even your schedule, it will help you reach your nutritional goals without making you work hard. Just tell Eat This Much how many calories you want to eat in any given meal, and it will help you plan what to eat.

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  • Nexercise

    Nexercise, creators of Sworkit, provides guided workout plans and customizable workouts that users can access from any device.

    Why Sworkit is Best in Health and Wellness: You can start as a beginner or come in as a fitness enthusiast and find workouts to challenge you. Whether you want to get leaner, stronger, or fitter, they have the right workouts for you.

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  • Pager

    Pager is an app that helps you find the right healthcare services for you using a secure, private chat line with a live healthcare professional.

    Why Pager is Best in Health and Wellness: They'll connect you with the appropriate care so you can consult and discuss your symptoms further. If you need a second opinion, Pager can also connect you with a primary care provider or in-network specialist near you.

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  • Lantern

    Lantern is a mobile app that provides effective, affordable support to help their users' emotional well-being.

    Why Lantern is Best in Health and Wellness: Just take a simple quiz, and Lantern will personalize your experience with daily exercises, one-on-one coaching, and more. Whether you're struggling or just looking for a quick emotional boost, Lantern can give you the help you need to achieve clarity and calm.

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  • Urban Remedy

    Urban Remedy delivers ready-to-eat, always organic meals straight to your door, with three- and five-day meal plans available in addition to cleanses, juices, and more.

    Why Urban Remedy is Best in Health and Wellness: Everything they offer is packed with healing nutrients and free of gluten, dairy, white flour, sugar, and other harmful ingredients. Whether you want to reduce inflammation, boost your energy, or lose weight, they have the meals for you.

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  • WellnessFX

    WellnessFX provides a blood-testing service that can give you a health check-up without having to go to the doctor. Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Roger Muller, MD, is the Market Medical Director, Pacific NW for United Health Group and has over 20 years of experience in healthcare delivery.

    Why WellnessFX is Best in Health and Wellness: Just take the test, and within a week you'll receive your results in an online dashboard that's beautiful to look at and easy to navigate. Take multiple tests, and WellnessFX can track your biomarkers to discover if you're getting healthier; they even provide a consultation with a health practitioner to provide you with more insight.

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  • Simple Habit

    Simple Habit is a meditation app built for busy folks who don't think they have time to meditate.

    Why Simple Habit is Best in Health and Wellness: It will help you meditate in just five minutes a day, thereby helping you to reduce stress, improve your focus and sleep better. Simple Habit is like the Netflix of meditation - the app offers 1,000+ guided meditations for specific situations and moods (i.e. commuting, before a presentation, going to sleep, feeling lonely, etc.). The meditations are led by the world's top experts.

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  • Wildflower Health

    Wildflower Health offers a suite of mobile apps that can help health plans and hospitals alike to more fully engage families about their healthcare decisions.

    Why Wildflower Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Due Date Plus, for example, helps health professionals reach women in the early stages of pregnancy to identify risks, track milestones, and provide a direct connection to vital care. They even offer an enterprise platform that can help professionals track patient data and manage content marketing.

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  • Wellth

    Wellth is creating better patient outcomes using behavioral economics, helping patients change their unhealthy behaviors so they get better faster. Co-founder and CEO Matt Loper is a former healthcare investment banker at Goldman Sachs, while CTO and co-founder Alec Zopf previously worked at big data startup Next Big Sound.

    Why Wellth is Best in Health and Wellness: Their system offers incentives, including giving or taking away cash, to patients who adhere to their treatment regimens, making them far more likely to stay on track. Their app makes verification a breeze, too, using AI to identify when a patient has taken their medication.

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  • Rowheels

    Rowheels offers wheelchairs with a superior design that uses advanced biomechanics to mitigate shoulder injury and pain in users.

    Why Rowheels is Best in Health and Wellness: Efficient and stylish, Rowheels' chairs allow users to move forward using a pulling motion, which results in less pain in both the shoulders and wrists. Not only can their chairs reduce pain by activating more muscle groups, but they can also improve posture and help you keep fit.

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  • Bumbleroot Foods

    Bumbleroot Foods creates tasty, nutritious, unique food products made to fit healthy lifestyles. Founder and CEO Sarah Andrews was previously a consultant for the NGO Technoserve and served as a policy advisor to U.S. Senator Max Baucus.

    Why Bumbleroot Foods is Best in Health and Wellness: They personally track sustainable farmers and harvesters who farm superfoods like the Baobab fruit, and use those foods to create tasty meals and drinks. They not only pride themselves on providing nutritional products, but also on sustainability, fair treatment of their suppliers, and environmentally-friendly packaging.

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  • Wellpepper

    Wellpepper is a clinic engagement platform that works to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care with treatment plans customized for each health system.

    Why Wellpepper is Best in Health and Wellness: They can help you personalize plans for each patient, and their patented adaptive notification system helps to drive patient engagement north of 70%. With Wellpepper, your patients will receive comprehensive instructions, reminders, and the ability to ask questions whenever they need to.

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  • Sandstone Diagnostics

    Trak is a home male fertility test that doesn't just deliver results, it also tracks fertility over time.

    Why Sandstone Diagnostics is Best in Health and Wellness: It's as accurate as any lab test, but with four tests in each kit, you can easily track your fertility. The Trak App even includes a Reproductive Health Assessment that can provide tips to help you boost your sperm count.

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  • b.well Connected Health

    b.well Connected Health is a personal health app developed for the connected world. Founder and CEO Kristen Valdes is an entrepreneur and healthcare executive who has worked in all aspects of the insurance system, including as VP of Federal Claims and XLHealth at United Healthcare.

    Why b.well Connected Health is Best in Health and Wellness: It helps users unify all of their health information in one place, including medical records, wearable and genomic data, and more. From there, it can provide recommendations for diet and exercise to help you stay healthy in a way that's right for you.

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  • Vida

    Vida helps their clients address lifestyle, chronic, and behavioral health problems by delivering personalized programs alongside health coaching and licensed therapy. CEO and co-founder Stephanie Tilenius is an entrepreneur who was previously VP of Commerce and Payments at Google and SVP at eBay and PayPal.

    Why Vida is Best in Health and Wellness: They know that every person is unique and has different health goals and preferences, so they let each client handpick a personal health coach or therapist that best suits their needs. Vida's experts can help with anything from managing diabetes to reducing stress to quitting smoking, all through their easy-to-use mobile app.

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  • Force Therapeutics

    Force Therapeutics works to educate, monitor, and track patients using their clinically-proven digital platform.

    Why Force Therapeutics is Best in Health and Wellness: They understand that in-hospital care is just the beginning, and are on the forefront of helping providers have continuous relationships with their patients. With Force's help, patients see better outcomes, reduced readmission, and greater satisfaction for them and their physicians.

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  • Wellthy

    Wellthy is helping families take better care of each other and themselves with a combination of technology and human expertise.

    Why Wellthy is Best in Health and Wellness: They'll set you up with a personal care coordinator, who will create a plan for you and your family and prioritize the next steps you'll take. They can help with medical care both in hospital and at home, and can assist with much more, including financial issues, legal help, and even housing.

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  • Guardant Health

    Guardant Health provides a breakthrough method for genomic cancer testing that requires only a single blood draw.

    Why Guardant Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Their test can help patients access precision care as their cancer evolves, without the usual invasive procedures often required for doing so. They have helped thousands of patients get better care with none of the cost or risk of invasive biopsies.

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  • Parsley Health

    Parsley Health is bringing patients advanced medicine, wellness, and nutrition from engaged doctors in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin previously co-founded the physician communication app Cureatr in 2011 and has advised numerous health IT startups since.

    Why Parsley Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Their holistic methods take a whole-body approach to healthcare, with advanced testing to spot problems early, nutritional guidance to keep you healthy, and more. They offer unprecedented collaboration between you and your medical team, so your visits to the doctor aren't just appointments, but great experiences.

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  • Reemo

    Reemo works to strengthen the connections between seniors and their healthcare providers with their cloud-based health, wellness, and communications dashboard.

    Why Reemo is Best in Health and Wellness: It empowers seniors to share valuable health and wellness information with their providers to improve care and cut down on unnecessary visits. It's also an excellent solution for family members, creating a direct line of communication between seniors and their loved ones.

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  • Zest Health

    Zest Health helps employees navigate their healthcare benefits to save them - and your business - money.

    Why Zest Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Using a platform that works with each individual employee's plan, they find the most effective way to use benefits using technology, big data, and top-notch service. Their app makes their nurses and experts available to your employees 24/7, so they can always have their questions answered and concerns heard.

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  • CancerIQ

    CancerIQ gives healthcare providers all the tools they need to start, run, and grow a cancer risk program.

    Why CancerIQ is Best in Health and Wellness: Clinics gain access to online screening tools that can help them quickly identify at-risk patients, and they can quickly move from identifying risk to action with more specialized tools. Their engagement and self-management tools then kick in, helping patients stay on-track with their care.

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  • Mango Health

    The Mango Health app is built to help users manage their medicine and create healthier habits in their everyday lives. Co-founder and CEO James Oberfest is an entrepreneur who specializes in consumer engagement, and previously served as SVP of Business Development and GM of the developer platform at MySpace.

    Why Mango Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Just create a routine, including your medicine schedule, weigh-ins, and more, and Mango Health will send you reminders to help you achieve your goals. Always free, the app can even tell you key details about your medications like side effects, and you can earn rewards if you stick to your routine.

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  • Smart Vision Labs

    Smart Vision Labs allows optometrists to grow their business with optical telemedicine, which enables them to offer vision exams during all business hours without appointments.

    Why Smart Vision Labs is Best in Health and Wellness: Optical stores lose revenue when visitors must make an appointment for an eye exam before purchasing glasses, and Smart Vision Labs has created a solution to this problem. Their test is a quick, five-minute exam that scans the eyes and is reviewed by a licensed ophthalmologist, with results emailed within 24 hours.

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  • SkyMD

    SkyMD is an online dermatology platform that lets doctors diagnose and treat patients using their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

    Why SkyMD is Best in Health and Wellness: Using an app, patients can connect with real, licensed dermatologists and receive diagnosis and treatment for a large range of conditions, including acne, eczema, rosacea, and more. Just connect with your doctor, fill out a short questionnaire, and receive a personalized treatment plan - no appointments necessary.

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  • First Derm

    First Derm is a handy app that makes it simple for users to ask dermatologists their most pressing questions.

    Why First Derm is Best in Health and Wellness: All it takes it two photos of your condition, and a board-certified dermatologist will reply with information within 24 hours. Most users can cure their condition with over-the-counter medication, but this service can also alert you to issues that need further treatment.

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  • QMedic

    QMedic is a smart medical alert service that routes alerts to care networks.

    Why QMedic is Best in Health and Wellness: This helps those networks target the right services to people as they need them, keeping care in-network and at home and avoiding unnecessary trips to the ER. Users never even need to take the device off; it's waterproof and doesn't need a charge.

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  • Episona

    Episona offers a male fertility test that can tell you if your sperm health will impact your fertility treatment. Co-founder, President, and CEO Alan Horsager was previously a Founder and Chief Science Officer of Eos Neuroscience and has extensive experience in the medical device industry.

    Why Episona is Best in Health and Wellness: The test can easily be taken at home, and once it's been analyzed you can privately discuss your results with Episona's genetic counselors. Those counselors can help you decide what kind of treatment is right for you, ensuring you make the smart, economical choice.

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  • Babyscripts

    Babyscripts is a prenatal and postpartum care provider toolkit that enables practices to deliver precision care.

    Why Babyscripts is Best in Health and Wellness: It's suitable for both small private practices and large health systems that are looking for ways to leverage technology to deliver personalized care. It will help your practice increase touchpoints with patients, effectively customize patient plans, respond to risk in real-time, and more.

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  • Sano

    Sano's mobile app provides users with easy access to continuous glucose measurement so they can learn what makes their physiology unique. Prior to founding Sano five years ago, CEO Ashwin Pushpala was on the founding team of the medical device company SinuSys and worked for Bain Capital.

    Why Sano is Best in Health and Wellness: You'll gain insight into the immediate impact of your dietary choices on your metabolism, learn how your body needs to refuel after exercise, and more. Over time, you'll learn about trends in your body's overall health and gain insights that you can use to change your habits for the better.

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  • LumosTech

    The LumosTech Smart Sleep Mask uses technology to give people safe and easy control over their own sleep schedule. Co-founder and CEO Vanessa Burns, PhD, completed her PhD at Stanford University and is interested in using science and engineering to create consumer health solutions, while co-founder and COO Biquan Luo, PhD, aims to create innovations that use science to help the human body maintain regular rhythms.

    Why LumosTech is Best in Health and Wellness: Just schedule your sleeping hours, and when you sleep, your mask will provide personalized light therapy and wake you up feeling rested and refreshed, even if you're in a new time zone. LumosTech's technology help you adjust over the course of 1-3 nights (depending on your destination) when you travel internationally.

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  • Hello Heart

    Hello Heart offers cutting-edge technology that empowers your employees to improve their heart health.

    Why Hello Heart is Best in Health and Wellness: They provide users with a selection of mobile heart health tracking tools that allows users to self-manage by tracking their own blood pressure, weight, and more. It works with a Bluetooth-enabled monitor that connects to your employees' phones and syncs with the app to provide valuable data and insights.

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  • Peerfit

    Peerfit provides personalized fitness experiences for workplaces using technology. Co-founder and CEO Edward J. Buckley, III, PhD, has nearly 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and aims to innovate in the fitness technology space, while co-founder and President Scott Peeples has experience in everything coding, from design to financial modeling.

    Why Peerfit is Best in Health and Wellness: Their digital platform is helping organizations improve the health and well-being of their employees with access to local fitness studios. Their workplace "wellness dollars" even allow employees to access the right classes and fitness programs for them.

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  • GetHealth

    GetHealth offers a complete workplace wellness platform, including an easy-to-use mobile app for employees and an online dashboard for employers. CEO Liam Ryan was previously a co-founder of SafeText.com and earned a degree in engineering from Trinity College in Dublin.

    Why GetHealth is Best in Health and Wellness: The app helps keep employees engaged, while the platform allows for more effective tracking and management of wellness programs. Their technology makes it easy to create simple, fun workplace wellness programs that are social, fun, and gratifying.

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  • WayBetter

    WayBetter is an app that motivates healthy, responsible behavior using fun games and real money to keep you honest. Founder and CEO Jamie Rosen is an entrepreneur and former toy developer who aims to make fitness fun for everyone.

    Why WayBetter is Best in Health and Wellness: They aim to make it fun to lose weight, exercise more, and even quit smoking, and you'll win real money if you stick to your goals. It'll keep you on track toward your health goals, and WayBetter's community will help keep you motivated to carry on.

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  • Fitspot

    Fitspot offers corporate wellness programs that can keep your employees active and healthy while educating them and making them happier and more productive.

    Why Fitspot is Best in Health and Wellness: Their offerings include at-work group workouts as well as health risk assessments, educational workshops, stress relief, and more. Using their wellness portal, you can track employees' statistics and program participation, create challenges, see your own personal progress, and much more.

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  • Onward

    Onward uses data science and artificial intelligence to help their users change overuse behavior in just one minute a day. CEO and co-founder Gabe Zichermann is an author and serial entrepreneur whose family history of addiction inspired him to build Onward, while co-founder and CTO Adam Singer is an experienced software engineer who previously worked with Posterous and Twitter.

    Why Onward is Best in Health and Wellness: If you find yourself on social media too much, watching a lot of online videos, gambling, consuming adult content or shopping, Onward can help. Future versions will include video games and other overuse conditions. Their app can block problem websites and apps, help you share accountability, and even offers 24/7 trigger help.

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  • GymFlow

    GymFlow is a handy app that can help you beat the crowds at your favorite gym.

    Why GymFlow is Best in Health and Wellness: They work directly with gyms, so their data comes from card swipes and not from the less reliable social media check-ins. Their predictive technology can also tell you how crowded your gym will be an hour from now, tomorrow, or even in a week.

    Follow @myGymFlow

  • Careport Health

    Careport Health works to unlock the data from post-acute care providers to help healthcare professionals better manage care across the entire continuum.

    Why Careport Health is Best in Health and Wellness: With Careport Guide, users can guide post-acute care selection, helping their patients choose the highest quality care. Careport Insight, meanwhile, allows users to evaluate patient outcomes and measure post-acute care provider performance.

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  • Hot5

    The Hot5 fitness app provides users with bite-sized, five-minute workouts that produce great results.

    Why Hot5 is Best in Health and Wellness: Whether you want to get toned or bulk up, Hot5 has a great workout for you, and you'll always have time to do one. You can use these workouts as a great add-on to your existing fitness routine, or combine them to make them your full routine.

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  • PatientBank

    PatientBank makes it easy to get your medical records with an online records request tool.

    Why PatientBank is Best in Health and Wellness: Not only can you order them online, but you'll also securely receive them online, after which you can share them with your doctor or your family. It's fast and easy, and they'll even help you track the status of your requests so you can keep your hospital accountable.

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  • Health123

    Health123 aims to engage patients and keep them proactive in their self-care and collaborative with their providers. Co-founder and CEO Rebecca Norlander has over 20 years in the technology field at companies like Microsoft and Illuminate Ventures, while co-founder and COO Rebecca Lanham is a marketing veteran with over 15 years of experience.

    Why Health123 is Best in Health and Wellness: Their Health Activation Platform works to fill the gap between patient visits, providing them with personalized content, a direct connection to their care team, and more. It works to not only help improve outcomes, but drive patient loyalty and overall satisfaction, too.

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  • MyHealthTeams

    MyHealthTeams creates social networks specifically for people living with chronic conditions. CEO and co-founder Eric Peacock previously ran the online review site Insider Pages while incubating My Health Teams with co-founder and COO Mary Ray, whose deep understanding of consumers has helped her to grow multiple innovative new companies.

    Why MyHealthTeams is Best in Health and Wellness: They aim to make it easy for patients to connect with others suffering from the same chronic condition to learn from one another, ask questions, get referrals, and more. By connecting with others for both knowledge and support, MyHealthTeams believes that they can help you improve your outcomes.

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  • EatPops

    EatPops are a good-for-you frozen dessert made from healthy, frozen pressed juice.

    Why EatPops is Best in Health and Wellness: Cheaper, longer-lasting, and more convenient than juice from your local juice shop, EatPops taste great, too. They offer pops that can help you detox, provide nutrition, boost your energy, and more.

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  • Naya Health

    Naya Health makes a hospital-grade breast pump that's less noisy and more comfortable. CEO and co-founder Janica Alvarez has over a decade of experience leading teams at top biotech firms, while co-founder and Senior Director of R&D Jeff Alvarez is an innovator and leader in the medical device field.

    Why Naya Health is Best in Health and Wellness: Their technology uses water instead of air for a more comfortable and productive experience. It also pairs with an app that allows users to record sessions, inventory, and mom's sleep and hydration.

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  • Providence Medical Technology

    Providence Medical Technology builds solutions that fill in the critical gaps in the continuum of cervical spine care. Co-founder and CEO Jeff Smith is a healthcare entrepreneur who also co-founded Pacific Surgical, Thayer Intellectual Property, and other companies.

    Why Providence Medical Technology is Best in Health and Wellness: Their products, including instruments, orthopedic bone screws, and more, are designed for use in cervical fusion surgery. They focus on technology to help patients with advanced pathology, those who require revision surgery, and those who fail conservative care.

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  • Stop, Breathe & Think, PBC

    Stop, Breathe & Think is an app that provides guided meditation and mindfulness tips, with short activities that are tuned to your emotions.

    Why Stop, Breathe & Think, PBC is Best in Health and Wellness: The app encourages users to check in with their feelings, practice mindful breathing, and broaden their perspective with personalized meditations and activities. The aim is to help their users regularly find peace of mind and live more relaxed, happier lives.

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