January 26, 2017

The Best Jogging Stroller

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Best Jogging Stroller
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Exercise of any kind can help you feel better overall. Some people run for the physical benefits. Others just like the mental release. Whatever your reason, many parents choose this activity because their baby can tag along. Generally, pediatricians recommend you wait until your baby is between 6-8 months old, though. Once you get the green light from your pediatrician, you need to purchase a jogging stroller.


Purchasing a jogging stroller requires different considerations than a regular stroller. Here are a few things we used when evaluating the strollers on the market.

  • Uses: Will you use the stroller strictly for jogging or as an everyday stroller too? Some parents prefer to save money and space and purchase one stroller. At the very least, you need wheels you can lock in place as well as swivel. Locked wheels are necessary for running to prevent wobbling. Swivel wheels help you maneuver through the tight aisles of your favorite store.

  • Speed and distance you run: If you know you can pick up speed while running, you want adjustable tracking. This enables you to stop or prevent constant veering to one side. This not only takes the joy out of your run, but it can also tire you out faster. With adjustable tracking, you can realign the front tire for an easier run.

  • Type of terrain: Where you run is also important. Will you run on flat pavement or rough ground? If you know your travels may take you on rougher terrains, consider a stroller with adjustable suspension. This helps to alleviate the stress on your baby as well as yourself. At the very least, purchase a product meant for the terrain you run on most frequently.

  • Height of users: If you will share the stroller with your partner, consider your heights. Is one partner taller than the other? An adjustable handlebar may be necessary not only for comfort, but for safety too. Running at an odd angle could put you at greater risk for injury.

  • Transporting an infant: Babies without neck strength need a stroller with car seat adaptability. Typically, jogging strollers provide straps to secure the infant seat in the stroller. This differs from standard travel systems where you hear the "click" for extra security.

Do You Need a Jogging Stroller?

You might wonder if you have to give into the expense of the jogging stroller. Can’t you just use your everyday stroller? You might be able to, but experts don’t recommend it. Most jogging strollers contain safety features you will not find on standard strollers. A few examples include:

  • Air-filled tires
  • Fixed wheels
  • Proper suspension
  • Proper wheel placement

Best Overall Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide

The Positives:
The Thule Urban Glide provides the best of both worlds for parents who want one stroller for everyday use and jogging. Parents can easily maneuver it through tight store aisles as well as take it for a run on their favorite path. It offers the pneumatic tires we found imperative for any jogging stroller. It also provides adjustable seating and adequate rear suspension.

In addition to its versatility, this stroller is light. At only 23 pounds, it feels like a dream compared to other jogging strollers. If you plan to use it regularly, this can be a serious benefit. We also love the adjustable handlebar. This helps any parent who is not “average height” find their comfort level.

We also found a few miscellaneous benefits with this stroller. We especially loved the mud splatter at the front of the stroller. This helps to keep your baby clean while running on rougher terrain. We also found the sunshade to provide great coverage along with a peek-a-boo window. This helps you keep an eye on your baby without interrupting your run. Lastly, we love the storage options. It has a cargo basket with a cover to protect your belongings from the elements. It also has a zippered pocket at the back of the basket. This is a great place to store your wallet or keys while you run.

Possible Downsides:
Something we found this stroller to lack was accessories. It is definitely a more modern version of a jogger stroller. This means no snack tray or cup holders. For some parents, this can be a deal breaker. The good news is you can purchase these accessories separately. The bad news – it costs you more money and this stroller is already on the pricier side.

Another downside we found is the size of the seat itself. While it is a comfortable seat with many reclining positions, it tends to be on the smaller side. Babies usually have no problem fitting in the seat comfortably, but some toddlers might have difficulty. If your child is on the taller side, you might not get full use out of this stroller.

Best Double Jogging Stroller

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

The Positives:
Toting two kids around in one stroller requires a serious investment. Most double strollers seem excessively pricey. You want one you can rely on for a long time and for multiple uses. The BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller provides these benefits and more.

We love that you can use this jogging stroller for everyday use. The front wheel swivels and locks, depending on how you need to use it. It also has an adjustable handlebar with 9 positions. This can accommodate the very short to the very tall. However, what stands out on this stroller is the adjustable suspension. You can adjust according to your terrain. This helps make the ride comfortable for your passengers.

What we love the most is the life you get out of this investment. Your initial investment can provide you with use from infanthood through late toddlerhood. Each side can hold up to 50 pounds. This is well beyond when many toddlers need a stroller. You can also purchase the car seat adapter separately to hold any BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax. The product claims to hold many other car seats safely as well.

Possible Downsides:
The largest downside with this stroller is its size. This can be the case for most double strollers, though. They need room to hold two children and this stroller holds children up to 50 pounds. Because of its functions, this stroller is rather difficult to fold. Smaller individuals may have a harder time folding it. In addition, vehicles with small trunks may have a hard time fitting this stroller.

Another downside we found with this stroller is the sunshade. The 2016 model provides a rather rounded shade. This might be the “modern” version, but to us it seems a little flimsy. We also feel it does not provide as much coverage as other models. If your child is sensitive to the elements of the weather, this may be a concern for you.

Best Jogging Stroller Travel System

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System

The Positives:
The Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System offers the ability to tote around newborns and toddlers. It holds babies through toddlers weighing 50 pounds or measuring 42 inches. With the included Baby Trend Flex Lock infant car seat, you can start using your jogging stroller from birth.

Aside from the fact that this jogging stroller has an included car seat, we love the sunshade on this model. Unlike most other strollers, the shade is not on the handlebar. This makes it possible to move the shade wherever your baby needs it most. Ultimately, this means more sun protection.

We also love the smooth ride of this stroller. The three tires can handle any type of terrain, yet they maneuver very smoothly indoors. It makes getting around tight spaces a breeze, even with a slightly larger stroller. You can also easily remove the tires from the stroller. This gives you an even more compact fit in the trunk of your car.

Lastly, we love the fact that this stroller comes with plenty of storage and accessories. Most jogging strollers do not include a child or parent tray. This means an additional purchase if you require such accessories on your stroller. The Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System comes with both a child and parent tray, though. This gives you even more bang for your buck.

Possible Downsides:
The largest downside we found with this travel system has to do with the car seat. Some users find the straps difficult to use. They tangle up very easily and the only way to fix them is to rethread the straps. This can be time consuming and frustrating, especially if you are in a hurry.

We also found the padding on the car seat and the stroller to be rather thin. Some parents do find it acceptable, though. If you want more padding, you can purchase extra padding separately. If you are on a strict budget, this can be frustrating, though.

Lastly, the travel system is quite heavy. This is a common issue with most travel systems, though. If you need to lift it in and out of the car often, it could be rather cumbersome for you.

Other Jogging Strollers to Consider

Jogging Stroller for Taller Toddlers:
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

If you have a taller toddler, most mainstream jogging strollers may not be a good fit for you. The Joovy Zoom 360, however, provides ample space for your toddler to sit comfortably. It holds toddlers weighing up to 75 pounds. Many parents find it is even a good fit for children past toddlerhood. One thing we loved is the height of the seat. It hits at the same height as most standard chairs. This makes it possible to leave your toddler in the stroller while dining out or viewing a show. Most strollers sit too low to accommodate these activities. This stroller is also very lightweight despite its durability. We found it to be a great all-around, light jogging stroller for parents of toddlers.

Jogging Stroller for Strict Budgets:
Baby Trend Expedition Jogger

Parents on a strict budget often bypass the jogging stroller. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is affordable enough that parents on a budget can afford it. This stroller offers plenty of return on its investment too. With a stationary and swivel tire, you can use it for everyday use or jogging purposes. It has a reclining seat, plenty of padding, air-filled tires, and even has parent cup holders. It also offers one-hand fold and removable tires for easier storage. This stroller offers many of the benefits of the more expensive strollers at just a fraction of their cost.

Finding the perfect jogging stroller to meet your needs is a work of art. Consider where and how you will use this stroller and then use our research to help you find the product that is right for you.

Where to Buy Jogging Strollers

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