August 12, 2018

Best in Fitness: Top Industry Experts

The latest fitness innovations, devices, and services are designed to keep you on track. To feel healthier and fitter, try out the winners on the CreditDonkey Best in Fitness list.

Best in Fitness
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Top in Fitness

A written daily log of your workouts doesn't cut it anymore. It doesn't hold you accountable while you're trying to feel great by being in shape and exercising. Bring something new to the daily routine — find a new tool or service that'll get you excited to leave the couch and get moving. The latest innovations in fitness include new scheduling tools, personalized fitness apparel, multi-use fitness trackers, and more.

At CreditDonkey, we compare and contrast the best products to help you make smart spending decisions. Browse this list of the Best in Fitness to help you reach your latest fitness goals.

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  • Lumo Bodytech

    Lumo Bodytech crafts technology that helps users move better, whether running, walking, standing, or sitting. CEO and co-founder Monisha Perkash previously founded and sold the startup TuitionCoach, while COO and co-founder Charles Wang is a trained healthcare expert and physician and CTO and co-founder Andrew Chang is former employee of the US Department of Energy.

    Why Lumo Bodytech is a Top Fitness Resource: The Lumo Lift, for example, is a small, lightweight device that acts as a posture coach, offering a gentle vibration every time you slouch. The Lumo Run, meanwhile, is a small sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form, using data from a professional running lab to keep you on your game.

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  • FitBark

    FitBark is a dog activity monitor that can help you keep your beloved pet happy, healthy, and fit.

    Why FitBark is a Top Fitness Resource: The device attaches to your dog's collar and monitors everything from activity level to sleep quality to calories burned, as well as overall health, anxiety, and behavior. You can even link FitBark to your Apple Watch, FitBit or other activity monitoring device so you can chart your health goals right alongside your best friend's.

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  • Fitnet

    Fitnet makes personal training available to everyone with convenient, fun video fitness training.

    Why Fitnet is a Top Fitness Resource: Packed with short workouts that will fit right into your busy schedule, this app allows you to pick a live coach who will keep you motivated through text and video. It also pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch to provide you with real-time heart rate and other information during your workout, and when you're done you can share your progress with your trainer.

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  • Peerfit

    Peerfit is the market leader in connecting employers and carriers with personalized fitness experiences. Through their digital platform, insurance carriers, brokers and employers can redefine their benefits programs by giving employees access to a network of fitness studios and gyms - offering a variety of classes that cater to all levels of fitness - using workplace wellness dollars. Peerfit's CEO, Edward J. Buckley, III, PhD, has 10 years of experience in the fitness industry as well as a background in digital health behavior research.

    Why Peerfit is a Top Fitness Resource: With yoga, CrossFit, spin, and other classes available, Peerfit offers a great way for employers to keep their workers engaged and healthy. With Peerfit's platform, it is also a breeze to view and reserve classes and invite friends, family, and co-workers to join.

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  • GymLynx

    GymLynx is a platform that empowers fitness professionals to rent fitness space from gyms and studios.

    Why GymLynx is a Top Fitness Resource: With rentals available at a flat hourly fee, it's a great way for pros to acquire more clients, increase their revenue, and control their own schedule. The owners of the fitness spaces, meanwhile, benefit from increased drop-in revenue and the ability to set the price for and approve all rentals.

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  • Lose It!

    Lose It. is a weight loss app that works with you and your body to help you lose weight in a healthy manner.

    Why Lose It! is a Top Fitness Resource: They'll match you up with an appropriate daily calorie budget and weight loss plan, and help you track your meals and exercise so you can meet your goals. In addition, Lose It. offers a vibrant weight loss community that's always on hand to provide advice, inspiration, and support.

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  • Shape

    ShapeScale is a high-tech, 3D body-scanning scale that can visualize and track your fat loss and muscle gains.

    Why Shape is a Top Fitness Resource: In under a minute, it creates a full 3D model of your body, then helps you track how it's changing over time. This helps you to better understand the impacts of your diet and workout routine, as well as visualize your progress as you work toward your goals.

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  • Zenrez

    Zenrez is sales software that's been built from the ground up for fitness studios; it helps businesses retain more customers and keep them happier.

    Why Zenrez is a Top Fitness Resource: Their flagship product, ZenRetain, analyzes the attendance behavior of every client at your studio, then generates unique, personalized offers for each of them to keep them coming back. Paired with ZenRez's online booking engine, this makes it easier and more enticing than ever for clients to make a purchase.

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  • Ziel

    Ziel makes custom activewear collections that can be designed and delivered on-demand for healthy lifestyle brands. Founder and CEO Marleen Vogelaar is a co-founder of Shapeways, the world's largest 3D printing service, and is now bringing her expertise in digital manufacturing to the athletic apparel market.

    Why Ziel is a Top Fitness Resource: They can bring your company custom athletic apparel with no minimum order requirement in under ten days, with complete design, manufacturing, and retail integration. They'll handle design, production, inventory management, and even online and offline sales, leaving you free to focus on boosting your brand awareness.

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  • Mission 360

    Mission 360 allows their members to stream high-quality fusion, yoga, and meditation classes or take part in one-on-one video coaching sessions.

    Why Mission 360 is a Top Fitness Resource: Their goal is to foster self-improvement in a convenient way, allowing their users to access classes and coaching anywhere, on their own time. Their one-on-one coaches offer up expertise in Reiki, nutrition, and much more, turning Mission 360's offerings from only classes into an educational tool.

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  • ClassPass

    ClassPass is a flexible fitness membership that gives subscribers access to a whopping 8,500 fitness studios around the world.

    Why ClassPass is a Top Fitness Resource: That means that you can try spin, yoga, strength training, and much more until you find the right combination of workouts and classes for you. In addition, they offer ClassPass Live, an interactive workout studio that lets you get the fitness studio experience in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Sworkit

    Sworkit is a fitness app that guides its users through workouts, some as few as 2 minutes to up to 99 minutes long, that meet their specific fitness needs.

    Why Sworkit is a Top Fitness Resource: Whether you want to get stronger, leaner, or just in overall better shape, Sworkit features workouts that will help you meet your goals, and can start showing you results in as little as 6 weeks. Their app offers over 50 unique workouts, but if you can't find one that works for you, you can customize a featured workout or create your own custom workout from scratch using their catalogue of over 300 exercises.

    Sworkit also has an Ask A Trainer feature that connects you 1:1 with a certified health and fitness trainer

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  • Ridekick

    Ridekick is a device that can add electric power to any bike, powering you up hills or through strong winds. President and Founder Mark Wanger started Ridekick International as part of his mission to bring energy savings to his community, with the added bonus that it allows him to bike to work without breaking a sweat.

    Why Ridekick is a Top Fitness Resource: It simply attaches to the back of the bike, and you can control it with a simple throttle on your handlebar. The Ridekick also offers a range of 8 to 12 miles on a single charge, plus storage space that can fit your groceries or your laptop.

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  • Styku

    Styku has created 3D body scanning and shape analysis technology with fitness, health, and apparel applications.

    Why Styku is a Top Fitness Resource: It can bring users measurements, shape, body composition, and other insights that can help fitness clients, medical patients, and many others. It can be used for anything from extracting a body fat percentage from a fitness client to validating the effectiveness of body contouring devices to improving the fit of apparel.

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  • Atlas Wearables

    Atlas Wearables makes a series of wearable fitness devices, including their latest, the Shape.

    Why Atlas Wearables is a Top Fitness Resource: Shape tracks your exercise progress and overall wellness, pairing with an app to push you to do better than you did yesterday. It can even analyze your goals, current fitness level, and workout history to find you the perfect workout each day. Plus, Shape counts your reps automatically in each workout so you can beat yesterday's records.

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  • Vint

    Vint offers fitness studio management software that's easy and intuitive to use yet packed with features.

    Why Vint is a Top Fitness Resource: They'll develop a branded app for your studio and design a booking website and web widgets that can slot easily into your existing site. Their apps offer a fun, social experience for clients to provide feedback and chat; they offer smart marketing tools like referral campaigns and easy social sharing so you can get the word out about your studio.

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  • GAIN Fitness

    GAIN Fitness offers both Personal and Group Training via the GAIN Personal & Group Training app.

    Why GAIN Fitness is a Top Fitness Resource: They'll handpick the perfect personal trainer for your goals, and they will meet you where you are once a month to help you perfect your workout and track your progress.

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  • Yoga Vida

    Yoga Vida yoga studios aim to make yoga inclusive and accessible, with friendly, welcoming environments that make yoga fun and relaxing for everyone.

    Why Yoga Vida is a Top Fitness Resource: They have four studios throughout the New York City area, and offer classes, events, and yoga retreats to their members. They also offer Vida On Demand, an online library of fun, educational yoga classes you can take at home.

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  • Hykso

    Hysko's Punch Trackers offer high-quality boxing tracking technology that lets users view their punch output in real-time. CEO Khalil Zahar is a top graduate of and mentor at the Founder Institute and has experience training with some of the best boxing coaches in Canada during his time at the University of Toronto.

    Why Hykso is a Top Fitness Resource: Their technology measures 6 degrees of motion hundreds of times per second, bringing users key data on the number, type, and velocity of each and every punch. Users can then measure their daily, weekly, and monthly progression to learn how they're improving and where they still need some work.

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  • FocusMotion

    FocusMotion is a machine-learning SDK that's built to track, learn, and analyze human motion on any sensor, OS, or platform.

    Why FocusMotion is a Top Fitness Resource: Their software makes it easier than ever for developers to track, quantify, and understand human movement, allowing more accurate motion tracking in wearable technology. With FocusMotion's software, developers will be able to help their users track everything from reps to track speed, and even compare repetitive movements for consistency.

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  • Ten Thousand

    Ten Thousand has created a super-durable training short, and offers it in a variety of fits and styles to suit your workout.

    Why Ten Thousand is a Top Fitness Resource: Their shorts provide range of motion, breathability, and even permanent odor control, all in a pared-down package that focuses on comfort and wearability. On their website, customers can even create their own ideal short, choosing color, size, liner, and more.

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    FORTË aims to disrupt the fitness industry with live, on-demand boutique fitness classes from top studios around the world streamed straight into your home.

    Why FORTË is a Top Fitness Resource: Offering cutting-edge courses from some of the world's top trainers, FORTË allows their users to stream live or on-demand on their own time. There's no limit on how much you can stream, either, so you're sure to find the perfect combination of classes to help you meet your fitness goals.

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    SURFSET Fitness offers an in-studio experience unlike any other: a surfing-inspired workout that can be tailored to any fitness level. Founder and CEO Mike Hartwick, a former professional hockey player with an MBA in International Finance, fell in love with surfing and the way it sculpted his body, and set out to bring that sculpting experience into the home.

    Why SURFSET is a Top Fitness Resource: Their cutting-edge boards are designed to engage your core and stabilizer muscles in unique ways to sculpt a lean physique. They offer classes in studios around the world, but you can also purchase a board of your own and use it at home in conjunction with SURFSET's workout videos.

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  • Fitspot
    Fitspot is a corporate wellness program that brings active fitness, education, screenings, and more into the workplace. Co-founder and CEO Jonathan is a former investment banker turned certified personal trainer, while co-founder and COO Sammy is a certified Pilates instructor who aims to help people live healthier, more active lifestyles.

    Why Fitspot is a Top Fitness Resource: Their health screenings, fitness classes, and educational workshops can keep your employees happier and healthier, and cut down on health insurance costs. With Fitspot, you won't have to worry about organizing or staffing events, promoting the program, securing the equipment, finding a space, or anything else; they do the work and you and your employees reap the rewards.

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  • Campus Protein

    Campus Protein offers great deals on protein and nutritional supplements for hardworking college students.

    Why Campus Protein is a Top Fitness Resource: From protein shakes to energy drinks to gear, Campus Protein can bring students great prices on everything they need to recover after a hard workout. They're currently on 300 college campuses and employ over 1,200 representatives; check out their website to see if your campus is covered.

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  • YourGuru

    YourGuru is an online resource that connects users to premier health, wellness, and fitness experts. Co-founder and CEO Nt Euk is a serial tech entrepreneur who previously founded and ran the educational videogame company DimensionU.

    Why YourGuru is a Top Fitness Resource: Using their search tools, you can find the right type of session at a time that fits your schedule, whether you want a private consultation, a gym or studio, or even a bootcamp. You can narrow your search down with a dizzying array of options, too: CrossFit instructors, anger management coaches, and even juggling coaches are all available through YourGuru.

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  • Dibs Technology

    Dibs helps fitness studio owners easily, seamlessly manage their bookings, pricing, and customer retention through their own website.

    Why Dibs Technology is a Top Fitness Resource: They'll customize a customer-friendly schedule that matches your studio's branding, and you can easily install it as a plug-in on your site, for example. Using Dibs' pricing tools, you can even individually price each spot in a class based on customer demand; you can set prices to increase as the class fills up, for instance, so it fills up faster.

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  • Vimo Labs

    Vimo Labs has built motion gesture recognition technology that can automatically recognize any gesture, enabling deeper analysis for sports and fitness movements.

    Why Vimo Labs is a Top Fitness Resource: They've also developed a suite of apps that automatically recognizes single gestures and repetitive motions, tracking your golf swing or your bench press form, for example. Their proprietary algorithms and machine-learning technology can also create unique, personalized profiles for each user, helping individuals improve at their own pace.

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  • ViiNetwork

    ViiNetwork brings digital health solutions to life, allowing developers to more easily market their proven healthcare technology solutions.

    Why ViiNetwork is a Top Fitness Resource: Their suite of tools can help users engage patients at the right time, providing "in-the-gaps" care with interactive video collaboration and analysis, and much more. Their interfaces are easy to use on any device, too, allowing both healthcare professionals and patients to get in and out without any fuss.

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  • Two Wheel Valet

    Two Wheel Valet is a valet service for bikes, offering safe, secure onsite bike parking and maintenance.

    Why Two Wheel Valet is a Top Fitness Resource: They work in conjunction with real estate developments, stadiums, universities, and more to ensure that cyclists' bikes and gear are kept secure. Hiring Two Wheel Valet can save your company or event money on parking costs, increase attendance, and even lower a business' healthcare costs.

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