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Financial Tips for College Students

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What Scares You More: Giving Your Teenager the Keys to Your Car or Your Credit Card?

Teenagers behind the steering wheel have always made the hearts of parents pulse with panic. No matter the age of your child, you always want to protect them from physical danger. That same sense of fear doesn’t seem to stretch into the financial realm, but it should.

How to Build Credit for Students

Rising student loan debt and record high unemployment among young adults has made establishing good credit more challenging than ever.

Compound Interest: Split Personality

Compound interest – the wonderful banking principle that helps your savings grow at a faster rate each year. Simply set up automatic deduction from your paycheck, sit back, watch your retirement grow and let your worries fly away. If only it were that easy.

Student Guide to Credit Cards

College students: avoid crippling debt and build a solid credit history with our infographic guide to credit cards.

Infographic: Ebooks Statistics

Americans are finding their credit card bills and bank statements riddled with a mounting tab of new charges for digital books after sales of eReaders and tablets exploded at the end of last year.

    10 Money Saving Tips for a Road Trip

    March 28, 2014 - By Tammy K - Tips for Gas
    We've found the secret to saving money on road trips: A big dose of planning. Okay, that might not be much of a secret, but everything from those junk food indulgences to the stomach-churning cash spent at the pump can be managed -- and often minimized -- with a little advance planning.

    What to Wear to a Job Interview, Without Overspending

    They say you can’t re-do a first impression, and that’s especially true in job interviews. There’s a pretty good possibility that you won’t be the only person they interview for this position, so you need to do everything you can to stand out (for the right reasons).

    5 Recalls College Students Need to Know

    February 11, 2014 - By Mitch Lipka - Tips for Student
    College life is full of obstacles; you constantly have to navigate the perils of problem roommates, demanding professors and overdue tuition bills . What you don’t need is the threat of fires and amputated limbs.

    What to Buy (and Not Buy) on Your Credit Card

    February 8, 2014 - By Lori D - Tips for Credit Card Rewards
    Swiping your credit card is easy. Rare is a store that insists on cash only. But just because it’s easy doesn’t mean you should always do it. There are times, advises, when you should keep your card in its home slot in your wallet and pull out cash instead. Similarly, there are other instances where you should only pay with a credit card so that you can take advantage of the protections and convenience it provides. Before you spend your next dime, take a look at our list.

    5 Signs Your Friends are Bad for Your Money

    February 2, 2014 - By Allison K - Tips for Study: Best Cities to Make Friends
    We’ve all experienced an awkward money moment at one time or another. Whenever it happens to me, I find myself attempting to hide a strained expression while trying really hard not to let something as frivolous as a few bucks interfere with our relationships.

    Best Way to Send Money: It Depends

    By Leah N - Tips for Prepaid
    Need to pay back that $20 you borrowed but won’t see the friend who gave you the loan for awhile? Want to send some dough to a family member who lives far away? Modern technology has widened your options considerably though the likes of PayPal and online money transfers. While cheaper, checks are old-school and not as secure as other options. Nowadays, you can even send money through your phone.

    Why Do Smart People Stay Up Late, and How to Make it Work for You

    By Abigail H - Tips for Sleep Statistics
    We’ve all heard Ben Franklin’s famous saying, “Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” It may be true that the go-getters among us tend to get up early, but it’s also true that more intelligent people tend to stay up later. This is actually a scientifically studied phenomenon.
    Fable: Horse and Donkey

    How a Horse and a Donkey Can Help You Build Wealth

    By Mike Foster - Tips for The CreditDonkey Manifesto
    Whenever you have the opportunity, help your neighbors. Generosity and charity are investments in your community's future, which in turn benefits you. See how a horse and donkey learned that important lesson.

    Internet Safety Statistics: Why You Should Be Alarmed

    By Kelly Teh - Tips for Identity Theft Protection
    One of the most alarming aspects of Internet security is attackers’ ability to adapt. They evolve just as quickly as the tools developed to stop them. They get smarter, come up with new tricks, or change their strategy altogether. In recent years, for example, these predators have shifted their focus from large corporations to smaller businesses, which have fewer resources to fight back and are more vulnerable to attack. And these attackers know where to strike – it all depends on the sites ...

    What to Buy (and Not Buy) for College

    By Leah N - Tips for Student
    The average student spends over $1,000 per year on textbooks and other supplies for college. Add that expense to housing, travel, and tuition – which currently stands at $29,056 for a private institution – and we're talking about a major four-year investment. If you're sending your child off to college this fall, chances are you're going to want to save as much money as possible. Whether you're making purchases yourself or you've entrusted your child with his or her own student credit ...

Student Credit Card Deal

Discover it for Students
Read Review
Our Review: College students looking to build credit, earn cash back, and pay no annual fee should consider the Discover It for Students. With the combined generous rewards program, intro APR on new purchases and no late fee on the first late payment, it's clear to see why this Discover student credit card is among the most popular offers for college students on the market today... Read full review
Intro APR for PurchasesIntro APR for Balance TransferRegular APRAnnual Fee
0% for 6 months
See Terms
12.99% - 21.99% Variable*

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