May 16, 2017

Best Travel Apps You're Missing Out On

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Keep your travel spending in check and have a smooth trip with the winners of the CreditDonkey Best Travel Apps award.

Best Travel App
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Top Must-Have Apps for Travel

Travel is how you define it. You can count going across town to a favorite museum as a destination - you could even take a staycation and "couchsurf" with someone who doesn't live far from you to save some big bucks. And then there's always traveling around the world and making lasting memories as you hop from country to country.

For both the worldly travelers and the habitual day-trippers, we've collected the best apps for making travel easier and fun - however you define it.

You can find a ton of tools to go through on your own or you could stick to the apps on this list, which represent the very best. You'll find some surprises on this roundup for making your life more convenient (such as reserving ski lift tickets ahead of time) as well as some new apps you'll want to try for fresh ideas on where to go for your next vacation.

At CreditDonkey, which helps travelers save money by comparing the best travel credit cards, we know the price tags that come with any trip. The apps on this list can help you make sure you put your travel budget only toward destinations and activities that are worth it. You don't want to spend more money and time than you need to - and you only want to put your funds toward the really fun stuff. These travel apps help you focus on just that - where to go and how to get there so you won't miss a thing.

Best Travel App
Best Travel App © CreditDonkey

  • HotelTonight

    HotelTonight finds you the best hotel prices on the go and often offers excellent, last-minute deals.

    Why HotelTonight is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers who value flexibility and want to be able to book hotels whenever and wherever they want should check out this app.

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  • Moovit

    Used by over 55 million travelers worldwide, Moovit is a transit app that will help you get to your destination, worry-free, via public transit.

    Why Moovit is a Top App for Travelers: Public transit in a new city can sometimes be an overwhelming proposition, but this app makes it a breeze. Moovit is available in more than 1,200 cities in 75 countries in 43 languages on iOS, Android and the web.

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  • Couchsurfing Travel App

    Couchsurfing is an app for adventurous travelers who want to meet new people in new places, but its structure, which allows users to find locals to ""couch surf"" with anywhere in the world, is also great for travelers on a budget.

    Why Couchsurfing Travel App is a Top App for Travelers: Whether you're hoping to save money on your travels or you want to meet and stay with locals wherever you go, this app is a must for anyone who craves adventure.

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  • Geocaching

    Geocaching is a fun, social treasure hunt that shows users caches near them and encourages people to explore their surroundings.

    Why Geocaching is a Top App for Travelers: Just download the app, sign up, and start searching for geocaches all over the world in this long-running outdoor scavenger hunt.

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  • Duolingo

    Duolingo is a free app that provides gamified language lessons, helping you learn a new language on your phone or tablet.

    Why Duolingo is a Top App for Travelers: If you'd like to be able to communicate effectively with the locals on your next international vacation, download Duolingo and give it a whirl.

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  • GasBuddy

    GasBuddy is a handy app that shows you the cheapest gas near you.

    Why GasBuddy is a Top App for Travelers: With regular updates, this app is perfect for frequent drivers looking to save some money when they fill up their tank.

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  • FlightRadar24
    FlightRadar24 is a flight tracker that shows you all the flights coming in and out of your nearest airports, and allows you to search for and track specific flights.

    Why FlightRadar24 is a Top App for Travelers: If you want to track a specific flight in real-time, this app makes it simple; it's also fun to view all the flights in the air at once.

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  • The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel's official app is great for checking weather and setting alerts before you travel.

    Why The Weather Channel is a Top App for Travelers: Anyone who wants to track the weather before getting on a flight or hitting the road for a long drive will love this app.

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  • Eventbrite

    For travelers, Eventbrite is a great way to find local events and meetups, while event planners can use it to get the word out about their events.

    Why Eventbrite is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers always looking for a great rock show, dance night, or other meetup or event should download Eventbrite for their next trip.

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  • Roadtrippers

    Roadtrippers, a fun app for long drives, allows you to search for attractions, natural wonders, and hotels along your path.

    Why Roadtrippers is a Top App for Travelers: If you love long, adventurous drives to new places, this is the app for you.

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  • Expensify

    Expensify is a business travel app that makes it easy to report your expenses on the road.

    Why Expensify is a Top App for Travelers: Companies of all sizes can use Expensify to generate real-time expense reports, get reimbursements, and more.

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    MAPS.ME is an offline map app for serious travelers, offering detailed maps of any destination you might be journeying to.

    Why MAPS.ME is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers who dread being left mapless in areas with poor cell coverage can rest assured that they'll always be able to find their way around with this app. You'll find navigation for pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles, along with millions of POI. is the #1 mobile OpenStreetMap (OSM) editor.

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  • Vayable

    Vayable is an app that allows locals to create their own experiences; as a traveler, you can find fun, unique, and exciting activities guided by locals in a number of destinations worldwide.

    Why Vayable is a Top App for Travelers: If you're looking for authentic local experiences on your travelers, check out Vayable's unique platform that seeks to link you up with the adventures you crave.

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  • Rome2rio

    Rome2rio is a comprehensive global trip planning app that is dedicated to helping you get from your front door to anywhere in the world via plane, train, ferry, car, or any other vehicle you can imagine.

    Why Rome2rio is a Top App for Travelers: Take the stress out of your travel planning by letting Rome2rio do the heavy lifting for you; just check out the site to get started.

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  • BringFido

    BringFido is an app for travelers who love to bring their dog along; it helps you find pet-friendly hotels and restaurants in any city.

    Why BringFido is a Top App for Travelers: Pet owners who can't bear to leave their furry friends at home should check out this simple app to find the right places to stay and eat with their pets.

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  • Turo

    Turo is a car-sharing app that lets users rent the car of their dreams in over 4,700 cities in the US, Canada and the UK - and allows car owners to make an average of $539 each month from their unused rides.

    Why Turo is a Top App for Travelers: When traditional car rental companies don't provide the value, convenience, or selection you're looking for, Turo is an easy, affordable way to find a great rental.

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  • Allpoint

    Allpoint Network is 55,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs. Worldwide.

    Why Allpoint is a Top App for Travelers: ATM fees are the worst, but with the locator app, Allpoint cardholders are just a few taps away from surcharge-free ATM cash access.

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  • tripwolf

    With over six hundred included travel guides, trip planning, and hotel and tour booking, tripwolf is an all-in-one travel app that lets you do it all.

    Why tripwolf is a Top App for Travelers: Frequent travelers will find this app's multifunctionality to be an extremely handy, low-stress tool on their adventures.

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  • Foodspotting

    Foodspotting is a dining app for travelers that lets users find specific dishes near them, locate restaurants, and more.

    Why Foodspotting is a Top App for Travelers: When you're traveling and get hit with a craving, this app will always help you find what you're hungry for.

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  • Spinlister

    Spinlister allows you to rent a bike from a local and explore a new city at your pace.

    Why Spinlister is a Top App for Travelers: Driving in a new city can be stressful and public transit inconvenient, but adventurers who want to get around quickly will love renting local bikes with this app.

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  • Liftopia

    Liftopia is a complete online and mobile ski marketplace, offering the largest source of ski lift ticket deals online as well as rentals, lessons, dining and other mountain-related activities and products. With deals at more than 250 resorts across North America, Liftopia offers skiers and snowboarders the ability to buy date-specific lift tickets and other on-mountain activities online and in advance for up to 80% off the ticket window prices. By committing to date-specific, non-refundable tickets, skiers and riders are able to get deep discounts at the resorts they love.

    Why Liftopia is a Top App for Travelers: Liftopia takes the hassle out of planning a ski trip by enabling skiers and riders to book lift tickets, equipment rentals and lessons in advance at the best prices. The site offers detailed information on mountain resorts, including services and amenities, and the ability to browse user reviews to help skiers and boarders research and choose the best resort for their needs.

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  • ParkWhiz
    ParkWhiz is a handy parking app that lets you find and reserve parking spaces and spend less time searching.

    Why ParkWhiz is a Top App for Travelers: Drivers sick of wasting their time hunting for parking will love this app, which also eliminates often confusing parking pricing issues.

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  • Postagram

    Postagram makes it easy for users to create, print, and send customized postcards from their travels for only 99¢ with free U.S. postage.

    Why Postagram is a Top App for Travelers: Why send a generic gift shop postcard from your travels when this app makes it a cinch to create your own?

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  • Entrain

    Entrain is an app that uses your circadian rhythms to help you recover from jetlag faster.

    Why Entrain is a Top App for Travelers: Frequent international travelers can speed up their jetlag recovery time with this app's scientifically based system.

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  • Splitwise

    Splitwise is an app that makes splitting expenses with friends and sending IOUs and friendly reminders easy and pain-free.

    Why Splitwise is a Top App for Travelers: If you have a travel buddy or two, this app will make splitting the bill easy, quick, and fair.

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  • Trover

    Trover is a social photo app for travelers that can help you find hidden gems during your travels.

    Why Trover is a Top App for Travelers: Packed with gorgeous photos, this app's social nature makes it handy for travelers looking to get off the beaten path.

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  •'s app allows urban travelers to quickly and conveniently find restaurant, lodging, and sightseeing recommendations from qualified locals.

    Why is a Top App for Travelers: Every traveler loves getting advice from the locals, and this app lets you carry that advice with you in the palm of your hand.

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  • Glympse

    Glympse lets you send your location to family, friends, and travel buddies, so you never get lost and people can track you in real time.

    Why Glympse is a Top App for Travelers: Whether you want to brag to your friends about where you are or just keep an eye on a travel partner, this an extremely handy app to have around when you're on the road.

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  • Oanda Currency Converter

    Oanda is a simple, but very necessary, iPhone app for travelers: it provides instant, up-to-date currency conversions.

    Why Oanda Currency Converter is a Top App for Travelers: Adventurers whose trips will take them across multiple countries will love having this mobile currency converter at the ready at all times.

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  • Detour

    Detour is a GPS-based audio tour app that will teach you fascinating facts as you stroll around destination cities like San Francisco, New York, and Berlin.

    Why Detour is a Top App for Travelers: Anyone who loves audio walking tours will adore this app's well-produced audio, which you can easily sync with your travel partners. You can sync for free with your travel partners (up to 4) so only one person needs to purchase the app.

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  • Roomer

    Roomer is an online marketplace where people sell hotel room reservations they can't use, resulting in rock-bottom prices.

    Why Roomer is a Top App for Travelers: Frugal travelers can save a ton of money by scouring for last-minute deals on this app.

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  • GateGuru
    GateGuru makes air travel a breeze, with features like a detailed, updated day-of itinerary, maps of airport amenities, and more.

    Why GateGuru is a Top App for Travelers: Flying these days is often a stressful experience, but this app aims to make navigating any airport a snap.

  • PackPoint

    PackPoint is a handy packing app that checks the weather at your destination, the length of your stay, and generates a packing list so you don't have to.

    Why PackPoint is a Top App for Travelers: If you're always worried about forgetting something when you hit the road, let this app make your packing list for you.

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  • CityMaps2Go

    CityMaps2Go makes exploring new cities an easy experience, with detailed maps, restaurant recommendations, photos, sights, and handy tourist information aggregated from the best travel blogs and media sites.

    Why CityMaps2Go is a Top App for Travelers: You can discover exciting new locations and local tips with this app, making it a great download for travelers visiting a new city for the first time.

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  • Packing Pro

    Packing Pro is a packing app that lets you make multiple lists for weekend trips, long vacations, business trips, and more.

    Why Packing Pro is a Top App for Travelers: With a huge catalogue of 800 items to add, this app will help you stay organized and stress-free before your trip. There's no limits on how many lists you can create.

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  • Navmii

    Navmii is a navigation app that features updated traffic conditions, turn-by-turn navigation, and more, taking the stress out of driving and allowing you to enjoy the ride.

    Why Navmii is a Top App for Travelers: Driving in any new city can be stressful, but this app will tell you everything you need to know to get to your destination, allowing you to take in the sights worry-free. With Navmii, you get offline maps so you can travel freely in 197 countries and get GPS navigation directions without using mobile data. And the app is free!

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  • Room 77

    Room 77 instantly searches hundreds of hotel booking sites and thousands of hotels to find you the best price in the right neighborhood, no matter where you're going.

    Why Room 77 is a Top App for Travelers: Instantly compare results from tons of different hotel booking sites and individual hotels with this app, and never worry about whether you're staying in the right place ever again.

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  • SeatGuru

    SeatGuru lets you view airplane seating maps and choose the perfect seat for your flight, even if you're already in the airport.

    Why SeatGuru is a Top App for Travelers: This app will help you get insights from other flyers, ensuring that you never get a bad seat on a long flight again.

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  • Hitlist

    Hitlist app helps you find the best airfare prices for your preferred destinations; just add the places you want to go and they'll send you the best fares.

    Why Hitlist is a Top App for Travelers: This app ensures that you'll never have to set price alerts for airfares ever again; they'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

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  • Lola Travel

    Lola Travel provides personalized travel service, instantly connecting users with travel consultants who can help you find hotels, plan a dream vacation, and more.

    Why Lola Travel is a Top App for Travelers: This app aims to put a travel agent in the palm of your hand, making trip planning painless, easy, and quick.

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  • DUFL

    DUFL is changing the way people pack, allowing you to store your clothing with the company, select the wardrobe you want, and have it waiting for you when you reach your destination.

    Why DUFL is a Top App for Travelers: Frequent travelers sick of lugging bags around will love this app's innovative service, which makes packing for any trip as simple as a few clicks.

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  • Localeur

    Localeur is a travel app that lets visitors check out recommendations from helpful, travel-loving locals.

    Why Localeur is a Top App for Travelers: If you're the type of traveler who loves to seek out the hidden local spots, you can make and receive recommendations with this helpful, innovative app.

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  • Stayful

    Stayful is for travelers who would rather stay in a boutique or independent hotel than a big chain, and helps them find the best prices and hotels in any city.

    Why Stayful is a Top App for Travelers: If you want to experience more local flavor on your travels, independent hotels are a great way to go; this app will help you find the best.

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  • iExit

    iExit is an interstate exit guide app for roadtrippers; your GPS will tell you how to get to your destination, but this app will show you all the best places to stop along the way.

    Why iExit is a Top App for Travelers: Anyone who loves exploring the sights along the way will love this unique app, which is perfect for long, leisurely car trips. They also have integrated GasBuddy prices into the app, so you can know the cheapest stations at every exit ahead of you.

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  • Seat Alerts

    Seat Alerts from Expert Flyer is an app for anyone who hates being stuck in the middle seat, allowing you to find a better seat and switch in an instant.

    Why Seat Alerts is a Top App for Travelers: You can set up this app to alert you so you can then contact your booking service to switch your seat, ensuring you always get the seat you want.

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  • Trail Wallet

    Trail Wallet is a simple, easy-to-use travel budget tracker built to ensure you spend less time worrying about money and more time seeing the world.

    Why Trail Wallet is a Top App for Travelers: Nobody loves worrying about money while on the road, but everyone does; use this app to keep the worries to a minimum.

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  • Wimdu Guest

    Wimdu Guest lets you find apartments and even whole houses in any city in America so you can stay in a spacious, comfortable home while you explore.

    Why Wimdu Guest is a Top App for Travelers: Ditch the tiny hotel rooms for bigger, better, but still affordable apartments with this app.

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  • Priceline

    Priceline's app gives users the same access to deals on airline tickets, hotel stays, and car rentals that the site gives you, only on the go.

    Why Priceline is a Top App for Travelers: Priceline is already known for helping leisure travelers find great deals, and this app only makes the process easier.

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  • Just Ahead

    Just Ahead is an app for audio travel guides, turning your phone into a tour guide for your next road trip.

    Why Just Ahead is a Top App for Travelers: This app is perfect for curious travelers, featuring guides for national parks, landmarks, and more; best of all, you can try it free today.

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  • Urbanologie
    Urbanologie is a luxury lifestyle guide for the world's greatest destination cities, offering members updates on the latest restaurants, bars, hotels, and events.

    Why Urbanologie is a Top App for Travelers: High-end travelers looking for the latest in luxury experiences will be able to keep themselves up-to-date with this app.

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  • NOAA Radar Pro

    NOAA Radar Pro lets you track storms in real-time on your phone so you never get caught in the rain or snow during your travels.

    Why NOAA Radar Pro is a Top App for Travelers: Few things are worse than getting stranded in a storm while traveling, but with this app, you can track those storms, plan accordingly, and never get stuck again.

    Read: Weather Live
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  • Walc

    Walc is a navigation app for on-foot explorers, eliminating the clutter on many GPS apps and ensuring that you never walk the wrong way again.

    Why Walc is a Top App for Travelers: Going on foot is the best way to explore any city, and this app will help ensure that you never get lost or miss any sights along the way.

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  • Up Hail

    Up Hail is a handy app that shows you instant price comparisons between Uber, Lyft, and local taxi services.

    Why Up Hail is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers who use ridesharing and taxi services should definitely use this easy, money-saving app.

    Read: Up Hail
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  • Facet
    Facet is an app that offers users video travel inspiration, with stunning video and photos that will help you decide on your next great destination.

    Why Facet is a Top App for Travelers: If you're trying to think up your next trip, this app will show you some truly stunning destinations and inspire you to hit the road.

    Read: Guam

  • Cities Talking Guide

    Cities Talking is an audio guide app that syncs with your GPS, offering you real time audio guides in a number of destinations around the world.

    Why Cities Talking Guide is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers who love to learn about their surroundings will love this simple, informative app; just set it up, put on your headphones, and start walking.

    Read: Paris
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  • GeoSure
    GeoSure is an app that uses analytics to show you the safest areas as you travel the world.

    Why GeoSure is a Top App for Travelers: Travel safe with this app's up-to-date travel and safety statistics.

  • Adventurely

    Adventurely is a social travel app that lets you connect with like-minded people for fun activities near you.

    Why Adventurely is a Top App for Travelers: While it's only available in New York City right now, soon you'll be able to use Adventurely to meet new people and have unique experiences in a number of cities.

    Follow @getadventurely

  • Wanderu

    Wanderu searches thousands of bus and train fares to bring you the very best prices for your next journey.

    Why Wanderu is a Top App for Travelers: When you'd rather see the countryside than fly over it, this app will help you save money on your fares.

    Read: Wanderu launches in Europe
    Follow @gowanderu

  • Measures

    With units of measurement from currency to volume, weight, and even data storage, Measures will help you eliminate any confusion in converting international units of measurement.

    Why Measures is a Top App for Travelers: Currency conversion is only the tip of the iceberg for this indispensable app; it's also great if you're cooking, driving, or doing just about anything else in a foreign land.

    Follow @mneuwert

  • SnapShot Postcard

    SnapShot Postcard lets users turn their favorite iPhone and Android photos into postcards and send them directly to whoever you want.

    Why SnapShot Postcard is a Top App for Travelers: Travelers who love to share can send mementos of their trip to their best friends and family with a few simple taps with this cool app.

    Follow @SnapShotCards

  • Book. Stay. Go.

    Book. Stay. Go. makes the hotel booking and stay experience available entirely on your phone; you can book your favorite hotel, choose a room, check in, and even use your phone for keyless entry.

    Why Book. Stay. Go. is a Top App for Travelers: Frequent travelers looking for more convenience in their hotel stays should definitely check out this app's unique features.

    Read: Uber + Book Stay Go
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  • AccessNow

    AccessNow is an app that pinpoints wheelchair and handicap-accessible businesses and destinations around the world, making trip planning easier than ever for handicapped travelers.

    Why AccessNow is a Top App for Travelers: This app is an absolute must for travelers who need their destinations to be handicap accessible.

    Read: When Advertising Gets Disability Right
    Follow @accessnowapp

  • FailPop

    FailPop aims to end travel fails forever by providing travelers with the tips they need to avoid local faux pas and other mistakes.

    Why FailPop is a Top App for Travelers: Whether you're looking for dinner ettiquette advice, tips for what to wear, or just a little extra advice for not looking like a tourist, this app has your back. Each tip comes with its own GIF to help you remember what not to do, and make you the best traveler you can be.

    Follow @failpopapp

  • LiveTrekker

    LiveTrekker is a travel sharing app, letting you capture your most stunning hikes and treks and share them in real time.

    Why LiveTrekker is a Top App for Travelers: You can track your steps through GPS, add pictures and video, and bring a unique illustration of your trip to life, all in one app.

    Read: The new and vivid life sharing experience
    Follow @LiveTrekker

  • Mobile Passport

    The Mobile Passport app helps speed you through customs at 20 of the world's most popular airports.

    Why Mobile Passport is a Top App for Travelers: Simple to set up, this app makes international travel easier by letting you breeze right through U.S. Customs and Passport Control.

    Read: The App for US customs and immigration
    Follow @mobpassport

  • Triposo

    Triposo uses data from a number of high-quality web sources to bring you the best sights, restaurants, and lodging in your destination city.

    Why Triposo is a Top App for Travelers: You can let Triposo curate your travel experiences or personalize them to your heart's content; either way, this app makes travel a breeze.

    Read: Beautiful Beaches in Albania
    Follow @triposo

  • textPlus

    textPlus is a handy voice and texting app that lets you communicate for free with other textPlus users.

    Why textPlus is a Top App for Travelers: If you're worried about roaming charges on your phone while traveling, download textPlus, find a Wi-Fi signal, and text and talk to your heart's content.

    Follow @textplus

  • Parking Panda

    Parking Panda is a simple app that allows you to quickly, conveniently reserve guaranteed parking in a number of cities worldwide.

    Why Parking Panda is a Top App for Travelers: If you're taking a road trip to a major city, use this app to make sure you always have a convenient place to park.

    Read: Chicago Parking
    Follow @ParkingPanda

  • DogVacay

    It can be tough to know who to trust when it comes to picking a petsitter, but DogVacay allows you to easily search and find trusted sitters in your area so you can rest easy during your travels.

    Why DogVacay is a Top App for Travelers: We all know what it's like trying to find a reliable petsitter, but this app makes the process fast and incredibly easy.

    Read: Everything You Need to Know About Canine Bloat
    Follow @dogvacay

  • Orbitz

    The Orbitz app lets you find the best prices on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more from your mobile device.

    Why Orbitz is a Top App for Travelers: Frequent travelers who need to book on the go should definitely have this app on their phone.

    Read: 9 easy countries to escape to if your candidate loses
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  • Lyft

    Lyft is a taxi alternative that allows you to order a car directly to your location in minutes, and is extremely handy for travelers who want to zip around a city.

    Why Lyft is a Top App for Travelers: Available in most major U.S. cities and a number of major destinations in Southeast Asia, Lyft is a handier, more convenient alternative to taking taxis.

    Follow @lyft

  • Waze
    Waze is a free, community-based GPS map and navigation app that can help you avoid traffic and get to your destination faster.

    Why Waze is a Top App for Travelers: Rather than showing you the most direct route, Waze will take traffic conditions into account and provide you with the fastest way to get to your destination.

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