Livia Gershon

Livia Gershon

Contributing Writer
Livia is a business journalist from Boston. She graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelors in Social Studies. She writes data-driven features on consumer and industry trends.
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Recent Articles by Livia Gershon

    Infographic: Divorce in America

    Infographic: Divorce Statistics

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Marriage Statistics
    It’s not a pretty topic, but divorce is a common enough event that it’s worth thinking about for everyone, particularly couples considering marriage. After all, about half of first marriages end in divorce, and the results can be messy for all ...

    Budgeting Statistics: By the Numbers

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for How to Get Out of Debt
    Impulse purchases used to be limited to grabbing a candy bar at the checkout line or picking up a CD at the mall. Now, we can sit on the couch and order the latest iPad with just a click or even buy a movie and start watching it a second later.

    Credit Card Fraud Statistics: Why You Should Worry

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Identity Theft Statistics
    Credit card fraud can mean a wallet stolen from a gym locker and $2,000 in electronics charged to your account before you’re out of the shower. Or it can mean 40 million credit card numbers stolen from the databases of the aptly named retailer ...
    Houston, Texas

    Study: Best States for Jobs

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Life After College
    Unless we’re very lucky, or very unlucky, most of us will probably spend more of our adulthoods at work than at any other single activity. So it’s no surprise that a lot of people look at job prospects first when they think about where they want ...

    Internet Fraud Statistics: Why You Should Worry

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Identity Theft Statistics
    The recent discovery of the Heartbleed bug was a wake-up call for some and a reminder to others that we’re always vulnerable to Internet predators. With Nigerian scams still making their way to our inboxes and malware searching for our banking ...

    Employee Theft Statistics: Why Entrepreneurs Should Worry

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Business
    For entrepreneurs and small business owners, employee theft can be a difficult subject. No one wants to think the people they’ve chosen to help make their vision a reality could have their hands in the cash drawer. And no boss wants to have to ...
    Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Study: Best States for Young Professionals

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Credit Tips for Young Adults
    So you’ve finished college and you’re ready to get your professional career in gear. But you also want to play: it’s time to have fun, meet new people, and have those adventures that come with your 20s. Fortunately, the job market for college ...
    Infographic: Go Volunteer

    Infographic: Why Volunteering is Good for You

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Charitable Giving
    You want to give back and do good. But, let’s admit it, you need some motivation. We’ve got it for you, by the many ways volunteering is good for you - not just those people you’re helping out.
    San Jose, California

    Study: Best Cities for High-Paying Jobs

    Want to make more money? Specialized education, experience, and industry connections can go a long way, but geography also plays a role. Some cities have many kinds of jobs that make millionaires, while in others, it’s tough to break out of the ...
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    Study: Unlikeliest Cities to Get Rich

    By Livia Gershon - Tips for Best Cities to Get Rich
    Down on your luck? It may be the place you live. In fact, there are some cities where it’s distinctly harder than average to get rich. Many of these cities have other redeeming qualities, and it’s certainly possible for a hardworking person with ...

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