October 11, 2019

You Are the Average of Five

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You are the average of 5 closest friends. What does that mean? The people you spend time with will affect who you become. Learn more about this unique philosophy.

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"You are the average of five."

That's the idea developed by motivational speaker Jim Rohn. That is, the five in your inner circle shape who you are and what you will become.

They define your conversations, where your attention goes, and the attitudes that influence you. Subconsciously, you may act, think, and behave like them. Doing what those around you do makes you the average of your five.

Would you prefer to behave differently? If so, your five may not be the best group for you.

Surround Yourself With a Good Five

Throughout our childhood years, we let ourselves fall prey to peer pressure and fall into different groups of friends. As we mature into adulthood, we have a stronger say in who gets into our inner circle.

Associating with the wrong five people can:

  • Hold you back from success
  • Cause negative thinking
  • Encourage harmful choices
  • Lower self-esteem

To determine if your five is right for you, think about their values, relationships, and how they conduct their lives. If you do not want yourself acting like them or doing the things they do, it may be time to change who you hold in your inner circle.

Surrounding yourself with people who help rather than hurt you can result in:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Better habits
  • Positive thinking
  • Greater motivation to try again after a failure

Your inner circle should challenge you and help you reach your fullest potential. Choose five individuals who challenge your mind and encourage living beyond the status quo.

When your five stimulate your intellect, you are more likely to push yourself to achieve greater things. Even if you fail, the right inner circle can help pick you back up and try again.

Be Open to Changes

As you age, your needs change and so do your friendships. While you don't have to toss old friends aside, changing how you spend your time may be necessary.

Whether you enter a new stage in your career or enter a new phase in life, surround yourself with like-minded people to provide support and help better your life.

What role might you play in someone else's "five"?
Are you uplifting? Do you stimulate your inner circle's intellect? Do the people around you want to become more like you?

When you surround yourself with a good "five," you may become a better person. Improving your own qualities can help others improve as well.

Bottom Line

Surround yourself with individuals who boost your character and have a positive impact on your lifestyle. Avoid those who may cause negative influences on your choices. Associating with the right network of individuals is worth the effort if you have a desire to improve your life.

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