August 27, 2018

Best Ways to Watch NFL Games Online

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Here are the best ways to watch NFL games online. In this article, we list the best providers who offer this service.

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Where can you watch NFL games?

Before we review the providers, you should know which channels to look out for. Here's a list of must-have channels to watch all your favorite football games:

  • CBS
  • FOX
  • The NFL Network
  • NBC
  • ESPN
  • The NFL SUNDAY TICKET (optional)

Now that we know which channels to look out for, let's have a look at who offers these channels.

Sign up for cable or satellite TV

If you want to cut the cord, then this method isn't for you. But if you want to watch football on more than just your TV, then have a look at these providers.


If you're a hardcore football fan, then DIRECTV is your best bet.

By itself it's a pretty good satellite TV service. But what really sets it apart is its NFL SUNDAY TICKET package. It lets you watch every out-of-market game every Sunday.

Additionally, you also get every in-market game via the NFL Network and ESPN, as well as your local CBS, FOX, and NBC channels. All in all, you get every NFL game available!

Also, here's how you can watch these games online—most of these channels allow live streaming on their official site. All you need to do is go on, log in with your DIRECTV account, and then stream the games to your mobile or PC.

With the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app, you can also stream the games live. It streams the games directly on your tablet and other devices.

DIRECTV's DVR is also one of the best around. The "Genie" records up to five shows at once and stores up to 200 hours of HD video. The best part? You can also download your recordings to watch on-the-go.

Overall, DIRECTV is not an option for cord-cutters who want to avoid contracts. But it is one of the best options for diehard football fans. If you want the complete football package, choose DIRECTV with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET add-on.


Alternatively, you might be eligible to subscribe to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET without subscribing to DIRECTV. This lets you stream the games online to your tablet or other mobile devices.

However, there are several conditions. For starters, you have to be a non-DIRECTV customer living in an apartment or condo where DIRECTV isn't available. Or your area is obstructed from receiving a satellite signal. Or you're a college student.

In short, you can only get this if DIRECTV isn't an option in your area, or if you're a college student.

If you have this option, then you can skip the satellite TV subscription and stream all your games online.


DISH Network doesn't have as much football content as DIRECTV. But it's still a pretty good choice.

When it comes to football, DISH delivers. It has all you need to watch all the in-market NFL games. You have channels such as CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Network.

You can also get their Multi-Sports Pack add-on, which gives you the NFL RedZone. It features touchdowns from every game—a must-have for diehard fans.

For watching games online, you can use the DISH Anywhere app to watch the NFL games on your iPhone, Android, computer, and other mobile devices. The app also lets you watch your DVR recordings on-the-go too.

Speaking about DVR, DISH's DVR is probably the best system on the market right now. It records 16 shows at once, and stores more than 500 HD hours!

Frankly, DISH doesn't have as much football content as DIRECTV. But unlike DIRECTV, there's no price hike in the second year. Also, they've got a great DVR system, which is great if that's important for you.

If you want to watch games directly from an online TV provider, you can do that too. Here are some providers to consider:

Sling TV

If cutting the cord completely, consider Sling TV. It's a streaming TV provider, like Netflix and Hulu. The difference is, Sling TV focuses on live TV rather than on-demand.

Sling splits its NFL content between its Orange and Blue plans. Football fans are going to have to choose between them, based on what you want. Diehard fans should get both packages, with the Sports Extra addon.

Sling Blue has the Thursday and Sunday games on Fox, NBC and the NFL Network. Sling Orange will have the Monday night games on ESPN. For the NFL RedZone, you'll have to get the Sports Extra addon for Sling Blue (not Orange).

However, Sling TV doesn't have the CBS channel, which has AFC games on Sunday afternoons.

If you're on a budget, but still want to get your football fix, Sling TV might be for you. It won't have as much NFL content as DIRECTV, for example, but you do get the essentials at a lower cost. Also, Sling TV has no contract—so you can start and stop anytime you want.

Other ways of watching the NFL online

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue is also another great provider for NFL games. It's similar to Sling TV, where you pay month-to-month and you get to watch live TV on various devices.

For the best package for football, go for their "Core" package and above. That'll give you access to the NFL Network, as well as ESPN, CBS, FOX, and NBC.

The perks of PlayStation Vue are that there's no contract and package prices are cheaper than satellite or cable TV. Still, it won't have more than just the essentials. If you need to have all the NFL content there is, it's better to go with DIRECTV.


DIRECTV NOW is DIRECTV's version of online streaming television. Like other providers on this list, it's a streaming TV provider. You can use it to stream live TV on your PC and mobile devices.

Also, like Sling TV, it means that there's no contract and no equipment fees. You can start and stop the service anytime.

To get as much football as possible, you'll have to upgrade to DIRECTV NOW's "Go Big" package and above. That'll give you access to the NFL Network, as well as include essential channels like CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN.


When it comes to watching NFL games online, a satellite TV provider is still one of the best options. DIRECTV has the NFL SUNDAY TICKET, which brings every out-of-market game every Sunday. You can use the app or log on to the official channel website to stream directly to your PC or mobile device.

However, if you'd prefer to cut the cord, then go with an online provider. You'd be limited to just the in-market games, but you won't have to pay expensive monthly fees or be locked in a contract. With Sling TV, you can customize your package, so you won't have to pay more than necessary.

At the end of the day, it's a matter of choosing the best provider for your needs and budget. With choices on both ends of the spectrum, you can't go wrong.

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