February 28, 2015

23 Twitter Statistics

Every social media network has that one thing that makes it different, and at Twitter, it's the belief that less really is more. Users can express their thoughts, share ideas and post photos, but the catch is they can only do it in 140 characters or less. The fact that Twitter keeps things short and sweet is one of the things that's fueled its success.

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Even celebrities appreciate its straightforward format, using it to chime in on everything from fashion to politics to world events. Although it hasn't quite achieved the same level of popularity as Facebook, Twitter is gaining ground thanks to how easy it is to use. If you're wondering what all the fuss is about, or your fingers are worn out from tweeting so much, here are 23 facts and figures CreditDonkey wants you to know.


Twitter sees a lot of traffic and the number of people joining the site is growing steadily. One of the things we focused on when compiling our statistics is how active users are when it comes to their accounts.

1. How many people have Twitter accounts?
Twitter claims a large share of the social networking pie, with 284 million monthly active users. It's estimated that there are close to 1 billion registered accounts.

2. How many new tweets show up each day?
The majority of Twitter users update pretty frequently, with approximately 500 million tweets going out daily. That breaks down to about 347,000 per minute and 5,800 every second.

3. How many new accounts are created each day?
New users are constantly popping up on Twitter, with roughly 135,000 new accounts established each day.

4. How often do people search Twitter?
Twitter's search function makes it easy to find what you're looking for, and estimates put the number of queries at around 1.6 billion per day. That comes out to about 18,000 every second.

5. How much time are people spending on Twitter?
On average, users devote about 170 minutes per month to Twitter, which adds up to roughly 34 hours each year.

6. How are they accessing their accounts?
The majority of people who use Twitter are doing it on the go. Approximately 80% of Twitter accounts are accessed through a smartphone or other mobile device.

7. Where is Twitter most popular?
While the U.S. claims the largest share of Twitter fans, Indonesia is seeing the fastest increase in the number of users, jumping by 44% between 2012 and 2013.

8. Which countries ban Twitter entirely?
Twitter isn't welcome everywhere. Four countries - China, North Korea, Turkey and Iran - ban its citizens from accessing the site.

In addition to analyzing who's on Twitter, we also took a look at how people are using their accounts. Specifically, we were curious about when people are on Twitter and how frequently they're connecting with others.

9. How many Twitter accounts are fake?
Just like Facebook, Twitter has its fair share of fake profiles. Estimates put the total number of dummy accounts at around 20 million.

10. Do men or women tweet more?
Women are by far the most active on Twitter, tweeting an average of 15 times per day compared to just 9 times for men.

11. What's the fastest growing Twitter demographic?
While Twitter attracts plenty of teens and tweens, it's baby boomers who are flocking to the site in droves. Account ownership among those aged 55 to 64 has increased by 79% since 2012.

12. What's the average number of Twitter followers?
Getting people to follow you on Twitter isn't as easy as you think; the median Twitter account has just one follower. Among users who are active at least once a month, the median number of followers is 61.

13. Which Twitter user has the most followers?
Celebrities and politicians rank among the most popular Twitter users. Katy Perry currently tops the list, with nearly 63 million followers.

14. How many accounts have zero followers?
Roughly 2% of all Twitter users don't have any followers at all, which comes out to about 5 million accounts that go unnoticed.

15. Which user has posted the most tweets?
Bots are the most frequent posters to Twitter, with one Asian bot racking up nearly 38,000,000 million updates. If you're interested in which human-powered account tweets most often, it's @XBoxSupport, with close to 1.8 million tweets.

16. How many people tweet everyday?
A substantial number of Twitter users are logging in on a regular basis. Right around 100 million people are actively using the site each day.

17. How many people have never tweeted at all?
While the majority of people on Twitter are actively connecting with others, a staggering 44% of those who have an account have never sent a single tweet.

18. What day has the most Twitter activity?
You'd think that Twitter would be busiest on the weekends, but it's actually Tuesday that sees the highest traffic rates, accounting for nearly 16% of all tweets each week.


Twitter has made headlines on more than one occasion, and the odds are good that it will do so again. We evaluated how Twitter compares to its main competitor, Facebook, and highlighted some of the most landmark events in its brief history.

19. How does Twitter's revenue stack up?
Though popular, Twitter brings in significantly less than Facebook, reporting earnings of $361 million through the third quarter of 2014. That's almost a tenth of what its larger competitor earned.

20. What's the most tweeted event in history?
On August 3, 2013, Twitter users in Japan set a new record for the most tweets in a single second with 143,199 during a viewing of the film Castle in the Sky.

21. What's the most retweeted post of all time?
In March 2014, Ellen DeGeneres nearly brought Twitter down when she posted her epic Oscar photo, which has since been retweeted a cool 3.36 million times.

22. Which hashtag has gotten the most traffic?
Hashtags can help you see what's trending on Twitter and make it easier to search for related posts. The hashtag that's been used the most in Twitter history is #WorldCupFinal, which has appeared a stunning 32 million times.

23. How long did it take to reach a billion tweets?
These days, it only takes about a week for Twitter users to add another 1 billion tweets, but it took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach that target for the first time.

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