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Titan Invest Review

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Titan Invest offers hedge fund returns at a fraction of the cost. Find out if it's safe for everyday investors and how it compares to big robo-advisors.

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Pros and Cons

  • Low minimum investment
  • Available to unaccredited investors
  • Human investment team
  • Higher fees than robo advisors
  • Too new to predict future performance

Bottom Line

Hands-off investment for retail investors interested in hedge funds. Moderate fees, but strong early performance

With an impressive research team, Titan Invest sets itself apart from algorithm-driven investment apps.

But their potential high returns come at a higher price. Should you take the plunge into hedge fund-style investing with Titan?

Stick around to see how it handles your money and stacks up to Betterment, Wealthfront, and more.

What is Titan Invest?

Titan Invest is an SEC-registered investment advisor that aims to mimic the performance of a traditional hedge fund.

But unlike most hedge funds, you don't have to be an accredited investor to use it.

Since accreditation requires a net worth of $1,000,000, or more than $200,000 in earnings for the last two years, it's out of reach for most ordinary people.

On Titan Invest, there's also no pooling of capital between users. All of your investments are yours and yours alone.

While their fees are higher than the average robo-advisor, Titan Invest's fees are significantly lower than most hedge funds.

Titan is currently only available to investors in the U.S., and is available to download on the App Store and Google Play Store. Before downloading, find out how it works and if it's legit.

How does Titan Invest Work?

Titan Invest has three investment strategies: "Flagship," "Opportunities," and "Offshore," containing between 15-25 stocks each.

Flagship focuses on large market cap companies in the U.S., while Opportunities deals in smaller U.S. companies that they believe have the potential for rapid growth.

Offshore, introduced in 2021, targets large companies in foreign markets such as Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

After funding your account, an investment team will manage your money. By tracking other hedge funds with long-term holdings, they aim to give you high returns over a long period of time.

Your portfolio is then adjusted every quarter by the Titan team. During this process, they may remove underperforming stocks from your portfolio and add more promising stocks.

Shorting: In order to protect investors during market drops, Titan Invest offers downside protection tailored to individual risk tolerances by shorting from 0% - 20% of the market.

Is Titan Invest Legit?

Titan Invest is relatively new and was founded in 2018. As of Q1 2021, they have over $500 million total assets under management from over 25,000 investors.

Titan gets credibility points for their dedicated Portfolio Manager and Research Team, which carefully vets out all investment decisions.

This sets them apart from most robo-advisors, which use computer algorithms to build and manage investment portfolios.

While Titan Invest incurs a higher cost by employing human advisors, they aim to offset it through higher returns.

Is Titan Invest Safe?
Titan Invest accounts are SIPC-insured for up to $500k, and investments and cash are custodied by Apex Clearing Corp.

According to Titan, your money would be protected even if the platform went under: "Investments are safe and in an account in your name. In the event of a wind-down, Titan would sell out all of securities and return the funds to each client."

Keep in mind: This is not a protection against market loss due to bad investments.

Who Is Titan Invest Best For?

Titan Invest is best for unaccredited, long-term investors looking for a hands-off way to outperform the S&P 500 the way traditional funds do.

While not without risk, hedge funds typically offer better returns than robo-advisors focused on retirement saving.

However, high fees and dollar amounts make them impractical for most ordinary investors.

Titan Invest aims to offer those higher returns to a wider audience.

Higher potential returns almost always mean higher risk.
Titan seeks out undervalued companies that they expect will grow rapidly due to industry changes.

For example, these are businesses that would have benefitted from "the shift from brick-and-mortar retail to eCommerce or the shift from on-premise to cloud-based software."

But if they make bad predictions, your money may be lost.

What type of investor are you?

How to Get Started

Signing up for Titan Invest is easy and can be done from their app in just a couple of minutes. (Their full platform is currently available only through apps.) Here's what you can expect:

  1. Provide some basic info, like first and last name, DOB, home address, Social Security Number and employment status.

  2. Then, transfer capital via a linked bank account or wire transfer to either an individual account (minimum $100) or retirement account (minimum $500).

  3. Once your account is funded, you'll choose between two different growth strategies - "Flagship" and "Opportunities."

  4. Your money will then be independently and actively managed by their investment team.

    Their goal is to "grow your capital at a high rate of return over a long period."

Get to know Titan investment strategies below to choose the best path for your financial goals.

Titan Investment Strategies

Of Titan Invest's growth strategies, Flagship is best for most investors, with a lower buy-in, lower return, but also more stability.

Opportunities favors more risk-amenable investors, with a higher historical return, but a requirement of $10k to participate.

Offshore offers "smart diversification," allowing U.S. investors to potentially reduce volatility in their accounts by exposing them to international markets.

Titan Flagship

  • Titan's default investment strategy, available to investors of $100 or more.
  • Comprised of 20 U.S. large cap stocks
  • As of Q1 2021, has an annualized return of 20.9%

Titan Opportunities

  • Only available once your account balance reaches $10k or more.
  • Comprised of 20 U.S. small/mid-cap stocks
  • As of Q1 2021, has an annualized return of 96.4%

Titan Offshore

  • Available to investors with over $10k net deposits OR two referrals.
  • Comprised of 15-25 stocks and ADRs of foreign-domiciled companies
  • Announced early Q2 2021

StrategyPortfolio FocusNumber of StocksAverage Market CapInceptionAnnualized ReturnAccount Requirements
Titan FlagshipLarge cap U.S companies15 - 25$500 Billion2/20/201822.6%$100 for Individual Accounts
Titan OpportunitiesSmaller, high-growth U.S companies15 - 25$9 Billion8/17/202094.1%$10k Net Investments
Titan OffshoreLeading international companies15 - 25$157 Billion4/6/2021N/A$10k Net Investments

Titan notes that these are short-term results, and not indicative of future returns.

Retirement Options

Titan Invest also allows users to apply the same long-term investment strategies to Traditional or Roth IRA accounts.

That means you can get the same returns with additional tax benefits, starting with an investment as little as $500.

There is a 1% annual advisory fee and no performance fees.

Titan Invest Fees

Titan Invest fees are lower than the typical hedge fund but a bit higher than the average automated robo-advisor.

Titan invest charges advisory fees depending on the size of your account:

  • $5 per month for accounts under $10k
  • 1% per year for accounts greater than or equal to $10k
  • There are no performance fees

Minimum investment is $100.

Since there are no performance fees (like hedge funds usually have), nothing is eating directly into your returns.

With Titan Invest's Referral Program, you can even get discounts on your fees.

Get a 25% discount for every friend you refer. If you refer 4 friends, investing with Titan is free.

Two and Twenty
This is the term for the fee structure typically used by hedge funds. They'll charge 2% of your assets under their management (compared to 1% with Titan Invest) and a whopping 20% "incentive" or "performance fee" taken from profits made. Titan Invest, on the other hand, has no performance fees.

How to Withdraw Money
The minimum amount you can withdraw is $100. Withdrawing money from Titan Invest can take 2 - 4 days, which is fairly quick compared to some investment options.

However, they encourage users to approach their investments with a long-term perspective.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with Titan Invest by email at support@titanvest.com, or through the chat tool available on their mobile app and website.

Find answers to frequently asked questions in their help center.

They're also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as @Titanvest

How It Compares

Titan Invest is a solid choice for hedge fund-style investing, but is it the right choice for everyone?

Compare it to popular robo-advisors before deciding where to invest your hard-earned cash.

Wealthfront is a popular "all-digital" robo-advisor that aims to help you manage your money optimally with automation.

While Titan Invest is purely an investment vehicle, Wealthfront divides your income between savings, expenses, and investments.

Wealthfront's goal is one of long-term financial stability, while Titan Invest focuses more aggressively on growth, and their fees reflect it.

Think of it this way: Wealthfront mostly wants to help you be responsible; Titan Invest hopes to make you rich.

Betterment is another robo-advisor popular with hands-off investors.

The biggest differences between Betterment and Titan Invest are the range of services they offer, and the pricing.

Betterment provides a more holistic approach to money. You set your financial goals—be it retirement or a new car—and they help you make the decisions you need to reach them.

In addition to automated investing, Betterment offers a checking and savings account. Their fees range from .25% - .40%, less than half of Titan Invest's 1%, but comparable to other robo-advisors.

Acorns is a robo-advisor that invests users' spare change rounded up from daily transactions.

They invest your money in a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs). While Titan Invest aims to maximize returns, Acorns goal is to minimize effort and lower the barrier to entry.

Titan requires at least a $100 investment to start, but with Acorns, you can get started at just $1 a month.

Those interested in dipping their toes into investing may find Acorns a comfortable place to start. But for low-volume investors, their flat fees ($3-$5 / month) may wipe out any gains.

Titan Invest may have a higher account minimum, but the returns are probably worth it.

Bottom Line

Titan Invest is a relatively new but promising investing platform. Plus, it's shown higher returns than many similar services in the little time it's been around.

Titan Invest is unique because they offer features of a hedge fund and robo-advisor at an affordable price. Their fees are higher than most robo-advisors, but lower than most hedge funds.

If they can maintain the impressive performance of their Flagship and Opportunities strategies, then their 1% management fee may prove well worth the investment.

Cautious optimism is probably the best outlook to approach investments with Titan Invest. But those who have trusted them with their money so far have definitely been rewarded for it.


Get up to 1 Year Managed Free

New Betterment customers only. Accounts must be funded within 45 days of signup. Terms apply.

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Ally Invest Coupon Codes

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Expires 9/30/2022

The minimum qualifying deposit to receive a cash bonus is $10,000. Accounts will be reviewed 60 days after account opening to determine the total qualifying deposit. Corresponding cash bonus will be credited to the account within 10 business days. Once the bonus is credited to the account, the bonus and qualifying deposit (minus any trading losses) is not available for withdrawal for 300 days. If the qualifying deposit is withdrawn, the bonus may be revoked.

Deposit or TransferCash Bonus
$10,000 - $24,999$100
$25,000 - $99,999$250
$100,000 - $249,999$300
$250,000 - $499,999$600
$500,000 - $999,999$1,200
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999$2,000

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