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Best Personal Finance Podcasts

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Everyone wants to be better with money – getting it, saving it, and spending it. But not everyone has time to dig through personal finance books on their off time.

To educate yourself on financial topics on your terms and on your time, look to podcasts (in addition to reading CreditDonkey.com, of course). These pint-size audio episodes let you tune into information whenever and wherever you are, whether that's an hour on your morning commute or 10 minutes while you're cooking dinner.

Here are our picks for seven can't-miss finance podcasts that will help you to better understand your money and your money behaviors.

1. For First-Timers: Feed the Pig

While not active, Feed the Pig is a great "all about the basics" podcast that was an effort by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to educate the general public. Not too technical but not too basic, this podcast walks the fine line between being useful without being overwhelming. It's a great place to start if you're going through any of the traditional first-time problems like buying a car (episode #7), investing in mutual funds (episode #19), or setting up your first household budget (episode # 11).

2. For Financial Industry Buffs: Marketplace

Marketplace, hosted by Kai Ryssdal, covers topics like business, financial markets, and personal finance in an interesting and captivating way; just listen to his podcast that outlines how many hours you'd need to work at minimum wage to afford a beer at a bar or restaurant in whichever country the work is being done (24 minutes in America, versus 60 minutes in Brazil). It's a great source of interesting tidbits about national and international economies that will inspire you to speak up at the weekly office water cooler chat.

3. For Wannabe Savvy Consumers: Consumerism Commentary

Consumerism Commentary provides listeners with a peek at fascinating topics like entrepreneurship (episode #171), minimalism (episode #135), and pursuing a debt-free lifestyle (episode #131). Host Tom Dziubek regularly features interviews with quirky and offbeat specialists and authors on topics from online budgeting software to different psychological approaches that will help you spend less money. Don't miss the recent episode that breaks down a new trend of "classroom economies," where teachers bring economic lessons to the classroom by giving students a fake budget and charging them rent and interest for their seats in the classroom.

4. For Part-Timers: PT Money Podcast

Whether you've got an entrepreneurial spirit or just want to earn some money on the side, the PT Money: Personal Finance podcast is a fascinating look at real people and their part-time hobbies. Get regular interviews from people working part-time side hustles, like Starbucks baristas (episode #014) and Craigslist resellers (episode #031). Use this podcast simply for good ideas as well as for inspiration to keep whittling away at your financial goals, whether that's getting out of debt or socking away money for particular goals.

5. For Marketing Insights: Social Triggers

If you've ever wondered about the difference between a $10 haircut and a $310 haircut, Social Triggers is the podcast for you (be sure to catch the episode in which he drops $310 on a haircut just to see what it's like). While it's mostly geared towards marketers, Derek Halpern's podcast can give you great insight into how to protect your money from those very same marketers. From how a magician's marketing and psychology tactics make people spend more, to secrets of viral marketing, Halpern's entertaining spirit and energy will make the minutes of your commute fly by.

6. For PG-13 Language: Listen, Money Matters!

If you can stand some bleeped-out foul language, Listen, Money Matters! is for you. The two hosts, Andrew and Matt, share tips and advice from two very different perspectives: one is a money-pro and the other is a self-diagnosed money-fool, respectively. And never is this clearer than when they share the entertaining story of how they each came around to learning how to budget (hint: Matt's story involves five-figure debt and selling his BMW for a Civic). Popular (and interesting) episodes include "What the F**k is Bitcoin?!" (episode #22) and "The Habits of Rich People" (episode #16).

7. For Busy People: Quick and Dirty Tips' Money & Finance

The next time you have just 10 minutes to spare, check out Quick and Dirty Tips' Money & Finance podcast. From topics like "What is the Marriage Tax Penalty" (episode #344) to "5 Ways to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill" (episode #343), this podcast by Laura Adams, aka Money Girl, will help you clean up your finances one tip at a time, without needing to invest an hour or more in the process. If you fall in love with a topic and want to hear more about it, you can click over to the podcast's companion blog, Quick and Dirty Tips' Money & Finance.

Which podcast caught your eye? Let us know your favorites.

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