November 18, 2018

Mr. Rebates Review

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Forget getting a part-time job. Find out how you can earn money at home while doing your regular shopping.

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Mr. Rebates offers shoppers the chance to earn cashback on purchases made through their exclusive link. You can shop for groceries, apparel, gifts, entertainment, and even hotels, just to name a few.

Many people wonder if Mr. Rebates is a scam. Why would they pay you to shop for things you would normally buy?

Keep reading to learn how Mr. Rebates works, why it works, and things you may want to know to decide if it's right for you.

How Mr. Rebates Works

First, let's talk about how Mr. Rebates makes money.

Mr. Rebates has affiliate relationships with the stores they advertise on their site. When you use your link on the Mr. Rebates website to make your purchases, it's like Mr. Rebates referred you to that store. Mr. Rebates earns a commission from the store, which they share with you in the form of a rebate.

In order to use Mr. Rebates, you must sign up and log in each time you want to make a purchase. Going directly to the store you want to buy from won't earn you the cashback. Instead, you log into your Mr. Rebates account, search for the store you intend to buy something from, and click on the link through Mr. Rebates.

You must have cookies enabled. Mr. Rebates relies on browser cookies in order to function. Blocking cookies will negate any rebate.

Once you are on the store's website, you go about your purchase as you would without Mr. Rebates. Once you make the purchase, the store records the sale with Mr. Rebates and pays them a commission. Mr. Rebates also tracks the purchases you make and pays you accordingly. It can take a few months before you see any money in your account, though.

Don't Pay with Gift Cards: Even if you go through the Mr. Rebates portal, you won't receive rebate credit. This goes for full or partial payments gift card payments. If you want to use the gift card, don't go through Mr. Rebates; just make the purchase as you normally would.

Once your account balance is at least $10, you can request your money via check or PayPal. Mr. Rebates pays shoppers once a month.

Who Should Use Mr. Rebates?

  • People who shop online often. You only earn rebates if you shop online. If you already make your everyday purchases from sites like Amazon or Walmart, you may earn a little money back on each purchase.

  • People who have a lot of friends who shop online. Mr. Rebates offers a great referral program that can help you increase your rebate earnings. If you have friends who mostly shop online, you can get them onboard too.

  • People who like to earn a little side cash. The earnings you make with Mr. Rebates aren't going to make you rich. They probably won't even total what you could make at a part-time job, but it's a little money earned for doing something that you already do.

Reasons We Like Mr. Rebates

  • You have more than 2,500 stores to shop from and get rebates. Having such a large selection of stores makes it easier to buy your "normal" purchases and earn cash back. Stores like the Disney Store, Amazon, Gap, and Home Depot are common enough stores that people shop at, so why not save some money?

  • Making a purchase is easy. You must take one extra step if you want to earn a rebate. You have to log into your Mr. Rebates account. From there, you click on the appropriate store link and make your purchase. The merchant and Mr. Rebates handle the rest. You don't have to turn in receipts, scan any barcodes, or take any other crazy steps to get your rebates.

Mr. Rebates Has a Mobile App:
This allows you to make earn purchases from your phone, wherever you are. However, you must use your mobile device's web browser. Using a shopping app will not qualify for a rebate.

  • You can double-dip and use coupons alongside the rebates. You can only use coupons posted on the Mr. Rebates website, but every little bit helps. Make sure to check the "coupon" section of the website before you make a purchase. If there's a coupon, click on the "shop now" link next to the appropriate coupon in order to activate your rebate and the coupon deal.

Don't Use Coupons from Other Sites: If you try to use coupons from other sites, it could eliminate your rebate. When you use coupons from other websites, the links usually contain affiliate links for those other websites. This means Mr. Rebates won't get credit for your purchase and you won't receive your intended rebate.

  • You can stack your rebates with cashback offers on your credit cards. You can maximize your savings on a purchase when you use the right cashback credit card along with your purchase through the Mr. Rebates link. Mr. Rebates still gets the credit for the purchase, which means you earn your rebate. If you meet your credit card's guidelines too, you'll earn cashback there, maximizing your savings.

  • You can earn commission by referring friends. Mr. Rebates offers a "Refer-a-Friend" page that makes it easy for you to share your referral link. If a friend does sign up for using Mr. Rebates using your link, you may receive a "referral rebate," which is 20% of the total rebate amount your friend received. (This doesn't affect the amount of rebate your friend receives.)

There are no limits on referrals:
You can have an unlimited number of referrals, and those referrals NEVER expire. As long as your friends keep using Mr. Rebates, you'll be earning 20% of whatever their rebate is.

  • Mr. Rebates is free to join. You don't have to pay a membership fee or any other fees. You sign up with your name, email address, and physical address (to send your physical check). That's all the information Mr. Rebates needs and they don't ask for payment information.

  • You can easily see the exclusions. When you click on a store, the excluded items or purchases are noted directly under the store name and rebate percentage. As long as you take your time and read the fine print, you'll know what counts and doesn't count for rebates.

  • Mr. Rebates showcases the "deals" right on their homepage. As soon as you log into your account, you'll see the "'Store of the Wee" and "'Weekly Deals." This makes it easy to see if there are any purchases you should make now in order to maximize your rebates. For example, if you have a Disney Store purchase to make soon and you see that Mr. Rebates doubled the rebate for the Disney store this week, you may want to make your purchase now.

  • You can receive your rebate via check or PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, this may give you access to your rebates faster. The electronic transfer may take 1 - 3 business days, but a check in the mail could take longer depending on where you live.

PayPal is the only option if you live outside of the U.S. or Canada.
Remember, PayPal charges 0.30ยข for each transaction, and also takes 2.9% of the total amount received.

  • You can cash out your rewards monthly. As long as you meet the $10 threshold, you can cash your rewards out each month. Even though you probably earned the rewards almost 90 days ago, it's nice that you can access your cash quickly once approved.

Reasons You May Look Elsewhere

  • You can't get a rebate if you don't go through your Mr. Rebates link. If you are in a hurry or just don't think about logging into Mr. Rebates before you make a purchase, you forgo the possible rebate. Mr. Rebates doesn't offer a process to help you get the rebate without the "click through" on their website.

  • You can only shop online. If you prefer to shop in-store or even make orders over the phone, you won't get rebates. Mr. Rebates only offers a rebate on purchases made online that go through their link on your online portal.

  • Your rewards stay in pending status for 90 days. This means it could take more than 3 months to see your rewards, even if you've hit the $10 threshold early on. Mr. Rebates does this in order to account for any exchanges or returns, as they would negate your rebates.

How It Compares

Ebates: This is the company that started the cashback rebates program. Ebates offers rebates at just as many online stores. But they also offer in-store deals.

You must link your approved credit card to your Ebates account in order to earn the rebates, though. Ebates only pays rebates once every quarter, rather than monthly, like Mr. Rebates.

Bottom Line

Mr. Rebates can be a fun way to save a little money on the side. If you primarily shop online and you don't mind taking the extra step to log into Mr. Rebates to get your shopping links, it can be a way to let your savings add up.

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