November 30, 2019

How to Make a Mattress Firmer

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Your body needs adequate support while sleeping. A too-soft mattress can leave you feeling unrested or even worse. Read on for some simple and inexpensive ways to make your mattress firmer.

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The way you sleep has a big impact on choosing the right mattress. Studies show that stomach sleepers need a softer mattress than back sleepers, while side sleepers prefer something in the middle.

Whatever your sleep style, the right mattress will hold your body in a neutral position while you sleep. Your spine should be aligned so that the pressure is equally distributed throughout your body.

Follow these tips to make your mattress firmer.

Make a Sagging Mattress Firmer

A sagging mattress can impact the quality of your sleep. Here are a few ways to fix it:

  • Flip Your Mattress Regularly
    Try this every six months to reduce sagging. If you sleep in the same spot every night, you might wear out a specific area of the mattress. Just be sure you have the right kind of bed—pillow-top or foam padded mattresses shouldn't be flipped.

  • Put Plywood Under the Mattress
    Use plywood in place of bed slats or on top on them, depending on the level of firmness you desire. This will provide hard, stable support.

A medium-firm mattress typically provides the proper support for back sleepers with pain points, such as their shoulders and hips.

  • Change the Box Spring
    The box spring is the support system of the mattress. When the box spring starts wearing down, the mattress can lose its firmness. The good news? It costs much less to replace than the mattress itself.

Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

Memory foam mattresses are meant to envelope you in their softness. But they should still provide firm support. If you wake with an aching back or feeling unrested, your memory foam mattress may not be firm enough.

Here's what you can do:

  • Lower the Bedroom Temperature
    A warm room causes memory foam to sag. Try opening a window or using a box fan to keep the room cool (and your mattress firm).

  • Eliminate the Moisture
    Memory foam is susceptible to sagging under humidity or moisture, too. Place your mattress in direct sunlight or run a fan on low next to the bed to reduce the moisture.

  • Add a Mattress Topper for Firmness
    Adding a latex mattress topper can firm up your mattress. Choose a latex mattress topper rather than a pillow-top mattress topper for the greatest level of firmness.

Use Your Trial Period to Test Firmness
Mattress companies typically offer a free trial period. If you decide you don't like the mattress within that period, you can return it. Closely monitor your mattress during the first few weeks. If you notice softer or sagging areas, return it and try another type.

Should You Place Your Mattress on the Floor?

Placing your mattress on the floor is an inexpensive way to test its firmness. If it helps, then consider investing in plywood, a mattress topper, or a new box spring. Otherwise, it may be time for a new mattress.

Using the floor is a short-term fix, however. Mattresses need protection from the dust, debris, and bugs. It's also harder to regulate the mattress' temperature when it's on the floor.

Other Ways to Make a Mattress Firmer

Here's a few other options you can try no matter what type of mattress you own.

  • Replace Worn Layers
    Newer foam mattresses consist of several layers. If the top layers have too much wear and tear, they can sag. Check with the mattress manufacturer about replacing layers within the mattress. Sometimes switching out the layer under the top layer can provide a good mix of softness and support.

  • Smooth the Bedding
    The size and condition of your sheets can impact mattress's firmness. An improperly fitted sheet can make a mattress feel softer than necessary. Choose the proper size fitted sheet and pull it tight to create pressure on the mattress. This may increase its firmness.

  • Lay the Mattress in the Sun
    The UV rays soak up moisture, helping to firm up your mattress. Remember, moisture creates sag. If you spilled something on your mattress, or soiled it in any other way, clean it quickly and then dry it in direct sunlight.

UV rays help kill bacteria and germs on the mattress.

Can a Mattress Be Too Firm?

A firm mattress supports your body, keeping it in alignment. But sometimes too firm is too much. Without a little give, a mattress only supports the shoulders and hips. This knocks your back out of alignment, since the lower spine will bend downward.

Back pain may cause you to toss and turn, ruining your night's sleep. Some people may wake up with pain, too.

Most mattress companies offer a 100-day trial period. This gives you just over three months to decide. Select companies, such as Nectar, offer a full 365-day trial.

Bottom Line

You spend more than a third of your life sleeping. Finding ways to make your mattress firmer can help increase your quality of sleep and improve your overall health. If the above tips don't work, it may be time to consider a new mattress.

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