January 21, 2021

Lucktastic Review: Pros and Cons

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You have questions, and you'll find the answers here—everything you wanted to know about the popular virtual scratch card, Lucktastic, in one place.

Lucktastic, a popular mobile scratcher game, is simple to play.

Scratch cards and match symbols. Just like on real scratch cards you might get at your gas station or local convenience store.

If you find enough symbols that match, you can win prizes like cash, gift cards, entertainment, and even vacations.

They offer new ways to win each day, so if you miss out today, you can always try again tomorrow. Keep reading to find the pros and cons of playing Lucktastic, how to make money, and popular alternatives.

What Is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a free virtual scratch card game available for iPhone and Android devices. It currently isn't available to play on a computer.

It's completely free to play because it's ad-supported, but you can win real money prizes. Lucktastic is available to all U.S. residents 13 years or older.

How to Make Money with Lucktastic

The main way you'll make money with Lucktastic is by playing fun, themed scratchers like:

  • Frenchie
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Holy Guacamole

New games are added daily to win money, tokens, and prizes. Different scratch cards offer different rewards, like $50 in cash or 1,500 tokens to lucky winners.

Tokens can be exchanged for exciting prizes like magazine subscriptions (10,000 tokens), Amazon gift cards (20,000 tokens), or gift cards for Dunkin' Donuts (30,000 tokens). Tokens can also be used to level up and for opportunities to enter more contests.

You can also spin the Super Prize Wheel every day to try to win more points or prizes. Keep in mind that most of the prizes are pretty small: you might win 5, 25, 75, or 90 tokens, 50 cents in cash prize, or token multipliers, and things like that. But it's possible to win much bigger prizes too, like $2,500 cash.

If you unlock VIP status with Lucktastic, you can earn 2x bonuses, exclusive match games, and new experiences.

Lucktastic also has a 1 Million Dollar Crack the Code Contest where players have the opportunity to win—you guessed it—a million dollars.

Their LIVIN' Life matching game offers prizes up to $25,000. They award monthly gift card prizes and daily rewards with guaranteed gift card and cash winners, and you can also enter to win a Universal Family Vacation.


  1. Lucktastic is completely free (and it's fun)
    Unlike regular scratchers, you don't have to pay to play. It's completely free to download the app, start playing, and enter any sweepstakes.

    This means that you can play as much as you want—and people say it can be a little addictive—without worrying that you'll be out any money. That's something you certainly can't say about real scratch cards.

  2. None of the typical scratcher's mess
    No more scrounging between sofa cushions for quarters, and no more of that weird grey gunk stuck under your fingernails. Lucktastic's digital scratch cards make scratching easy and mess-free.

  3. Every game you play can earn you cash and prizes
    Every scratch card is a chance to win with Lucktastic, which you can redeem for cash or prizes. Look at it this way: You can play Fruit Ninja all day, and no matter how many bananas you slice, all you'll have is a tired finger and a low battery.

  4. There are no limits to how much you can withdraw
    There are plenty of similar apps out there that tell you how easy it is to win, only to hit you with a minimum withdrawal limit. Sure, you can win a few dollars a day on other apps—but they won't let you have your money until your account has $25 in it.

    Not so with Lucktastic. You can withdraw cash prizes as low as $1 using Dwolla (a mobile payment service), and cash out gift cards as low as $2.

  5. Increase your chances of earning with bonus scratch cards
    Lucktastic offers bonus cards when you play between 1 and 5pm EST, and after 9pm. More cards means more fun, and more chances to win.

  6. Not winning cash doesn't mean you go home empty-handed
    Usually, even when you don't win cash with Lucktastic, you'll earn tokens. And while Lucktastic tokens aren't worth anything at Amazon, they can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards if you save up enough of them.

  7. It's easy to play
    You don't need a stellar poker face to win with Lucktastic. All you need is an Apple or Android device and an internet connection. Whether you're standing in line at the post office or kicking back on the couch, you'll have the opportunity to earn some cash and have a little fun in your downtime.


  1. Like the name suggests, it all comes down to luck
    Games like poker may be hard, but that also means that practicing gives you have a better chance of winning. (Yes, it still depends on what hand you're dealt, but you still have room to win if you're good enough.)

    Lucktastic is a game of pure chance—which means you don't have to be skilled to win, but it also means you have no way of affecting your outcome other than by playing more.

  2. There are lots of ads
    One of the biggest complaints users have about Lucktastic is the ads. And because those 30-second videos are why the app is free and how they're able to offer prizes, they aren't going away any time soon.

  3. Desirable gift cards are often out of stock
    Many of the low reviews have to do with the challenge of getting gift cards. You can earn tokens just for playing, even if you don't win any cash prizes, and those tokens can be exchanged for gift cards for popular retailers.

    The trouble is, quantities are limited, and a lot of people go after the same gift cards. This means that the ones you want may be out of stock, even if you have sufficient tokens to purchase them.

  4. It isn't available internationally
    There are plenty of potential users overseas who would love the opportunity to play Lucktastic and win prizes, but unfortunately, the app is only available in the U.S. for now.

  5. Sometimes the app crashes
    Some users have reported the app crashing—often at very inconvenient moments, like when they're loading a video, or worse, when they're getting ready to scratch.

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

Lucktastic isn't a scam. Since it's free to play, they aren't trying to trick you out of your money. It is, however, a game of chance.

By playing Lucktastic, you have nothing to lose other than your time. There are many players who have won cash, gift cards, and prizes on Lucktastic, but there is no guarantee that you will be one of them.

Is Lucktastic Legit?

Lucktastic is legit. It may seem strange that a company that lets you download their app for free and play for free can also offer cash prizes. After all, money doesn't come from nowhere.

The answer, as per usual, is in the ads. Companies and brands pay Lucktastic to promote their 15- and 30-second videos to Lucktastic users, and Lucktastic uses some of those earnings to offer prizes for their users.

The more people who play Lucktastic scratch cards, the more people see the ads, and the more money Lucktastic makes, which means they can also offer more prizes.

It's the same business model that big companies like YouTube use to monetize their platform, except instead of getting to watch videos for free, with Lucktastic you get to play games.

Is Lucktastic Safe?
Lucktastic is safe and has plenty of positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store. You have nothing to worry about when you download and sign up. Just remember that while Lucktastic has given away over $3 million in prizes since 2012, there's no guarantee that you'll be a winner.

Alternatives to Lucktastic

If you're looking for other apps like Lucktastic that will allow you to win real cash and prizes on your Apple and Android devices for free, there are plenty out there to choose from. Here are some popular Lucktastic alternatives:

  • Lucky Day
    If you want to try something with a little more skill involved, the Lucky Day app lets users (ages 17+) play Blackjack and 21 on their phones for real cash prizes. Even better, you can play for free.

    Players report winning and cashing out successfully, and while it isn't going to make you rich, it can be a fun way to earn money in your free time.

    Lucky Day does not offer real money gambling.

  • Publishers Clearing House
    One of the most recognized names in cash prizes, Publishers Clearing House now has an app where you can play fun games to earn tokens and enter sweepstakes to win real money.

    Travel from city to city in the in-game map and enter to win the PCH SuperPrize.

  • Everyday Winner
    Another option for scratch-and-win fun is Everyday Winner. You can win prizes of $500 cash, $1,000, and more, along with tokens.

    You can even compete to top the leaderboard to earn bonus tokens and more access to prizes.

  • Happy Scratch
    Game developer Happy Life Studio offers the app Happy Scratch, where you can play completely free scratch-off games for instant rewards, or take a chance with their Lucky Spin, Lucky Raffle, Lucky Card, and Lucky Eggs games.

Bottom Line

You won't get rich playing Lucktastic, but there's always a chance you could win.

Compared to a traditional scratcher habit (where you're far more likely to lose money over time than win it), playing Lucktastic on your phone is probably a much healthier way to satisfy your desire for games of chance. After all, there's nothing to lose, everything to gain—and it's free.

It doesn't cost you anything to try it out and make your own decision, and if you don't like it, you can delete it just as easily.

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