Updated June 25, 2014

The Top City to Find Love Is ...

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If you've ever found yourself unlucky in love, you might've thought you were doing something wrong, or all the people you dated were jerks. But the real culprit may be your locale.

Some cities simply lend themselves to that lovin’ feeling more than others. Say, the ones that have a high number of single people and yet low divorce rates. Or those with low unemployment rates and people in good moods, since job loss and depression have been shown to negatively affect our ability to find a partner. And, of course, the ratio of unmarried males to unmarried females. Even credit scores can make a difference, since the most common thing couples fight about is money.

So CreditDonkey considered all those factors, crunched the numbers and arrived at a list of the top ten major U.S. cities to find love. Whether you’re looking for someone great or happily married, see how your city compares:

10. Boston, MA
The population of this well-educated city is not only largely single (30 percent of its residents have never married) but also harbors a low divorce rate and the highest average credit score on our list. It’s also a good spot for women on the dating scene, as the single gents outnumber the single ladies.

9. Charlotte, NC
This pretty North Carolinian city features a low divorce rate, but we aware - unlike Boston, there are about four single men for every five single women.

8. Cleveland, OH
If the TV show “Hot in Cleveland” is any indication, this city is focused on the hunt for someone special. Cleveland has one of the best ratios of unmarried men to women, and a divorce rate of 12.3 percent, which is far below the national average.

7. Memphis, TN
Memphis wins the statistical lotto in two big ways: It ties Boston with 30 percent of its population unmarried, and yet its ratio of men and women is almost even. Its residents are also less depressed, on average, than in many other major cities.

6. Virginia Beach, VA
It makes sense that this beach city, a vacation town for many, is a happy place with lots of prospects for love. Residents of Virginia Beach have a high average credit score, clocking in at 700, and low unemployment rates. The city even recently hosted the One Love Festival, if that tells you anything.

5. Milwaukee, WI
You might not expect such a cold city to be so hot on love, but Milwaukee has a very low divorce rate, at under 10 percent, and a high percentage of its residents are single. The employment situation is pretty good, as are credit scores and emotional health. Did anyone say “Paris of the Midwest”?

4. Baltimore, MD
Although Baltimore may also be a major city for heartbreak, that’s probably because so many of its residents are hitting the dating scene. A third of its population is single, and there’s a similar number of single guys and gals, evening the odds a bit. At 10.5 percent, the divorce rate ain’t half bad, either.

3. Buffalo, NY
Lovebirds must enjoy getting cozy by the hearth, because many of the biggest winners on this list are chilly cities that lend themselves to cuddling. Twenty-nine percent of Buffalo’s population is single (and, we suspect, ready to mingle). Divorce rates are low, and so are unemployment and the likelihood of depression. So bundle up and consider paying a visit to this upstate New York capital of love.

2. Washington, D.C.
Unemployment and divorce are both low in the nation’s capital, and we won’t complain about dating federal employees with dependable income and benefits. Just beware of what you read online, as one survey found this to be the least honest city for men filling out online dating profiles (and second least honest for women doing the same).

1. Richmond, VA
For whatever reason, Richmond has it all: Lots of singles, a workable gender ratio, a low divorce rate, scant unemployment, high credit scores and a low likelihood of depression. Fitting, then, that the city has dubbed itself “Easy to Love.”

While you might not up and move to a new city just because of its dating scene, perhaps the most important takeaway we found is that love is out there. You just have to find it, whether that means going on a few dates while you visit family in one of these hotspots, or adopting a fresh approach to searching for that special someone in the city you call your own.

Read the full study at find-love.html

Allison Kade is a contributing writer at CreditDonkey, a diamond jeweler comparison and reviews website. Write to Allison Kade at allisonk@creditdonkey.com

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