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Loot Crate Review

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If you love nothing more than opening gifts and finding the surprises inside, the monthly subscription box industry was made with you in mind.

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With subscription boxes, you select a category that you like - such as clothing, makeup, kids educational toys, or adult beverages - and sign up to receive a monthly box for a subscription fee. The box contains a series of items that fit the theme you selected.

You have no control over the items that show up in your box … which is part of the fun. You could find a new treasure or you could receive a box of complete junk that you'd never purchase for yourself in a million years. (So it's a lot like the gifts you'd receive at the holidays.)

One of the coolest subscription box options currently on the market is Loot Crate. The theme for Loot Crate involves gaming and pop culture collectibles and clothing. Many of the items inside the Loot Crate subscription box are exclusive to Loot Crate, so these are collectibles you commonly can't find elsewhere.

We'll break down some typical items you'll find in a Loot Crate box and try to help you figure out whether this subscription box will give you something to look forward to while you're counting down the days until the holidays, or if it's the equivalent of the gift from your creepy relative that you always save for last because you're terrified of what's inside.

How Loot Crate Works

You'll visit the Loot Crate web site, where you can pick from a series of different boxes. Some of the boxes include general pop culture collectibles, premium pop culture gear, a clothing-only box, gaming collectibles, and boxes aimed at specific franchises (such as Marvel or Harry Potter).

When it comes to payment, each box has its own monthly charge, along with a shipping cost. Depending on the box you select, you'll pay $10 to $50 per month before shipping (which, depending on where you live, costs roughly $5-$8 per month).

You also can pick how often your credit card will be charged. You can be charged monthly, or you can pay for a full year's worth of boxes at once and receive a bonus gift.

You'll need to submit a shirt size at the time of ordering, just in case the subscription box has clothing in it on a particular month.

Some Common Loot Crate Items

Understand that the gear you'll receive from Loot Crate varies quite a bit, depending on the type of box you select. Loot Crate has more than a dozen different themed boxes from which you can select.

Most boxes have at least four items in them each month, and some have more. Some of the typical items you'll receive over a series of months include:

  • Collectible cards
  • Collectible pins
  • Coloring books
  • Comic books
  • Decals
  • Figurines
  • Patches
  • Posters
  • Socks
  • T-shirts

Some of the Loot Crate choices include codes to unlock digital items as an added benefit, like digital comic books.

10 Reasons to Subscribe to Loot Crate

  • You only want to receive items in which you are interested. Check with Loot Crate each month before your box ships to see the theme for the month (you won't see the items). If you don't like a particular theme, you can choose to skip that month's box.

  • You like having a lot of options. Although some subscription box companies limit you to one type of thing, like makeup or clothing, Loot Crate has options that include many different types of items. A few of the company's boxes just have one type of item, like socks. Having such versatility is nice.

  • You want some price level options. If you're shopping for gifts with the subscription boxes, you'll really appreciate the multiple price levels you have with Loot Crate. You can spend as little as $10 per month or as much as $50 per subscription (before shipping), so if you're shopping for three or four kids in the family, you can save a bit of money with a lower priced subscription.

  • You're looking for a single-time gift. You can make a one-time gift of a Loot Crate, which is a nice option. You just have to remember to cancel the subscription after the single box ships.

    There is no minimum number of months you have to hold a subscription.

  • You're looking for unique items to add to your collection. Loot Crate has made a shift recently toward including more exclusive items in all its boxes. This increases the chances that you'll find something unique in a particular month's box that you don't already own. However, there is no guarantee on this.

  • You like learning about different franchises. Each month of the general pop culture Loot Box has a theme, and each theme can consist of multiple gaming or movie franchises. So we're certain that over time, you'll receive some trinkets from franchises that you aren't familiar with, which will give you an excuse to learn about them.

  • You don't mind collecting figurines. Nearly every month of the pop culture Loot Crate subscription will contain a figurine. Some people don't have the space to collect these items. But if you like figurines, Loot Crate will be much more enjoyable for you.

  • You want to ship boxes outside the United States. Loot Crate boxes can be shipped to anywhere in the United States, but it also will work for recipients in more than 30 other countries in the world, which is a great feature. Loot Crate ships to APO and FPO locations too.

  • You're a gamer and/or a pop culture fan, and you've felt left out by other subscription box options. It seems like most subscription boxes contain serious or useful items, like clothing or makeup. So when you're just looking for something fun in a subscription box, Loot Crate is one of the few options in the gaming and pop culture arena.

  • You love surprises in the mail. This is the best reason to purchase any kind of subscription box, but Loot Crate is especially fun and surprising. It contains items that you just can't easily find in other places, so there's a good chance you'll receive something surprising most months.

5 Reasons to Consider Other (or No) Subscription Services

  • You're looking to turn a quick profit on your collectibles. Sure, Loot Crate says the items inside the box are worth double or triple what you're paying. But this isn't a subscription service where you can feel certain that every collectible item will allow you to turn a profit.

  • You need the box to appear on a certain date each month. One of the biggest complaints about Loot Crate is that its boxes sometimes arrive later than the promised date. If this will frustrate you, or if you need the box by a certain date to give it as a gift, you may want to look elsewhere.

  • You can't tolerate mistakes. Occasionally, the Loot Crate box may have clothing sizing errors or it may be missing an item. This isn't common, but it does happen occasionally. If you cannot tolerate this type of error, a subscription box like Loot Crate may not be for you.

  • You're forgetful about canceling subscriptions. Canceling your Loot Crate subscription is your responsibility. Your credit card will continue to be charged until you cancel the subscription, as the boxes will be shipped automatically.

  • You only want to receive items you will like. You'll need to have an open mind about the items you're going to receive in your Loot Crate box. Depending on your tastes, you may receive an occasional item that you don't like, or you may receive a couple of items each month you don't like. If you don't want to receive items you won't like, you may be better off using a different method of adding to your collection, where you can pick the specific items yourself. Some other subscription boxes, such as Stitch Fix, will actually allow you to return pieces you don't like. Check out our Stitch Fix reviews to learn more.

Bottom Line

If you're interested in a Loot Crate subscription, you have to go into it with the right frame of mind. Don't think that you're suddenly going to become rich by reselling the collectibles you receive each month. This box is designed to give you some fun trinkets that you can enjoy while building your collection.

Additionally, we feel pretty confident in saying there is zero chance you're going to love every item you receive over a series of months. You might not be a fan of a certain movie franchise, for example, so you'll never wear the T-shirt that appeared in your box this month. If you're going to become frustrated when you receive a box that has an item you don't like, this probably isn't for you.

Loot Crate certainly has some well-publicized problems. Boxes occasionally will arrive later than promised, which can be frustrating, as you may be worried that your box was lost in the mail or stolen. Occasionally, you'll receive mismarked clothing sizes, or you'll receive the wrong size versus what you chose at the time you signed up for the service.

Remember, it's your responsibility to cancel the subscription if you change your mind. Even if you only want to receive one or two boxes, the way the subscription works is you'll keep receiving boxes - and your credit card will continue to be charged - if you forget to cancel.

As long as you can live with some of the downsides to Loot Crate - which, honestly, are common throughout subscription box services - you'll receive a lot of fun items over the months. We really like Loot Crate as a gift subscription choice. You have the option of giving a single box as a gift, or you can purchase a 12-month subscription and give a gift all year around, which is a nice feature.

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