January 26, 2020

How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding

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Is your sliding mattress ruining a good night's sleep? Find out what's making your mattress move and the best ways to stop it below.

Why Do Mattresses Slide?

A shifting mattress is more than a minor annoyance—it can wake you from a sound sleep. Here are some common reasons your mattress may be sliding:

  • It's Getting Old
    Do you have an older two-sided mattress that slides even if you flip it? There may be two reasons. One, there aren't any grips on the bottom of the mattress. Two, your body's natural oils, dirt, and grime build up and make the mattress slipperier.

  • Wrong Size Base
    Even the most expensive foundation, base, or box spring may not stop a mattress from sliding. The key is proper fit and proper support. If your foundation leaves room on the mattress's edges, it will slide. The right foundation or base fits snugly, uses rails to keep the mattress in place, and has evenly spaced slats that provide more support.

  • Slippery Floor
    If your bed frame is on anything but carpet, it may slide on the floor itself. While the mattress may remain stable on the frame, the entire bed may shift throughout the night.

How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding

Once you know why your mattress is sliding, you can fix the situation with one of the following:

  • Get the Proper Size Frame
    No amount of gripping solutions will work if you don't have the right-sized frame. Your bed shouldn't have any "wiggle room" on the sides. If you can't get a new frame, try to fill the empty space with plywood or rolled-up towels to stop the shifting.

  • Clean Your Mattress
    Dirt and grime create a slippery surface that cause the mattress to slip. Every few months, take a vacuum to the bottom of the mattress. You can deodorize it while you're at it by sprinkling baking soda over the surface and letting it sit for a few minutes. Vacuum the baking soda up completely and you'll have a fresh mattress that's less likely to slide.

  • Use Rubber Carpet Pads
    The same no-slip pads you place under area rugs can help with mattresses. Buy a carpet pad that's slightly larger than your mattress. Place it between your mattress and the foundation, trimming it down to size once it's in place. Put the mattress on top of the pad and it should stop sliding.

  • Velcro
    Good old-fashioned Velcro may prevent your mattress from sliding. Be sure to buy the hook and loop kind. Then place the hooked Velcro on the bottom of the mattress and the loop on the foundation so that they match up. When you place the mattress down on the foundation, it should stay in place.

  • Buy a Mattress Encasement
    Most mattresses have an encasement. If yours is too slippery, try a new one. Look for one that has a non-slip surface to keep the mattress in place.

  • Buy a Non-Slip Mattress Pad
    Mattress stores, Amazon, and even stores like Target sell non-slip mattress pads. Place the pad in between your mattress and the foundation and your mattress should stop sliding.

Other Ways to Stop a Mattress From Sliding

Here are a few other non-traditional ways to stop a mattress from sliding:

  • Slide a thin yoga mat between the mattress and the box spring or foundation.

  • Slip shelf liners between the mattress and box spring or foundation.

  • Place double-sided carpet tape on the corners of the mattress and line the mattress up with the base before placing it down.

  • Purchase foam rubber with one adhesive side, and stick the adhesive to the mattress with the foam side facing down.

Common Questions

Why does your mattress move when you sleep?
Mattresses naturally move under pressure. Whether you toss and turn all night or move the bed when you get up, the mattress may slide a little. If you don't push it back, eventually, you may find your mattress hanging off your box spring or foundation.

Do platform mattresses slide?
Any type of mattress can slide if the right supports aren't in place. Placing wood in empty spaces, using rubber carpet pads, or buying a non-slip mattress pad should help keep your mattress in place.

How can you keep a memory foam mattress topper from sliding?
If you added a memory foam mattress topper to your mattress, you may find that it slides. If tight-fitted sheets don't keep it in place, try placing a non-slip pad between the mattress pad and the mattress.

How can you stop a bed from sliding on the floor?
If the entire bed shifts on your hardwood or ceramic floor, add furniture stoppers to the legs. The rougher surface of the furniture stoppers should keep the frame in place. You may still need to secure the mattress as well, depending on how well it fits within the frame.

Bottom Line

A sliding mattress can be frustrating. It shouldn't cost you much to fix the problem, though. Look at the base first. If there's any wiggle room, the mattress will shift.

If it's not the base, use one of the above inexpensive methods to fix the issue. Fortunately, you typically don't have to invest the money on a new mattress—you just have to get creative with ways to make it stop shifting.

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