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Best Investment Podcasts: Easy Way to Get Smart

The Best Podcasts for Keeping Up with the Markets
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Investing has a huge potential upside: You could make big money if you know what you're doing. But the downside is that knowing what you're doing takes time. It can mean a lot of reading to keep up with what's going on in the stock market and with the economy in general. There's a whole other way to get that research done — and you can do it while you're busy doing other things.

With podcasts, you can take in your investing knowledge while you’re driving, going for a run or sitting at your desk. We’ve compiled a list of the best investment podcasts to help you further your investing education or get a leg up on all those other investors out there.

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Best Educational Investment Podcast

Investment Insights from Morningstar
If you’re just starting to learn about investing or feel you could use a stronger background before you do more than just dip your toe in, Morningstar provides a podcast that will strengthen your investment education. Morningstar, an investment research and management firm, provides much of the data that’s out there about funds and their strength ratings. Differing from most of the other podcasts on this list, Morningstar breaks its podcast into several segments hosted by different experts, including Bob Johnson, associate director of economic analysis; Russ Kinnel, director of mutual fund research; and Christine Benz, director of personal finance.

Most Entertaining Investment Podcast

Mad Money with Jim Cramer
To stick with a podcast, it needs to be one that’s entertaining enough to keep you coming back for more. If it’s boring to the point you’ll stop listening or tune out halfway through, then you’d almost be better off not listening in the first place. Jim Cramer’s podcast definitely does not fall into that trap. He’s entertaining, and the info he shares is highly useful. He has years of experience as a hedge fund manager and has been hosting Mad Money on CNBC since 2005. If you’re into stock picks, Cramer will give them to you in bunches, along with his investment advice and knowledge. With his bombastic character comes his fair share of critics, including Jon Stewart and Barron’s (which have critiqued his track record of stock picks), but he is very knowledgeable about the market and will enhance your knowledge across all sectors, whether you follow his specific picks or not.

Best Podcast for Analyzing Current Events

The Disciplined Investor
A huge part of investing is keeping a pulse on what’s going on in the world and how current events and trends will shape the future of the markets. In your busy day-to-day life, it’s difficult to keep track of everything that’s going on and take the time to analyze how it will affect your current investment holdings and future investment decisions. Andrew Horowitz does a great job of doing this for you. Along with his insights into news, events, and market trends, much of his show is dedicated to a discussion with guest speakers from the investment world, including financial bloggers, journalists and analysts, who provide diverse perspectives on different sectors of the market. A major downside is his tendency to be heavy on self-promotion, but if you can look past that, his knowledge and insights on market movements will be worth your time.

Best Podcast for Investing in Real Estate

The Real Estate Guys
Investing comes in many forms, not just putting your money into the stock market. An oft-overlooked avenue for investors is real estate, especially with its shaky history in recent times. But there’s always money to be made here. The Real Estate Guys is the most credible and entertaining podcast on real estate investing. Robert Helms, a professional investor, and Russell Gray, a financial strategist, host the weekly podcast that’s been on air since its radio beginnings in 1997. The Guys cover a variety of topics, including investing strategies, tax and asset protection planning, market and property due diligence, and even international diversification.

Best Podcast for Learning About Small-Cap Investing

S&A Investor Radio with Frank Curzio
The typical dream for an investor is putting money into a company and watching its stock soar through the roof before cashing out and becoming wealthy. To do this, though, you need to be aware of what may be going on under the radar — the smaller companies on the verge of that breakthrough that will pay off for you big time. Companies that fall into that area are known as small-cap stocks, and Frank Curzio is considered one of the leading experts in this area of the market. The market capitalization of such companies generally falls between $300 million and $2 billion (for comparison's sake, consider that Google’s market cap is about $400 billion). Because this group of stocks is considered risky, this market has strong profit (and loss) potential, and Curzio can provide regular insight if you listen to his podcast.

Best All-Around Finance Podcast

The Dave Ramsey Show
Investing is just a small part of Dave Ramsey’s personal finance repertoire. But his podcast is required listening; you need to get your financial house in order before you part with your investment dollars and regularly revisit how it’s built. After all, you can’t make money if you don’t have some money to invest. Ramsey provides practical advice and has a huge following. He has been on the air for more than 20 years, broadcasts daily, and has a lot of interaction with his listeners to inspire you with stories of people who may be similar to you.

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With this variety of podcasts that update daily, weekly or monthly, you have the knowledge you need to be a successful investor as you continue to grow. Download these on your phone, iPod, or whatever you use to listen to audio, and you’ll soon be able to apply the knowledge you’ll gain to go out there and conquer the markets.

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